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Shirley Baskin, Bay Valley Conference Commissioner

3710 Lone Tree Way, #301, Antioch, CA 94509
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Dr. David Wain Coon
College of Marin
835 College Avenue
Kentfield, CA 94904
January 14, 2016
Dr. Coon,
As Commissioner of the Bay Valley Conference, I have read the investigation
requested by College of Marin which was conducted by the firm of
Spinelli/Donald/Nott. The gist of the investigation centered around the
activities of your former head men’s basketball coach, Dave Granucci. My
findings of this investigation are listed below.
Payment of Tuition
Stan Kaya, an international student who participated on your men’s basketball
team in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons, had his tuition paid for during the
entire time he was a team member. The tuition was paid by Ronald Granucci,
father of the head coach, as well as John Granucci, brother of the head coach.
Shane Graham also paid some of the tuition. He is the cousin of Troy Ratto,
who was an assistant coach under Dave Granucci.
The payment of Mr. Kaya’s tuition is in violation of the California Community
College Athletic Association’s (CCCAA) Constitution and Bylaws,
specifically Bylaw 2.11.1 which states, “Receipt by a prospect/student athlete
of a subsidy, inducement or special privilege not authorized by the
Constitution and Bylaws would be a violation…” Part of Bylaw 2.11.2 B
states “…the providing at less than actual cost or the waiving of a prospect’s/
student athlete’s tuition… is prohibited.”

At least two athletes, namely Bobby Reeves and Modesta Britten, did not pay
any rent for two months. Other basketball players residing at the same
apartment complex paid substantially less than the going rate for the
apartment. The person who paid the cost difference was Meredith Granucci,
sister of Coach Dave Granucci. Besides Reeves and Britten, other basketball
players who benefitted from this arrangement included Robert Colton, Karim
N’Diaye, Ken Modica, Ty Davis, and Willie Rooks.

In addition to the apartment arrangement, Stay Kaya resided with the
O’Sullivan family during the time he was playing, never paying for anything,
including rent.
The reduced apartment rents and the free housing availability are in violation
of the State Constitution and Bylaws, specifically Bylaw 2.11.2 B which states,
“The paying for, the providing of, the pre-payment with expectations of
reimbursement, the providing at less than actual cost or the waiving of a
prospect’s/student athlete’s tuition, fees, housing, meals, books, supplies,
transportation, student body cards, laundry service, clothing, groceries,
telephone calls, etc. is prohibited.”

Books, Supplies, Food
Coach Granucci paid for three textbooks for Stan Kaya. He promised at least
six players low rent, free books, supplies and food. He issued “financial
breakdowns” in which these promises were made.
The manner in which Coach Granucci committed the actions above are in
violation of the State Constitution and Bylaws, again in Bylaw 2.11.2 B.

Bedroom furniture was acquired for those living in the apartment by Melodie
Phillips Ratto, mother of then assistant coach, Troy Ratto. She acquired the
furniture by going through an agency that provided furniture at no cost.
The acquiring of furniture is in violation of the State Constitution and Bylaws,
specifically referencing the same Bylaw 2.11.2 B.

Bylaw 2.2.1 states, “All things prohibited by this Constitution and Bylaws to
colleges, faculty, staff, and representatives are also prohibited to anyone acting
as a representative of the college: i.e., non-employees, volunteers, alumni,
boosters, relatives, friends, students, and any others speaking for or on behalf
of the college and its programs.” Bylaw 2.2.2 states, “An agent is anyone
(college staff member, parent/relative/friend of an athlete or college,
alumnus(i), booster, high school coach/teacher, etc.) whose actions are
designed to benefit a certain athletic program.”


The men’s basketball program is in violation of agency with the father,
brother, and sister of Coach Granucci providing benefits to team members as
well as the mother of Assistant Coach Ratto doing the same.

Fund Raising
Coach Granucci was directly involved in planning, scheduling and handling
the fund raiser known as STAR, Student Athletic Resources, College of Marin.
No expenses or income generated by the fund raiser were accounted for within
the College of Marin’s business office procedures. There was at least $500
collected which is unaccounted for.
This action is in violation of the State Education Code.

Sanctions from the Findings
Based on the findings, the following sanctions are applied.

The College of Marin’s Athletic Department is placed on one year
probation beginning in January, 2016. During this period of time, if
any of the sports programs commit a violation, one or more of the
athletic teams at the College of Marin will face further sanctions.
The men’s basketball program is placed on probation for two years
beginning now in the 2015-16 year. Within this probation, the
following will occur:
Stan Kaya and Willie Rooks, members of the 2014-15 team, benefitted
from financial housing arrangements. Mr. Kaya also benefitted from
paying no tuition and free textbooks. All games they participated in
during the 2014-15 season are to be forfeited. Furthermore, all games
Mr. Kaya participated in during the 2013-14 season are also to be
The 2014-15 championship awarded is revoked and the trophy needs to
be returned to my office
The men’s basketball team will not be eligible for post conference
competition in 2015-16 and 2016-17
The players on the current roster who have benefitted from financial
housing arrangements are ineligible to participate. They are not to
participate in any more contests and the games they played in are to be

forfeited. These players are Robert Colton, Ty Davis, Ken Modica,
Karim N’Diaye and Bobby Reeves.
There is a loss of two contests for 2016-17
Monthly written reports will be turned into me to include the following
o Reporting of all contacts made with any potential men’s
basketball platers
o List how the contact was made and by whom
o Document where each contacted person is from
o Document what was discussed with the person each time a
conversation occurs

The college has the right to appeal the sanctions. If College of Marin decides to
use the appeal process, a written statement signed by the college president is sent
to me within ten (10) working days after receiving the sanctions. The appeal will
then be forwarded to the Bay Valley Conference Appeals Board.

Shirley Baskin

Copy: Jonathan Eldridge, Marin Vice President of Student Services
Steve Berringer, Marin Interim Athletic Director
Carlyle Carter, CEO/President, CCCAA