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THE INSTITOTE OF HERAT Bldg. 16, Camazon Szabo Rezandie, VA kENOS oa Noveuber 10, 1942. SULILCT: tii ungineer Battalion (heilway Operating). Officer, 727th Engineer Battalion, 615 Conmerce § To: Puiléing, St. Paul, Iinnesota. eas 1. By the euthority delegated to the .uertermester General by Big 2ne Indorscucnt, 1S 421.7 Insignic (9-15-42)05-T, the /cjutant Generel's — ” Office, October 8,.1942, the coat of armas described below is approved, under the provisions of paragraph 5, AR 260-10, November 20, 1931, for the 727th Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating). BiAZOMY Per bend argent and gules, a railroad semaphore counterchanged. CREST: That approved for the Organized xeserve: On @ wreath of the colors (argent anc gules) the Lexington Minute Man proper. Seaper in teapore (ilways on tine). The 727th Lncineer Battalion (Rallway Operatinc) vas originally organized as the 594th Engineer Battalion (u2ilway Cperating) (Conmunications Zone Troops) which wes constituted as an Orgen- ized Keserve unit, and allotted to the Fourth Corps Area, pur~ euant to letter from the War Department, AG 320.2 Cit (1-22-23), dated 29 January, 1923. Pursuant to letter from the “ar Depart= ment, AG 320.2 Ch (G-1-23), the battalion was allotted to the Southern Sailway with Headquarters at Atlanta, Ga. The 59kth Engineer Battalion (Kailway Operating) was redesignated the 727th incineer Battalion (xailway Operating) pursuent to letter fron the iar Department AG 320.2 (2-8-41), dated 21 February, 1941, and was made active at Camp Shelby, Kiesissipsi, on 9 April, 1942, The 727th Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating) has no Eother history and is not entitled to battle honors. =" the shield is in the colors of the Engineer Corps, and the reil- rozd ectaphore alludes to the functions of the battelion, 920 aN? oy * For The ‘uarternester General: Ort FOr COMOUMDING GLIERAL, MEY GHOUD TAGS, yoy ta, UECURATLONS & AWARDS BRANCH, pee OFFICE OF THE ALJUPANT GBNiRAL. ah Cos oe SP 2b 2) 727th Lngineer Battelion Hovesber 10, 1942. SUBIEG!: Distinctive Insignia, 727th Lngincer Battalion (itallway Operat: Wor Commanding officer, 727th Ingineer lattslion, G15 Commerce *y ot. Paul, Vina, 1. by the authority delegated to The Guarteraaster General by 2nd Indorsement, AG 421.7 Insignia (9-15-42)0B-I, The djutant General's Office, October 8,/1942, the distinctive insignia described below is ap- proved under the provisions of paragraph 51, AK 600-40, August 28, 1941, for the 727th Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating). ‘The insignia consists of the shield and motto of the coat of arms of the 727th Engineer Battalion (fiailwey Operatin It will be manufactured in bright metal and enamel in one size as the organization may select, but not in excess of 1-1/4 inches in height. TO BE WORN: As preseribed by current regulations. 2. It is requested that a manufacturer's drawing be subaitted to ‘iQ this office for check, prior to subnitting sanufacturer's sample in dup-~ Licate for approval, and before supplying the orgenization with the finished product. It is suggested that the distinctive insignia be made approximately 1-1/16 inches in height. p EISTINCTIVE INSTGNTA HIZID: Per bend argent and gules, e railroad senaphore counterchanged, HOyTO: Semper in tempore. yr The Wuarternaster Generel: : ue He COL, wolonel, Ul'eCey ost . nesistant. Coar oF ARMS FOR COLOR OF | 727m RAILWAY GPERATING BATTALION J 5. FULL SIZE TI DBPARTIENT a The Adjutant General's Office ‘ashington ee AG 320.2 (2-4-42) February -16y 2942s MRI SUBJECT: Activation of 727th Engineer Battalion, (Railway Operating). Chief of Engineers. 