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Performance Management Plan
Athena Falconer
HRM/532- Human Capital Management
April 25, 2016
University of Phoenix
Patrick Stapelton


From the information given by Mr. one that indicates a person’s actual direction as well as a person’s desired direction” (p. he predicts that Landslide Limousine will be at a -$50. Stonefield is to provide a limousine service that will provide chauffeur transportation services for all types. Landslide Limousine is a small vehicle service company. 25. to ensure that Mr. Performance management is a tool that creates a point of reference in which employees can see where one stands performance-wise. this allows for employees to focus attention and effort on the desired . currently located in Austin. Stonefield selects the best candidates. Texas. Therefore. Maintaining customer satisfaction is the most important of any business.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2 Performance Management Plan To: Traci Goldman. it is my duty to conduct a performance management framework for the client Mr. corporate executives. group travel.000 in expected revenue for the first year along with only 25 new employees. weddings. celebrations. “[One must] think of performance management as a kind of compass. The goal of Mr. and minimizes turnover rate to ten percent or less. employees of the company must provide high levels of performance based on reliability. Stonefield. 2016 Subject: Performance Management Plan Hello Traci. Atwood and Allen Consulting From: Athena Falconer Date: April. It is my task to conduct a strategy to maximize performance. Based on your recommendations. Bradley Stonefield and is newfound company Landslide Limousines. According to Cascio (2013). etc. Manager. 352).

Stonefield needs to hire the best employees that will gain interest in the public eye. unless all persons from all levels of the organization follow thru. evaluates. To begin. if implemented properly. Within most plans. skills needed by employees and skill gaps. 2013). and departments. Mr. Alignment of the Performance Management Framework to the Organizational Business Strategy Because Landslide Limousine is starting out. Mr. it is important the one understands and covers important foundations. The first step to accomplish this goal is by matching employees with jobs that are suitable for that individual. Performance management cannot work. By establishing employee appraisal. it can be effective in most small business such as that of Mr. On top of structure and training. . Bradley Stonefield needs to ensure that he structures and trains accordingly. chauffeurs. such as the alignment of the performance management framework. Appraisal systems help distinguish between employees who are an effect or ineffective performers. Stonefield. performance feedback.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 3 direction of the company. organizational performance philosophy. trains and mentors individual employees. Landslide Limousine needs to form a framework for performance. This system also allows for feedback. This procedure. developmental needs. Performance management is a motivational tool that measures. “performance appraisals play and important role on the overall objective of performance” (Cascio. In most limousine companies there are dispatch teams. “1) to improve employee performance by helping them realize and use their full potential 2) to provide information to employees and managers for use in making workrelated decision” (Cascio. it serves as twofold purposes. and management staff. to ensure the company is receiving maximum output. teams. job analysis process. 2013). an employee must not hold a position that is above or below their compatibilities. and lastly.

To conduct a proper job analysis. to accomplish goals to succeed in organizational performance. Chauffer serveries. Allowing for self-appraisals gives the opportunity for employees to rate themselves. self-appraisals. and knowledgeable in navigational skills. to ensure safety. and motivate employees to perform at their best. Mr. “Customer feedback is useful input for employment decisions. and customer feedback to assess performance. Bradley Stonefield needs to identify the company’s personal philosophy that will compete against the existing competitive market. Stonefield. requires employees to be attentive. such as that of Mr. Landslide Limousine will strive for excellence by affiliating performance with employees and their supervisors. In addition. transfer and training needs” (Cascio. promote consistency with review process’. The idea to establish a philosophy is to create trust between employee and customer. Job Analysis “The purpose of job analysis is to better understand and measure work assignments…to influence how such assignments are performed in a manner aligned with the organization's strategy” (Sanchez. 2013). meet set time frames. Stonefield. to understand their faults regarding job performance. 2009). The philosophy needs to be built with a strong emphasis on excellent customer service.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 4 and help spot organizational problems. such as promotion. Job analysis is a detailed look at a particular job or classification and identifies what is needed to accomplish that task. Landslide Limousine will need to be dedicated to recognizing the needs of clients and committed to providing quality service at all times. it would be best to have immediate supervisors. a performance management philosophy. Immediate supervisors tend to be more familiar with employee performance and responsible for reward or punishment decisions. In suggestion to Mr. Organizational Performance Philosophy Every business should have a have belief of how employees should be managed. it is .

This is less likely to be used but is another important method that can be used. According to Cascio (2013). By creating job descriptions. as well as. Stonefield. setting standards in which both employee and management can agree. They are also required to drive a variation of vehicles and navigate to a particular destination. 342). it establishes objectives employees need to accomplish. For example. instead of on traits and behaviors the employee has. A Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale or (BARS). The Result-orientated rating method focuses on what the employee is supposed to accomplish. will need to meet with the first level supervisors. while sitting for a extended period. and people alike in the same field.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 5 imperative to meet with experts in that field. and classifications needed for the tasks and jobs that come with running a limousine service. Another wise method to be used would be behavior-orientated. evaluating each employee by standards” (p. Stonefield primary focus is the satisfaction of the customer. An MBO or Management by Objective method is recommended. Stonefield mentioned training. Mr. The goals and targets then become an action plan for the employee with steps and stepping stones that will help the employee to meet the goals and expectations set. either by comparing the performance for employees to that of other employees. Methods used for Measuring an Employee’s Skill Because Mr. By having a graphic rating systems or . “Behavior-orientated rating methods focus on employee behavior. his will help specify certain standards for certain positions. Determining qualifications for each position will consider experience or as Mr. is a graphic rating scale that analyzes critical incidents. In the case of Landslide Limousine. hiring managers. limousine drivers are expected to chauffer clients. to gain an understanding of the responsibilities. it is important for him to balance employee skill methods and measure an employee’s skill effectively. skills.

Because Mr.S. or left with questions in any area of the work field. subordinates. Stonefield will need to use skill assessment maps for benchmarking job skills.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 6 scales helps in measuring objectives but also determines where an employee excels and where there is room for improvement. a day by day and case by case basis process is usually used. Approach for Delivering Effective Performance Feedback Feedback is highly valuable in any organizations. to allow an employee to understand personal effectiveness as a worker. Process for Addressing Skill Gaps “Concerns over the supply of skills in the U. This system allows for input from different sources. have exploded in recent years” (Cappelli. 2015). left in doubt. this process will be necessary. and customers to provide a perspective on performance from all angles. Additionally. “Many organizations now use input from managers. No employee should be left out. employees will become more receptive if feedback is done properly. he will need to discuss and create an inventory of skills list of what employees know and do not know. Feedback in any sort should be given in a professional manner and should always end with an action plan to allow an employee an opportunity for change. and it will be. labor force. Stonefield has chosen to hire experienced and non-experienced employees. It is important for employers to communicate daily with employees. co-worker. peers. Mr. it is important for Mr. 2013). Analyzing skill gaps of employees will help identify where an employee needs to improvement. . [360-degree feedback]” (Cascio. He will also need to develop a plan for training on those gaps. Stonefield to use training professionals and work with personnel to create an effective training plan. especially education-related skills. and member of the organization itself. If training is necessary.

By reviewing topics given. it is important to minimize employee turnover and rate and maximize employee performance. . Additionally. Bradly Stonefield can benefit from this performance management framework outline.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 7 In conclusion. By using the following recommendations. Stonefield. I was able t define a performance management strategy that will be relevant to Mr. we hope to improve on business process and maximize employee potential. we wish to brand Landslide Limousine as the finest. I do hope the Mr. As a newfound company.

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