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2008 Crossover

1st April 2016 Version 27
Model Year 2015

20 years olds or for those without 2 years no claim bonus please click: Peugeot 2008 .peugeot. on 2008. are safer. Routine servicing included only. the exclusive provider of Just Add Fuel. Customer deposit may be required. road fund licence and roadside assistance . All offers available on qualifying vehicles ordered and registered between 01/04/16 and 30/06/16 or until such time as they may be withdrawn by Peugeot at its complete discretion. *Minimum age 18. the cost of financing and insuring a new car is often expensive. when you more reliable.9% APR representative up to 37 months. Peugeot will take care of all the complicated stuff like servicing. servicing and Roadside Assistance are included within the monthly cost of JAF Passport. breakdown cover and even comprehensive motor insurance for a full three years . but are provided on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis and can be cancelled at any time without penalty or affecting the remainder of the JAF Passport contract. The costs of insurance. or a named driver on a parent’s insurance policy. post code and annual mileage. Excesses apply. However. Where vehicle tax is payable after the first year the Dealer will provide customers with a cheque for the value of years 2 and 3 RFL (based on current rates). warranty.its all included! • No need to search for the cheapest insurance every year • Fixed price motoring for three years gives peace of mind A Peugeot 2008 with Just Add Fuel® means freedom to travel and independence. Drivers are required to install a Telematics Box & consent to Data capture & transmission to qualify for insurance. ƒThe first year Road Fund Licence (RFL) is provided with the car.. A further additional benefit of Just Add Fuel® is the opportunity for customers without No Claim Discount to take advantage of Just Add Fuel®.CURRENT OFFERS VALID ON ORDERS PLACED UP TO 30/06/2016 Age 18 or over? Think you can't afford a new car with all the associated running costs? Think again……. Princess Way. . We'll give you everything you need to get on and stay on the road. To finance your purchase we will only introduce you to Peugeot Financial Services. with the addition of a telematics box. Terms and conditions apply. All drivers must hold a full UK licence & meet eligibility criteria including limits on driving convictions & claims. Quadrant House. A guarantee may be required. depending on who is the main driver of the car. Information correct at time of going to Peugeot Motor Company PLC is acting as a credit broker and is not a lender. 18-year olds can be either the policy holder. For one simple monthly amount. It is now available on all 2008 models for customers from the age of 18. Excludes wear parts. and more economical to run. But not anymore. Just Add Fuel (JAF) is subject to status. And you might be surprised to find out just how little it costs. 3 years motor insurance is provided and underwritten by U K Insurance Limited which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.The innovative way to a new Peugeot http://www. Here's what's included in a Just Add Fuel® monthly cost: • 3 Years comprehensive Motor Insurance* • 3 Years Servicing • 3 Years Breakdown Cover • 3 Years Car Taxƒ • 3 Years Warranty 2008 is now available with only 4.9% APR Representative Finance your 2008 with our unique Just Add Fuel® package and we'll contribute £1200 towards your deposit Benefits of Just Add Fuel® • A single monthly payment to cover all motoring costs and the car • No need to budget for insurance. RH1 1QA. car tax. Finance provided by and written quotations available from PSA Finance UK Ltd t/a Peugeot Financial Services. We all know that new cars have more technology. maximum age 75. Excess mileage charges may apply. servicing. For further details of our Just Add Fuel® package for 18 . Payments will vary according to age. participating dealers only or visit peugeot. especially for younger 4. Go where you want. Peugeot's unique Just Add Fuel® finance package has just got even all for one easy monthly payment. Redhill. The customer must always apply for years 2 & 3 RFL.. Insurance subject to cancellation if you receive four warnings for poor driving..

