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Corporate Profile

AL-TET PTE LTD was incorporated in 2012 as a Solution Provider of leading Industrial
products and engineering services.
The company is established to supply high quality products with our value-added services.
With our extensive years of industry experience, we understand the demands of customer in
the products and feasible solution they want.
We partner and distribute leading brand industrial products, serving diverse industries
ranging from Electrical Switchboard, Electronics and Manufacturing, ACMV and HVAC,
Building, Marine, Offshore and Engineering, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, etc.

About Our team

Our Business Your Solution

We are a team of
experience management
who is dedicated and
committed in providing
consistency in the
delivery of Prompt,
Professional & Quality
Service throughout our
customers and business

Our Business Model

Al Tet has various Focus areas which we call - The Market Place

We dedicated our sales activity into Electronics and Manufacturing, Building and Marine
Engineering, Integrated and Turnkey Engineering Services, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas.
We will be glad to assist you in making the right choices from our comprehensive range of
products and ensure that you purchase the right products and solution for your

Factory Automation

Building Engineering

Marine and Oil & Gas

Our Strategic Partner

Our Strategic Partner

*Only Explosion Protection &

Harsh Environment Products

*Only for Solution Project

Our Strategic Partner

Our Products Offering

Terminal Blocks

Signal Isolators

Soft Starter

Manual Motor Starter, Circuit Breaker For

Transformer Protection

Our Strategic Partner

Our Products Offering

Control Relays

Emergency Stop Switch

Operator Interface

LED base Illumination


Smart Relay

Our Strategic Partner

Our Products Offering

Servo Motor

AC Servo Drives
Robot System
All In One Machine


Induction Motors

AC Drives

Our Strategic Partner

Only For Explosion Protection & Harsh Environment Products

Our Products Offering

Explosion Safe Melody/Alarm

Explosion Safe Signal Tower
Suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22

Explosion Safe LED Work Light

Our Strategic Partner

Our Products Offering

Explosion Safe Enclosure Unit

Explosion Safe Lighting Fixtures

Our Strategic Partner

Our Products Offering

AC Single Phase Motor

Overload Relay

AC Low Voltage 3Phase Motor

Magnetics Contactor


Explosion Proof Motor

Our Other Products Offering

Our Products Offering


Our company specialises

in sub contract
projects for a wide range
of industries such as
Semiconductir, Storage
Media, Electronics and

Storage Media

We work with Partner to

design and develop
custom made equipment
and machinery to cater
for our customer needs
and requirements.



Our Products Offering

Quality & Service Statement

Our Company is committed to continuous

improvement in our quality, delivery and cost
competitiveness and adhere closely to our
business philosophy of Quality & Service

Our Business Your Solution