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AVDA. GRECIA 2128 FONO: 055-2341863
R:U:T: 70954900-6

English test unit 03

Name: __________________________ Grade:7°
Objetivos de Aprendizajes a evaluar: Comprensión y uso del
pasado simple en oraciones afirmativas. Saber cuándo y cómo
aplicar el pasado simple del verbo to be en oraciones afirmativas,
oraciones negativas y preguntas, tanto positivas como negativas.
Poder responder en forma corta. Reconocer la forma pasada de los
verbos regulares y sus reglas.
I. choose the right answers:
1) I _______________ my mum yesterday
a. helpped
b. helped
c. helpd

2) Liz ________ some delicious soup last week.
a. cooked
b. cookied
c. coocekd
3) The boys ________ football yesterday.
a. plaied
b. plajed
c. played
4) The baby________ all night.
a. cryed
b. cried
c. criyed
5) We________ TV in the evening.
a. watcched
b. watched
c. watchd
6) Lucy ________ at me after school.

GRECIA 2128 FONO: 055-2341863 MAIL: d35. smileed b. A long. a.republicadegrecia@comdescalama. smilied c. The Andes. however. Seen in the pages of an atlas. a 1000km stretch of parched wasteland. walkked b. walked II. The Atacama Desert. clinging to the edge of a continent. these boundaries make perfect sense. only a few islands dotted in the Pacific Ocean break the waves that roll onto Chile’s coast from Australasia. the great mountain range that forms its eastern border. wallked R:U:T: 70954900-6 7) They ________ to school yesterday. and with an average width of just 175km. Chile has often drawn attention to itself for its wholly implausible shape. Once you’re on Chilean soil. the very idea of it seems absurd.| a. are a formidable barrier of rock and ice that cuts the country off from Argentina and Bolivia. smiled CORPORACIÓN MUNICIPAL DE DESARROLLO SOCIAL CALAMA ESCUELA BÁSICA REPÚBLICA DE GRECIA AVDA. Read the next text and answer the following questions. the country’s outline strikes you as aberrant and fantastical. A) how is chile?? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ b) what is the Andes?? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ c) Describe the Atacama Desert?? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ . separates it from Peru to the north. and visitors quickly realize that Chile is a geographically self-contained unit. And to the west. 4300km in length (the equivalent of Norway to Nigeria). narrow sliver of land.

| CORPORACIÓN MUNICIPAL DE DESARROLLO SOCIAL CALAMA ESCUELA BÁSICA REPÚBLICA DE GRECIA AVDA._______________________________________________ 5._______________________________________________ 10.republicadegrecia@comdescalama._______________________________________________ 8. Location Local Products Villarrica Kitchen tools made from wood Geographical Lanmarks Lago de Villarrica._______________________________________________ 3. GRECIA 2128 FONO: 055-2341863 MAIL: d35.______________________________________________ ._______________________________________________ 6._______________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________ 7. Complete the next chart. Volcán Villarrica IV. write questions with was and were R:U:T: 70954900-6 III._______________________________________________ 9._______________________________________________ 4.

cl R:U:T: 70954900-6 | V.  Carry__________________________  Study__________________________  Fry____________________________  Try____________________________  Stop___________________________  Plan____________________________  Rob____________________________  Beg____________________________  Travel__________________________  Prefer__________________________  Regret__________________________ Niveles 1° 2° 3° 4° 5° 6° 7° Cognitivo conocer comprende aplicar análisis sínteisis evaluar crear 2-3-4- 3 – 4 -5 3 – 4- s r N° Items Niveles 1 – 2.republicadegrecia@comdescalama. ________________ _______ apoderado de _________________________________________________________________ he tomado conocimiento de la calificación obtenida por mi pupilo. Write the next verbs in past. Firma Fecha: _______________________________________________________ . GRECIA 2128 FONO: 055-2341863 MAIL: d35.U.3 INICIAL 1 – 2-3-4-5 5 5-6 INTERMEDIO AVANZADO 3 de logro Yo R.T.CORPORACIÓN MUNICIPAL DE DESARROLLO SOCIAL CALAMA ESCUELA BÁSICA REPÚBLICA DE GRECIA AVDA.