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Canadian Armed Forces

Primary Reserve Cooperative
Education Program:
This Cooperative Education Program will be
conducted with students from participating
Thunder Bay schools.
Training will be afternoons in the second
semester of each academic year.
Students will learn fun and exciting skills
that will apply to their time with the
Canadian Armed Forces in addition to
everyday life.
38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) has
been operating this successful Primary
Reserve BMQ Cooperative Program (BMQ
Co-op) in Thunder Bay since 1999.

Who Is Eligible?

Student MUST BE a Canadian Citizen

Student MUST HAVE a minimum of

15 Grade 10 credits
Student MUST BE at least 16 years of age,
and have parental/guardian consent

For the Student

Students will earn pay and up to two secondary
school credits plus your Basic Military Qualification
(BMQ) when you train with the Canadian Armed
Forces Reserve Force.
The course emphasizes responsible citizenship and
gives students a chance to develop and expand
leadership skills.
Students will learn valuable and transferable
work and life skills. These include: written and
verbal communications skills; First Aid; fire safety
and WHIMIS; physical fitness training; survival
techniques; safe weapons handling and range
Graduates of this program will be provided an
opportunity for part-time and full-time employment
following the course, along with the prospect of
a subsidized post-secondary education.


Applying to the
BMQ Co-op Program:
Students must select the BMQ Co-op
option during course selection and pick
up a co-op package from the school
councillor. The co-op package will have
detailed instructions on how to do the
initial online application, and how to
complete the required paperwork
that follows.

Once completed, the paperwork should be

brought back to the school or directly to the
Thunder Bay Recruiting Office.
Our recruiter will be available throughout
the process for any questions or assistance.

Deadline for 2017 BMQ Co-op

applicants is November 1, 2016.

Occupations Available
When applying, students will be able to list
up to three occupations they are interested in:

Army Communications Information System


Infantry Soldier

Medical Assistant

Mobile Support Equipment Operator

Resource Management Support Clerk

Supply Technician

Vehicle Technician

Weapons Technician

For the Educator

This BMQ Co-op provides a structured
learning environment and is designed to
improve the self-confidence, responsibility
and accountability of the students enrolled.
Military instruction is provided by the
Army with no cost to the school system.
Regular progress reports are provided
for students with achievable, measurable
goals for all participants.

Primary Reserve
Successful applicants will be enrolled
into the Canadian Armed Forces Primary
Reserve Force. Reservists are not
required to serve a specific term and can
release voluntarily at any time.
After the BMQ Co-op Program, students
may choose to continue to serve as a
reservist, pursue a full-time career in the
Canadian Armed Forces, or release from
the Canadian Armed Forces.

Other Primary
Reserves Options
Another option for those who miss the deadline
for application, or are just seeking part-time
employment, is to apply for the Canadian Armed
Forces Primary Reserve.
To determine your eligibility contact the 38
Canadian Brigade Group Recruiter nearest you.

38 Canadian Brigade Group

Thunder Bay Armoury
317 Park Avenue
Apply online at