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Do you need to fill critical positions in your organization right now? 10 Insider Tips to Finding and Hiring Talent in the Current Life Sciences Job Market
Are you a hiring authority worried about how you will fill your open positions? Learn how to steer clear of common hiring mistakes, find top achievers, and avoid wasting thousands of dollars! Thursday, September 23, 2004 Are you getting the results you want from your recruiting and hiring efforts? If the answer is no, I can help you find stronger, more dedicated, and talented people – QUICKLY. I am a veteran life sciences recruiter who has consistently performed in the top 10% of my peers nationally. I have helped dozens of organizations and companies make better hires faster, saving them tens of thousands of dollars and adding REAL VALUE. Not fluff solutions and band-aid fixes. You can enjoy these very same benefits, too. To find out how, I’m offering you an exclusive

100% guaranteed risk-free tryout.
My name is Lucia Apollo Shaw. For nearly 10 years, I have helped organizations define, locate, hire, and keep the “cream of the crop”. It took me awhile, but eventually I learned the hard way that nearly everything the “experts” preach about finding and hiring high-quality people is misguided, outdated...Or just plain weak. Maybe you’ve heard of some of these gems before? “Take out newspaper ads in city-wide or national print publications.” “Post openings on job boards. The internet is the answer to get resumes.” “Hiring people is all about money. Don’t lose a top person to a higher bidder.” Is there any shred of truth to these popular myths? Sure. But here’s the problem: Very few people truly understand the “inner game” of results-based recruiting and hiring. The resulting confusion has spawned massive wastes of time and money—never mind the lost opportunities for new contracts, higher profitability, and vital industry advances. You can avoid these problems. I’m talking about nothing less than finding the BEST, most DRIVEN and MOTIVATED people who want to work for YOU, in the FASTEST amount of time, at the LOWEST cost to your budget.


Regretably, most employers end up settling for average talent hires (at best), who then end up leaving! It happens every day. Even after spending tens, or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy Applicant Tracking Systems, advertising and sponsorship, career expos, relocation expenses, and more. The frustration is unbelievable, isn’t it? Worse yet, if you’re like a lot of CRO hiring managers today, you already have your back against the wall. These days, it’s an impossible juggle to keep up with urgent deadlines, new business agreements, FDA compliance mandates, fickle sponsor decisions, IT headaches… ...And all the while somehow scramble to interview, hire, and keep top people on board! Let’s face it—how can you be expected to make sound hiring decisions in the face of firefighting the normal demands on your time? If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. You’re only human. You requested this information for a reason. Do you see yourself somewhere in here? You’ve had trouble landing qualified people. Turnover is higher than you care to think about. You know you need to do something about filling those vital positions. More and more, the pain gnaws at you every day. But you’re unsure what to do. How can you map out a plan? Who can you turn to for help? You’ve been able to fill most openings yourself. But sometimes you wouldn’t mind some guidance to minimize the chances of making a “nightmare hire”. The “extroverted” CRA who violated a major non-disclosure agreement at a pharma conference comes to mind. And who can forget that new project manager who told a PI that 21 CFR Part 11 was an electronic direct deposit program for his 401(k)? What can you do to make things easier? You used to be able to “do it yourself”...But things have changed! Maybe new growth or other organizational changes now limit what your internal staff could once pull off while performing other duties. The true cost of finding great hires yourself—whether Business Development Representativies or Project Managers—has simply become too high because your resources are needed elsewhere. What can you do to minimize the drain on your time...And make the best use of your recruiting budget? I have written this report for two reasons: 1) I love what I do and stand behind it! I sincerely want to share some lesser known tips and secrets about effective recruitment and hiring for CROs. You can add these to your arsenal, or come up with new ideas and variations altogether. 2) As a risk-free way to introduce you to myself and my firm. If you like my approach of sharing information without obligation, then you might want to take me up on my offer to “test drive” my services without risk after you read this report. Why should you listen to anything I have to say? Good question. Let me explain. It all began in Durham, North Carolina... Years ago, I was hired as a corporate recruiter and Human Resources specialist at Duke University and Health System. I saw plenty of action in the hiring trenches. Unfortunately for me...