Laser cut headlining with backlighting .Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) .Cielo panoramic glass roof with electric blind and ambient lighting .Satellite navigation (including 5 years European mapping updates) ALLURE ACTIVE + Exterior features .Front fog lights .2/3 1/3 rear bench seat with one touch fold .Panama premium trim .Berlin black trim .Manual air conditioning with refrigerated glove box Safety and security .LED Daytime running lights .Alarm Interior features .Rear parking aid .Leather steering wheel In-car entertainment .Cruise control with speed limiter .Passenger seat height adjustment ACCESS A/C + ACTIVE Exterior features . heated and folding door mirrors .Midnight black leather trim .Automatic dual zone air conditioning Safety and security .Roof bars Interior features .Chrome door mirrors .Directional front fog lights .Calima Ambience .USB input for external audio device .Electric front windows.1 CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL ALLURE + FELINE Exterior features .Height and reach adjustable steering wheel .16" 'Hydre' alloy wheels (except EGC versions) Interior Trim .Leather steering wheel & gearknob Heating and ventilation .17" 'Eridan' alloy wheels Safety and security .Electrically operated and heated door mirrors .Oxford black or Beijing bronze premium trim Comfort and convenience .Tokyo black trim Interior features .Dark tinted rear windows .3.Aviation style handbrake Comfort and convenience .Radio / CD player with steering column mounted controls .Mistral Ambience In-car entertainment .Rear lamps featuring 'claw effect' LED's .Aluminium pedals and door sills Interior Trim .1.Front and rear electric windows. side airbags and curtain airbags) .Driver's seat height adjustment In-car entertainment . windscreen wipers & electrochrome rear view mirror) .Multifunction colour Touchscreen .Grip control (according to engine) Interior Trim .Bluetooth connectivity .Colour coded door mirrors and door handles .5mm Jack for external audio device Heating and ventilation .DAB Digital radio ACCESS A/C Exterior features .6 x airbags (front driver & passenger.Remote controlled central locking .Space saver spare wheel Interior Trim .16" 'Hydre' alloy wheels .Electric.Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) .LED Track . 'one touch' for all . 'one touch' for driver .LED instrument dial surround .Stainless steel front and rear scuff plates Interior features .Visibility pack (automatic headlights.

Roof bars .Urban Cross premium trim with emerald contrast stitching .2/3 1/3 rear bench seat with one touch fold .Amber red / emerald side decals .Manual air conditioning with refrigerated glove box Safety and security .Aviation style handbrake In-car entertainment .Textured grey interior decor .'Urban Cross' badging .Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) .DAB Digital radio Comfort and convenience .6 x airbags (front driver & passenger.Nera Black door mirrors .Colour coded door handles .Bluetooth connectivity .17" 'Eridan' alloy wheels .Height and reach adjustable steering wheel . heated and folding door mirrors Heating and ventilation .Rear parking aid Interior features .Electric front windows.Space saver spare wheel .Cruise control with speed limiter .1.2 CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL SPECIAL EDITIONS Urban Cross Exterior features .Electric.Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) .Remote controlled central locking .Stainless steel front and rear scuff plates .'Urban Cross' carpet mats with emerald / amber red embroidery .Multifunction colour Touchscreen .Driver's seat height adjustment . 'one touch' for driver . side airbags and curtain airbags) .Grip control Interior Trim .Leather steering wheel & gearknob with emerald contrast stitching .Rear lamps featuring 'claw effect' LED's .Front fog lights .LED Daytime running lights .USB input for external audio device .

