Orbit Motion

Motion by wing will give us a check blitz. If the wing is motioning left to right we will check "Lightning", "Razor from the right.

Motion by the Slot in a Wing-Slot formation gives us a nice little Check blitz that we call "Thunder."

"Defending the Wing T"
Ok, lets start this off right and get some people heated up right away. That means you offensive guys, go ahead and blast me and tell me what will not work. The basis of the Wing T is misdirection and tries to get you outnumbered on the snap. I mean they will pull both guards; double the DE, fake a dive and QB will boot setting you up for the waggle. So lets see...Dive, Trap, Buck Sweep, Waggle Pass, and Belly. There are 2 ways to play, let the offense dictate what you are going to do or you can dictate what the offense is able to do. The Wide Seven is just that type of defense. The W7 puts pressure where the Wing T does not want it. The defense neutralizes the guards where they are not successful getting outside. It also applies pressure on the outside so the QB will be getting hit every time he fakes the waggle. Since he is faking he has the ball, he is live. The reason I am saying this now is I know there will be someone out there saying I am teaching Cheap Shots by telling the Stingers to hit the QB. That is ABSOULTELY FALSE! Those that know me will tell you I live by sportsmanship! Intensity yes! Cheap Shots. No! Anyway, applying pressure on the outside will not allow the QB to set up on the waggle and it will beat the guard’s block if they are able to get outside. Think about it, Wing doubles down, Strong Guard kicks out and Quick Guard runs up and seals. What happens if the defensive guy is in the backfield behind the guard? Again, this now does not give the playtime to develop and it is the defense dictating to the offense. By angling the DT's at a 45-degree angle and have them coming off the ball low and hard, many things happen. Also add to this equation a Nose Tackle in the "A" gap to the Tight End Side who is driving into the gap on the snap making a double team necessary or a center All Conference. By using the angles, if the play is coming at the DT, he will collide with the Guard before the Guard can get outside. This makes a big pile! The Backside tackle will now be in the back pocket of the number 2 guard. This puts the DT right in the way of the Dive or running down the LOS for the sweep. Dive, Trap, Buck Sweep and Waggle Pass all gone! Leaves you the Belly, Stingers have pitch on option so that means QB will have to make some big plays. Anyway, check out the basics and let me know what you think!

Wide Seven Defense vs. Wing T Offense

Wide Seven Defense vs. Wing T Double Tight End

1. First the St's (Stingers) Notice they are aligned 5-7 yards from the last man on the interior Line of Scrimmage. Their aiming point is the near hip of the closest running back. Their objective is to explode straight through and attack the outside number of the running back by ripping through the number with their inside arm. We want the arm to come through the rear number. By doing this, we are creating an explosion that will bounce the stinger to the outside. This helps with containment. If stinger sees a wing to his side he is to attack through the hip knowing that the wing will disappear down. This means he is looking for the next back, which will be the ball carrier on the sweep or the pitch on the option. The stinger not seeing a wing will aim at the nearest back in the backfield realizing that the back will either run away on the sweep in which he aims for the up field shoulder of the QB on the waggle. If the Back leads straight up he squeezes looking for the number 2 back on the belly. 2. The LB's are in a man-to-man technique. First, they must always deny the inside release. (We are referring to the TE). By staying inside if the TE releases for the waggle it is a easy read and the LB will be in a good position to run with him. If the TE tries to block him down, the LB is to anchor the C gap. If no TE, LB plays Back in the backfield. This means if Back disappears on the sweep, the back will follow in the defensive backfield running with him. If Buck Sweep, LB will be meeting him in the hole. The only weakness is the inside reverse, however, the penetration of the Defensive Tackles will slow everything down for LB to react in which case one LB will fill immediately and the other LB will be in a position for cutback. 3. The Mike Backer plays the fullback. If the FB dives he tackles him. Again, the back is faking so by tackling him you eliminate the switch on the waggle pass. Staying on the Mike eliminates the dive, Helps fill the hole in the belly and means Mike has Dive on option. 4. Defensive Tackles and Nose Tackle. The alignment and penetration denies the Offensive Guards to get outside. If the Defensive tackles cannot get off the ball, we have problems. The coaching points are as follows: 1.Inside hand on the ground splitting the gap between the Guard and Tackle. This will mean the inside foot is back. They are in a sprinter's stance. They must drive outside arm hard on the snap. This will make the Tackle move past the Defensive Tackle who might try to cut him and get into the Guard's path. We do not want to wrong shoulder. We want to get chest to chest and make a collision if he is pulling into us. If he is pulling away, we want to run on his outside hip. When he runs into the collision we will be in position to run by the trash. 5. Cornerbacks. They will play hard man-to-man denying the inside release. We want them to be forced outside the play. This means it will take longer to run the flag with hands on them and it will also put us in good manto-man position. If 2 tight end’s, they play the wing and Back Tailback. This is mainly to play size on size with the TE's. If they shift to a split end, the corners go with the wide receiver6. Free Safety. The Free Safety has it easy. Sit at 10 yards and wait for the ball to show. FS can play games, he is able to lock on the QB and play a 0 coverage. This puts even more pressure on the QB.

Wide 7 vs. Wing T with Up Back

Wide 7 vs. Wing T Full House

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