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by clif high
copyright 2016 all rights reserved, claims for invention and labor

Class VI: Rescue

May, 2016
covering 2016 - 2045
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
All rights reserved

Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written
text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words. Predictive
Linguistics uses emotional qualifiers and quantifiers, expressed as numeric values, for each and all
words/phrases discovered/filtered in the aggregation process. Over 80 % of all the words gathered will
be discarded for one or more reasons.
Predictive Linguistics works as NO conscious expressions are processed through the software.
Rather the contexts discussed within the report in the form of entities and linguistic structures (see
below) are read up in the various intake software programs, and the emotional sums of the language
found at that time are retrieved. Words that are identified within my system as 'descriptors' are passed
through the processing as well. These descriptor words, in the main, are those words and phrases that
provide us with the detail sets within the larger context sets.
As an example, the word 'prophecy' may be read up by our software at a sports oriented forum. In that
case, perhaps, due to the emotional sums around the context, and the emotional values of the word
itself within the lexicon, it would be put into the contextual 'bin' within the database as a 'detail word'.
Note that the context of the use of the word in the sports forum is lost in the process and is of no use to
us in these circumstances. What occurs is that the word is picked up as being atypical in its context,
therefore of high potential 'leakage of future' value. The way this works is that most sports forum
language about future events would be statistically more likely to use words such as 'bet' as in 'I bet this
XXX will be outcome', or 'I predict', or 'I think that XXX will happen'. So it is the context plus
emotional values plus rarity of use within the context that flags words for inclusion in the detail level of
the data base. Further, it is worth noting that most detail level words are encountered in our processing
mere days before their appearance. Within the IM data primarily, and then within ST data next. But a
preponderance are discovered within the IM time period. Perhaps an artifact of our processing, if so,
one not explored due to lack of time (cosmic joke noted).
Words are linked by their array values back to the lexicon using our set theory model (see below), and
the language used within the interpretation (detail words excepted) derives from the lexicon and its
links to the changing nature of contexts as they are represented within our model.
Predictive Linguistics is a field that I pioneered in 1993. The software and lexicon has been in
continual change/update mode since. This is due to the constantly changing nature of language and
human expression.
Predictive Linguistics works to predict future language about (perhaps) future events, due to the nature
of humans. It is my operating assumption that all humans are psychic, though the vast majority do
nothing to cultivate it as a skill, and are likely unaware of it within themselves. In spite of this, universe
and human nature has it that they 'leak' prescient information out continuously in their choice of
language. My software processing collects these leaks and aggregates them against a model of a
timeline and that information is provided in this report.

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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
All rights reserved

The ALTA report is an interpretation of the asymmetric trends that are occurring even this instant as
millions of humans are typing billions of words on the internet. The trends are provided in the form of a
discussion of the larger collections of data (dubbed entities) down to the smallest aspect/attribute swept
up from daily discussions within that context. Within the ALTA report format, detail words are
provided as noted below. Phrases and idiomatic expressions are also provided as details. In the main,
geographic references are merely summed, and if deemed pertinent, the largest bag in the collection is
discussed as a 'probable', or 'possible' location to the events being referenced within the details.
In our discussions, the interpretation is provided in a nested, set theory (fuzzy logic) pattern.

Aspects/Attributes are: collections of data that are within our broader linguistic
structures and are the 'supporting' sets that provide our insight into future developments.
The Aspect/Attribute sets can be considered as the 'brought along' serendipitous future
forecasts by way of links between words in these sets and the lexicon.
Entities are: the 'master sets' at the 'top' of our nested linguistic structures and contain
all reference that center around the very broad labels that identify the entity: Markets,
GlobalPop, and SpaceGoatFarts, as examples.
Lexicon is: at its core level, the lexicon is a digital dictionary of words in multiple
languages/alphabets stripped of definitions other than such technical elements as 'parts
of speech' identifiers.
The lexicon is quite large and is housed in a SQL database heavily populated with
triggers and other executable code for maintenance and growth (human language
expands continuously, so the lexicon must as well).
Conceptually, at the Prolog software engine processing level, the lexicon is a predicate
assignment of a complex, multidimensional array of integers to 'labels', each of which is
a word within the lexicon. The integers within the 8x8x10 level array structure are
composed of: emotional qualifiers which are assigned numeric representations of
the intensity, duration, impact and other values of the emotional components given
by humans to that word.
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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and also contain: emotional quantifiers which are assigned numeric

representations of the degree of each of the 'cells' level of 'emotional assignment'.
Spyders are: Software programs, that once executed are self directing, within
programmed limits, thus are called 'bots', and within these constraints are allowed to
make choices as to linguistic trails to explore on the internet. The job of the spyders is to
search, retrieve and pre-process (part of the exclusions process that will see 90% of all
returned data eliminated from consideration in our model) the 'linguistic bytes' (2048
words/phrases in multibyte character format) which are aggregated into our modelspace
when processing is complete.
List of entities explored in this report:
The GlobalPop entity represents the linguistic sets within the data that are focused on the
future of humanity, local or global. The 'local future' focus language is aggregated into
our 'global future language' sets. This entity is independent of language, alphabet, or
script form, and thus is our deepest and broadest set for emotional quantifiers and
qualifiers about humanity's future.
USAPop (and any other nation state/territorial reference)
All sub sets of the populace of the planet, within our modelspace are identified by either
a geospatial term such as a regional terrestrial label, e.g. 'AlpinePop', or a geopolitical
label, e.g. 'CanadaPop'. These are used to isolate the subset of the global populace to
which the terms are being applied in the forecast. The terrestrial references are
frequently used to provide a context of 'shared views/concerns', as in 'those things all
mountain dwelling people will have in common separate from other humans'.
The Markets entity is a super set of linguistic structures covering paper debt markets of
all kinds, commodity trading markets, physical swap markets, currency usage (within
populace), digital currency developments, new technology (FinTech),
The Terra entity is the master set for all structures that relate to the planet, and the
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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physical environment of planet earth. This master set frequently and increasingly has
extensive cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts entity.
This master set is where all data that fits under the contexts of [officially denied],
[unknown], and [speculative] arrives. Our processing discovered significant amounts of
data of the [unknown], and [officially denied] over 2000 2003 which led to the
creation of the separate entity view labeled SpaceGoatFarts. As may be expected, this set
contains the references to UFO's, Area 51, Break-away Civilization, and other 'woo-woo'
Data Types
IM = Immediacy data with forecasting effectiveness from 3 days to the end of the third
week. Error range is 4 weeks.
ST = Shorter Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the 4th week out through
and inclusive the end of the 3rd month (from date of interpretation). Error range = 4
LT = Longer Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the end of the 3rd month
out through and inclusive of the end of the 19th month. Error range = 19 months.
Terms employed:
Cross links links from one cell in the data base and its software representation to another due to a
shared linguistic structure or pattern.
Linguistic structure In my modelspace, a linguistic structure is a 'master set' and all its contained
sub sets (also known as 'directly held' sub sets). At the very highest level, each and all entities within
my model are linguistic structures; which, in their turn, are composed of many sub sets of other
linguistic structures. Modelspace allows for 256 layers of 'nesting' of these sets and sub sets. Each of
which, can and may, be a complex set of its own. Obviously the model is derived from Object Oriented
Programming at its highest level.
Meta Data Layer in modelspace, when a meme appears directly held in numerous sets, at the same
level of support, it is labeled as a 'meta data layer'. These 'layers' can be thought of as a common
linguistic structure that forms with differing supporting sets in the various entities. For clarity, a meme
in Terra entity would not have the same supporting sets as that same meme in the GlobalPop entity, but
both would be part of the larger meta data layer that the meme reveals.
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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Modelspace in the interpretation, the data sets are represented on screen in a 'virtual box' fashion in
which a 3d box is drawn and the lexicon linked words from the latest data processing are shown within
the 3d box by position, and color, brightness and hue of the individual pixels. Using an algorithm of my
own design and the predicate calculus of the prolog programming language, modelspace is populated
by these data base representations in a manner that resembles 'scatter graphs', but at a 3 dimensional
level. By toggling on or off several advanced features of our 3d box software, the various levels of
data, and cross links and other technical elements may be displayed.
MOM model of modelspace. In the very first public release of information from my process, a selfreferencing loop was created by internet articles about the release, and thus the next time the spyders
were invoked, the process crashed on self-referential, circuitous references to my own work. As a
corrective measure, MOM (models of modelspace) was devised as my very improvement on the
process. MOM holds a copy of my interpretation as well as links to areas on the net to exclude from
consideration within the predictive linguistic work.
Set Our approach involves the use of complex (fuzzy) set theory originating in the software industry's
quest for 'intelligent machines' or 'ai (artificial intelligence)'. In our approach, the fuzzy sets are based
on the ability to define such concepts as 'near', 'close to', 'about', and 'like' among many others which
provide me the ability to assign a numeric representation as a 'quantifier' to human emotions which are
the key element to future forecasting from predictive linguistics.
Temporal Echo these are linguistic echos across time that will reference the same, previously
forecast, meme and its emotional parameters. The language manifest in both instances, that is, the
temporal (meme) anchor and its echo will be related to each other, though frequently the repeating echo
is larger in both scope and intensity. In some cases the meme is 'completed' in our predictive linguistics
sense of that word by the echo phase of the meme.
TM = Temporal Marker, think of this as a 'book mark' against which you may remember specific
details of the forecast. These are chosen due to some (more or less) easily identified linguistic 'tell-tale'
that we expect to show up in the forecast language within media discussions.

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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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Data and Interpretation

Meta Arts
Over the years certain patterns have emerged from within our work that we have formed into postulates
of behavior about the nature of the future leaks that we harvest here for fun and amusement.
One of the earlier postulates was that 'the more impacting an event, emotionally and/or temporally, the
further out (ahead) of the event would the leaks occur'. It is this 'emotional pressure' factor that drives
future leaks (in my considered opinion) ahead of the events.
There are differing patterns in how the leaks accumulate, and their 'breadth versus depth' growth that
now, some decades into the effort, allow for a bit better view of the process of the future leaking out of
humans into the ever present now.
In the instance of the 'pressure' component, we have observed several types over the decades, and
categorized them to some small extent. Again, it is the experience of participating in the process that
allows the tuning of the process as long as one is aware of one's own participation's impact on the
process....which makes sense but hurts to think upon.
The 'pressure' component is once again pushing its way into the general consciousness. Future events
are leaking out at a very fast rate, and many with large levels of detail. This, in the past, has not been a
good sign for calm days, and pleasant nights.
One framework for understanding the 'pressure' component is the numeracy involved. Think of any
situation that may occur which would impact a majority of humans on the planet emotionally. If it were
a sudden event, it may have very high 'pressure' value as it would have high emotional intensity, but
may also, not have any 'duration' value in a meaningful way.