833.17 18.50 3.865.00 19 20. .749.83 17.83 16.010.00 19 16.00 ACCESS A/C ACTIVE 1.449.00 120 1PI4SYVKDKT0A0D0 (2008 FEL BHDI120) 96 16.00 15.615.00 1.2L PureTech 110 S&S 110 1PI4SYLCQJT003D0 (2008 U Cross-PT110) 103 13.83 2.83 2.341.00 1.6L BlueHDi 120 S&S 1.260.17 16.17 2.00 19 19.465.715.649.065.83 15.2. CHOOSE YOUR VERSION Manufacturer's recommended retail prices Peugeot 2008 Crossover price list ENGINE HP VERSION TITRE CODE (DIALOG description) CO2 g/km BASIC MRRP VAT (£) TOTAL MRRP P11D VALUE £ 2016/17 BIK % ON THE ROAD MRRP 1.6L BlueHDi 100 100 1PI4SYLKE5T0A0D0 (2008 ACT BHDI100(not ss)) 97 13.810.50 3.436.110.582.00 16.687.291.116.457.2L PureTech 130 S&S 130 1PI4SYNCRKT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT130-LTR) 110 15.33 16.6L BlueHDi 100 100 1PI4SYNKE5T0A0D0 (2008 FEL BHDI100-LTR(not ss)) 97 16.599.915.499.207.50 18.058.415.00 1.2L PureTech 110 S&S 1.50 19.67 2.00 18.749. BlueHDi 120 S&S 120 1PI4SYHKDKT0A0D0 (2008 ALL BHDI120) 96 15.67 14.00 82 1PI4SYLKQVT0BMD0 (2008 ACT PT82 ETG) 102 12.00 1.17 17.00 17 17.00 18.6L BlueHDi 100 1.715.00 16.00 1.457.790.560.124. The driver remains in control and can decide at any time to move from Standard mode using the dial located on the centre console.899.50 3.6L BlueHDi 100 FELINE Calima Ambience 1.715.17 13.00 16.00 19 16.50 16.00 130 1PI4SYVCRKT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT130) 110 15.83 3.2L PureTech 130 S&S 1.999.50 19.00 17 18.50 17.549.17 2.749.2L PureTech 82 82 1PI4SYFKQ5T0A0D0 (2008 ACC A/C PT82) 114 10.010.00 19 14.50 3.410.50 2.50 3.2L PureTech 110 S&S ALLURE 110 1PI4SYHCQJT0A0D0 (2008 ALL PT110) 103 13.332.83 2.2L PureTech 110 EAT6 S&S 110 1PI4SYVCQQT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT110A) 110 15.840.290.00 1.00 19 18.485.00 19 18.910.6L BlueHDi 120 S&S Shaded versions include Grip Control as standard Grip Control Grip Control optimises traction in low-grip conditions.00 1.165. Off-Road.00 14.310.999.00 19 20.365.165.216.999.149.17 3.665.124.50 18.50 2.00 1.00 19.50 3.999.00 20.00 1.2L PureTech 110 EAT6 S&S FELINE Mistral Ambience 110 1PI4SYNCQQT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT110A-LTR) 110 16.832.299.353.00 18.00 1.785.660.660.00 1.199.83 12.50 3.960.00 15.00 1.933.6L BlueHDi 75 75 1PI4SYFKM5T0A0D0 (2008 ACC A/C BHDI75) 97 12.00 19 13.2L PureTech 110 EAT6 S&S 110 1PI4SYHCQQT0A0D0 (2008 ALL PT110A) 110 14.50 19.860.699.699.2L PureTech 110 S&S 110 1PI4SYVCQJT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT110) 103 14.824.00 19 19.00 19 19.540.766.2L PureTech 82 ETG S&S 1.015.549. using the electronic components already present on the vehicle.00 19.50 3.00 17 19.715.00 1.2L PureTech 82 ETG S&S 1.749.299.00 19 17.349.040.166.410.049.00 15.707.00 17.17 17.00 19 20.00 100 1PI4SYVKE5T0A0D0 (2008 FEL BHDI100(not ss)) 97 2.399.015.891.2L PureTech 82 82 1PI4SYLKQ5T0A0D0 (2008 ACT PT82) 114 11.965.049.17 2.00 19 20.00 82 1PI4SYHKQVT0BMD0 (2008 ALL PT82 ETG) 102 13.249.00 19.349.015.00 1.540.2L PureTech 82 82 1PI4SYHKQ5T0A0D0 (2008 ALL PT82) 114 12.83 14.00 17 16.00 19 19.50 18.066.333.249.999.960.83 2.00 19.065.999.00 20.00 19 16. Sand or ESP Off.17 2.465.00 20.83 2.17 16.00 17 15.210.2L PureTech 130 S&S 130 1PI4SYHCRKT0A0D0 (2008 ALL PT130) 110 14.708.299.00 100 1PI4SYHKE5T0A0D0 (2008 ALL BHDI100(not ss)) 97 14.83 18.315.00 19.599.470.00 18.6L BlueHDi 75 PEUGEOT 2008 CROSSOVER URBAN CROSS 1.00 17.00 16.17 2.260.660.960.17 15.00 120 1PI4SYNKDKT0A0D0 (2008 FEL BHDI120-LTR) 96 16.832.957.265.082.958.00 75 1PI4SYLKM5T0A0D0 (2008 ACT BHDI75) 97 13.6L BlueHDi 100 100 1PI4SYLKE5T003D0 (2008 U Cross BHDI100(not ss)) 97 14.00 19 19.765.00 19 15.665.00 19.608.00 19 18.00 17 16.00 110 1PI4SYNCQJT0A0D0 (2008 FEL PT110-LTR) 103 15.00 13.424.360.315.660. It adapts to the terrain by acting on the front wheels.50 19.83 2.00 18.50 20.00 1. choosing instead Snow.710.

