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Dear Friend,

As a former Reagan Administration economic policy

advisor, I have a strong piece of advice for those despairing about America's f
uture. Don't give up and fight back instead. Do everything in your power to elect
solid, pro-economic-growth conservatives to Congress.
It's the key to America's future.
John Faso, the 2006 Republican/Conservative candidate for New York governor, fit
s this bill to a tee. He's a tested pro-growth conservative, and he's running fo
r Congress in New York's huge 19th district, covering the Catskills, the Hudson
Valley and Central NY.
We need to help elect him.
NY-19 is larger than a single race:
It's going to be ground zero in the fight for America's future
-- a pitched battle between trendy, modern day "progressivism" and traditional
American conservatism.
It's the bellwether race
for the next decade. And it's got to be won.
Bernie Sanders's protg, New York City law professor Zephyr Teachout,
is on one side. On the other will be battle-tested, common sense conservative
John Faso.
Democratic socialist Sanders is pushing Teachout's candidacy saying, "he needs h
er in Congress" to advance his utopian agenda. Of course he does: Sanders and Te
achout are cut from the same cloth, along with other reckless, dreamy-eyed progr
essives like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Fortunately, we can prevent them from gaining more power.
John Faso is solid as a rock. He's a staunch fiscal conservative,
an unwavering Second Amendment advocate with a lifetime "A" rating from the NRA
, and a national security hawk.The differences between these candidates couldn't
be more stark -- or consequential.This country has enormous needs. But none tha
t can't be met by growth. Economic expansion will
put people back to work, pay down our staggering $19 trillion federal debt, str
engthen our national defense resources, and rebuild our infrastructure.
Without real economic growth, we're in trouble.
John Faso will champion tax reforms to let Americans keep more of what they earn
. He will also vote to change counterproductive
business tax rules to bring trillions of U.S. dollars and millions
of jobs back to this country. That will help guarantee America's position as th
e world center of capital and investment for years to come. He won't forget the
Main Street economy either: John supports cutting taxes and regulations that adve
rsely impact small business employment.
Cutting taxes and regulations holding back American job growth is only half the
battle, though.
We also need to get tough on international trade deals to ensure a fair playing
field. There isn't one now, especially in our trading with China. John gets that.
And he's a fighter. John's who we want speaking in congressional trade debates.
American families are going through tough times. Anxiety and uncertainties are t
esting our beliefs and resolve more than at any time in a generation.

But please trust me when I tell you, we can grow ourselves out of these challeng
es, but only if we have true,pro-growth champions in Congress.
John needs our help today to win.
make a financial contribution of $10, $50, $100, $500 or even $1000 today to in
sure John Faso is elected as our voice in Washington. Go to
onate and make your donation now.
I know John Faso. I trust John Faso. And I ask you today to
put him in Congress. We need to get this American job market back into gear.
Lawrence Kudlow