The data continues to grow in support of the 'super hot summer' sets that have been accumulating new
sub sets for the 'sharp turn' from 'rain storms' to 'dry spells' and 'intense heat'. Yet, as repeatedly
mentioned here in the ALTA reports, the global human experience is about to be heading into an ice
age, and the 'last of the (years of) oscillations (between heat and cold)' are now fading down to 'only a
few' still ahead of us.
As may be expected the data is quite sure that as the 'pivot' or 'turn' into 'more ice age phenomena' that
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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the last 'heat spells' will be the 'most intense experienced (in documented human history)'.
The data sets are describing a 'wilding year' that will begin or has already begun and is being described
as actually carrying on for 'several years'. The 'wilding' aspect set includes descriptors for 'out of
season' and 'out of place' attributes for both 'weather' and 'earth related events'. Some of the details
suggest that 'ice bergs' will be 'in odd places' and in 'odd numbers'. Further that 'new glaciers' will be
'reported' in 'dozens of locations', yet 'blazing summer heat' will 'create forest fires from hell' across
much of the 'northern hemisphere'.
Other aspects of the 'wilding weather' include 'new wind currents' that are forecast as 'emerging across
the northern pacific ocean basin' in mid to late Summer (2016). These 'new currents' are actually
described as 'new patterns' at a higher level of the linguistic structure. At that level the indications are
that we are fortunate and are living at the very start of a whole new 'climate cycle' here on Terra. The
data shows that 'new trade winds' will be 'forming/developing' in both hemispheres that will cross both
the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. These new 'trade winds' are shown as 'gaining publicity' this year if not
necessarily correctly described by that awareness.
There are new data sets in supporting position to the 'oceans' major sets which are forecasting a
'noticed' and 'measured' change in 'ocean depth'. Note the data is not forecasting more water intruding
into land from this 'noticed' effect, but rather the opposite. The data is showing that the 'earth
expansion' effects will be 'reducing' the 'apparent ocean depth' and 'altering shorelines' and, also,
'threatening (the) canals', and 'reducing access (to) ports'.
Other aspect/attribute sets accruing to the 'oceans' sub sets show that 'giant waves' {ed note: NOT
tsunami's, just very big waves} will be 'invading' the 'coasts' especially those 'beaches' where the 'sand
(is) stable (enough) to support a slope'. The detail sets are indicating that videos from 'around the globe'
will be uploaded after capturing 'big waves' as they 'washed sun bathers' and 'beach walkers' bank inland', or conversely, 'drug them out to sea (in the backwash)'. These 'big waves' are showing up as
being very 'damaging' to the 'global tourist' industry and the 'summer beach season'. These 'waves' are
not being associated with 'storms', but rather with 'ocean floor changes (fluctuations that do not cause
sheers so no tsunami force generated)' These 'ocean floor changes' are showing in the data sets as more
static than dynamic, and yet will be the proximate cause for a very dynamic year of 'marine accidents'
and other 'ocean problems', and 'oceanic events'.
Some of the 'big wave' videos will capture the 'impacts' on both 'humans' and 'buildings' (in some areas)
as the 'waves' are forecast to 'invade the inland (spaces)'. Mostly the 'invasion' language arises from the
'permanent' nature of the 'presence' of the 'waves'. In other words, the data sets are forecasting that
'underseas (ocean floor) changes' are, combined with the earth expansion effects, going to create new
currents and tidal conditions such that 'big waves' will be delivered more frequently to 'inhabited
shorelines'. These 'big (massive) waves' are being described in the data as being 'independent of season'
but more 'frequently encountered' at 'change of seasons'. These waves are described as being global
with the exception of the polar regions. In some of the detail sets we see that 'cruise ships
(Mediterranean?)' will be 'bashed' into 'quays' with such force that 'damaged hulls' will 'force
abandonment' of the 'sailing schedule'. The 'guests' and 'crews' are described as being 'flung overboard'
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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as well as 'down hallways' and 'stairs'. A great many injuries are showing as resulting. These sets are
also in direct supporting chain for the previously mentioned {ed note ALTA March} situation wherein
'ships' had 'too much damage' and 'too many casualties' for 'individual rescue (to be) meaningful'.
The 'oceans' data set are showing that 'earth expansion effects' will be 'evident' as 'ferry terminal' will
'no longer (quite) reach' the 'boats' as there will be 'visible shifts' in the 'local terrain'. Many of the 'local
jurisdictions' will put these effects down to 'local currents' or 'sedimentation' or even 'continental drift'.
The forecast is that over the next few years such 'local currents' effects will be popping up very
Other 'blame' is forecast for 'local currents' in both 'weather' and climate', as well as 'earth changes'.
Unexpectedly the data is providing 'local currents' as a 'blame sponge' for such effects as 'cliffs
crumbling (into the ocean)', and 'harbors (filling up with sedimentation unexpectedly)', as well as
'estuaries broadening out', and 'reaching back (up river)' as 'ocean shelf surfaces change'. Many of the
grosser effects are forecast as becoming 'visible' in the 'plethora (and growing)' of 'stories' about 'earth
or weather or climate abnormal behavior'.
In some of the data set there are 'new bar (conditions)' which will form within 'tidal river basins' such
that 'new wave patterns' will manifest that in their turn will cause 'wide spread regional changes' to the
local 'ecosystems' as everything about the local waters changes 'from the bottom up'.
Much of the 'underseas (ocean floor) changes' supporting sub sets have cross links over to, or are
directly held by sets within the GlobalPop entity for 'food production'. Many of these sets are indicating
that the 'off shore' and 'under ocean changes' will be the 'direct cause' for the 'alteration' of 'nearby
weather patterns'. Most notably, such an effect is being forecast as impacting 'two (separated by half the
planet) wine growing regions'. In one, 'not enough rain', and the other 'too much water'. The 'weather
changes' as a result of the 'deformation (change)' of the 'sub seas surfaces' is indicated to 'affect wide
regions' that will 'extend thousand (or more) miles inland' as the 'new weather patterns' will 'emerge (in)
There have been longer term data sets for the formation of 'new inland seas' in both North America, and
'eastern Russia (Siberia)' for a number of years. The very first instances began a set that has had
continuing growth, albeit slowly, ever since. These long lived sets have a pattern of escalating shorter
term and immediacy data sets growth before the manifestation of the set meme. We have the
beginnings of such a turn now as recent processing has brought in shorter term sets in a meaningful
way to this linguistic structure for the first time. These new sets are the first to contain near term
references and contain data forecasting that 'rivers' will become 'dammed' by 'debris', both 'man made'
and 'natural' such that 'new lakes' will be 'reported' within the next few months. In the case of Far
Eastern Russia, the data sets are suggesting that the 'new lake' may have been forming for some months
already. These are described as the 'first (of a great many) seeds' for the 'inland seas'.
The Terra entity has very large growth in the sub sets for the 'oscillation' of the 'weather systems'. These
new supporting sets include more data about the 'pop corn storms' to hit the SE North America in late
Summer and continue into early Fall. These storms are showing as being concurrent with 'large scale
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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flooding' in the 'greater SE North America' over as far as the 'Mississippi River valley'. These sets are
suggesting that very 'exceptional weather patterns' will be 'crawling' over 'north America' in 'counter
cyclical' motion leaving 'wide spread flooding' in very 'atypical' times this year. These 'atypical' and
'shredding storms (lots of lightning, winds, and torrential rains, brief, violent)' will be a 'key feature' in
the 'background' of the 'presidential theater' in 2016.
Many of the new sub sets within the Terra entity are also supporting either directly or via cross links,
the 'diaspora' sub sets for the GlobalPop entity. There are a number of new sets for both entities that are
focusing on the 'diaspora' of these next '10/ten years' or so. The data sets in the Terra entity are
presenting this information from the planetary changes point of view, while the GlobalPop entity shows
it from the viewpoint of impacts on humanity.
Within the new forecasts for 2016 arising from the Terra entity we have the 'oceans (heaving up
precipitation)' sub set in which the previously forecast, and now confirmed 'new types (and intensities)
of UV light' will be once again the 'precipitating factor (pun intended)' for 'vast amounts' of 'water'
rising from the 'oceans' and 'heading inland'. These sets are showing that the Pacific, Atlantic, and
Indian Oceans will be 'evaporating' at rates that will be 'visible' to those 'sailing on them' as 'day time
fogs' will be 'seen to lift from mid ocean'.
Other aspect/attribute sets have the 'oceans' being so 'imbalanced' that 'vast areas (the size of
continents)' will be 'covered with floating carcasses'. The data sets are describing a time of great
challenge emerging here on earth that will, as the data sets are showing, become 'evident' over the
course of 2016.
To those humans not totally absorbed in the daily drama of the 'death of the global financial system',
the 'planetary health' itself will be 'demanding' their attention. The data sets are warning of 'exceptional
forest fires' across much of the northern hemisphere including both Canada and Russia/Siberia. In the
case of Siberia, the data sets are suggesting that 'geothermal' causes for many of the 'fires' will result
from 'cracking' as the 'planet expands' its 'largest land mass'.
Other problems directly attributable to the 'planetary expansion' are showing as coming when a 'large
island' that is 'inhabited' will 'shift' a bit more 'away from (the local) mainland'. There are a great many
candidates for this 'large island' including 'New Zealand', Britain', 'Sicily', Sri Lanka and Taiwan
to name but a few. The data sets are clearly indicating that 'damage' on a 'massive scale' will result,
though happily, there are many sets for the idea of 'few fatalities'. The data sets are showing that 'aid'
from 'ships' will be 'required for months' to allow for 'habitation to continue' due to the 'level of
damage' involved. These latter sets are arguing for the event to hit an 'island' smaller than say Britain,
as that would require global levels of aid and such is not indicated, though the 'aid' descriptors do show
a 'long stint' in the 'recovery process'.
The Terra entity, already the largest entity in modelspace, continues to grow with new sets indicating a
very large jump in human focus being put on the planet. This is indicated to occur as a result of the
'many new (manifesting signs of) planetary expansion'. These new signs are showing as including the
previously forecast (and now appearing) 'new lands'. These 'new lands' sets are gaining supporting
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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values for 'large eruptions', and 'very large uplifting'. This latter set has a very 'sizable' chunk of 'ocean
floor' that will 'rise up' to become a 'new continent'. As may be expected, this will cause a whole lot of
language and 'problems' as the 'ocean currents change', and 'new weather patterns begin'. These sets are
showing that 'populations' of 'ocean life' will be 'affected' as the 'new environment forms'. These sets
are also suggesting that our previously forecast 'land rush' language will start appearing as the 'new
continent' is being 'discussed'.
There continues to be growth in the sets for 'excessive heat' in the northern hemisphere over Summer
and Fall, and in some areas even into Winter. Note that the 'heat waves' will be just that 'waves of heat',
each one described as 'standing' for a while, then 'dissipating' with mere 'hours' before the 'next heat
wave' forms up. These 'waves' of 'sun induced heat' are further described as being 'surface heating' that
then 'radiates' out at 'night' such that many areas will not even have 'night time cooling'. Further the
'surface heating' is described as 'extreme' to the point of causing 'burns' upon 'touching (sun heated)
metals'. Other effects are going to show up as 'animals expiring' of a variety of 'heat induced health
crisis'. These will include aforementioned 'fish' floating about over 'acres' of water, as well as 'birds'
that will be 'found dead' from what will basically be 'dehydrated/cooked internal organs'.
The data sets are indicating that the 'heat' problems hitting GlobalPop will be no less severe and will
also include 'fatalities'. These problems have been described in previous ALTA reports, but it is worth
noting that new effects of the 'extreme heat' are showing up as supporting sets for the 'hospitalizations'.
In these sets we have new aspect/attribute sets for 'blindness', and 'burnt eyes' attached to our 'energies
from space' sub sets. These new sets are describing emerging 'heat problems' as being a 'bit wake up' to
those humans still 'asleep' as they will be 'forced (daily)' to adjust their 'world view' to the 'emerging
new paradigm' insofar as the 'planetary climate' is concerned. Also note that in spite of all of the 'heat'
related problems to be encountered here by GlobalPop over the rest of this year and all of next, the
larger issue is still the 'developing ice age' that results from 'planetary expansion'.