BlueHDi Diesel Engines BlueHDi is the name given to Peugeot’s latest generation of diesel engines. The apps. removing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. The result of a world-famous diesel heritage plus innovation and engineering excellence developed on the race tracks of Le Mans. The engine choice on the 2008 Crossover includes the 1. As you manoeuvre. It’s the result of intelligent. braking. reducing nitrogen oxides by up to 90% and eliminating 99. The Park Assist* system assesses the size of space available to ensure that it fits the dimensions of your vehicle. the 7” touch screen* gives you access to a wide range of functions. the system gives you visual and audio information to ensure your safety. Peugeot Connect Apps In 2008 models with a Touch Screen (Active and above).2L PureTech 110 and 130 S&S. TECHNOLOGY PAGE PureTech Petrol Engines This 3-cylinder petrol engine technology delivers energetic drive and performance.5mpg with CO2 as low as 95 g/km. Peugeot Connect Apps is accessed and controlled via the Connected Services menu on your car's Touch Screen. at any speed. Automatic emergency call: if the airbags inflate or the seat belt pretensioners are triggered. Acceleration. excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Peugeot Connect SOS then locates the vehicle. which won the 'International engine of the year 2015' award in the 1. and is technology that could prove vital in an emergency. optional or unavailable according to version. are accessed by simply touching the corresponding icon exactly as you would with your smartphone. a GPS receiver and storage for the built in software interface and applications (apps). including driving aids and live traffic. USB connectivity and hands-free Bluetooth calling. now available on the 2008 Crossover. including the UK. the driver can call Peugeot Connect SOS quickly by pressing the SOS button located on the dashboard (and holding for 3 seconds). Ultrasonic sensors and steering management take over to manoeuvre in and out of the parking space for you. to deliver exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions alongside a driving experience rich in power and performance. Plus.9% of particulates. parking and POI information. innovative engineering. gear changes and use of the clutch in a manual transmission are left in your control. for less. BlueHDi complies with Euro 6 emission standards.3. the interactive and easy to use Satellite Navigation* system will take the stress out of any journey. . 7" Touchscreen & Satellite Navigation Park Assist Perfectly positioned. Manual emergency call: whether the victim or the witness of an emergency situation. the vehicle automatically makes an emergency call on behalf of the driver. Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance Peugeot Connect SOS* is now in use in most major European countries. including music streaming. BlueHDi delivers the cleanest diesel engine possible and exceptional fuel economy of up to 78. establishes telephone communication with its occupants and arranges for the appropriate emergency service to be dispatched. which houses 3G connectivity. A three stage cleansing process specifically targets the pollutants of diesel combustion. *Standard.4L category. which combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of direct fuel injection to give you maximum pleasure behind the wheel. you have the option to purchase a Peugeot Connect Apps USB key. Simply insert the key into the USB socket in your car.0L to 1.

00 is an introductory price.00 50. CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS Peugeot Connect Apps V1 .17 199.00 Visibility pack: Automatic Lights and wiper with Electrochrome rear view mirror WV33 150.Basic RRP £ Excluding VAT VAT @ 20% Total RRP £ Including VAT 82.50 107.00 180.67 700.00 50.00 125. normal price £279.00 Heated Seats NA01 125.00 Pearlescent Paint M6N9 537.Dealer Fit ONLY .17 49.00 300.only compatible with vehicles equipped with Sat Nav 249.83 299.50 ALLURE 0MM0 ACTIVE Metallic Paint ACCESS A/C PAINT WHEELS OPTIONS URBAN CROSS 4.Dealer Fit ONLY (£199.00 150.67 370.50 645. Bluetooth and steering column mounted controls WLV5 150.83 33.33 41.33 116.00 Standard Option at extra cost Allure .33 16.00 30.33 80.00 Satellite Navigation (including 5 years European mapping updates) and Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance WLIA 250.00 25.67 250.67 100.33 66.Dealer Fit ONLY INTERIOR TRIM FELINE 412.00 Level 2 Radio / CD.00) .00 180.00 Satellite Navigation (including 5 years European mapping updates) and Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance WLIA 583.00 Contact your dealer for current pricing IN CAR ENTERTAINMENT Single CD unit .00 Peugeot Connect Apps V2 .only compatible with vehicles that do not have Sat Nav 165.00 300.00 Park Assist (automatic parallel parking system) Not available on 1.5mm Jack.00 High level retaining net TK01 66.00 750.00 Rear Parking Aid + electric folding door mirrors UB01 308.33 61.2L PureTech 82 ETG engine UB08 250.00 75.67 13.67 400.00 Midnight Black Leather Trim (and heated seats) 3UFX 625.50 495.00 17" 'Eridan' Brilliant Black alloy wheel upgrade ZH4F 83.00 450.00 Cielo Panoramic Glass Roof OK01 333.00 Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance WLWZ 208.00 30. USB input and 3.00 Satellite Navigation (including 5 years European mapping updates) WLQM 375.

