Football Philosophy (“Top 10”) #1 There Are 4 Parts To A Football Program.

Listed In Order Of Importance They Are: A) Morale (Controls The “Who”, “How”, & “What”) B) Personnel (“Who”) C) Technique (“How”) *If You Have A & B, C & D Will Come Easy! D) Strategy (“What”) #2 3 Things You Must Teach Your Players If You Are To Be Successful: A) Work Ethic (How To Work) B) Never Give Up Attitude C) To Believe In Themselves #3 “Will Over Skill” – “Attitude Over Ability”! “Performance Is More Important Than Form”! “Toughness Is Contagious”! #4 Character Is Higher Than Intellect #5 A Football Game Is Divided Into 3 Parts (Offense; Defense; Kicking). You Must Control At Least 2 Of These (Any 2) In Order To Win! #6 Be Sure Your Terminology Jells (Offensive & Defensive Side Of Ball Should Use Same Terminology). What A Qb Reads As “Cover 3” Should Be The Same As What Your Secondary Coach Calls “Cover 3”, Etc. #7 Balance Is Not Doing Something 50% Of The Time (Such As Run), And Doing Something Else 50% Of The Time (Such As Pass). This Would Indicate Predictabity Rather Than Balance. Balance Is Being Able To Do What You Need To Do When You Need To Do It! #8 Titles Do Not An Assistant Make! Having Offensive And Defensive Coordinators Stifles The Creativity Of The Other Staff Members! #9 Three Factors Which Will Contribute The Most To Your Success (From A Poll Of Great Coaches): A) Tradition B) Good Assistants (Loyal; With An Appetite For The Game) C) Talent #10 Don’t Relax Discipline – It Precedes Morale! (Discipline Starts With Always Being On Time)! Remember – Team Rights Always Supercede Individual Rights!!!!!

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