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Assignment 3

Due: Thursday February 11
At 11pm (evening)
All assignments must be completed individually
(Please follow all the listed instructions to receive full credit)
Instructions Sheet: This sheet
Sheet #2: Financial (40 points)
Sheet #3: Goal Seek (20 points)
Sheet #4: IF (40 points)

Assignment has to be submitted on BlackBoard.
File should be named as:

1. For each 24 hours (or part thereof) the assignment is late, there will be a 10 point deduction.
2. Failure to follow the file naming convention when submitting assignments in BlackBoard = 10 point deduction.

.0 point deduction.

The annual interest 20 rate is 5.00 $214.The annual interest rate is 12.500 at the end of every month for 5 years. rename this file as: Lastname_Firstname_Assignment3. then select save as) This sheet has four parts: payment.777 now.50%.00 You are required to make payment at the end of every month. The annual interest rate is 7.25%.79) . A Also.513.00 Fill each cell in the table with the right value and calculate the periodic payment. present value and Net present value Remember to do all four parts.96 Fill each cell in the table with the right value and calculate the future value.888 at the start of every quarter.000 (now).500.500. $3.00 1.000. ($725.31% You are required to pay $7.25%. and $8.364.500 at the end of 5 years. -$7. 0.888.00 ($183.63% You have to pay off the loan in 4 years. So you decided to take an Auto loan of $30.777. What is the amount that you will receive after 5 years? -$8. future value.00 1.37) PART #2: Future Value Principal Amount Interest Rate per period # of Periods Periodic Payments Future Value You want to build a home after 5 years so you plan to save a part of your earnings in an annuity which has a period of 5 years. PART #3: Present Value Future Value Interest Rate per period # of Periods Periodic Payments Present Value 99company's new project is expected to return $3.Before doing anything. it is expected to get $49.xlsx (go to file. Present Value Interest Rate per period # of Periods Future Value Periodic Payments $30. PART #1: Payment You want to purchase a car.02% Fill each cell in table with the right value and calculate the present value of all the future 60 returns. 48 $0. $49.

000.000. fill each cell in table with the right value $5.973. and three years from now. two years.00 To answer the above question.10 and ignoring tax considerations.00 r=0.000 today. and 10% $2.PART #4: Net Present Value Rate of return Signing bonus Payment at end of Year1 Payment at end of Year2 Payment at end of Year3 NPV of above scheme An NBA player is to receive a $1.000.000 signing bonus today. would he be better of receiving $2.703.000 one year.00 $6.000. Assuming $1. compare that to the alternate scheme of receiving $6. Now.98 and calculate the net present value of the yearly payment scheme. $2.000. Which scheme is better for the NBA player? .000 today? $2.000.

rate is 12. earnings in an annuity r. yment.25%. The annual interest e. month for 5 years. f all the future .50%. interest rate is 7.0 (now).

Assuming ter of receiving the right value nt scheme. 0. Now.oday. .000 today. and w.

00 Verbal Analytical Total % Score 89. go to “Insert” and choose “SmartArt”. We are not looking for mathematical accuracy. use “Vertical Equation” under “Relationship” column to show the relationship between verbal score. The monthly local phone call is a fixed charge of $30. And use “VerbalScore” in your “Goal Seek” process. 2) Total charge (local plus long distance) for each month. Entrance Exam In this worksheet. Remember that this is JUST showing a relationship with words. Correct use of relative/absolute reference is required. 4) Percentage of annual total charge for each month. 3) Annual total charge of local and long distance. You scored 95. The entrance exam for a masters' program has two parts .00 95.GoalSeek Maximum Score 100 100 200 83. you need to get at least 89%. The left table shows total minutes a customer made for long distance calls.Verbal and Analytical. NOTE: No space between verbal and score. . To get into a Masters' Program.00 178. For long distance calls. How much do you need to score in Verbal to get a % (total) score of 89% (use the correct function)? 83% DO NOT DO THIS MANUALLY USING A CALCULATOR In this worksheet. analytical score and total score. it is 8 cents per minute.00% A Syracuse phone service company charges customer in the following way. select cell C4 and name it with “VerbalScore” in the name box.00% out of 100 in the Analytical part. Calculate: 1) The long distance charge for each month.

5 35 46 52.81 $3.00 hours a week).841. Use absolute and relative referencing appropriately. work no more than 40 hours a week by law. If an employee Remember to do both problems.751.247. Oswego Trading Company Quantity (q) Sales 219 166 250 139 150 299 323 133 $4.89 for each extra hour.89. Do NOT hard code values.00 $37.89 40. instead use cell references to refer to fixed values such as $14.83 250 150 $14.99.589. the hourly rate is $24 for each extraPART hour. required to work no more than 40.482. The table shows the working hours of employees of this company.Employees in a local company is required to This sheet has two problems: Hourly Rate and Disounts. For each of its customers.50 $4.88 980. the hourly rate is $37.01 $4. employeesofinthis a local company are Calculate the total wage using IF function. Orleans and Sons Thyme and Sons. Problem #2: Discounts Deep Discount Rate (q > 250) Regular Discount Rate (250 >= q > 150) Regular Rate (otherwise) Customer Avila Enterprises New Salem Enterprises Timson and Brothers French Brothers. If an employee works overtime (more than 40.50 $3.89.15 942. works overtime. Their regular hourly rate is $17. Inc.61 $3.99 $26. regular discount and deep discount (see the table to the left).5 37.67 A particular company offers two types of discounts based on the quantity (q) bought.36 670. Use absolute and relative referencing appropriately. . Their regular hourly rate is $16.89 Weekly Working Hours Weekly Wage 24 37.148. Inc.484.88 626.00 hours a $17.99 week.596. Zaragosa.34 $5. Inc. TheA: left table shows the working Problem #1: Hourly Rate (complete PART B: as well) Regular Hourly Rate Overtime Hours Threshold Overtime Rate Employee Kira Susan Amelie Sandy Tom Pat Jan hoursTypically. Do NOT hard code values. instead use cell references to refer to fixed values such as $17. Calculate the WEEKLY wage using the IF function.94 1189.99 $20. calculate sales using the nested IF function.5 47 429.23 670. of some employees company.77 $3.

Format the table to make it presentable. Just the Values! Then. . copy over the Employee table (A7:C14).PART B: Go to a new (separate) sheet. add two columns: "Annual Working Hours" and "Annual Wage". compute the data for these two columns. In this worksheet. Call it “Payroll Summary”. Assuming 52 weeks in a year.

15 $980.5 46 37.5 Annual Working Hours 1820 2444 1248 1950 2392 1950 2730 Weekly Wage $626.5 52.83 $429.Employee Weekly Working Hours Amelie Jan Kira Pat Sandy Susan Tom 35 47 24 37.94 $670.189.88 $1.88 $942.36 $670.23 .

885.559.885.003.839.80 $51.70 .16 $22.88 $34.50 $49.Annual Wage $32.72 $34.032.326.50 $61.