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Another Round,


Saison Dupont (page 61)

Chimay Red (page 51)

Orval (page 57)

Guinness Extra Stout (page 120)

Stone IPA (page 167)

Bigger and better than ever, Storeys second

edition of CloneBrews is completely revised,
updated, expanded, and enhanced.
Here are insiders brewing tips, tricks, and
suggestions plus 200 tested and proven
recipes, featuring 50 new clones. Recipes
to create superstar brews at home include
Royal Oak Pale Ale, Post Road IPA, Brooklyn
Summer Ale, Sierra Nevada Stout, Ithaca
Brown Ale, and many more!

Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale (page 150)

CloneBrews, Second Edition

Two-color; illustrations throughout
432 pages; 7 x 9
Paper: $18.95 US/ $23.95 CAN
ISBN: 978-1-60342-539-1; No. 62539

Tess & Mark Szamatulski are serious about beer! Theyve authored
the Style column in Brew Your Own
magazine, and their brews have
received medals in numerous
homebrew competitions. When not
brewing or writing about brewing,
Tess and Mark supply other home
brewers with brewing must-haves
through Maltose Express, the Connecticut-based brewing store theyve owned and operated for over 20 years.

Storey Publishing

210 MASS MoCA Way | North Adams, MA 01247

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Publicity Contact:
Amy Greeman (413) 346-2113 or
National review mailing

Bass Ale (page 68)

Rogue Old Crustacean

Barley Wine (page 44)

Schneider Weisse
(page 212)
Asahi Dry (page 190)

2nd Editi

completely u





Feature pitch to brew magazines and

Long lead mailing to food and beverage
Feature pitch for Fathers Day roundups
Recipe excerpts sold

Storey books are distributed in the gift and book trade by Workman Publishing.
To order, please see your sales representative or call (800) 722-7202. Storey
books are distributed in Canada by Thomas Allen & Son, LTD, (800) 387-4333.

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Our new, improved & definitive homebrewers guide shows how to

Brew the Worlds Great

Beers at Home
2nd edition of CloneBrews raises the homebrewing bar!

VERY HOMEBREWER, at one time or

another, wants to take on the ultimate
challenge: duplicating the taste, body, and
mouthfeel of the worlds great beers . . . at home.
The first edition of CloneBrews showed homebrewers exactly how to reach their goal, impress
their friends, and please their palates. Now, in the
new and expanded second edition, CloneBrews significantly raises the bar with 200 hard-to-find recipes including 50 new ones deeper detail, and
foodie-friendly features you wont find elsewhere.

You CAN brew

these beers . . . and

Hard-to-find info for the dedicated homebrewer

Imperial IPAs including Victory Hop

Wallop, Southern Tier Unearthly IPA

Home brewing how-to and 200 cant-miss

recipes to explore.
50 exciting NEW recipes, including Sam Adams
Boston Ale, Ithaca Brown Ale, Rare Vos by Omegang, OHaras Irish Red, Flying Dog Barley Wine,
Fat Angel by Magic Hat Brewery, Moose Drool
Brown Ale, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and many more.

Bitters including Royal Oak Pale Ale,

Marstons Pedigree
American IPAs including Post Road IPA,
Stone IPA

American Pale Ales including Sam

Adams Boston Ale, Ballantine XXX Ale,
Long Trail Ale
Stouts including OHaras Dry Stout,
Sierra Nevada Stout
Wheat Beers including Answer Dark
Wheat Beer, Schneider Weiss

Recipes are been updated for todays hoppy

tastes, with emphasis on IPAs, American Ales, and
Brown Ales.

Brown Ales including Ithaca Brown Ale,

Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale

Info for serious brewers, too: Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines for each beer style.
Bonus features for foodies
Which beer to serve with fish? Each recipe includes Beer & Food Pairing tips.
Recipes arranged by beer style for easy serving

4057CloneBrewsBrochure.indd 2

Porters including 1998 Alaskan Smoked

Porter, Hoepfner Porter, Bert Grants
Perfect Porter
Belgian Ales including Rochefort 8,
Bournem Tripel
Barley Wines including Belle Dock
Barley Wine, Dominion Millennium,
Flying Dog Barley Wine

Great gift for the homebrewer

CloneBrews, by Tess and Mark Szamatulski,
is a great gift for the home brewer. 150
well-crafted and tested recipes produce
good approximations of world famous
beers like Guinness and Samuel Adams.

Homebrewers want recipes

CloneBrews delivers
The first edition of CloneBrews helped
brewers recreate their favorite international beers and ales. Homebrewers
around the world responded with enthusiasm and requested even more clone
brew recipes.
Brewers Bulletin

Intriguing collection of recipes

CloneBrews is an intriguing collection for
home brewers seeking to duplicate their
favorite beers from around the corner
and around the world.
Yankee Brew News

Does not disappoint

CloneBrews includes homebrew recipes
for 150 commercial beers and does not
disappoint. It consists of detailed, if ultimately approximate, clone brew recipes
for commercial brews both familiar and
those youll be hard pressed to find in
your local store.
The Advocate

Storeys How-To Library is

a Complete Course on the
Fine Art of Homebrewing!
From step-by-step brewing basics for the beginner to
how to judge a beers quality by mouthfeel and how to
duplicate your favorite commercial brew, Storey Publishing offers homebrewers a complete beer library. This
comprehensive collection illuminates and facilitates the
fine art of homebrewing.

Photography: Melanie Jolicoeur

Recipes include separate extract, mini-mash,

and all-grain instructions, each critical to brewing

Praise for the

First Edition

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