1, The 727th Engineer Battalion, (Railway Operating) is withdrawn from allotment to’ the Organized Reserves, and allotted to the Regular Army. 2, Effective March 15, 1942, the 727th Engineer Battalion, _ (Railway Operating). will be ‘activated ‘and organized with prescribed authorized strength in accordance with T/0 5-125, including basics. 3. It is desired that you grrange dnd negotiate with the Southern ‘Railroad ‘for a contract for railroad facilities to train the 727th Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating), and make innediate -Teconmendation for the station of this unit, including the require~ nents for housing and facilities. The use of portable CCC Type ; Camp-Buildings in storege is authorized. 4a Enlisted ‘cadre will be furnished from the 711th Engineer Battalion, (Railway Operating). 5. Enlisted filler replacements will be furnished by requisition on'this office, 6, Transfer of experienced railroad pe¥sonnel from organizations within the Continental United States to the 727th Engineer Battalion, (Railway Operating), is authorized upon request: from you. Enlisted nen will be transferred'in grade to be ebsorved by nornel attrition. No enlisted men of the first three grades will be transferred unless such transfer is approved by the organization commander concerned. 7s: Commissioned personnel will be provided by you from officers affiliated with the Southern Railroad. & Priority for distribution of controlled/items of equip~ ment, C-101. : 9. Obligate the procurement authorities cited below,to the extent necessary? UNITS TO PE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) 2 2 a 4 5 6 7 6 9 1/0en Authorid Str Unit history to Tten Letavatod Final a > e aide a titled (with dat “NS ___Dosimatisn Aesisment by CG? Iocation Status _No___Date Changes “off iv E100 activation) 16. HgsHq Co, 313th Repl First | ‘Fareb Toston, ilass Buz le Oct 44 1 Bi 23 7 Hig & Hq Oo, 23a Depots +. raany jany ine : q 17. 975th Ener Porel Fridge Seow Second Cunberland, ad © 54207. 20 Jun 45 ‘None 4 0 4 998th Engr taint Transzort Co fer au ig. i tay Kans ks 536 14 Jul 44 None & Haga Det, 260th { i 46)" WW. ( Pontiacs Wich 4. 9-348 17 May 44 1 6 150th Ord Motor ¢ bly Co (15 Aor 20 ¢ Jackson, Mich & 9-500. U4 det 44 2 a0 7 Sisb Ord Tomb Di i ( Fifth Cols (6 Nov 45) al. ‘ ‘ immy Detroit, Mich | 10-57... 22 gul 45-1 5 8 58 9038 TC Car Go 22, 904th Transp:rtation ( ( Detroit, Mich 4h 55-37.. -22 Nay 44 142,3, 7 2 173.100 904th TCMCar Co diphibious.Trk Co ( ‘ 4 23. ‘TamthTransportrtion Third Tmingham, Ala $5-225 10 Sep 45 tom = 28 1 79.616 WBRRN Rat tay c aide a titled (with date of ine tion fissicrment by CGt___Iocation status Ne Date Changes “off i. E00 _ activation) 913th Ropl " Firet First Toston,lass PR Dae 14 Oct 4h 1 Bo 2-30 9D Hq ts Hy Co, 23d Ropl Dawe “ary fang : Panel Fridge See Second Cumberland, CG .5e2i7- 28 Jun 45 None 4 0 4 = 978th Engr Vaint Co (20 Fob 4) t Co > at deny ty dléth cr ( ¢ Wichita; Kans = 4° 14536 14 ul 44 Mono 4 2 1, 29 260th GQ’ In (250 udes atcha) 4 Fa : Mtn, Vehicle i Pontiacs Wich. 9.348 U7 May 441 $6 9 493 199 Ord Voter Vehicle Assen Ca(vortable)( ¢ bly Co (15 Apr 46) Hon, Dispos~( ¢ Jackson, ich i. Uy cet 44 2 1 2 6 (7 — Sieb Ord Eonb Dspreel squed (Fitth (Fifth = (8 Nov 45) portation. .¢. amy t Amy Detroit, Mich ego 5 9038 TC Car Go -(24 46) 2 ¢ spertation,, ( 6 Detroit, i: 7 WB 1G) 94th TC-Car Co (15. ex 47) as-Trk'Co ( sportation Third © Third Tirninghon, 2 1 KS CI’ 27th RokIney Chereting* th, “TC. operating Ba. imu jomy 6 ret 45) 24 with South~ : - way System, : amy, lay 7 sry Dot-(Hosp) Fifth Fifth Lincoln, Ne 3M augth Lanery “ist (19 1 1s) awith. = any amy i Lary % Cloar— oly lh ‘5th Trens~ Sixth Sixth San Francis S56 82 a @ Ho Coy 05th Redd: Railwey:Grent “ aary imy Calif ., isted Sith BeCo, 553° |, San Francis ob (Hosp) 2SPALth rade im a Rapids, idich Fifth Amy Gran Papids;) © 47 ich 10 Jen 45 ¥g 2 Incl 1 