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Academic Services
UNT Health Science Center
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MPH in Health Management and Policy/MSN

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Students are responsible for reading the catalog, meeting the degree requirements for their
concentration, and adhering to the deadlines published in the school’s Academic Calendar. Students
should consult the SPH Catalog for specific information on the use of transfer credit and how these
credits may be applied toward the completion of the MPH degree. Official transcripts for transfer work
must be filed with the School of Public Health before courses can be approved.
Please type the degree plan form and indicate the semester and year in which you intend to take a
course. You are not obligated to take the course in the semester/year indicated on the degree plan; this
portion of the degree plan is simply a guide to help you plan your sequence of courses. Once complete,
students should obtain their Advisor’s signature and return this document to the SPH Office of Student &
Academic Services. Once the degree plan has been approved, an electronic copy will be emailed to the
student at the address listed above. Students requesting to make a change to their degree plan must
submit the “Request for Modifications to Degree Plan” form to their academic advisor.

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SPH Office of Student and Academic Services
Department Chair

Revised 08/22/07

The following page must be typed.

Transfer Credit Hours from UTA-School of Nursing: 9 SCH Credit Hours Date Completed NURS 5339 Role of the Administrator 3       NURS 5340 Management Seminar 3       NURS 5341 Financial Management in Nursing 3       Credit Hours Semester/Year BIOS 5210 Biostatistics for Public Health I 3       ENVR 5300 Environmental Health 3       EPID 5100 Principles of Epidemiology 3       HMAP 5210 Introduction to Health Management and Policy 3       SCBS 5110 Behavioral and Social Aspects of Public Health 3       Credit Hours Semester/Year HMAP 5240 Health Politics and Policy 3       HMAP 5245 Health Economics 3       HMAP 5255 Health Finance I 3       3       3       Credit Hours Semester/Year SPH 5950 Thesis 3       SPH 5950 Thesis 3       Core Curriculum Required Courses: 15 SCH Concentration Required Courses: 9 SCH Concentration Selectives: 3 SCH (Choose 1 from the following drop down box) BIOS 5215 Biostatistics for PH II Concentration Electives: 3 SCH (Choose 1 from the following drop down box) HMAP 5430 Public Health Law Culminating Experience: 6 SCH (Choose 2 from the following drop down boxes) Total       Updated 8/22/07 .