...Success didn’t come easily. Or without costly learning mistakes. You see, prior to joining Duke, I’d been an agency (third-party) technical head hunter for just over four years in the 90’s. In those days, advertising budgets were always flush...Relocation costs were always covered by my company...And conferences and road trips were at my disposal whenever I wanted. “I can fill open healthcare positions anywhere,” I naïvely thought. “How hard could it be?” But at Duke I was an internal recruiter for a non-profit organization. No more fat budgets. Goodbye, expense accounts. So long, mass-advertising-on-demand. And the bar was set very high in my new position: I was expected to bring top Radiology Technologists, CRNAs, and Clinical Pharmacists on board. To attract Programmers, Statisticians, and IT Professionals. To find Clinical Data Managers and Research Scientists. Physical therapists, Business Managers, and Physician Assistants. And I’m not talking about “several” job openings at any one time. Or even dozens. On average, our team handled well over 500 open positions on a regular basis! The margin for error was razor sharp. Budgets were always tight, and the pressure non-stop. My team and I were continually challenged to do more with less. Yet with more effort came more frustration and worry. Often, we couldn’t offer the highest salaries, but somehow we had to fill all of these open vacancies! Do you know the feeling? Then, when I least expected it... Something weird started to happen. If only through sheer perseverance, I discovered I had tripped upon a few key principles about finding talented people, capturing their interest, and making truly exceptional hires! But was it a fluke? At first I slipped back to the “old ways” of recruiting. Newspaper advertising. Working with job boards. Sponsoring career expos. Hosting after-hours open houses. But the “old frustrations” began to resurface again: Ho-hum candidates. Slow decision makers. Unqualified or unemployed job hoppers flooding my voice mail and e-mail. Thousands of resumes to sort through. I had trouble finding gogetters, and when I did, they had the upper hand in negotiating the job terms – not me! So, I tried these “new” approaches once again…And, sure enough, my worries began to evaporate! Faster hires, better quality people, stronger networking channels, greater retention. Slowly, everything began to make sense. The feelings of liberation and stress relief were amazing. Would you like your job fill stress to go away, too? Today, I know how to fill a wide span of life science positions with good people – FASTER than the lame, traditional methods most companies still struggle with on a daily basis. How about you? At the end of the day, do you find yourself saying “There has got to be a better way”? Think about this for a moment:



How would you feel coming to work every day having more FREE TIME for other demands? What would it be like if you had an “on/off” valve to CONTROL those pesky vacant positions? Can you imagine no longer having the DREAD and HEADACHES you associate with hiring? Can any CRO make better quality hires, faster, in today’s market? Yes. I often hear, “but Lucia, we’re a Site Management Organization, we’re different,” or “we get by on our name, everyone knows us, we’re different.” Listen, I don’t care if you’re small or large, east coast or west coast, a brand-new start-up or a 50-year old multi-national conglomerate responsible for maintaining the ranks of thousands of healthcare and life science positions... I will show you how you can end your woes and make better, faster hires, too! A major roadblock is most often a lack of understanding and communication between recruiters, hiring managers, and the human resources, procurement and legal departments…And the confused pool of talented, dedicated job candidates who want to work for somebody...Why not you? This leads to the first insider tip of this report: INSIDER TIP 1: NEVER FORGET THE “VITAL FEW AND TRIVIAL MANY” RULE Pareto’s “80/20” rule, as applied to hiring, is simply: The masses of so-called “qualified and available” people are NOT the ones who will make the biggest impact for you. Resist temptation and do not look to make “easy hires” as a general rule. Why? There are almost always reasons why these people are “available”. It’s often wise to ignore those who are in the front row who are waving their arms wildly, resumes in hand. Often they won’t remain the most loyal to you, and typically they won’t exceed your job expectations beyond doing the minimum. What they WILL do is attract other people who are just like them to work for you. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a CRA, Data Manager, or Statistical Programmer. Not exactly the desired effect, is it? Put another way, there will always be an inverse relationship between the ease in which you uncover candidates who say they want to work for you, and their actual value in the final analysis. Be suspicious of how apparently “easy” it was to find a qualified applicant for that open Business Development or CRA position. “Ease” is why newspaper and traditional job postings will succeed in dumping STACKS of resumes into your lap. Sure, at first it feels very secure. But the problem is that most of those people have always been accustomed to average, ordinary levels of performance. If you hire them, they will continue on the path of making average, ordinary contributions for you, too. Is this really what you want? If you take nothing else from this report, please remember this secret “Hiring Commandment”:


