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"Xhey of Italy Salute Vou"




Charles and Mary Frances Phipps


June 24, 1959


Dear Friends:

By the time you read this we will be down below Bari getting ready
for Camp! We will be setting up tents, seeing that food is on hand
for hungry little boys and girls, seeing that there are enough con
tainers for water to supply all the daily needs and, in short,
getting set for the first section of camp which begins July 6th.
There will be three sections including one for children, one for

families and one for young people. As you know, this camp is a co
operative affair among all the missionaries here in Italy and your
gift of SIO.OO has helped greatly to defray some of the heavy expenses
connected with camp. Thank you so much! Camp will close on August
6th and then we will be there a few days longer getting everything
cleaned up in order to leave the rented grounds in good condition.
We ask your prayers for us all in the concentrated effort of teaching

the Word of God to these people.

The thing that causes all of us inu<bh heartache is the fact that there
are so many people who do not know the pure Word of God and who do not

know Jesus as the Son of God but ojjily as the Son of Mary.

A picture of Mary, in a book written to Catholics and which came to

our d;tention recently, has this ca Dtion under it: "I am the Mother
of God and your Mother whom the Pr jtestants reject. But no one can
have my Jesus for a brother who dops not want me for their Mother,"


No comment is needed after this except a verse of Scripture found

in the sixth chapter of John: "Veirily, verily, I say unto you. He

that believeth on me hath eternal life,"

Will you pray with us that God wil1 give us time and means to teach
these people that not only in Him Cin they find peace but also salvation?
Your misslonaries,

'Xbcy of Italy Salute You*




Charles and Mary Frances Phipps



November, 1959




BECAUSE we always have more correspondence than we can take

care of and yet we are always wanting more*

We would like you to use the enclosed envelope to write to

us about yourself and please, let us know you are praying
for us. We need your prayers and we would like to hear about

This is Just a note to tell you that the **Search The Scrip
tures** broadcast which we have been producing over Radio Lux

embourg since last April, is going back on the regular 208

meter band the first of January.

This means that now the pro

gram will be able to reach all of the English speaking people

in Europe.

The program will be longer and this will mean an increase in

the cost of producing the programs but we are glad to under
take the added expense in order that the people might feel
**mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is
the Lord.**

(Jer. 16:21)

We will be waiting for your letter so that we can share with

you, in love, your life as it is lived daily for the Lord.

Your missionaries.