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Marriage Vs.


• 8/9 women think is better live with their partner before
marriage. Just because with that they could know all about them
even the bad moods and how they behave in a home life
• 8/9 women Choose a successful career before a successful
marriage: They think that if they put the marriage in a first place
their independence (Economic and social) Will disappear
• 7/9 women pick a religious Ceremony just because a material
things not the real meaning of it.
Women in Mexico just get married for a reason. Social Pressure.
So then they can give a social image of perfection as a woman.
Because they are married
The reason for being married at this time are
A. Social Pressure
B. Wedding plan (Dress, Party, Cake, the ring…)
C. Economic Interest
D. Obligation with the Family
E. Fear of being alone and the society notice it
F. Love and Dignity

Personal Thoughts
For me marriage is a serious issue. You will share your life with the
person you love. For me it is very important to know the person that
I’m going to marry and I'll spend, or plan to spend the rest of my life
with him. For me a very good communication, support and above all,
respect is something necessary for a successful marriage — Adriana
The marriage is a ritual of our society. For me the marriage is
necessary in this case with two persons in relationship, but if it is
different there’s no necessary of it.
For conclusion I think that is depends of the two parts of the
relationship (depends if is conservative or liberal the way that they
want to take it) — Daniela
My point of view is. Marriage in Mexico is an act that currently takes
place because the same society indirectly it’s pressuring on it. For
example if it’s performed by someone who does not marry before age
35 already, they look like a spinster or strange therefore women prefer
to marry before that age. I personally would like to marry for all the
wedding plan to be made as it should be one of the happiest days of
your life, as long as it with and the right person at the right time.

since we were kids our family stick in our head as Girls that our successful take place in marriage. for the children they have other responsibilities to be acquired or simply by imposing the family of one of them. If you were going to marry just because you have scared to be alone for the rest of your life. The women in actuality have a social pressure that unconsciously the shore to take the light key decisions like this. — Alejandra Marriage is not just signing some papers. it is a life decision. but just for the wedding plans and the party not just because it’s something that really means to me. goals once being in marriage cannot be done. to decide for your freedom and for someone else’s. it is why I believe that marriage is a second or third term the main thing is to learn all that we can more than necessary. Why? We don’t know. There are also those who currently do under obligation. man as a person falls into a huge mistake in trying to delegate certain responsibilities to their partner and in automatic distance himself from her. We need to break those stigmas and traditions a woman can be successful even with no husband or family. because the fact that a woman becomes independent work through that it generates its income and decide freely what to spend it . us dignity why? Be cause is the form of respect!!!!!! Why respect? Respect to me!!!!!! If I respect me! I can resources the best of— Erika Marriage is an important thing in Mexico. is not about just to find your other half. it’s about the interaction as a couple. — Itandehui I think the new generation of women care more to finish a race that marriage. we only have a chance to live and nothing guarantees that will be forever. but when being in marriage does not always work well. we have in mind realize dreams. or ceremony to society. Who may had similar ideas that will make them live fullness. so it's difficult that this perspective change it. I am of the view that the significance of a person is his knowledge and experience that time and opportunities are given only once and that's the best experience that can exist. in my opinion this would be the biggest mistake ever. I will think that the marriage is the form that we can express. it is something that comes from my family very well marked and tradition considers it an act of dignity and courage of women.Honestly I do not like to get married and then divorced. — Sandra What I think about the marriage is: When you take a big decision like this is important to know the reasons and the consequences of this. it’s a pressure hidden in a tradition. I want to get married one day. The end of this is that each person has his or her point of view of marriage. As a woman is not so easy to take that role because we are human beings.

—Zuleyma     Alejandra D. López Ramírez Alejandra Gonzáles Barriga Daniela Martínez Sánchez Adriana Michelle Toro      Dolores Ricárdez Guzmán Sandra Vázquez Hernández Erika Antonio Ávila Zuleyma Vásquez Vásquez Méndez Hernández Itandehui Ramírez .or invest what. also finish a race represents a new opportunity to excel in their field and demonstrate their skills and abilities. Today women no longer want to stay at home. prefer to be leaders in work areas that were previously considered for men.