FELINE ALLURE URBAN CROSS ACTIVE ACCESS A/C 5.6 BlueHDi 75 engines ESP with Hill Assist Speed Alarm / Speed Limiter ABS with Electronic Brake Force Distributor (EBFD) & Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) Automatic Hazard Light Activation (activates when emergency braking) SAFETY & SECURITY Child Safety door locking Grip control Dependant on engine .please refer to prices page Seatbelt alarm Driver and Passenger airbag with Passenger airbag deactivation switch Front side airbags Front and rear curtain airbags Aviation style handbrake Thatcham approved Cat 2 immobiliser Rear seat 3 point ISOFIX location mounts x 2 3 x 3-point rear seat belts Space saver spare wheel Deadlocking Tyre Pressure Sensors Ultrasonic alarm Brings in a 'Plip' spare key COMFORT & CONVENIENCE Tinted rear and rear side windows Rear parking aid Brings in electric. folding door mirrors on Active Park Assist (automatic parallel parking system) Not available on 1.Auto headlights.2L PureTech 82 or 1.5mm jack for external audio device with steering column remote controls Multifunction colour Touch Screen (7" touchscreen) with USB / 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth with steering wheel mounted controls 2 front speakers plus 2 tweeters KEY INSTRUMENTS HEATING & VENTILATION 2 front and 2 rear speakers plus 2 tweeters Manual air conditioning with glove box vent Automatic Dual Zone Air Conditioning Instrument panel LCD screen display LED instrument dial suround Large multifunction (7") colour Touch Screen External temperature gauge Gear shift indicator Trip computer Standard Option at extra cost White Colour Blue .2L PureTech 82 ETG engine Visibility Pack . Auto wipers and electrochrome rear view mirror Cruise control Linked to speed alarm / speed limiter Electrically assisted power steering Height and reach adjustable steering wheel Electric front windows Electric Rear Windows 'One touch' Electric front driver's window 'One touch' Electric windows (All) 12v power socket Remote control central locking IN CAR ENTERTAINMENT Satellite Navigation (including 5 years European mapping updates) Multifunction colour Touch Screen: external CD player upgrade Peugeot Connect Apps: Dealer fit Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance DAB digital radio Radio / CD and 3.1 KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT Notes Hill Assist not available on 1.

Laser cut headlining with ambient backlighting Cielo roof with ambient lighting and electric blind Passenger and driver sunvisors with vanity mirrors Illuminated on Feline Leather effect and chrome gear knob Aviation style handbrake Aluminium sills Sills linked to leather option on Allure Aluminium pedals Cloth interior trim Premium part leather effect interior trim Premium alcantara / part leather effect interior trim Feline Calima Ambience Leather interior trim Feline Mistral Ambience Black injected radiator grille with bright chrome surround EXTERIOR FEATURES / WHEELS Radiator grille with bright chrome surround and bright chrome bars Roof bars Black fog lamp blanks Fog lamps with bright chrome surrounds Rear Sports Spoiler .2 Alloy wheels Personalisation See page 5.Colour coded Metallic paint Solid Paint Colour coded door handles Colour coded door mirrors Chrome door mirrors Steel wheel with wheel trims See page 5.2 Alloy wheels See page 5.2 Space saver spare wheel LIGHTING & VISIBILITY LED Daytime Running lights Static fog lights Cornering assist fog lights Rear 'Claw' effect LED lights Rear fog light LED interior lights with Illuminated footwell 'Follow me home' lighting Electrically operated and heated door mirrors Electrically operated and heated door mirrors with electric folding operation Linked to Rear Parking Aid option on Active Rear wash wipe SEATING 2/3 1/3 rear bench with one touch fold Driver seat height adjustment Passenger seat height adjustment Rear head restraints x 3 Heated seats Standard Option at extra cost Standard on Feline with Mistral Ambience .INTERIOR FEATURES / SEATING FELINE ALLURE URBAN CROSS ACTIVE ACCESS A/C 5.2 KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT Notes Leather trimmed steering wheel LED Track .