to ltr, ADAMI 322 Org Res (6 Oct 47) ONGC, 20 Oct 47, None Toes. ty ‘Sdv Te (26 Nov £5) 3l2th X Lary Set (10 vet 45) SIBJHCT: Inactivation of Units. seth, 189th, 190th, 195th, 197th 200th, 201s, 202d, 210th 217th, 305th, 306th, 308th, 340th, 345th, 354th, 355th, 406th, 407th, 4osth, 429th, 440th, 4dlst, 448th, 4sSth, 450th, 451st, 452d, 455th, 456th, 457th, 46lst, 462d, 2634, hy $234, 526th and 597th cenent Cos Sth, #ééth, #87th and *17Lst a1 Smoke Gsnereting Cos T3ath agit Railway Operating Ans Tele ‘lst Railway Transportation Co, T.C+ Hg and Hq Det, 382d Port Bn 397th, *399th and So7th 5 H228th, #2634, * th, "545th, * 1d “55st Port Cos eth, ae 459th, 815th and 816th Amphibious Truck Cos *Wegro enlisted personnel woth, 547th 2 ) ) 2 ) ) ) ) ) ) Hig and Hg Det: Port Bns (with atia pre USF, European Theater ched Medicalls): to Radio, WARTAG 17 Sep 455 Cu-OUE 4096 RESTRICTED Tos Go:: ania: Generals Arsies, 1 1. Reference: (8 fun 48) GrooP-1, 6 June'13 Bre followin: the Oryrized Reserves, to 400th Incr Haint co 973th Incr Nedat to PBlst Iner Ce 10st ore Det Rloza ord Det 893th Branstortation Car Co 873th ys Suply & Seles Co sation & Leth Co oth Gi Bn Anuy Postel Unit my Postal Unit 176th Ary Postel Unit set, 25let Ora on lig 4 Eg Det, 216th Ord in 180th Ord Uotor VehieLe Asse. bly st Ord Youd Dis,osnl Sqund Bimst Si Service Go 257th Wilitery Police Go Ey o Ey Go, 28d Repl %. The followin. Exesent Decionsticn 03d TC Car co ‘locro personnel tivetion of Units of the Or-nnised Lieser Letter, Heldquerters, subject: Cf tho Givilion dorponenta,t as gucnd wits aro redesimat wits are redesiinatca as 20 October 1347 Forces, 35¢/A15 a Adninistretion e@ es indiested, end allotted cu Deak. 200th Incr Ponton Bridjo Co 975th In-y Panel Eridve Transport Co eed Ener Co:al Gz2a oro Det 17th SIC Dot G98th Transvort-tion Anphibious Trk Co 876th Wi Service Co *058th we: Service Co Arsy Postel Unit iq 2 Hy bet, el1th Gre us Eq @ Bq uct) 422th Cra in Go 7aSth Ore Kotor Vehicle swescxbly Co 905th Ord Lond Disposal Squad 83th Siv Radio Relny Co oth VAL tony Police Co Hq @ Hq 0, S13th Repl Dezot indicated: Hew esi mation Trensyortation Truck Co sportation Arphibious Trk Co ortetion Railyay Operating fi Hig de, way Grond Liv in Transportation Rail~ DEPARIMEN? ¢ Office of The Adjutant Gen Washingter 25, D. C. oral ilwey Sorvice 1s 322 (21 Jun 83) G3, this office, 4 1955, subject: istration and Training of iilitary Rulvay Service (148) Units b. SR 140-320-1, 11 Decoder 1952, 29 January 1953, message DA 3926: Departzent of the ar ing General, Taird .eny, will inactivate the @27h Praas portation Railway Operating Battalion ab the earliest practicable date. 3, In accordance with the provisions of rofuresce la above, it is desired that the Coumanding Generel, Third Aray, trassfer the personnel ro~ cords of curzently assigned persomael togethor with the affiliation agreeent for subject unit to tho Comanding Goneral, Second aruy. 4, Concurrent with tho actions indicated in paragraphs 2 and 3 above, it is dosired thet the Comnanding G ize the 2727th USaR Transportation Railway Operating Battalion (Heinforcenent Trainias) Washington, D. C. Upon receipt of the aforonsntioned aZfiliatica agresont and personnel records, the Couianding General, Socond aruy, will execute a now affiliation agrecuent betwoun the Departiont of the Aray and the Southorn Failvay Systen for the sponsorship of this unit, in accordance with refor- ences 1b and ¢, above, 5. Dircet communicatios 1s authorized between the Commanding Generel, Second argy, and the Commanding Genvral, Third aray, Yor the accomplishmont of the actions indicated in paragraphs 2, 3 and 4, above, Copies furniched: 4djutant General Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 % 2-20/1409) Ghief of arm: Field Forces Ghief of Transyertation