Following the emergence of the 'upheaval' within the 'Yemen-Arabia War', the data shows that the
'western (officialdom) media' and 'western (trading/controlled) markets' also go into 'upheaval' JUST as
the 'wave of redemption' starts hitting the 'hedge funds' in an attempt by those 'cognoscenti terzo livello'
(third level functionaries) to 'run ahead' of the 'crumbling (geopolitical) situation'.
The new growth in the GlobalPop entity for the 'spreading (like a rash) (political) upheaval' that will be
'traveling around the planet' as the 'dollar wobble' goes into 'extreme oscillation'.
Very large cross links go over to the Markets entity where there are a plethora of terminating sets that
include 'blackouts', 'shut downs', 'sinking (of major shipping)', 'destruction (of roadways)', and other
language in support positions to the 'financial impacts' of the 'political upheaval'.
The language of 'collapse' starts to appear in larger numbers as modelspace is progressed past June of
this year. Then the rate of growth escalates at a rate that itself accelerates as modelspace is moved
through the year.

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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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At the base of all of the many layers of cross links from the 'upheaval' language, we find repeated cross
links over to the 'fiat currencies race to destruction', and to 'social instability (from hyperinflation)'.
As modelspace is moved from late July through Summer (northern hemisphere), new accretion patterns
bring in aspect/attribute sets for 'global depression', and ';financial system failure', and 'sovereign
bankruptcies', and 'asset (class) failures (collapse/implosion/deflation)'. From the perspective of the
Markets entity and the many cross links over to the GlobalPop entity, this is a 'markets event', a
'deflationary wave' or 'deflationary tsunami'; however, from the GlobalPop view, it is entirely about
'social upheaval' on a scale never before experienced in humanity. The data suggests that comparisons
with 'Attila, and the invasion of the Huns', and the 'Ottoman Turk empire (conquests and subsequent
diaspora)' will be made, but these will be very weak indeed given the scope of the 'events' that will
shift humanity over the remainder of 2016.
GlobalPop entity is filling with language for 'new conflicts' and 'shifting populations', much of this
within the European Zone, or on NATO borders. Note that the data is also indicating that NATO just
'falls apart' (in essence) as their 'funding fails' and 'needs change' and 'alliances shift'. This last is cross
linked over to 'population alteration via refugee migration'. As a further set of supporting values rise up
in the sub sets for 'systemic failure' the NATO related sets show that 'internal disputes' about 'roles and
responsibilities' will lead to 'open (verbal) taunting' and 'bad behavior'. Other signs of a 'NATO sagging
(to its knees before fainting away)' will include 'paper debt (at monstrous levels)' that will be
'discovered' along with 'bribery', and other 'corrupt practices' which will lead to 'fractionalization' or
'splintering' (into self protecting tribes/fiefdoms) of the NATO (upper echelon) control structure.
The data sets are once again seeing more new data accruing to the sub sets for 'food crisis'. There are
several major sub sets within this larger set. First there are the 'just in time system failure' sub sets, then
there are the 'deflationary (debt destruction) (at producer level leading to less production)', then there
are the sets for 'bad weather/climate change' leading to 'less production', then there are the sets for 'earth
expansion' leading to 'diaspora' leading to 'less food production', then there are the sets for
'hyperinflation' of 'food prices'. All of these are applicable at the GlobalPop level and at all the sub
levels. Food, 'availability' and 'cost' (both to produce and obtain) are going to be major memes by the
end of 2016. Further these sets are filling rapidly with new, longer term data showing that some regions
of humanity will be having 'food availability/price crises' for longer than '10/ten years'.
Many of the 'food availability' sets are also internally cross linked over to the 'migration/diaspora' sets.
These are themselves, in the main, cross linked over to the Markets entity, and the Terra entity. In the
Terra entity there are a number of sets going to 'earth (weather) shifts' will 'cause' the 'shift of

As had been previously forecast, the 'refugee crisis' in Europe has taken a 'core peoples' versus 'the
invaders' tone. The data sets are suggesting that this situation will continue to 'harden' as the 'refugee
crisis' meets the 'monetary crisis (from hell)'. As the 'Euro degrades' the data sets are piling in on 'social
upheaval'. These sets include 'migrants versus police', and 'migrants take over (rothshield properties)',
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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and 'running street battles (paris?)'. All of these and many more sets are going to the idea of a very
'tense' and 'violent' Summer in the Eurozone as both the 'social structure' and the 'monetary system'
degrade into 'failure'.
The data accretion patterns for EuroPop have added several new sets since our last processing. In some
of these sets we see that 'armed confrontations' are forecast for several counties in 'middle europe' as a
'robbery' by 'migrants' goes 'awry' leading to a 'gang style confrontation' with 'police' that is described
as 'escalating' to the point of 'shoot outs'.
Other major new sets for EuroPop include large areas for 'collapsing (social) contract' as the 'economy'
and 'agreements to cooperate' are 'shattered' as the 'EURO degrades (to small fraction of its purchasing
power)'. The data sets are bringing in 'bank failures', and 'cross border (runs on ) banks'. These last sets
are filling with supporting values for 'major crowd problems' as 'tens of thousands' of people 'react to
rumors (of open banks/ATM)'.
Data continues to accrue for the 'Italian Bank crisis' to 'overwhelm' the 'EU structures' at several
different levels such that the first 'cracks' appear in the 'union', and 'Italy', followed by both Greece and
Portugal, makes moves to 'separate' from Brussels.
Further issues are showing up for 'central bank' and 'Brussels' as 'command central' in that both
'corruption' at the 'EU level', and 'failures (at the civil service level)' are going to make 'front page news'
for weeks as a result of a 'crime'. It would appear from the data sets that a 'robbery (by stealth at night)'
will 'take a fortune', as well as 'liberate' a 'large number of incriminating documents'. The 'documents'
from the 'crime' are showing as being 'made public' by the 'criminals' with something of a 'flourish' or
'signature' to their efforts. These 'documents' are described as causing trouble for 'months'.
Other problems for 'EU officialdom' include the previously forecast 'naked women repel migrant
hordes'. These sets continue to build for the aftermath of this event being very 'thought provoking', as
well as 'creating (viral) sensation' among the 'muslim world'.

The data sets are showing that a 'devastating earthquake' is going to be 'main news' in China for a
number of weeks over 'Summer (northern hemisphere)'. The data is forecasting that 'bad engineering'
will be 'referenced' as the 'proximate cause' for the 'high number of fatalities' as 'several (dozen?)
buildings' are forecast to 'crumble (on the heads) of residents'. This 'earthquake' may be the one
referenced in early ALTA reports as being 'linked to CERN LHC' and that leads to 'Chinese officialdom'
making 'formal protests'.
The ChinaPop sets are growing in support of a 'trade crisis' that will be 'developing' from the 'problems'
that are showing as emerging in the area of 'bond sales'. These data sets are indicating that some form
of 'failure' of the 'liquidity' of the 'bond market'. The data sets are further growing in support of the idea
of 'panic talks' that will be taking place 'between/amongst' the 'financial elites' of the planet as the
'Chinese trade machine' is indicated to 'grind to a halt'. The idea bubbling up from the data is that a
'trade deal' will be (or has been) struck with a 'bond sale' component. Apparently over the Spring
(northern hemisphere) the 'bond sale' will be a 'failure' which will 'provoke' an 'officialdom Chinese'
response (likely behind the scenes at that point). Then the data suggests that the 'response' will begat a
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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series of 'results' that will lead to an 'escalation' of 'dueling interests' which in turn goes to the create
'open discussion'. It is the 'open discussion' phase of the 'bond sale problem' that creates the 'real
problems' as the data suggests that 'public discussion' will 'bring up (competing claims)'. These sets
may be suggesting that the 'bonds' involved in the 'sale' are 'triple claimed'.
The 'liquidity failures/problems' are cross linked over to the Markets set where we have 'gold (fever)'
that 'comes from a small country (national leadership?)'. These sets also contain language for 'liquidity
(contracts)' that will be 'forced (settlements)' in some markets due to 'contractual language'. The idea
coming out is that a 'Chinese seller' of 'bonds' will be 'crushed' by a 'rush to sell' which is showing as
basically 'bringing (bonds) sales (to a) halt'.
In other areas of the ChinaPop entity we have very large levels of growth for 'rapacious appetites', and
'plum flower celebrations (dinners)' all of which are supporting sets for 'gold'. In these sets are new sub
sets for 'upwelling (of) motivating behavior (by the government)' that will 'send (the) chinese
population' out 'in search of gold'. These sets have very extensive, internal cross links over to the 'silver
(as money) substitute (for gold)'. Note that the 'silver' sets within the ChinaPop entity carry very high
emotional values. There are a great many sub sets deep and are hugely broad within ChinaPop and
show up via internal cross links in odd nooks and crannies of the structure. So it is not surprising for
me to see that as the 'gold fever' (about to) sweep ChinaPop starts to 'wane' due to 'dwindling gold (on
the shelf)', and 'very rapidly rising prices' in early to mid May, the 'silver vibration' is showing as
'returning' to ChinaPop. In these 'silver as money' sets in ChinaPop are huge numbers of internal cross
links to all manner of 'capital controls avoidance' language, much of which is suggesting 'schemes
exposed' (by the 'chinese officialdom over 2016 as they crack down on population efforts to 'smuggle
wealth' out of China)'. There are also sets showing that some 'minor level party members' (many who
have 'annoyed' some 'senior fellow') will be used as 'disposable tissues' to 'vent popular anger' at the
'crimes the elites allow themselves'.
Other areas of the ChinaPop entity are gaining supporting sets for 'new naval initiatives' which will be
'polar' and 'focused on the 'arctic'. There are some sets showing that 'maritime' and 'naval' problems are
going to be a 'growing nuisance' over the rest of 2016 for the Chinese 'officialdom', and that our
forecast 'rescue language' will be making its appearance over the Summer (northern hemisphere).
New 'rescue' language is also popping up in the ChinaPop sub sets in which the 'chinese navy' is
indicated to 'rescue' a 'number of small boats in distress'. It would appear that this is in the area of the
Philippine Islands, but not certain. This event is a temporal marker for some very significant global
changes in the 'maritime power structure'.
The 'managed economy' that is ChinaPop is showing as becoming a 'global burden' as we all move
through the year. The data sets are forecasting very large 'economic' and 'social' changes in ChinaPop,
as well as 'conflict', both 'internal to China', and 'between China (and other regional nations)'.
The 'social unrest' that had been forecast to 'travel' as a 'wave' around ChinaPop as the various
'economic segments' attempted to 'transition to internally focused consumer economy' continues to
build support for an 'un-quiet summer' for China Officialdom as the 'population' begins its experience
of 'global depression'. These sets are forecasting that 'chinese officialdom' will have many 'over night
meetings' as they 'try to keep (their power structure) intact' under the 'rapidly unfolding global
depression'. The data sets are forecasting that a 'bright idea' will occur to someone somewhere in some
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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committee with a 'too long name' and it will then is described as 'percolating up' through the 'channels'
until it becomes 'officially adopted policy', and then, seemingly, to the western world, without any
warning or notice, 'China goes to Space'.
The 'China goes to Space (in a huge, Chinese way)' is indicated to 'upset' the 'balance of space power',
and the 'concepts' that were (til that time) 'held (in the) western military academia' about 'future
directions (of) ChinaPop'.