1 CHOOSE YOUR UPHOLSTERY 6.1 COLOURS AND TRIMS PEARLESCENT COLOUR (Cost Option) METALLIC COLOURS (Cost Option) SOLID COLOUR Specification level Bianca White Nera Black Spirit Grey Emerald P0WP M09V M0G5 M0DZ Cumulus Grey Nimbus Grey M0F4 M0VL Amber Red Pearlescent White M0V7 M6N9 ACCESS A/C ACTIVE URBAN CROSS ALLURE FELINE Bianca White Emerald Interior Ambience Spirit Grey Cumulus Grey Nimbus Grey Pearlescent White Amber Red Specification level Nera Black Interior Trim Trim code Trim primary / secondary colour Trim primary Door interior / secondary Fascia Colour grab handle material colour Air Vent and Touchscreen Surrounds Intrument panel and fascia panel detailing ACCESS A/C Mistral Berlin Black Trim 9AFX Black / Silver Cloth Black Brilliant Black Satin Chrome Brilliant Black ACTIVE Mistral Tokyo Black Trim 9BFX Black / Brown Cloth Black Bronze Satin Chrome Bronze URBAN CROSS Mistral Urban Cross Trim 9DFU Black Cloth Black Oxford Black Premium Trim 9DFX Black / Silver Calima* Beijing Bronze Premium Trim 18FQ Bronze Mistral Midnight Black Leather Trim (Optional) 3UFX Black Leather Mistral ALLURE Cloth / Leather effect Cloth / Leather effect Calima Panama Premium Trim 9EFQ Mocha Alcantara / Leather effect Mistral Midnight Black Leather Trim 3UFX Black Leather FELINE *Calima ambience on Allure is only compatible with Bianca White or Pearlescent White paint Satin Chrome Black Satin Chrome Satin Chrome Brilliant Black Black Satin Chrome Satin Chrome Brilliant Black Black Satin Chrome Satin Chrome Brilliant Black Bronze Bronze Stripe Effect Bronze Chrome Bronze Stripe Effect Black Satin Chrome Satin Chrome Brilliant Black .1.6.

Midnight Black Leather Trim (optional Allure) 3UFX .Berlin Black Trim 9DFU .Midnight Black Leather Trim .1 COLOURS AND TRIMS (cont…) 9AFX .1 CHOOSE YOUR UPHOLSTERY (cont…) 6.1.6.Beijing Bronze Premium Trim 9EFQ .Panama Premium Trim 9BFX .Urban Cross Trim 18FQ .Tokyo Black Trim 9DFX .Oxford Black Premium Trim 3UFX .

2L PureTech 82) ZH4C TBRR 16" 'Hydre' Alloy Wheel .2L PureTech 82 ETG S&S version only) ZH4C UBRR 16" 'Hydre' Anthra Alloy Wheel (unavailable on 1.2 CHOOSE YOUR WHEELS PureTech 82 ETG S&S version only) ZH54 UBRR 16" 'Hydre' Alloy Wheel .Gris Dilium (1.2L PureTech 82 & ETG) ZH4D Mud & Snow 17" 'Eridan' Black Wheel ZH58 Mud & Snow 17" 'Eridan' Anthra Alloy Wheel ZH4E Mud & Snow 17" 'Eridan' Brilliant Black Alloy Wheel ZH4F Mud & Snow ACCESS A/C ACTIVE URBAN CROSS ALLURE Space saver spare wheel Iode Hydre Anthra Strontium Eridan Anthra Hydre Gris Dilium Eridan Black Eridan Brilliant Black FELINE .Gris Dilium (Allure .1 ALLOYS AND WHEEL TRIMS CODE TYRES 15" Steel Wheel with 'Iode' wheel trim ZH4B TBRR 16" Steel Wheel with 'Strontium' wheel trim (1.2.

