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TARES Evaluative Essay
Athena Falconer
COM/450 Ethics and Communication
February 2, 2015
University of Phoenix
Courtney Shobert


all in all advertising focus more on the benefits rather than the product itself. The TARES test is a set of five principles of ethical persuasion or rules for advertisers to follow for the public relations professionals. advertising can be positive. positive and negative. In most cases. Advertising can bring contentment and can also bring discontentment in a second. “It defines the moral and ethical boundaries…TARES Test directly examines persuasive messages for truthfulness.TARES EVALUATIVE ESSAY 2 TARES Evaluative Essay “We live in a media culture that is becoming increasingly difficult and perhaps impossible to separate media and culture in any meaningful way” (Christians. It plays with the emotion of the public and influence materialistic needs. but the balance of what is necessary and unnecessary should be focused more. Advertising has proven to be a powerful force in persuading and influencing society to patronize a product. and social responsibility” (Baker. Advertising has an impact on many lives. Television. Advertising influence the way people think about certain products. Advertisements carry specific messages that are associated with marketing and profit. Media is image based and aimed to inform society about certain product or service. one will always see a form of advertisement. magazines. Whether it be ethical or unethical. billboards. When it comes to advertising. Advertising keeps society up to date with changing trends. Each letter represents an . 3). p. authenticity. 2012. promotional material (aka) advertisement seeks to communicate messages to society. Yes. newspaper. most advertising aims to influence one to purchase. advertising has been blamed for causing negative social impacts. to buy happiness in forms of product. equity. respect. The Tares Test merges the fields of advertising and public relations by examining the behavior through these five universal values. 2001). other electronic sources and print media is visible everywhere. Everywhere one goes. it is important to follow the TARES test.

it addresses claims both visual and verbal and omitting information in a deceptive manner. The letter “E” represents equity.TARES EVALUATIVE ESSAY 3 important value that sellers must follow. and Brothers Truck Parts. Edelbrock. BROTHERS will replace any defective products” (Policies. it is the advertisement being fair to the public. Is it harmful or beneficial to that group. It is taking personal responsibility for all content advertised. K&N. Automotive car part ads have to be truthful. are all automotive popular car part adds that have been presented in an advertisement. motors. it is being aware of and having respect for the buyer receiving the persuasive message. engines and intake manifolds are sand molded. they offer items such as air filters. 2012). one receives. does it increase or decrease trust. is the ad take responsibility seriously and truthfully? Automotive car part advertisements are one in a million ads that are advertised on television. for example. The letter “A” represents authenticity’ it means doing the right things with the right intentions. A company will not sell a car parts if it involves endangering the buyer. and more. purchases made have been 100% guaranteed on advertising. Through their ads. for one the public’s safety. JEGS. NAPA. there are no false advertisements. Finally the letter “S” which represents social responsibility. or magazines. In some cases. The “T” represents truthfulness. The letter “R” represents respect. For example Brothers Truck Parts. to do onto others what one would want them. it addresses the impact the advertisement has on the affiliated groups. suspension parts. Personal experience. What one sees. is a company that make most their product. Edelbrock. the seller will urge or influence the buyer for something better if the product does not seem to work for the customer. billboards. Auto Zone. “BROTHERS guarantees all the merchandise in this catalog to be free from defects in material or workmanship. “We offer state-of-the-art . O’Reilly’s. Most automotive car parts companies will replace defective or damaged parts. It is highly important that Edelbrock provide accurate and safe products.

AutoZone replaced the part for free. Advertising keeps society up to date with changing trends. Equity for the public and buyers if fair to all. 2015). product shipping misplacement. etc. that these companies go for. NAPA.. AutoZone benefited not only me but themselves as well. by creating a customer for life. but it carries specific messages that are associated with marketing and profit. no one receives special attention than the other. The advertisements presented are authentic because they are selling product for the right reasons. “AutoZone values its reputation for integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards…AutoZone's commitment to its Value and ethical practices” (Code of Ethics. While making profit. Customers need to pay close attention to several critical distinctions. We are committed to producing quality products. 2015). it is important to provide an ideal TARES test that customers can count on. providing total customer satisfaction” (About the foundries. I had to replace the carburetor in my truck that Auto Zone had sold it to me. “JEGS has an experienced technical support staff along with 100% satisfaction guarantee” (Customer Care. Auto Zone. Whether it be ethical or unethical. and advertising can go a long way towards selling a particular product. Taking responsibility for the faulty carburetor. Advertisement is ethically and unethically aired. building materialistic needs.TARES EVALUATIVE ESSAY 4 casting production of aluminum products. Businesses are competing every day to make money. 2015). advertisement seeks to communicate messages to society helping individuals decide on what is worth buying. all in all advertising focus more on the benefits rather than the product itself. is mainly anyone who is having vehicle problems. . Advertising has become a powerful source invading part of every individual’s life. The intended audience. Just recently. from product purchase. Everything one does or sees there is always going to be a form of advertising. etc. These automotive ads present respect for any situation. AutoZone respectfully and truthful honored their code of ethics.

TARES EVALUATIVE ESSAY 5 O’Reilly’s. and Brothers Truck Parts. honest. entertaining advertisements. Edelbrock. and their claims made on every product are authentic. It is important for an advertiser to not only do the right thing within advertising. These companies all meet the tares test because they are truthful toward and upfront with the purchaser. Advertisers have a moral and ethical duty to create truthful. but also to have intentions and motivations in being good and doing right. are all automotive popular car part sellers that have given candid TARES Test that buyers can rely on.. References . Their product are accurate. K&N. JEGS.

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