Language about 'awakening' is surfacing throughout the USAPop entity. Much of this is referencing the
'reality (of controlled) politics' here in USA, but a surprising amount of the new data goes to the idea of
an 'awakening' as to the 'dying credit market(s)' in the 'economy' of the USA. The data is forecasting
that the 'student debt awakening' is going to hit this Summer (northern hemisphere). The data is
indicating that a 'digital problem' develops in the 'governmental systems' such that 'payments (to
whom??)' are 'lost', and 'withheld'.
As a result of the 'impact (of) student debt' on the 'governmental systems' (or the reverse), the 'credit
system' at the 'retail level' within the USAPop is forecast to have 'the first spasm'. This 'spasm' is
indicated to 'shake banks', and 'close auto dealers', as well as cause 'seizures' and 'firings' at
'universities'. Further, 'computer systems' are indicated to be 'seized by agents (of officialdom)' which
will cause no end of 'consternation', and 'bowel cramping' in many 'corner, view offices'.
The real impact of the 'student debt impact' on the 'credit system' is going to be 'chaos' as 'credit cards'
are showing as 'shutting down' in whole regions of the country. The data sets are suggesting that the
impact will be both 'rolling (from region to region over time)', but also large enough to 'prompt high
level federal officialdom' to 'spend all day lying (to the public by media)'.
There is so much new language associated with 'gold' and USAPop. There are new data sets at levels
not seen since 2007. These new levels for 'gold' and the 'USAPop' are at multiple year highs, and yet
are exceed by language in the same sets in which 'silver' dominates. The whole of the 'precious metals'
linguistic structures, in all entities, are showing very large levels of growth. In fact, there are even new
sets which are indicating that new generations (younger people below 30 years old) are now shifting
their 'attention' en mass to 'silver' and 'gold' as 'money' A case can be made linguistically that it has
been the introduction of Bitcoin that has 'reshaped' the 'younger mind(s) appreciation' for 'alternatives
to fiat currencies'.
Just as the data for the Markets entity has been forecasting that March and April of this year will be the
'shift' in the 'global economic narrative' and be 'impacting all humanity' over these next few years
through 2030, the data sets for the USAPop are showing that 2016, and 2017 are to be the 'shift years'
for the 'population' as it relates to 'itself', 'the government that rules/controls it', and the 'economic
system' that supports it. These two years are showing as the 'basis' or 'foundation' for the
'growth/changes' that will occur for the next 40+ (forty plus) years. In all cases in biologic reality, there
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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is destruction at the beginning of all growth phases. Same now, and the data is predictive of a level of
'destruction' that is being described as 'deep into (the social order)' and 'across all levels as broad as the
nation'. The data sets details show huge crowds rioting in major cities as the 'regional problems'
escalate along with the degrading 'credit/finance system'. The 'rioting' is indicated to be 'sporadic' and
to start later in a 'very hot summer'.
There are some sets that would seem to be indicating that a 'political rally (perhaps even a convention)'
will 'spark off (a dispute)' which then escalates into 'rioting' several days later. These 'riots' are also
within aspect/attribute sets which are in the direct supporting linguistic chain for both 'revolution', and
'international horror'. The 'riots' themselves have many supporting sets that directly cross link over to
the Markets entity where the terminating sets include 'derivative failures (via insurance or re-insurance
corps)' that then 'flow outward' into 'sovereign bonds'.
The data sets are showing that the USA 'housing markets' are going to go through one of the strangest
periods ever. In these new sets, heavily cross linked over to the Markets entity and the TPTB entity, we
have new sets showing that 'liquidity crisis' is going to affect so many so abruptly, that 'luxury
properties' will be 'abandoned' and 'walked away from' in numbers never before seen. See Markets
entity for more on this from that perspective.
The USAPop is holding the view that the 'high end real estate crisis' in USA is a 'stepping stone' into
'cultural shock' and 'change' as 'markets roll over'. This is going to cause a situation of 'rippling effects'
as 'real estate active corporations' lay off their employees. Further problems will come from the few
remaining housing (and commercial apartment) construction jobs being shed when 'building ownership'
instantly becomes a 'liability' for the 'titular corporation owners'. Basically the idea is that the
'companies' that 'own rentals' are not in the business for the 'monthly income' as that does not half cover
real costs, and that when the 'opportunity' as well as the 'future potential' to 'sell' is 'removed' due to the
'spreading credit crisis', these 'corporations' will first try to 'secure government funding', but with the
'political chaos' that quickly 'dies', and then they basically start 'shutting down', and in the process,
'abandoning' both 'employees' and 'properties'.
As may be expected, the developing chaos in the real estate markets (really the 'federally owned
mortgage market), cause a no end of 'horrific problems' for the 'local' and 'state authorities'. In some
areas the data suggests that 'taxes' due to the 'sale' or 'transfer' of 'real estate' are going to 'plummet'
more than 'half' in just a 'few weeks'.
The 'financial chaos' period indicated by the data sets to occupy much of humanity over 2016 is
described in the data as having a 'bubble' of 'intensity' that then is 'slightly' relieved, before there comes
a 'swelling (continuing/growing/encapsulating)' number of years of 'economic pain' from the 'financial
mismanagement' and 'overhaul'. This 'financial chaos' period is showing within the movements of
modelspace as extending through into the mid 2020s. The 'intensity bubble' is indicated to begin in
May and last through to the end of August. Note that this 'intensity bubble' is not showing as popping
so much as 'exhaling (once the intensity reaches a peak just prior to mid July)' in 'agony'.
The individual sub sets providing descriptors for the 'chaos' are describing a situation within USAPop
that will be both 'wildly divergent', and 'widely spread', as well as 'down to the toes'. {Please note: body
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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parts and processes references are primal archetypes in our lexicon and very telling of conditions to
come.} The newly accruing sub sets are bring in values for 'crashing ATMs', 'bank shutdowns (as
distinct from a 'holiday')', 'stores close', and many other sets for 'civil (functioning) disruptions'.
This language grows as modelspace is progressed from early May through to September. In the
USAPop sub sets of the 'chaos period' the 'intensity grows' over June, and into early July, before
reaching a 'peak' of 'social pressure' that is showing as being expressed as 'mass protests' and
'demonstrations'. Now note that the data sets are quite clear that there are very large 'street movements'
being forecast. Our problem at the moment is that the data has these 'street actions' being 'long lived'
and occurring over the next 4/four years within USAPop. So these early sets for the size of the street
actions may be overshadowed by events occurring later in this time. This is a known issue with our
work and was first encountered with the forecasts of the Band Ache quake.
Without regard to the disclaimer above, the 'street protests' over the 'chaos' of the 'shuttered banks' and
'ATMS broken down', and 'stores without goods' are showing as being 'massive', and larger than
anything seen before in the USA.
A distinct offshoot effect of the 'mass demonstrations' is showing in the data as being a 're-alignment' of
the 'American people'. The idea coming up is that 'the person whose shoulder is next to yours on the
barricades is your brother-in-struggle', in spite of national, ethnic, or any other point of separation. The
data is suggesting that '30/thirty years' of 'mainstream propaganda press' work at 'divide-to-conquer'
will be 'undone' in just a 'few short weeks' of 'bloody rioting' as the 'people' of this 'continent' will
'establish cohesion' and 'reach solidarity' against 'their (criminal) masters'.
The data sets are highlighting many instances of 'heroic behavior' being manifest through the 'chaos
period' with some of the more notable examples coming this Summer. In some instances we have
descriptors for 'home made ambulances' which will be 'life savers' in 'transporting wounded (protestors
and police)' through to 'medical services'. There are repeated sets for 'doctors' on the side of the 'street
protests' who will without a thought, treat the 'police thugs' who were just moments before, 'beating
them (on their) heads'. Other sets show that 'crowds' will 'cease struggles/fighting (against police)' to
allow for 'emergency first response vehicle to pass'. In what looks to be a northern subsection of 'new
york city', the 'rioters' are described as 'rescuing' the 'residents' of a 'building' which will be 'set on fire'
by 'police tear gas canisters' and 'incendiary smoke grenades'.
The new processing has brought forward a number of the more powerful memes we have been
following for over 10/ten years. Some of these memes have been shifted by a number of years, others
by months, or mere weeks.
We need to note that the data is pulling more, shorter term sets, forward for the memes of
'hyperinflation', and 'market(s) in chaos'. The sets for the 'chaos' language in the new processing
includes 'markets shut down', 'markets (with) restricted access', and 'markets abandoned/closed'. In all
cases the data sets are referencing 'markets' that are 'financial' and 'paper' or 'debt based'. In the
instances of the 'restricted access' language there are sub sets showing that 'only very elites (will be
allowed) access (to their funds)'. This is itself going to be a very contentious meme as some of the 'near
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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elites', and 'higher level functionaries' will also be among the 'excluded', and thus will discover that
they are, as with the rest of us, 'too common' to be 'allowed in'. This is showing as being a very 'sticky
point' for some of the 'near elites'; a 'crushing (ego) blow' such that they 'take it personally'. Several are
indicated to 'respond by gossip (true info, but of a spiteful nature)' and 'innuendo' and 'facts'. This phase
of the 'social order transformation' is indicated to be relatively brief as several of the 'spite speaking
tongues' are indicated to be 'severed at the root'. The data sets have detail layers indicating that 'judges'
and 'lobbyists' and even 'bank managers/functionaries' will be 'denied entrance' at the 'door'. These sets
have high visibility and broad impact values so we are likely looking at a wide meme that will be
presenting a number of videos during the first few weeks of the 'Financial Crisis [2016]'.
Other detail sets around the 'restricted access' to 'funds/currencies/digital accounts' is indicating that the
'currency event' will be a 'surprise' to 'most' of the 'population'. It is associated with the word
'holiday', and 'late Spring (northern hemisphere)', however, there are also a number of sets containing
language for a 'bank shutdown' that will be called a 'bank holiday'. Sooooo....this then gets to a real
gray area. Could the data sets be referring to the next, USA officialdom 'holiday', or is a 'sudden',
'surprising', and 'unexpected' form of a 'holiday' going to arrive with the 'out-of-no-where
announcement' of a '3/three day weekend'?
The new processing also has it that the 'chaos' in the 'markets' brings along 'chaos' in the 'society' as
those elements of the 'financial system' that 'touch' and 'support' the human world are going to fail. In
many areas the 'ATM' or 'walking around money' system is forecast as 'dying'. Not only in an
'electronic' sense, as the 'underlying networks' are 'cut off' by 'officialdom/banksters', but also as 'ATM
boxes' are either 'not refilled', or 'carried off' or 'destroyed' in frustration when they 'fail to deliver' the
'requested cash'. The data is forecasting areas where the 'damage' at a 'network' or 'facilities' level will
be so severe as to place the 'return (ever) of those services' into a 'state of doubt'. The data is showing
that very wide areas of the 'south east' through to the 'Mississippi river' will be in 'fluttering (network)
blackouts' for months at a time. This is indicated to extend to most of the continent over these next four
years of what Igor {ed note:shy retiring IT guy running our server 'closet' (way too small to be called a
'farm')} is calling The Great Restructuring Decade.
The data sets are showing that 'regions' of the USA will have their 'bank branches shuttered' in the
'chaos' and the 'great financial upheaval'. Other areas with 'local (or regional) banks' still able to
'function' will find that their ability to do 'out of area transactions' is going to 'deteriorate' very rapidly
as the 'crisis' deepens over 2016. In these areas of the data there are many cross links over to the
Markets entity and some of the terminating sets are within the Bitcoin sub sets. The idea coming across
from the USAPop view is of a 'population' that is 'suddenly plunged into struggle' on a 'daily' basis to
'achieve tasks/goals' that 'used to be simple'. Further the data sets are showing that the 'national identity'
of the USAPop is going to 'shift radically' as the 'dollar empire' has its first 'visible death throes' this
There are data sets showing that 'governmental functions' will be 'nearly instantly stopped' as the
'funding' for those activities will 'vanish in a heartbeat'. These sets also include language to the effect
that 'governmental agencies' and 'commissions', and 'departments' at 'local' and 'state' as well as 'federal'
levels will be 'instantly chopped off (the funding tree)' as their 'heads of branch' will be be 'holding
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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emergency meetings' all the way up the 'chain of funding/command'. In the data sets are ironic
descriptions of 'state government officialdom' who will be 'in meetings in secret locations' where they
will be 'deciding the fates (of thousands) of state and local employees'. These 'functionaries' then 'arrive
back at headquarters' only to discover that a 'similar meeting' had been taking place at a 'higher level'
and their whole 'department' had been 'eliminated while they were busily 'eliminating (someone else)'.
Situations such as these are showing as one of the many reasons for a 'government structure' with 'big
holes' and 'isolated areas (that survive many of which will do so simply cause the people going to fire
them got fired before they could get around to it)'.
Other areas within the 'governmental functions caught in funding disarray' include new language for
'closure of public access points (parks, fishing, et al)' with 'other than funding excuses'. There are also
sub sets for 'military actions' in 'wilderness regions' which will cause 'fires', and 'destroy property'
