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Brandon Livelsberger
Marshall Wicks

Humanity lives in a fallen universe in need of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Romans1-8
shows us how we should view this falling world and the hope God has in store for it. Ones worldview is
the way they interpret reality (Carm1). Paul gives shows us how we should see the natural world,
relationships with God and others, and our culture. Humanity is broken and Jesus Christ is the only
chance we have for holiness.

Natural world
God created the natural word as we know it today through his breath of life from his mouth. Let
there be light God within a matter of seconds reality existed, (Gen1:3). All of creation was designed to
bring infinite and eternal glory to God (Piper). Creation clearly shows us that things are made, things
cannot makes them self, everything has harmony, and requires and outside agent God. Every part of
the Natural World was created by God and for God, through him everything holds together,(Col1:16-17).
By looking at science and nature as we know it man can see the qualities of God, truth of his existence
and his promise to hold things together. The natural world shows us the beauty and harmony of our
creator. Even with the knowledge of truth from creation man still rejects the truth of God since the fall.
Death came through the first Adam and life through the second Christ Calvary hill was the only place
where Justice could be served for humanity without lowering Gods holy standards (Heb2:9Rom5:12).
Through faith a person becomes eager for Gods command,(Henry). God made a covenant with all
creation (Hos2:18) and then humanity came along and broke it. Disobedience of Adam and eve made all
of earth responsible for their rebellion and redemption came through Christ, (1Cor15:57). Reality in the

natural world consist of things having an independent existence in must have been questioned or
denied, (Hasker85).

Human Identity
Mankind created in the image of God (Gen1:26), disobeyed God (Gen3), and causing humanity
to inherit their sin,(Rom1:12-14). Mankind decided to worship creation instead of the creator,
(Rom1:1:22-23, 25). No human is righteous, none seek God, and none do good,(Rom3:11-13).
Righteousness becomes our identity through faith and possible through the gospel (Rom3:22,4:3). Faith
is possible through Gods work in us (Henry). God renews our minds, gives us a new identity, and unity
with Christ,(Rom12:2). We are in Christ you were baptized into his death, buried, and united to him in
his resurrection,(Rom6:1-5). Our old identity was nailed to the cross and we have been given new life by
the power of the resurrection. Sin took over our identity leading us to death (Rom6:23). Mankinds
disobedience to God brought the wrath upon them. Any one in Christ is not condemned, made a new
creation, and it not bound by the law, (Rom7:1-6, 8:1, 2Corin5:17).

Human relationships
Prior to the fall man and God walked in a proper relationship with each other, (Gen3:8).
Enjoying the presence of God has since the beginning of creation been at the bottom of out to do list.
We exchange the true God with false images that we make God (Rom1:25). Originally we were designed
to love God and be in fellowship with one another (1Jhn1:7, 4:8, Acts2:42). Kindness, tolerance, and
patience should be shown toward each others. Abraham was counted righteous by faith right
relationship with God. Marriage was designed to represent Gods relationship to us. Humans are one
with God because of our bride that died in our place,(Rom7:1-3, Eph5). Nothing can ever separate us
from his love. Our relationship with God is constant regardless of who we are but who he is. No power
of darkness can end that love or prevent us from loving one another. Gods love is unconditional and his
love should be a model for how we build earthly relationships,(Rom8:37-39).


Jesus calls us to be salt and light in this dyeing culture that sets out to remove God,(Math5:1216). Paul is writing the book of romans to a group that never heard the gospel. Jesus died for us to be
able to take the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ into todays culture unashamed, (Rom1:16-17). People
today want you to feel bad about your faith but we must declare the works of Christ. From the
beginning of time Gods presence was made know to men so they would not be without excuse for
knowing God, (Rom1:20). Todays culture is surrounded by all Gods signs and wonders but yet we still
refuse to believe. Jesus delivered anyone who believers out of condemnation and into Jesus arms
forever, (Rom8:1). Christians must rise up and let the spirit of God in you impact the culture of
tomorrow. Todays life as we know causes us to question Gods love and grace because of the violence
in todays culture. God promises us that no matter how offer life seems he works all things for the

Everyone has a worldview a lense in which they see the natural world, human identity,
relationships, and culture as we know it today. We live in a dyeing world that needs people unashamed
of their identity in Christ and proclaim Jesus to the world. Mankind lives in a broken universe in need of
redemption. We live in a world where the line between right and wrong is beginning to fade away and
our only hope is faith in Jesus Christ. It takes us denying our self and being consumed with the presence
of God. The world will fade away along with all its evil lies and deception. Any identity not found in Jesus
will not be eternal. We need to stop examining the world through our eyes and start seeing it through
his. No matter how broken we feel we are there is always holiness and grace in the arms of our savior


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