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ISIS Recruits in Australia Right Under

ASIO Police Noses

Catharine Waters
Paul Smith
Aussie News 4 U
Hobart Tasmania

Greetings Fellow Australians

Now that all these Terror Raids
have calmed down and things got back to normal, we are
going to take a quick look at Who Recruited Them? From
Where? And How they Recruited Them? them being all the
stupid idiot Muslim youth involved and allowed themselves
to be recruited or go about doing evil by an organization
which is run by a Zionist Hard core Jew trained by the
Israeli Mossad, That being Simon Elliot, aka AlBaghdadi, son of Jewish parents

ISIS Recruits in Australia Right Under ASIO Police Noses

Who Recruited Them?

The CIA and Israeli Station Chiefs who work at their
respective Embassys in Canberra ACT right under ASIO
and Federal Police and the corrupt politicians noses.
These people have FREE rein to go anywhere in Australia
they like and ASIO, Australian Federal Police and State
Terrorism Anti Terrorism Police Units work very closely
with the Israelis.
Australian Police, Military and Intelligence Services are fully
infiltrated by these Israeli Mossad Agents, which are hired
as consultants to advise on Terrorism related issues within
the Muslim Community.
Keep reading and you thought the Americans US Military,
CIA, NSA, FBI only liked being bent over the coffee table
and fucked stupid by these Zionist Israeli Mossad.
These people the Israeli Mossad are running rings around
Australia Police, Military and Intelligence Agencies, they
make the Americans look like some choir boy getting
fucked by Father Frank, these Aussie looks like they love
Zionist Cock more.

ISIS Recruits in Australia Right Under ASIO Police Noses

From Where?
From research and our own investigations conducted these
youth are watched very closely, by Israeli Infiltrators at the
Mosques and Muslim Youth Gangs, often they are selected
because they are not very bright, not well educated about
World politics, and certainly no brains when it come to
being Honey Pot by a experienced Israeli Mossad Trained
Agent who has gone through exceptional training of
recruiting Muslims.
Let us not forget people the Israeli Mossad has a long
checked history of recruiting and training Muslims to carry
out Jihad.
Many of these youth come from poor, uneducated Muslim
families they are Honey Pot by showering them with
money, brand new shoes and cloths and fast food

And How they Recruited Them?

They are then invited to go to an Islamic Book Shop and
from there thats when their radicalization, brain washing
begins and indoctrinated into carry out Jihad and taught
all the Western countries are evil and must be attacked,
what they arent told its the Western Police and
Intelligence Agencies recruiting them.

ISIS Recruits in Australia Right Under ASIO Police Noses

As said above these Islamic Book Shops are fronts for
recruiting Muslim youth and others to the Jihad Wars
being conducted in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Yemen.
In the case of the Terror Raid and arrests which were made
in Australia the Book Shop in question which was a front
recruiting head quarters was named Al-Furqan.
A quick Google Internet Search and we found a website
exactly by that name, it has since been closed down, but
we found this.
al-Furqn Media | JIHADOLOGY: A clearinghouse for jihd ...
al-Furqn Media presents a new audio message from the Islamic States
Shaykh Ab Muammad al Adnn al-Shm: Oh Our People, Respond to
the Messenger of God. ... al-Furqn Media presents a new video message
from The Islamic State: And They Gave Zakah.
Al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Melbourne closes - The Australian
Apr 23, 2015 - The Al-Furqan Islamic Centre, in Springvale South,
announced it was closing overnight

ISIS Recruits in Australia Right Under ASIO Police Noses

In the case of The Al-Furqan Islamic Centre, in Springvale
South, announced it was closing overnight, nobody was
detained, question, arrested from the Front Book Shop
working for the CIA and Israeli Mossad, these people were
just allowed to walk away, disappear back into Australian
Society ready to open another Front Book Shop and set up
another Web site by the same name elsewhere.
This is how the CIA and Israeli Mossad were able to recruit
20,000 lets call them what they are Idiot Muslims to go
fight in the Jihad Wars being conducted in Syria, Iraq,
Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen.
Being funded, armed, trained by the US Government,
Israeli Government and other Governments like Turkey,
Saudi Arabia, Jordon to name a few.

So Next Time
So next time you hear a Muslim raving on about the West
invading and over throwing their Government and stealing
their Oil, you might like to turn about and tell that person
or people.
And Yes its your stupid Muslim people who are being
recruited to go and fight for ISIS which is run by a Zionist
Hard Core Jew trained by the Israeli Mossad, That being
Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents.
How bright does that make you or your Muslim people.

Then of course we have these next two stories to educate

people about, so the whole Australian Terror Raids and
Arrest smells a bit like the next two stories.

