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Raspberry Pi Zero Retro Gaming System

Version 6

created by spannerspencer on Nov 25, 2015 8:06 AM, last modified by spannerspencer on Nov 26, 2015 6:43

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W hen we heard about the Raspberry Pi Zero, we decided that we needed a buildalong project to help show it off a little. Naturally our first thoughts went toward
that most efficient and fun of ways to waste time, so what better than a retro
gaming system?!

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NOT E: Do not kill yourself with an open T V.

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Now we've whipped you up into the prerequisite frenzy, join Christopher Stanton
and me as we turn the Raspberry Pi Zero into a Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES, Amiga,
Master System, NES and a host of other classic video game platforms. W ithout
further ado:

Classic Games, Classic TV
Flat screen LCD TVs are ten-a-penny these days,
but we really didn't feel like that would fit with
the theme of a retro video game. So we took to
the charity shop, and found ourselves a classic
The stumbling block here is that it obviously has no HDMI input, and that's the
simplest option for hooking up a display to the Pi Zero (using a mini-HDMI
adapter, of course). But there's also a composite video output available on the tiny
Pi, so that's where we started.

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Video Drama
As we didn't want too many trailing cables or an exposed Pi Zero, everything is
going inside the old telly. Initially we cracked open the case and soldered a couple
of twisted-pair wires from the Pi Zero's composite RCA output to the back of the
TV's video input phono socket.

converted by W

Pins 18 and 20. That's too retro.. but in black and white. it seems the phono socket or its PCB had some issues. W hen looking into the Pi Zero's config file it turned out that the composite RCA output defaults to NTSC (this'll be correct for some of you. which turned out to be a blessing. After some tinkering. and we're bathed in glorious rasterised technicolour! If you want to switch the RCA output to PAL. Never Twice the Same Colour As you can see. it wasn't quite the rainbow-tinged dream we were hoping for. of course). Instead of connecting internally to the phono socket. for that matter). rather than assailing the phono socket. open the Pi Zero's config.But no joy. W e tested it by shoving the wires into the SCART . Buried within its 21 pins.txt file (located in /boot) and uncomment (by removing the preceding hash) the following converted by W eb2PDFConvert. and we got a picture! Kind of. A quick change in the config file swaps it to a PAL signal.. even for us. we opted to make use of the SCART socket instead. SCART has a composite video input (and output. W e had an image. for those who want to do the same.

W e're going to cover the installation of RetroPie (and maybe some other OS options) for the Pi Zero shortly. we added a modified. powered hub to the equation so it could accept joypads. A couple of slots cut into the inside of the TV's casing holds the Pi Zero nicely in place next to the hub. with RetroPie proving to be the simplest. easiest and most stable. Bookmark this page and follow the Raspberry Pi section to be notified when the USB hub post is published. W e also took the opportunity to cut a section out of the TVs case while the back was off. Going Retro W e tried a few options for installing emulators on the Pi Zero.(located in /boot) and uncomment (by removing the preceding hash) the following line: sdtv_mode=2 Just in Case Given that the Pi Zero has just one USB. This is likely because it has a version for the earlier models of Raspberry Pi. which the Zero is more akin to. and glued the USB hub in place. Download the SD card image. write it to the card and put it converted by W eb2PDFConvert. but also shared it with the Pi Zero. hence only needing one power supply. but it wasn't a . and its a micro socket. The power socket was fitted to the case beneath the hub. keeping things neat and the cables out of the way of the screen. W e've another build coming along soon to show you how we modified a cheap USB hub into one with power for the peripherals. keyboards and drives.