leading to a 'big cover up' which will 'fail quickly' and then lead to 'investigations' and 'media frenzy'.
When that occurs, the data sets are suggesting to 'look at what is not being covered/referenced' as the
'secret military actions gone bad in nature preserve' will be theater designed to 'distract' and 'disinform'.
A recurring meme growing in the data in a number of diverse sets within the USAPop clusters around
the idea of 'regional energy crises'. The data sets are suggesting that a spread of causes will create
conditions for 'spreading energy crisis' and 'leaping (across the grid) energy delivery crisis' as USAPop
goes into Summer. Much of this language is focusing on a 'splintering (of ) usage (motivations)' where
the 'west' needs 'heat relief', with the east needing 'heat', and 'weather chaos
(rain/sleet/hail/snow/winds)' are causing problems for the south east. The data sets are forecasting that
'regional energy crises' will morph into 'national food delivery crises' over much of the rest of 2016 and
2017. Further sets are going to the idea of more or less 'permanent' versions of 'floating food (and/or)
energy deprivation' that will be 'ongoing' here in the USA for the next 'decade'.
Along with the 'energy crisis' language now accreting to the USAPop in various sub sets, we have new
growth in 'food restrictions' appearing, both from 'supply side issues' as well as from 'funding' and
'credit' side problems that will be developing. These problems are indicated to cause everything from
'massive food riots' as the EBT card system fails, to 'scavenging' (and many new cases of 'food
poisoning', 'fatalities', and 'disease'), as well as 'poaching' and 'food wars (turf battles over food
sources)' that will lead to 'bodies floating in the water'.
New growth occurs in 'groups' being 'in contest' with the 'government' in many different regions over
many different 'titular/nominal causes', but at their core all the 'battles' developing will be 'prompted' by
the 'dying dollar purchasing power' as well as the 'frenetic desperation (of TPTB) to keep power'.
Much of the language that accrues to modelspace as it is progressed through Summer and Fall, in the
USAPop sub set, all contains some link or directly held value going to the sub sets of 'hyperinflation'.
These many links form a matrix that overlays and ties all new growing sets within USAPop to the
'crumbling dollar purchasing power' as the 'hyperinflation' takes off as the 'officialdom' decides to
'create digital dollars' and to 'try to create demand for borrowing'.
Many of the sets include 'state government debt failures' and 'state government bond failures' and 'state
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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government pension plan failures' all of which are in supporting positions to the 'crashing social order'.
These 'pension plan crashes' are also cross linked over to other USAPop sets that go to the idea of 'riots'
and 'defaults'. The 'defaults', at least until later in 2016, have the higher level of emotional tone sums.
The data sets are showing that 'wide' and 'wild' swings in the 'prices' and 'availability' of all kinds of
'formerly plentiful goods' will be 'headline news' for much of the latter half of 2016. The 'wild price
swings' will be on everything from 'energy' to 'foods' and will be 'violent' enough to 'induce local
rioting' in many 'communities' across the USAPop. In some of the detail sets we see that 'vital
(household) goods' will have 'price swings (due to availability)' of 5000 % over the course of mere
The data sets are forecasting that the Summer (northern hemisphere) will be the 'summer of lists' in
which 'continuing lists (of bankruptcies)' of 'record breaking numbers' will dominate all of the media.
These 'lists' include 'new weather records breaking (which cause food crisis)', 'cities going broke',
'states and counties/parishes going broke', 'national pension schemes going broke', and on and on and
on. The 'summer of lists' is going to be a very large (wide) temporal marker for many decades of yet-tobe-born economists. These lists will also include huge numbers of 'central banks firsts (and/or mosts)'.
These new 'record breaking central bank events' are all tied into their 'hyperinflationary push', then the
'putsch against hyperinflation'. It is this latter set which is more effective from 2018 onward that
appears to be the 'driving force' of the rest of the next 'ten years'. In other words, a brief, 2/two year
stint of 'hyperinflation' will be used (so says the data) as the 'excuse' by TPTB to introduce 'monetary
reform' as a 'global issue'. Thereafter the focus of the data growth is 'humans versus inflation' as the
'new global monetary system' is 'promulgated'.
The 'hyperinflationary years' are showing in modelspace as being the 'worst' of the 'crushing years (of
the) global depression' excepting if one lives in North America. The 'death of the dollar' in its
'purchasing power' by the 'cure' of 'hyperinflation' is showing as 'reducing the 'USAPop' to a 'shell' of
its 'peak robust self'. The data sets are showing that the 'depression' will be 'marked' by many of the
younger generations as 'beginning' in 2016. Without regard for the accuracy of the statement the
emotional tone of the 'nation' will change from 2016 onward in a palpable way which latter day
historians as well as many who are currently faced with living through it will place at the feet of the
Great Global Depression.
The data sets are showing that 'crises' in China will precipitate a 'de-peg' as well as a 'credit rating strip'
and a 'ratings crisis' which then spread throughout the 'financial world'.
It is at this point, some time past July 2016, that the 'gold in the vaults' issue rises, both in the USA and
in China. During this period the data is forecasting that all media will be reporting how 'bad' and
'worse' things have become in recent months. During the 'show me yours and I'll show you mine' phase,
the data shows that the 'numbers' around 'gold' and 'silver' go truly 'ballistic'. The data is forecasting
that the 'rate of increase' of the 'price of gold' itself will be increasing at high single digits. Stated
another way, the daily rate of growth of the daily rate of growth will be escalating near 9%.
This 'gold rise rate speed up' will be a huge 'catalyst' for 'lines in the street' to 'buy physical gold/silver'.
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2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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The 'desperation' level seems to be tied directly to the 'rising rate of gold value (in dollars)'. The words
in the media will include 'spectacular', and 'parabolic', and 'rocket to the moon', and 'peak silver', and
'peak gold', and 'international currency instability', and on and on and on.
Starting back in the near term, we set modelspace to early June 2016 and move it slowly through the
year; in so doing, the perspective of 'things getting out-of-control-of-tptb' rises with each progressive
move toward the end of the year. The data sets accrue in larger and larger numbers the further along in
the year we move, and these sets are each growing in emotional sum values as well. The effect of
watching modelspace at this level is to create the impression of a 'big beast dying' as the core is slowly
consumed by the increasing chaos from the edges.
The data sets are describing the 'descent' of the 'daily life' of the 'average joe/josephine' into a form of
'walking (mentally) wounded' state by the end of the year. The whole of the accretion so far for 2016
shows a growing 'slide into (undifferentiated) dysfunction' in which the 'daily life (supporting)
infrastructure' goes from its current 'marginally functional' condition to 'fully fucked up' by the end of
the year....and that is but the 'near term lower low' in so far as longer term projections from the data are
concerned. The LT sets would have 2017 be a 'nasty continuation' of the 'rottenness' of 2016.
The data sets are describing a 'big whump' that will be the 'crash period' of late Spring and throughout
Summer. During this period the 'giant lay-offs' will begin, as will the growing 'presence on the street' of
the 'recently unemployed'. These sets are suggesting that 'more and more young people' are 'without
work', as the 'weather gets hot' and the 'systems fail'. This is the 'gathering' state of 'milling about' that
is then 'magnified' as many of the 'parents' are also 'fired', and then 'things (on the streets) get worse'.
The data sets have some details for some areas suggesting that a few of the 'sparks' for this Summer's
'season of contention' will include 'an elderly woman crushed down', and 'water restrictions (by police
on street activities', and 'inner city (stores) shut down (credit freeze)', and 'hit-and-run by officialdom
vehicle', and on and on and on...but at the core of all of the upcoming 'social distress' is the 'destroyed
The data sets are suggesting that many new 'national scandals' relating to 'money' in some form will
emerge over 2016 and briefly occupy the 'public attention span' as the 'major crises' unfold. Some of
these scandals will include 'gold (not there)' in which a 'national USA pension plan' which had
thousands of 'clients' who 'thought' that they had 'gold (in their) 401k' and other 'self directed pension
plans'. These sets are suggesting that 'some' of the 'officials' at the 'national offices' of the 'pension plan'
will 'live/survive to regret' their 'participation' in the 'fraud scheme' as 'clients' are forecast to 'assault the
offices' and in the resulting 'confrontation/fight/melee' several of the 'financial firm employees' will 'not
survive'. This is but one of many such scandals. In other detail sets we have descriptors of 'lunch
meetings' at 'prominent restaurants' {ed note: southern California most likely} in which 'movie people'
will be 'beaten up/roughed up/dirtied up' as their 'lunch meetings' were with 'scam artists/swindlers'
who will 'happen to be seen' by some of their 'victims' and the 'resulting bash-about' will 'catch (movie)
people' in the 'video' of the incident. These sets would seem to suggest that a 'major celebrity' will be
involved and that the 'reports' of the 'incident' will make 'national news' for a brief few days.
Other instances of 'scandals emerging' are showing as including 'relabeled foods' that will cause
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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'huge/giant problems' with 'hospitals' across a 'wide region of the south'. Other issues will include
'stolen/siphoned funds' that had been 'converted to money' and something of a 'national obsession (for a
few days)' as a 'chase ensues', 'felons vanish (along with money)', and 'speculative chatter goes crazy'
until 'resolution' a few days later on 'usually empty roadway' in a 'lonely desert'.
The longer term data sets have new growth in areas that are linking BrazilPop and USAPop. In much
the same way that early America was temporally linked to the revolution in France, we have new sets
that are binding the activities of north and south America over these next few years as the 'decade of
struggle' becomes apparent to all. These links are suggesting that major 'population movements' are
underway and will continue through the 2030s with some 'force'. While the data sets have emotional
sum values indicating the usual rise and fall seen within all human activities, we have a dominating
floor of emotional tone value to provide support for the idea of 'social cycles completing/changing' in
which the cycle is on the order of '5000/five thousand years'. In other words, major major change
growing under your feet at a level that you are not able to imagine as it is larger than 'generational' in
The longer term value sets are bringing in phrases such as 'before the revolution', and 'in the old days',
and 'in days past', and 'before the crackup', and 'before the breakup', and many others all going to the
idea of 'past times' when the 'dollar was dominant'. These phrases are showing as coming into general
circulation over the next 20/twenty years as the USAPop progresses through its 'decade of struggles' to
'redefine itself'. Much of the 'redefinition' effort is showing as being 'reconciliation' with the 'crimes' of
the 'past (leadership)' done in the 'name of the people'. Also it needs to be noted that the 'Saudi
officialdom' is soon going to be 'shaking in their robes' as their 'luck runs out' and the 'bribery ceases to
hold'. When this occurs, the 'house of saud' will also be under severe stress from its 'Yemen adventure',
as well as 'internal financial chaos'. The situation there, in Arabia, is indicated to get very 'intense' as
the 'Americans' discover 'pertinent facts'.
The data sets are forecasting very challenging times indeed for the next decade and a half. The worst of
things are forecast to include 'mass migrations' as 'nuclear infrastructure' goes 'bad/rotten'. The best of
things are forecast to include 'renaissance', and 're-invigoration' of the populace. Both of these memes
are internally cross linked to each other as the data goes to the idea that 'nuclear disaster' forces
'creative invention' at levels 'never before achieved' all the while huge parts of the 'population' go 'walk
about'. Also please note that the 'diaspora' sub sets continue to fill with language echoing that of the
1930's 'dust bowl migrations'.
There are sets going to the 'renaissance' in 'american manufacturing' as the 'new robotics' reaches the
'break out into the public' level. What is being forecast here goes to 'shock', and 'being overwhelmed' as
the 'robotics concept' is indicated to be 'torn apart' by 'american invention'. Within the larger sets in this
segment of the 'renaissance' we also have the sub sets for the 'wireless telepathy', and 'other inventions'
that are going to 'severely stress' the 'control infrastructure' of TPTB.
The USAPop entity gains new emotional sums in the areas of both 'anger' and 'resentment' as
modelspace is moved forward over Summer. Not only from the 'economic malaise', and the 'political
games' being played by the 'party structure', but now, also showing as a cause is the 'degradation' and
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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'dysfunction' of the 'electrical grid'. As the 'grid' begins having 'regional problems' the data shows that
'anger' will 'manifest' in 'dozens' of ways as the 'population' (in the affected areas) are 'forced to react' to
'blackout conditions' just when they need the 'electrical support'.
A number of sub sets are painting a picture of the 'new monetary system' that will be 'rising' as the
'dollar infrastructure dies' here in USAPop. The data currently is showing an 'evolving system' that is
not 'top down' and 'delivered', but rather is 'born of necessity' and is 'self organizing' and 'self limiting'.
Much of this language goes to increasingly 'sophisticated (forms of) barter', but also crypto currencies
are prominent in the descriptor sets as being a 'mobile alternative' to 'daily (degradation) of the dollar'.
Many other sets are related to the 'dollar degradation'. These include 'cruise ship labor disputes with
passengers held hostage'; 'hospitals closed due to lack of supplies'; 'public events canceled due to lack
of funds for police/security/cleanup'. Note that this last is going to 'anger' a whole lot of people who
will decide to 'do it anyway' that in turn leads to some very 'bad outcomes'.