Story 1.)
Only 1% of So Called Terrorists Nabbed
by the FBI Were Real
A larger number of arrestees, poor and powerless, were
caught in FBI "Threat Factory" stings.
In the dozen years since the 9/11 attacks, we've watched
as a classified new legal regime for government
surveillance has been hashed out, local police forces have
become heavily armed military-type units and a whole new
layer of bureaucracy has hatched to provide us with an
abundance of homeland security.
Proponents of this build-up argue that it's made us safer.
They point to hundreds of foiled plots to make their case.
But Trevor Aaronson, author of The Terror Factory: Inside
the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism, dug into these
supposedly dastardly plots and found that they are much
less than meets the eye.
Aaronson recently appeared on the AlterNet Radio Hour.
Below is a lightly edited transcript of the discussion.

Joshua Holland: Trevor, the raw statistical data say that

Americans have a significantly better chance of being
struck dead by lightning than of being killed in a terrorist
attack here at home.
Its obviously different for people in some other countries.
I got that from the official terrorism statistics put out by the
FBI and other related agencies.
And they also track foiled attacks.
These law enforcement gencies say that these foiled
attacks prove that they are saving American lives. How
would you respond to that?
Trevor Aaronson: Id say that the majority of the foiled
attacks that they cite are really only foiled attacks because
the FBI made the attack possible, and most of the people
who are caught in these so-called foiled attacks are caught
through sting operations that use either an undercover FBI
agent or informant posing as some sort of Al-Qaeda
In all of these cases, the defendants, or the would-be
terrorists, are people who at best have a vague idea that
they want to commit some sort of violent act or some sort
of act of terrorism but have no means on their own.
They dont have weapons.
They dont have connections with any international terrorist

In many cases theyre mentally ill or theyre economically

An undercover informant or agent posing as an Al-Qaeda
operative gives them everything they need gives them
the transportation, gives them the money if they need it,
and then gives them the bomb and even the idea for the
terrorist attack.
And then when that person pushes a button to detonate
the bomb that they believe will explodea bomb that was
provided to them in whole by the FBIagents rush in,
arrest them and charge them with conspiracy to use a
weapon of mass destruction and then parade that person
out to the public saying, "Look at us. We caught a terrorist.
This is us keeping you safe."
If you look at the record of prosecutions in the decade after
911, there has yet to be a case of some Al-Qaeda operative
providing the means for a wannabe terrorist to do an act of
Its only the FBI thats providing the means through these
sting operations.
What this has done is really inflate the threat of terrorism
within the United Statesparticularly from Muslim
terroristsbecause in almost all of these cases sting
operations target men on the fringes of Muslim
communities who might be mentally ill, economically
desperate or otherwise very easily manipulated by an
informant who can make a lot of money in these sting

Story 2.)
The FBI's Fake Terror Plots
Is terrorism a real and genuine threat to Americans or is
the whole thing just a giant hoax?
Were the terror attacks of 9-11 and the foiled terror plots
that followed all contrived to scare the public and change
the relationship between the people and the government?
Is the threat of terrorism and the "War on Terror" just a big
con job?
It should be noted that the first bombing of the World
Trade Center in 1993 was set up by the FBI.
In setting up the "Terrorists" the FBI paid $1 million
to Emad Salem, a former Egyptian army officer who served
as a FBI informant while entrapping the suspects who were
subsequently charged with the crime.
Eight years later, when the World Trade Center was
bombed and destroyed on 9-11, the FBI working under
Asst. Attorney General Michael Chertoff oversaw the "Noninvestigation" of the crime.
The FBI facilitated the cover-up of the truth by allowing the
crucial evidence from the World Trade Center to be
destroyed before it could be examined.

To understand how the 9-11 cover-up was carried out it is

essential to understand that the crime that took the lives of
nearly 3,000 people was not properly investigated as a
crime by the federal agency obliged to do so.
With this in mind, listen to what Judge Andrew Napolitano
says about the FBI's history of fake terror plots in the
decade since 9-11.
Can the federal government take credit for saving us from
a plot of its own creation?
The FBI has foiled about 17 plots to kill Americans during
the past ten years the 17 that were interrupted by the
feds were created by the feds they all have a common
and reprehensible thread they were planned, plotted,
controlled, and carried out by the federal government itself.
- Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, "Government-Generated Plots,"
October 14, 2011

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Sources and Recommended Reading

Government-Generated Plots by
Andrew P. Napolitano,,
October 14, 2011

The FBI's Fake Terror Plots and 9-11

by Christopher Bollyn, December 5, 2011