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You can use the PrintWhen expression to change the position of the items being printed. In this case, the position
of the employee biography and picture alternate for every row that is printed. You can also wrap a Memo field around
a field. Here, the biography wraps around the corner of the picture.
Note: this example uses an older strategy for handling conditional formatting. With latest version of VFP,
you can use a ReportListener class to handle the same scenario.

Steven Buchanan, Sales Manager
Steven Buchanan graduated from St. Andrews University, Scotland, with a BSC degree in 1976. Upon
joining the company as a sales representative in 1992, he spent 6 months in an orientation
program at the Seattle office and then returned to his permanent post in
London. He was promoted to sales manager in March 1993. Mr.
Buchanan has completed courses in Successful Telemarketing and
International Sales Management. He is fluent in French.


14 Garrett Hill
London, SW1 8JR

Home Phone: (71) 555-4848
Hire date:

Birthdate: 04/03/1955

Michael Suyama, Sales Representative
Michael is a graduate of Sussex University (MA, economics, 1983) and the University of California at
Los Angeles (MBA, marketing, 1986). He has also taken courses in Multi-Cultural Selling
and Time Management for the Sales Professional. He is fluent in
Japanese and can read and write French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Coventry House, Miner Rd.
London, EC2 7JR

Home Phone: (71) 555-7773
Hire date:

Visual FoxPro Report Sample - Wrapping.frx

Birthdate: 02/07/1963

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London. She is fluent in French and German. WA 98105 Home Phone: (206) 555-1189 Hire date: 30/01/1993 Ext. Winchester Way London. he was transferred to the London office in March 1993. Address: 4726 . After completing a course entitled "Selling in Europe". 2344 Birthdate: 09/01/1958 Anne Dodsworth. WG2 7LT Home Phone: (71) 555-4444 Hire date: 12/10/1993 Visual FoxPro Report Sample . Seattle. Address: Edgeham Hollow. Address: 7 Houndstooth Rd. RG1 9SP Home Phone: (71) 555-5598 Hire date: 29/11/1992 Ext. 452 Birthdate: 27/01/1966 Page 2 . the year he joined the company. Inside Sales Coordinator Laura received a BA in psychology from the University of Washington.Wrapping.E. She reads and writes French. 465 Birthdate: 29/05/1960 Laura Callahan. Sales Representative Anne has a BA degree in English from St. She has also completed a course in business French. Lawrence College. N. Sales Representative Robert King served in the Peace Corps and traveled extensively before completing his degree in English at the University of Michigan in 1992.Robert King.frx Ext.11th Ave.

Kent. Mr. Mail Clerk Tim Smith graduated from Mariner High School and is currently taking evening classes at a local Community College. He plans a career as Programmer/Analyst with a local software company.Albert Hellstern. Hellstern has travelled extensively in South America and is responsible for establishing our company's presence there. WA 98042 Home Phone: (206) 555-3857 Hire date: 15/01/1993 Visual FoxPro Report Sample . where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981. Hellstern was hired as Assistant Business Manager in 1993 and was promoted to Business Manager shortly thereafter.frx Ext.Wrapping. He hopes to obtain his AA degree in programming in June 1994 and will then continue his education at the University of Washington in Seattle. WA 98006 Home Phone: (206) 555-4869 Hire date: 01/03/1993 Ext. N. French and Spanish with equal fluency. Hellstern is a native speaker of English. Address: 13920 S. Although Mr.E. Mr. 7559 Birthdate: 13/03/1960 Tim Smith. Address: 30301 .E. Business Manager Albert Hellstern is a graduate of Harvard University. he also holds a Master's Degree in International Studies from Stanford University (1985). 40th Street Bellevue. 6261 Birthdate: 06/06/1973 Page 3 . he speaks German.166th Ave.

Mr. Mr. Marketing Director Justin Brid graduated from HEC Paris (Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris) in 1986 with high honors. Brid is equally fluent in French and German. Martin is completely fluent in German and French (he is a native speaker of both languages). Bas-Rhin 67300 Home Phone: 88 62 43 53 Hire date: 15/01/1994 Visual FoxPro Report Sample . Washington. Address: 2 impasse du Soleil Haguenau. 1411 Birthdate: 11/09/1972 Justin Brid. he also speaks English and understands Polish.Wrapping.frx Ext. Bas-Rhin 67500 Home Phone: 88 83 83 16 Hire date: 01/01/1994 Ext. he held positions with several Import/Export companies (Culinary Specialties) in Germany. Marketing Associate Xavier Martin is a graduate of the University of Chicago (BA) and the ESC Bordeaux (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux). Switzerland. She intends to continue her education and expects to earn a Master's degree in the future. and Hungary for purposes of establishing a network of contacts for future sales activities. Brid attended the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in Glendale. 377 Birthdate: 08/10/1962 Xavier Martin. Mr. most recently in the Czech Republic. Arizona. Poland.Caroline Patterson. Martin has travelled widely in Eastern Europe. Address: 16 Maple Lane Auburn. and Austria. 380 Birthdate: 30/11/1960 Page 4 . Mr. Prior to his employment with Northwind Traders. he also speaks English and reads Spanish. she is currently participating in the International Trade Series there. Address: 9 place de la Liberté Schiltigheim. WA 98002 Home Phone: (206) 555-3487 Hire date: 15/05/1993 Ext. Receptionist Caroline Patterson graduated from Tahoma High School and has an AA degree from Bellevue Community College in Bellevue.

Also relies on database to guide decisions about Northwinds policies and operations for bottom-line impact. Sales Order entry and customer service. 2A Seattle.. E.Wrapping. Address: 7 rue Nationale Strasbourg. 3457 Birthdate: 19/02/1942 Page 5 .Laurent Pereira.20th Ave. Needs quick answers on demand. 376 Birthdate: 09/12/1965 Nancy Davolio. Advertising Specialist Laurent Pereira graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales in 1989. Address: 507 . Address: 908 W. He plans to continue his studies in 1994 at the University of Bochum. Apt. Bas-Rhin 67000 Home Phone: 88 01 01 68 Hire date: 01/02/1994 Ext. WA 98401 Home Phone: (206) 555-9482 Hire date: 12/07/1991 Visual FoxPro Report Sample . Takes great pride in being able to facilitate very high levels of customer service on inbound calls. Capital Way Tacoma. WA 98122 Home Phone: (206) 555-9857 Hire date: 29/03/1991 Ext. 5467 Birthdate: 08/12/1948 Andrew Fuller. Sales Representative Responsible for system integrity and business rules. Responsible for updating all the tables and business rules. Vice President.frx Ext.

WA 98033 Home Phone: (206) 555-3412 Hire date: 27/02/1991 Ext. Address: 4110 Old Redmond Rd. She makes personal contact with all of Northwinds customers on a regular basis.frx Ext.Janet Leverling. 5176 Birthdate: 19/09/1937 Page 6 . Kirkland.Wrapping. and follows sales trends closely. WA 98052 Home Phone: (206) 555-8122 Hire date: 30/03/1992 Visual FoxPro Report Sample . Sales Representative Margaret is the sales manager. Address: 722 Moss Bay Blvd. Northwinds' inventory matches customer needs. 3355 Birthdate: 30/08/1963 Margaret Peacock. Sales Representative Janet is the lead programmer for the application. She is often called upon to make adjustments to the system to accomodate changing business conditions and new features the users dreamed up. Redmond.