The data sets are showing that BritainPop is going to be 'sad and drunk' as a result of yet another
'crushing defeat' to the 'population' at the '(metaphoric) hands' of the 'controlling elites'. The data is
showing that 'migration', and 'extremist behavior' are amongst the top motivators for the BritishPop in
their 'voting', and further the data suggests that their 'will shall be ignored' very shortly after the
'political sham' of the 'vote' has 'cooled'.

Recent data sets are showing that the 'declining living standard' amongst IsraelPop will produce
'economic schisms' as 'various fronts (political interests)', sensing a 'developing power vacuum', will be
'pressing their case'. These data sets are filling with new supporting sets for a 'governmental push' to
'produce robots (general purpose)' that will be the 'big emotional hook' for the 'corporate base'. The
problem is going to be that just as the 'effort (to boost local economy via big debt funded investment in
robotics)' begins, the data is forecasting that a 'scandal' will be 'developing' over 'robots gone bad'. In
the instances cross linked the data suggests that there were (will have been) 'fatalities' and 'corporate
cover ups'.

As had been forecast in way long ago ALTA reports, the 'revolution' meme has surfaced in Brazil. New
growth shows this 'revolution' meme spreading across the continent from east to west and starting in
the middle, spreading first north, then later to the south. Both Uruguay and Paraguay seem relatively
immune to the upcoming 'problems' or 'upheaval'.
Current growth in the BrazilPop sets include the idea that 'international' problems are going to 'erupt'
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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along with BrazilPop. The idea coming out is that all manner of 'international sporting events', not only
the Olympic Games, are going to be 'shut out' of 'production facilities' by 'local social action' which
will emerge from a 'riot gone wild' that will become a 'successful model' for 'local popular actions'. The
data sets are forming support for a 'occupation zone' which will really be a 'no-go officialdom zone' due
to the 'many local committees (forming new local governments in a de facto fashion)'. The idea is of a
Brazil (from the view of officialdom) being 'cratered' as various 'local communities' begin realizing
they are 'isolated' and 'not likely to receive (federal government) assistance'. The data further supports
the sets that have language indicating that 'to speak is to secede', or 'public outcry' over 'incompetence
and corruption'.
Other sets related to the 'revolution' sub set within BrazilPop include 'starving (hunger strikes?)' related
to 'prisons', and 'ports shut down (as credit freezes due to international jitters over local popular
The 'local popular actions' are extensively cross linked over to the 'alternative media' and what is called
'woo-woo' (or the officially denied, and/or disappeared information)'. The data further suggests that due
to 'economic lies' the 'local population' is 'forced' to 'investigate (what happened to them, their jobs, et
cetera)'. This is shown as 'creating conditions' for 'mass awakening'. This is going to be 'hastened' by
the 'wave of bankruptcies globally (that creates whistle-blowers in large numbers)'.

The BIG ONE is showing up in the Markets entity as the new data is accruing for the 'largest (paper
debt) crash ever'. The 'BIG ONE' crash language is piling up new aspect/attribute sets for 'equity
plunge' and 'stocks plummet', and 'debt defaults', and 'carry (forex) trade failures', and 'price
fluctuations' in 'bonds'. The data is growing in the sets for a 'stock/equity market movement' that is
described as 'bringing tears' and 'squeezing (the) bowels'. The data is filling with language around the
idea of a 'record pace (downward)', and 'elevator stomach heaves'. Other sets show that 'corporations'
will be 'scrambling (to recover) mere pennies' as 'liquidity goes/fails'.
The language around 'liquidity' continues to gain supporting sets for 'supply chain (credit) failure', and
'base money supply vaporization', and 'withering arteries (lead to shrinking veins)'. Other new sets
include 'gateways (thin)', and 'fat (over anxious) credit pushers' and 'no (credit) demand'. The data
further shows that the 'collapsing credit demand markets' as well as the 'disappearing base money
supply' will produce a maturing situation over Summer and through Fall (northern hemisphere) in
which the 'just in time delivery system' is described as 'falling apart (as though fasteners removed)'.
These and many other new sets are describing a 'world gone wonky' according to the 'officialdom' view
of things. In this 'world gone wonky' viewpoint, the 'officialdom pronouncements' are supposed to be
the key element in determining how things work, not 'reality'. The 'impact of reality' is forecast as
'shoving a stick (up the ass/arse)' of 'officialdom' as the 'markets and liquidity failures' will 'prompt' an
'officialdom response' that will 'totally screw up (the) situation'. There are several new sets going to the
idea that the 'Fed response' to the 'monetary crisis' is going to 'make traders vomit', and 'feel' both
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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'unwell' and in a state of 'un-reality'.