8 30.090 1.9 4.6 4.656 1.690 1.0 70.4 31.1 Combined drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 57.801 Front track / Rear Track 1.9 4.159 1.9 64.0 68.8 114 Access A/C 11E Active 11E 11E 11E 11E Urban Cross Allure Feline 18A 18A 18A 21A 19A 19A 21A .9 4.3 31.004 1.492 360 dm3 Total boot volume INSURANCE GROUP 4.055 1.606 2.7 4.3 70.215 1.1 4.8 58.DRIVETRAIN 7.045 1.199 82 (60) @ 5750 rpm 118 @ 2750 rpm Petrol 1.295 Gross train weight 2.2L PureTech 130 S&S S&S 1.6 4.1 6.1 68.72 0.72 4.482 / 1.739 / 1.6 4.820 / 0.8 47.7 5.1 KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR 2008 Petrol Fuel type Cubic capacity (cc) Maximum power hp (Kw) Maximum torque Nm 4 speed automatic 1.2 4.5 5.675 Kerb weight (full tank) 1.220 1.1 6.2L PureTech 110 S&S Petrol 1.199 110 (81) @ 5500 rpm 205 @ 1500 rpm Petrol 1.270 1.69 Overall length Body including door handles / with door mirrors folded / open Ride height (full tank) 0.2L PureTech 110 EAT6 1.9 10.3 9.240 1.362 2.199 110 (81) @ 5500 rpm 205 @ 1500 rpm Petrol 1.829 / 2.140 1.556 Wheelbase 2.582 1.9 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions (g/km) Regulation Emission Standard 102 103 110 110 Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Gross vehicle weight 1.9 47.160 Mass in service 1.4 9.1 36.270 Maximum tow ball weight 2 SCx (m ) 51 0.043 2.2L PureTech 82 1.593 1.3 Urban drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 47.538 Front overhang / Rear overhang 0.199 82 (60) @ 5750 rpm 118 @ 2750 rpm Petrol 1.100 770 1.4 60.305 1.4 13.199 131 (96) @ 5500 rpm 230 @ 1750 rpm 195/65 R15 H 195/60 R16 H 205/55 R16 V 195/60 R16 H 195/60 R16 H 205/50 R17 V 195/60 R16 H 205/50 R17 V 195/60 R16 H 205/50 R17 V 15" or 16" 16" 16" or 17" 16" or 17" 16" or 17" 5 speed manual 5 speed ETG 6 speed manual 6 speed automatic BRAKES ESP Front discs TYRES Rear discs Tyres Tyre Size DIMENSIONS AERODY NAMICS VEHICLE WEIGHT INFORMATION (KG) 5 door variant FUEL CONSUMPTION EMISSIONS PERFORMANCE (driver only) FUEL TANK Suspension Front: Pseudo Mc Pherson / rear: Cross deformable Approximate capacity (litres) 50 Maximum speed (mph) Acceleration (sec) 1000m standing start Acceleration 0-62 mph (sec) 105 106 119 117 124 35.9 5.0 56.7 58.5 15.275 1.2L PureTech 82 ETG S&S 1.625 Maximum braked trailer weight 1.0 Extra Urban drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 65.0 48.610 2.

3 85.350 Gross train weight 2.7 76.3 9.6 3.556 Wheelbase 2.560 75 (55) @ 3500 rpm 230 @ 1750 rpm Diesel 1.7 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions (g/km) 97 97 96 Regulation Emission Standard Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Gross vehicle weight 1.6 3.6L BlueHDi 120 S&S Diesel 1.7 76.3 Extra Urban drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 85.6L BlueHDi 75 1.700 1.VDA INSURANCE GROUP 0.3 85.829 / 2.300 1.2 KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR 2008 Diesel Fuel type Cubic capacity (cc) Maximum power hp (Kw) Maximum torque Nm 1.72 Access A/C 15E Active 15E 19A Urban Cross 19A Allure 19A 22A Feline 19A 22A 1 = Performance measured in automatic mode .820 / 0.2 4.8 11.4 65.159 1.300 Maximum tow ball weight 51 51 53 SCx (m2) 0.7 4.5 32.5 13.330 1.706 Maximum braked trailer weight 940 940 1.801 Front track /Rear Track 1.560 99 (73) @ 3750 rpm 254 @ 1750 rpm Diesel 1.726 Kerb weight (full tank) 1.739 / 1.6 Urban drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 64.560 120 (88) @ 3500 rpm 300 @ 1750 rpm 195/65 R15 H 195/60 R16 H 195/60 R16 H 205/50 R17 V 195/60 R16 H 205/50 R17 V 15" or 16" 16" or 17" 16" or 17" 5 speed manual 6 speed manual 6 speed EGC BRAKES ESP Front discs TYRES Rear discs Tyres Tyre Size DIMENSIONS AERODY NAMICS VEHICLE WEIGHT INFORMATION (KG) 5 door variant FUEL CONSUMPTION EMISSIONS PERFORMANCE (driver only) FUEL TANK Suspension Front: Pseudo Mc Pherson / rear: Cross deformable Approximate capacity (litres) 45 Maximum speed (mph) Acceleration 1000m standing start Acceleration 0-62 mph (sec) 103 112 119 35.3 3.482 / 1.3 3.300 2.680 1.160 1.6 3.200 Mass in service 1.160 1.72 Overall length Body including door handles / with door mirrors folded / open Ride height (full tank) 4.004 1.3 3.492 360 dm3 Total boot volume L .6L BlueHDi 100 1.320 2.3 Combined drive cycle MPG (litres/100km) 76.9 31.538 Front overhang / Rear overhang 0.DRIVETRAIN 7.2 4.4 64.