-5The very best, the top-of-the-line, the impact people, the movers and shakers, the real leaders of your field, sector or specialty…Are NOT the people who are circulating resumes and scanning the papers with their eye on a new job somewhere. The hidden gems...The people you want the most...Won’t even give your “Regional Monitor – A Career Opportunity!” display ad the time of day. Why? They won’t even know about it! These people are very quietly making most of the real achievements in your field. They are either very content with what they are doing and where they do it…Or it doesn’t occur to them that they might be happier, more fulfilled, and more productive elsewhere. This is your opportunity, and it’s also how I can help you. To cut the amount of time and money you spend on hiring efforts in half, DOUBLE your time and efforts wooing the vital, hidden “20%”. The short-term efforts should never be “easy”, or else you will needlessly spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours repeating history!

INSIDER TIP 2: CAN YOU ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION? Great news. You’ve found someone REALLY sharp. A real problem solver, who you know will take care of some major project management gaps that have been a thorn in your side. Finally! And the best part is, they seem excited, too! You’re going to make an offer. You have the health insurance brochure in hand. You’ve spent months searching for the right candidate, and now you’re about to go over the 401(k) plan with her in your office...! Can this really be happening? Stop! Before you go any further, here is vital information you need to understand. Despite what they may say with their mouth, your candidate’s mind is screaming:

“So WHAT if you’re the second largest west coast-based CRO? Why should I REALLY consider leaving the safety of my comfort zone right now?”

Yes, they will utter the expected interview niceties. You know the ones I mean: “The management potential sounds appealing.” “It looks like a great career opportunity. I’m very interested.” “The research here is high-tech and will provide many learning opportunities.” But I guarantee you that what they are REALLY thinking is this:



“Come on...EXCITE me with the possibilities! How will working for you be any different than working one interstate exit down at Acme Clinical Trials?” Before you make another phone call or send out another letter, write down three things about working for you that you know for a fact are UNIQUE. Be specific, be compelling, and be passionate. The best CROs aren’t the best by accident or circumstance. They know that recruiting and hiring is OLD FASHIONED ONE-ON-ONE SELLING, and believing in their vision. Anything less, frankly, is “so what?” to someone who could be hired at any number of companies. Don’t underestimate this psychology – it is a major source of your hiring success or failure. “So what” is the core question you must immediately address...Or else everything else that you do will in all probability be a waste of time and money. You must overcome a top candidate’s subconscious, natural fear that it will be “easier” for them to not make a change and just stay put. If you carry on about your published stats in some Book of Lists, or that your international growth has averaged 10% per anum, you will find that phone calls will begin to go unreturned. E-mail exchanges will suddenly run cold. “That’s odd,” you wonder. Then one Monday morning, you’re greeted with the voice mail message you feared was coming:
“Jim, I don’t know how to say this, because I know I said I was ready to come on board at first. But, well, you know they made me a counter-offer and changed my job title. After careful consideration, I feel that it would be best for me to stay right where I am. But I’m very flattered to have received your offer. And thanks for all of the time you spent with me. I wish you luck in the search.”

Ouch. Now you have the pleasure of reporting this wonderful news to your boss...And then after that, starting all over again from square one! Does this sound familiar? (“Wanna get away?”) Did you know that of all job offers not conducted through a recruiter, 50% go unaccepted? I can help you craft job unique descriptions that often can spell the difference between “Thanks, but no thanks” and “Really? How soon can we talk?” INSIDER TIP 3: WHAT WOMEN (AND MEN!) WANT Here’s a vital observation that many CROs fail to make: Are we the only company interested in luring this person away and hiring them here? The answer, of course, is no. Top talent in the life sciences receives many offers continuously.