The 'un-real' feeling of the 'markets' is showing as being a 'factor' in and of itself as 'disbelief' becomes
both the 'feeling' and the word heard in both mainstream propaganda and alternative press any time the
'markets' are being discussed. Other words to be heard relative to the 'markets' over the rest of April and
through May/June are 'tilted', 'skewed', and 'squirrelly'. Other images coming up are comparisons to
caged rats eating each others' tails and 'buckets (of pissed off) octopi'. The data sets are seemingly
indicating that the 'disbelief' of 'officialdom numbers' about 'anything' will be reaching such large
proportions of the population that a 'revolutionary awakening' is being forecast as 'on the horizon'. In
sailing terms, this phrase means that 'something, once observed in the distance, will continue to grow
daily in your vision'.
The data sets are showing that the 'hyperinflation' that is forecast to begin in mid to late Summer
(northern hemisphere) will be described by the 'captive press (aka mainstream propaganda press)' as
being 'but an episode', however, the 'impacts' are forecast as 'hitting working population' to such an
extent that the 'population' will 'feel blooded' by the 'cutting (of the) money'. These sets are further
supported by new sub sets that are accruing to the older supporting sets of 'food crisis', and 'failures of
(delivery) system' that will be 'episodically (floating) about (the) USA (and many parts of Canada)'.
The data sets are suggesting that the word 'great', and 'giant', and 'monstrous' will be some of the many
words in the same vein that are forecast to be 'pouring out of' the propaganda press over these next few
months. These words are going to be applied to 'bubbles', as well as 'waves (of selling)', and 'days (of)
down numbers'. The data sets are pointing toward the 'April fall off (of the edge)' of 'monetizing of
assets' that will be 'preceding Summer (northern hemisphere) hyperinflation'.
Other new sets for 'popular culture' words/phrases include a forecast for 'all-in', and 'actual costs' as the
'price suppression' that has been occurring as a result of 'central planning' accelerates its 'peeling back'
of the 'layers of rigging'. The data sets are suggesting that 'markets' of all kinds will be entering a 'chaos
period' that will dominate the 'summer broadcasts' within the 'western media'.
The data is suggesting that by late in Summer (northern hemisphere), the outbreak of 'hostilities', as
well as the 'environmental destruction' that is starting to emerge from the (by then) 'recent sinking' of
some form of 'transport ship(s)' will be the 'named cause' for the 'raging' and 'terrifying' emergence of
the 'global currency crisis'.
The data accretion patterns are showing that the 'break down' of the 'mainstream propaganda press' will
be accompanying the 'waterfall crash(es)' of the 'global fiat currencies'. The data is showing that
'bizarre schemes' will be 'paraded ' by 'government shills and speakers' in front of the 'populations' as
they (officialdom) tries to 'get something to fly (be accepted)'.
The data accretion patterns are arguing for a 'derivative hot potato' to emerge in late May or early June
that will set 'fire to banks'. Some 30+ per cent of the new 'fire to banks' language has both 'gold' and
'silver' within the new growth for the sets. These new 'silver' and 'gold' references are themselves
descriptor sets for sub sets within this lexical structure. The gold and silver sub sets within this area are
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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filling with 'money', and 'interest rates' as primary and secondary supporting aspects. The attribute sets
within these aspects are focusing on 'competition' between 'banks' to 'acquire' and 'store' these forms of
'real money'. Further the data sets are also growing with 'interest rates' as a major contributing sub set
for the 'derivatives hot potato' with a focus in these sets on a 'debacle' that will begin with or in 'Turkey'
that will 'damage' a 'key element' that is a 'basis' for a 'derivative chain'. The real problem being
highlighted is that a series of 'between banks' sales of 'derivatives' will be discovered to be a 'tightly
bound chain' that will have the 'holding link break' JUST as the 'next leg' of the 'currency competition'
begins its 'biting (to the bone)' phase.
The new data for this report brings in new sets for 'hyperinflation' that within their supporting sets they
have new sets showing a 'forced (revaluation of) gold'. !!! Note, this may be just discussion (at this
stage) and not action. There are some hints that this is a 'thing *(meme)' being driven by TPTB. There
are a number of large, new cross links forming that terminate within the TPTB entity where the
terminating sets are filled with new language for 'new limits', and 'new understanding (of gold (in
monetary policy))', and 'no constraints/bounds (on the currency devaluations)'. Other sets are directly
going to 'ideology', and 'fundamental belief', and others in a similar vein that go to the 'religious' nature
of the 'monetary system' (ie: belief in 'ephemeral abstractions/mental images') that will be 'rearing up' in
the discussions about 'gold' (specifically). Further these sets contain sub sets and other directly held
values that go to 'central banks' being in the position of discussing 'in public' of a 'forced revaluation' of
'gold'. These sets are also getting supporting values from a 'small country' which is in 'desperate straits
(within the financial system)'. Apparently this 'small nation' will be in possession of some serious 'gold
reserves' (may be a new, large mine discovered) {ed note: data shows that the 'discovery' has already
occurred, but is being 'kept close (to very few, interested, involved, and controlling hands)' but note that
the 'discovery' may be not a 'storage of gold', but maybe rather a 'discovery (of how to) capitalize' on a
'forced gold price revaluation'.
Recent processing in the sets above {ed note: two days more accumulation} adds new sets that may be
hinting that 'Bangladesh' may be the 'small nation' who 'upsets (global) banking'. These sets are
suggesting that 'revenge' is a contributing motivator. The data sets are forecasting that 'gold as money'
will be 'launched' into 'global debate' by the 'actions' of the 'small nation'. This 'discussion' alone is
showing as being a 'policy crushing event' for the 'central banksters' and the 'propaganda media'. The
data further gains new supporting sub sets for a 'gold standard'. Further the data is supporting that
'smugglers' and 'others (criminals in officialdom eyes)' will find it in their interest to 'support (the) the
small nation' through a 'hidden channel (to get gold to them)'. These sets are very high in emotional
values and almost obscured by the number of cross links over to the TPTB entity and USAPop entity.
Much of the 'gold' supporting sets are going to the idea of 'dollar degradation' being a 'major propellant'
for the 'dollar price of gold'. These sets are clearly showing that 'new all time highs' are coming for
'gold', and further that 'silver' will 'get there first'. These sets are showing that an 'initial pop' of 'price
action' is going to be causing the 'oppressors' of the 'precious metals' to have 'loose bowels' as the
'media' and 'public' are showing as 'catching gold (and silver) fever'. This is against a background of
'developing political fracturing' and 'massive economic failure'. These sets contain data for 'crashing
housing' markets, as well as 'deflationary debt destruction', and other sets in the same vein going to the
idea that 'once support (from Fed) dies', so do all the 'debt-as-asset bubbles'. And further, the data
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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shows that they do not merely deflate, but rather 'rupture' and 'explode' in a 'violent' manner.
Housing within the data accumulated over these last several months is forming an entirely new
narrative about the future of both 'housing', and 'construction' across the globe. The Markets entity
component of the 'housing shift' is showing that a 'condition' of 'equity', but 'no cash' is going to 'assailt'
the 'real estate markets' globally as the 'western (dollar dominated) financial system' come further
'unglued' over this Summer and into Fall. The data is showing that in early to mid June, there will be
something like a 'flood' of 'sellers' as the 'owners perceive (their) equity' at risk of 'vanishing'. The data
shows a narrative that runs such as this: 'credit markets seize up'; 'governmental agencies (usa)' will
'fail to deliver (the) cash (and guarantees)' needed for the 'financing of house sales'. This will be
occurring because of the 'credit market freeze' which will 'induce a run (to cash -globally)' that in its
turn will 'force many (sellers)' to be 'unable to market (their property)' due to the 'sudden freeze (lack of
liquidity)' in the 'financing mechanisms (for real estate)'. On the Markets entity view of this situation, it
develops against a background of 'increasing political instability (in USA)' and 'repeated (and
escalating) failures (of USA officialdom) to pay bills'. This in turn brings out 'foreign fears', and
'avoidance (supported by disease)' of the 'dollar denominated debts (held as assets)'.
The Markets entity view of the new narrative for 'global housing', and its related cousin, 'construction',
are showing that a 'seizure' in both areas occurs as a result of a 'tightening credit system'. As the data
shows the 'dollar base (real money, not digital, debt based liabilities labeled as assets) shrinks rapidly',
this causes 'deals to sour' for first larger sales (more on this below).
High end real estate is showing as 'hurting' much more than any property being sold in the 'middle to
lower price brackets'. These higher end properties are filling sub sets with new data supporting the idea
of 'failed sales' (in your local market) 'gain press' and 'induce price lowering frenzy' as the 'motivated
sellers' become 'freaked out' and begin 'slashing (their) prices'. This then 'freaks out' those 'sellers' who,
up to that point, were thinking that the 'real estate markets' (in their local areas) were 'still normal'. The
problem they face is made worse by their 'sudden awakening (to all the system crumbling)' and their
also 'sudden awakening' to their 'wealth (being held hostage)' as 'equity'. Note that the data is indicating
that the 'equity' is ALL based on 'false numbers' and the 'assumed ability' of 'someone else' to 'obtain
financing' and 'cash (them) out'. The data shows that this assumption is laid out as 'false' by early July
in most of the 'major markets' in the 'western world'.
There are new growth areas in the 'abandonment (of high end property)' as the 'high pay workers' get
'trashed' by the 'crumbling system' and 'discover' that they are 'not rich' but rather are 'debt bound'.
Many of these properties will be 'abandoned' when the 'equity' starts 'melting away' in the 'degrading
real estate markets'.
Then, curiously, there are several sets indicating that a strange development will occur in which (likely
in USA) 'government agencies' will be 'investigating' the 'sudden (rectifying) downward turn' of their
'real estate markets' as 'manipulation'. This is indicated to form a bit of 'comedy' for those who are
aware as these 'government agencies' start 'attacking' the 'issue of manipulation' only to 'run into banks'.
This will create a 'whistle-blower' who is indicated to 'change' the 'game (of markets corruption)'.
Apparently this individual is going to 'bring (down)' the (at that time) top two bank ceo's . Again,
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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curiously, this 'whistle-blower' event is also indicated to be used 'in far far future' as a 'temporal marker'
for the 'failure' of our current 'monetary (financial) system'.
The data sets from this point are showing that 'complex deals' will be 'coming apart' in a 'flood' over
2016 such that 2017 is also filling up with temporal markers, including the 'total collapse (of the)
global market (for mortgages)'.
Many of growth areas of the Markets entity are fundamentally pointing toward a 'complexity (pressure)
systemic failure' in which the combining factors of 'failure' at 'small levels' (mainly within officialdom)
will lead to a situation of the 'broken teeth' will be 'blocking (the) movement (of the) gears'. The data is
indicating that the 'failures' at small levels have already accumulated to the point of being 'system
clogging debris'. The 'complexity' component of the upcoming 'failure blockage' needs to be
recognized as the contributing factor which 'pushes the system (over the) edge'. The 'complexity' of the
'interconnected systems' that are the 'mechanisms' of 'government' become so 'wound up together' as to
'cease' to 'function'. Some of the details include 'tourists' being 'held hostage' by 'park workers', and
'boats' being 'denied landings' due to 'computer failure' which in its turn induces 'port workers' to
'protest (lack of work)' which then causes the 'police' to 'arrest the port workers', and in the melee, also
many of the 'port authorities (management)' also end up in jail. This is likely going to be in the USA,
but the immediate impact will be to cause 'international (shipping) ramifications' and a 'rapidly
unfolding (trade) war'.
Much of the 'complexity blocking' story within the data sets goes to the idea of 'policies' being
implemented which are 'instantly' in conflict with 'reality' and 'sanity', and also, frequently, 'other insane
governmental policies' which exists as 'no (policy)' is 'ever reviewed' nor 'questioned' prior to
'implementation'. This is described within the data as a 'off shoot' of the 'complexity problem' also
'affecting policy creators' and 'implementing personnel (aka police)'. Some of the 'complexity' set has
brought in new sub sets to the effect that the 'officialdom' will find itself in 'daily conflict(s) (between
government agencies and departments) with itself'.
A number of new sets are bringing in language for the Markets entity that are in support of a very
primary emotional descriptor of 'distortions'. These new sets are adding more weight to the 'wobble' of
the 'dollar', 'pumping the pendulum' so to speak, as the data brings in new sets forecasting 'regional
(within USA)' separations at the 'government level' due to 'dollar purchasing power failure' and
'regional source dollar generation'.
In other language, the description of the 'USA governmental infrastructure' during a period of
'officialdom induced meltdown' is going to resemble 'feuding warlords', and 'gang turf battles'. These
'intergovernmental battles' are showing as being entirely about 'retaining funding' and 'power centers'.
As the 'government' is shown 'fighting it out (amongst themselves)' for 'crumbling funding', the
Markets entity is painting a picture of 'chaos' and 'disruption' in the 'flow of finance' and the 'trading of
goods'. The data sets continue to accrue for a 'very bad summer and fall' leading to a 'terrible winter of
(financial death)' here in the Markets realm. These sets are forecasting that the 'financial black plague'
will be emerging in early October as 'record numbers (of) corporations' will be 'going out of business'
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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and/or 'filing for bankruptcy'.