Dimensions Exterior Dimensions (mm) Interior Dimensions (mm) .7.3 KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR 2008 .

peugeot.99 per month 13.000 Miles 5 Years / 55.99 per month 13.000 Miles 4 Years / 45. SERVICE CONTRACTS Peugeot offer two levels of Service Contract: Optiway Service Plan What's included: > Optiway Service Plans offer complete assurance that all your servicing costs will be completely covered for the duration of the plan > We offer Optiway Service Plans for up to five years with many mileage options > One-off up front or monthly direct debit payment options available > All packages are affordable and inflation call 0800 294 0294 For more information and terms & conditions please visit www. Monthly price examples*: 3 Years / 35.000 Miles 12. which means they will remain at a fixed cost for the duration of the plan.99 per month Extended Peugeot Assistance* What's included: Extension of your Peugeot Assistance Cover > Offers you the opportunity to extend Peugeot Assistance up to a further two years > Cover includes: Peugeot Assistance from Home Peugeot Roadside Assistance Peugeot Recovery Peugeot Onward Travel Peugeot European Cover * Excludes non-vehicle induced faults To find out about extending your Peugeot Assistance cover.

00 £110.00 £20.17 £846.00 £55.00 £550.17 £1.00 £55.00 I 176-185 £355.00 £55.00 £515.83 £110. Full details are available at www. equipment accessories and equipment relating to any Peugeot vehicle and the exact cost and availability prior to ordering.00 £210.00 £55.836.83 £110. We reserve the right to modify our vehicles price.83 £110. It is our policy to continually improve our vehicles in every way.00 £500.83 £110.00 £30.17 £716.17 £716.071.83 £110.00 £55.83 £110. specification (including colour).17 £1.00 VAT is calculated at 20% VAT is not applicable to cars sold in the Channel Islands PEUGEOT 3 YEARS OF WARRANTY All vehicles first registered in the UK and purchased from a UK Peugeot Dealer benefit from a Peugeot 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty and a free optional additional 1 year of warranty provided by the Peugeot Dealer Network in the UK.00 C 111-120 £0.00 £230. at the time of going to print.17 £1.00 £ TERMS AND CONDITIONS Every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information.00 £55. equipment. for you and anyone else driving your Peugeot with your permission. Peugeot Motor Company PLC.17 £716. PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE All new Peugeots come with Peugeot .00 £550.00 £55. Issued by Sales and Marketing.83 £110.00 £550.00 £550.83 £110.83 £110. without notice.00 £550.00 E 131-140 £130.17 £901.17 £1.00 M Over 255 £1. Provided by the AA. Sunbeam Way.peugeot.00 G 151-165 £185.00 £55. Coventry CV3 1ND. To avoid any misunderstandings you are advised to check with your Peugeot Dealer the specification (including colour).00 £550. Peugeot Assistance is available every minute of the day and night. our breakdown assistance service.83 £110.366.00 £550.17 £1.83 £110.FURTHER INFORMATION MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE ON THE ROAD The On the Road MRRP featured includes the following: Tax band CO2 (g/km) First Year Annual VED Tax First Reg fee Delivery Charge VAT @ 20% on Delivery Total OTR Costs A Up to 100 £0.00 L 226-255 £885.00 D 121-130 £0.00 £55.016.00 £0. Pinley House.17 £861.00 £550.00 £550.00 £55. For further information call Peugeot on 0845 200 1234 or visit our website at www.00 £55.17 £716. accessories and characteristics or to discontinue any model.00 £55. 365 days of the year.00 F 141-150 £145.00 K 201-225 £650.00 £145. at any time.00 £270.00 £295.17 £1.120.00 J 186-200 £500.216.83 £110.00 £185.00 £130.00 £550.00 £550. Where a feature is described as an option in this publication it should be assumed that it is at extra cost unless specifically stated £550.83 £110. details and descriptions set out in this literature are H 166-175 £300.00 B 101-110 £0.00 £55.peugeot.