Sprint Right Option

We have been a West Coast Wing-T team for the past five years. We have had great success during that time in converting two point plays. The play we have had most of our success with is Sprint Rt Option. The Packers and Forty-Niners also use this route in short yardage situations.

Pro Right Doubles A F-4 346 Sprint Choice PHILOSOPHY We are trying to outflank the linebacker that is assigned to cover F man to man. We will accomplish this by motioning our F across the formation, snapping the ball before the backer can switch with the SS, and running a “rub” with our Y. We believe that by using these techniques, we will free F against man to man or stretch the CB if they are four across the board and R will come open. PLAYSIDE RULES REC ROUTE R Choice Coaching Point: We will flank our right wingback out to a split receiver position. He will align 12 yards from the Y. We want him to get an outside release and get to one yard from the back of the end zone. Float—find the hole in the zone. Think inside. REC ROUTE Y Barrier Choice Coaching Point: Get an outside release. Look for man coming across with F. Pivot and “rub” this man. Allow F to gain separation from the backer. Set up about 5 yards deep in the end zone. REC ROUTE F Flat Coaching Point: Come in motion. On the snap of the ball, you should just be getting to the playside tackle. Take an angle that will allow you to be one yard deep in the end zone while getting separation from the backer. Get your head around and find the ball.

BACKSIDE RULES REC ROUTE L Post Coaching Point: Get alive under the goalpost. Be ready for a jump ball if playside receivers are covered. Do not cross the playside upright. REC ROUTE X Dig Coaching Point: Run a Dig route on the backside. Do not cross the backside pylon. QUARTERBACK The motion should tell you if it is man or zone. If the backer bumps over to cover F, you should be thinking man to man and be looking for F to outflank the backer. At this point, we have seen the following things happen: (1) He will come clean—Get him the ball

(2) The corner will drop down on him—Get ball to R

(3) Both the SS and B will fight over the Y to cover F—Get ball to Y.

(4) Everybody covers and QB runs the ball.

This play is an excellent short yardage concept. It can be use on the goal line as a two -point play, or in the open field on 3rd and short.

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