2015 1:28 AM (in response to goggles2114) that's an easy mod Andrew . I do not know if getting ot the TV's IR sensor w ould be easy though. and games up to 16-bit run like a velvet dream! If you turn your Pi Zero to gaming uses.) Tw o ports at one side for plugging non-controllers into. 2015 6:39 AM (in response to bmsdoug) The big question i have is I'd alw ays been told 'never open the back of one of those TVs because it w ill kill you. retro. Put tw o USB ports at the front of the TV for Player 1 and 2 (Joy1 Joy2. 52708 Views C ategories: Tags: emulator. I just figure my tw o bits on how to make a better retro box. raspberrypi. USB extension cables w ill let you put the USB ports w herever you like and an IR photo-transistor (aka IR receiver) can pick up the TV remote signal Like (2) goggles2114 Nov 28. 2015 2:20 AM (in response to goggles2114) converted by W eb2PDFConvert. and somehow tie the TV's IR sensor into the GPIO of the Pi so you could use the Pi for KODI media managment and even DVD playback (provided you bought the MPEG2 license. remember to come on back and tell us all about it right here on element14! And if you want more info on the Pi Zero so you can get started on your own awesome projects. 2015 11:27 PM I do not know if either of these are possible but I w ould like to see attempted. here's where to begin. the Pi Zero. So far we've tested it out with two Xbox 360 controllers (given they're USB native) and the emulator automatically detected them both without . retro_gaming_console Average User Rating (5 ratings) 13 Comments Login or Register to comment goggles2114 Nov 26. pi_zero.' Any links on the sort of safety precautions you took? Like (1) spannerspencer Nov 30. Simple and classic. Like (1) bmsdoug Nov 28. The UI is clean and readable on the old screen. or make your own retro console like we did. retropie.) Also could attach a hard-drive of SD Media for playback w hen not gaming if you can tie the TV's remote to the Pi.

(developing games for such emulated hardw are is really exciting and recommended!) Like (2) davewculp Nov 30. master system. of course). 2015 3:27 AM (in response to davewculp) If it w orks as I suppose. our social media manager. but in a project like this you'll be turning the TV on and off all the time (and therefore recharging it every time).this one came from a British Heart Foundation charity shop for 20 quid You should definitely make one (for the nephew s ) for Christmas! Like (6) balearicdynamics Nov 28. Like (5) spannerspencer Nov Maybe it is the w orth to give a try. w hich I think w as a design .. I have experimented this in past w hen w riting one of the articles on the use of the Raspberry PI peirpherals: http://w w w . erm the nephew s not Bsw Like (2) balearicdynamics Dec 1. like those from Mojon Tw ins! .i also developed some stuff for coleco-vision.and the outtake : ) Didn't think I'd see SCART connections ever again . sg-1000. my biggest concern is damaging the electronics by tinkering w ith them w hen they're live! Like (2) shabaz Nov 28. or did you? The Pi Zero only outputs audio via the HDMI plug. and he LOVES the retro games W e've had a lot of element14 staff stopping by for a game or tw o Like (3) nitrofurano Nov 29. but be careful.the picture from the Pi Zero w as surprisingly good! And CRTs are so cheap now -. 2015 4:23 AM (in response to balearicdynamics) Very much so! That's plow e. the use of the HDMI audio output not necessary involves the use of the same output for display. too -. ) You guys made it look easy . Care and consideration. it w asn't a complex project. Personally. 2015 2:15 AM Nice video . Keep your fingers clear of live connections (particularly on the neck of the tube and the pow er supply) and only w ork on it w hen it's sw itched off. 2015 8:00 PM How did you solve the sound issue.. don’t forget playing the recent homebrew games.I guess any w ork w ith electricity holds its dangers.actually tempted to build something like this for. 2015 10:45 AM btw everyone. You can discharge the tube (Google's you're best friend there. msx.adafruit. Enrico converted by W eb2PDFConvert. 35 inch CRT TV donated to me I just got a 35 inch CRT TV donated to me and w as thinking of converting it into a retro gaming machine but not sure w hat to do about sound. etc. 2015 4:10 AM W ell done job ! And the stressed guy? Alive? Enrico Like (3) spannerspencer Nov 28. as w ith everything is my advice. 2015 4:21 AM (in response to shabaz) Yep. I w as thinking an add-on sound card like this might w ork: https://w w w . so in my opinion the safety precautions here are the same as w ith any electronics. but so cool! Great having an old CRT back in the mix.

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