As modelspace is progressed through Summer and into Fall, the 'eastern storm outlook (forecast)' for
both 'weather' and 'markets' is very 'intense'. The movement of modelspace during the months of
September, October, and November have a very large bulge in the intake of new values for
'stormy/frightful/scary conditions' affecting what remains of the 'markets'. The new detail sets accruing
for this period show 'banks (regional) failures' that will 'shutter thousands (of branches)', and large
banks that are 'teetering (with daily new stories about how fragile they are becoming)', and 'grocery
chains (being kept open by officialdom dictate)'.
The data sets are showing that 'bond markets' are the 'leading edge' of the 'crash' language, and further
that 'central banks' are going to be 'pushed down' when the 'bond market' first 'lifts up', then 'rolls over'.
The 'lifting up' language may be referring to 'interest rates', and if so, these sets are predictive of a very
sharp increase that can be described as 'teeth, sinking deep, down to the bone'.
The 'real estate markets' at a global level, but with specific focus on the USA, is showing that as the
'heat picks up (in Summer, northern hemisphere)', the 'housing markets' will run into the 'reality' of the
'ability to sell'. These sets are going to the idea of 'inventory building' to the point of a 'flooded market'
and 'fewer and fewer buyers' are going to be 'able to achieve financing'. Thus the data is showing that
'real estate markets' are going to be 'choking (with) properties' by the end of the 'Summer listing
season'. As modelspace is moved from late July into August, some of the 'high end real estate markets'
will be in the 'mainstream propaganda media' as the 'realtors' will be 'screaming' over 'failing sales' and
'rising inventory', and 'falling prices'.
As modelspace is progressed through 2016 and across several temporal markers we find that 'credit
tightens' which will cause everything from 'failing regional banks', 'failing auto dealerships', and 'failing
real estate markets', and 'crashing just in time delivery systems' to all 'pile onto' the 'population' such
that not only the 'conditions for riots' but also the 'conditions' for 'regional economic collapse' to occur.
These sets are cross linked internally over to the 'real estate markets' sub set showing that 'high end
properties' will be both 'abandoned (in the early stages)', and 'squatted (by former 'owners') in latter
stages' of the 'Great Real Estate Crunch 2016'. Note the 'real crash' will be in 2017.
Much of the language within the 'bonds' and 'real estate' sections are going to the idea that a 'crisis
condition' exists now, that is basically a 'super huge planet sized bubble' that is going to 'start to pop' in
Summer 2016, and will take over a year to actually 'complete the exhalation of the balloon'. The data
sets are showing that the 'size of the balloon' will be 'debated' as it is 'failing'.
The data sets are continuing growth in the 'hyperinflation' sub sets that will be 'led by the Fed' as the
'global financial (and trade) markets' will 'slide into' a 'condition' of 'crashing currencies'. As the
'hyperinflation' monster starts to 'eat its way out of the heart of the local economies', the data sets are
forecasting a 'storm of tariffs' and 'capital restrictions' that will be 'traveling through economies' like
'shit through a goose'.
Once again hauling modelspace back to the now, and then restarting it in slow forward progress a large
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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picture view of the 'financial' year ahead emerges. In this year, we have the data sets forecasting the
'shock of the new' as 'officialdom' reaches its own 'cracking point' where in the 'financial facade' is 'set
aside' to 'deal with reality. These sets at this larger, more national/social/cultural level are forecasting
that 'governments' will be 'getting wise' and 'reacting to (developing) reality' in such areas as 'silver' and
'gold'. In the case of the latter, the 'officialdom' is described as going to 'great lengths' to 'disparage
gold' during the 'upcoming hyperinflation', however during that same period, the same 'governments'
will be 'screaming' to 'protect' their 'national assets' of 'silver hoards' as 'silver', across the globe, shifts
from 'industrial-monetary' into 'strategic-monetary-industrial' status. These sets are showing that
'surprising movements' in the 'price' will actually be so 'violent' as to 'precipitate heart attacks'. And the
emotional sums in this area are but a small fraction of what is being carried by the longer term values
for the 'next 10/ten years'. These sets are filled with language for 'too precious (to use up)', and
'strategic embargo (on shipping silver out side of borders)', and many other sets going to the idea of
'those who has it, wants to keep it' at a national level relating to 'silver'.
The data sets are filling with examples of 'contradictory behavior' especially as it 'issues from
officialdom'. These sets in all entities are going to the idea of 'behavior' in 'conflict' with 'itself' from
'local and state government' to 'international agreements' in which 'section A' will 'disagree' with
'section Q'. These many 'conflicts' are going to be part of the 'developing governmental seize-up' in
several nations as 'government' reaches a 'peak of affordability' and 'capacity (to) function'. This
developing trend is very pertinent to the 'trading community' globally as a great many 'governments' are
going to become so 'impeded' and 'constipated' as to 'cause (internal to their countries) markets' to

The 'outspreading' of the 'personal technology revolution' is showing as accelerating over next few
years with several 'announcements' coming this Summer (northern hemisphere). The data is forecasting
that 'new refining (electrical separation of elements from aggregates)' will be one of the announcements
which is in a direct line to the upcoming technology (few years out) in which 'smart (refining) bots' will
'slide down veins (of ore)' and 'electrically extract (the) minerals'. This first announcement is showing
as being 'very underwhelming' to the globe in general, but exciting huge interests among 'physicists'
and 'makers'.
Other sets in the SpaceGoatFarts entity with noteworthy growth include nearly every set that is related
to Terra entity 'climate' and 'weather'. In these sets we continue to note growth in new supporting sub
set for 'unknown energies from space' as well as 'identified (new forms of) energies from space'. These
latter sets include 'UV rays' as well as 'electrical discharges (at a micro level at the very edge of the
upper atmosphere)'. Other sets with large new supporting sub sets include 'chemtrails', and 'new
The SpaceGoatFarts entity is also suggesting that CERN is going to 'screw up' and the 'Large Hadron
Collider' is going to 'go bad/ be sour' and 'cause problems with local rocks'. These sets are cross linked
over to the 'big earthquake' sub sets in ChinaPop.

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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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SpaceGoatFarts entity is also filling with longer term values for the 'discussion (of) a pending arrival'.
Note that while the data sets are tending to lean toward 'arrival' in the meaning of a 'traveler', there is no
definition of what the 'traveler' may be. It could be referencing a comet or asteroid. Without regard to
the nature of the 'traveler', what is of interest here is that 'officialdom' is being described as 'shitting
sharp bricks' over the 'upcoming event', as well as 'freaking out/losing of mind' over the 'bad
circumstances (within the social order)'. This latter is apparently due to adding 'complexity' to a
'situation' that is already 'mentally taxing' to 'conceptualize'.

Conclusion: Extreme and Exploratory

Humans are odd creatures. Their minds are bifurcated and half loves regularity, and the 'systemic
approach', while the other half loves 'the life wild'. It should not come as a surprise that humans no
sooner discover a glorious example of rampaging, mind-grabbing chaos in nature, then they set out to
systematize it.
The example of the moment is built on human interaction with the wild rivers of the planet. Having
experience in this area, my opinion is that the systematization of the experience is only meaningful
when not in the experience.
In other words, when in Class VI river rapids
(, desperately paddling to to
keep your skin sack intact, your bone-box unbroken, the 'rating' of the river is not part of the reality. It
is only before the run, during the planning and the dread-ahead, and afterward, in the flushing rush to
the skin, and tingling to the tips of fingers and toes that tells you you are alive, that numbers about the
experience can even enter your mind, let alone have meaning. As is noted in the description of Class VI
river rapids, they are by definition,
Runs of this classification are rarely attempted and often exemplify the extremes of
difficulty, unpredictability and danger. The consequences of errors are severe and rescue
may be impossible. For teams of experts only, at favorable water levels, after close
personal inspection and taking all precautions. After a Class VI rapid has been run many
times, its rating may be changed to an appropriate Class 5.x rating.
It is all about 'experience', and that aspect of human-matterium interaction which is so captivating to
the human mind(s) that it is felt/perceived as a continuous flow occupying all of the energy of the mind
and body; what humans call 'peak experience'. As may be noted, human 'peak experiences' usually are
associated with 'perceived potential of death at any instant' and its resultant mental state of 'abject
dynamic fear'. This is what they try to achieve in 'amusement park rides'.....but in the amusement park
there exists a promise is that it is all a show with no realistic chance of dying that particular ride.
On the ride our planet is taking over these next 2/two years, there is no such promise of safety. We are
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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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in Class VI temporal waters. Tighten your grip on reality, it is your only paddle on this extreme and
exploratory trip. Rapids dead ahead. Keep your wits about you; rescue IS impossible.

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Class VI : Rescue Impossible May, 2016
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