-7You need to “wow” them in ways that separate you. Do you need an on-site gym? Not necessarily. Talk to them about flex time. Talk to them about remote work opportunities. What about on-site dry-cleaning? Prepared meals for staff to take home for dinner? Taxi services for pet kenneling or grooming? Baby-sitter and nanny referrals? What are you doing to distinguish yourself? Yes, but what about money? In my experience, money may be the key to attracting employees. But opportunity and intrinsic benefits are the keys to keeping them. And unless you want to be continually refilling the same positions over and over again, wasting your budget on training and re-training, while simultaneously risking client unrest and vendor alienation, the name of the game is RETENTION. Retention is preceded by knowing how to match up personal values with corporate values. But everyone knows that already. Right? You’d think so. I was once asked to meet with a cancer research candidate who was considering a high-level research position at Duke Medical Center. She was a single parent from out-of-state, and she was also being fiercely courted by two area rivals. I found out the other opportunities were paying quite a bit more than we could offer. But in getting to know her, I also learned that her primary consideration was the welfare of her child To my amazement, no one had spent any real time talking with her about this. Of utmost concern was the ability to place her daughter in a highly-rated, quality day care center. Although our on-site day care center was such a place, there was a waiting list for the classroom her daughter would need. So, while giving her a tour of our Children’s Campus, I also provided her with a list of several other daycare centers in the area who I found out had openings. Before her visit, I contacted each center and scheduled short meetings for her to look around and talk with each of their staff. This took me less than a day to coordinate (cost: $0.00). But she was so thrilled that someone had thought ahead about her child care needs, that I am convinced to this day that was one of the reasons why she accepted our offer at Duke the following week! Several weeks later, I received a call from the department chair. They were thrilled at contributions she was making already…But the unexpected surprise was that her network of research contacts was opening up new doors. Wow! Learn to read between the lines: There is almost always something that the other suitors have missed. What is it? Listening to personal motivations, not rehashing money alone, will get them to say “YES” to your offer faster. And build loyalty for you in the process.

INSIDER TIP 4: MAKE SURE YOUR NETWORK NEVER GOES DOWN! Yes, we all know about the power of social and professional networking. But did you know as many as 60-80% of ALL HIRES are made on the basis of someone who knew someone? These “invisible hires” aren’t posted on the internet. Not advertised in the newspapers. And more than a third of these hires are made through a referral of an existing employee. Despite this, surveys reveal that less than 5% of corporations HAVE a referral program!



Do you have an Employee Referral Program (ERP)? Candidates who are hired through a colleague’s referral feel like they are part of the team sooner. They become productive MUCH more rapidly than candidates hired through other methods. The employees who referred them tend to act as “mentors”. And guess what? This often increases the mentor’s motivation and job performance as well. Make your program easy to use, yet formalized. It should be detailed in the company handbook and announced in new employee orientation. Use posters and brochures, print messages on paycheck stubs (or use paper inserts), post announcements in the company newsletter and on your intranet. Each month, e-mail a list of open positions company-wide. Include a hyper link of your job openings to your referral web page. Highlight referral bonuses that were made to your employees. At Novartis Pharmaceuticals U.S. (East Hanover, N.J.), eligible employees may receive a $2,000.00 referral bonus if a referred candidate is hired. But other prizes or bonuses can be equally effective. The actual dollar amount is far less important than the recognition. Real, genuine recognition will go miles in your employee’s eyes, build loyalty and generate infinite returns! Ask your customers, vendors, and suppliers for referrals. If you see and work with these people regularly, why not make the best use of your time and let them know about openings you have? Your networking should be a non-stop, all-of-the-time habit. Support employee volunteerism and community involvement for all of your departments. If you know of a way to top the kind of ROI that exposure and positive press brings, I would love to hear about it! Remember to look beyond the obvious – who is to say that a clinical trials assistant doesn’t have a brother-in-law who is a biostatistician? As a third-party recruiter, my networking techniques allow me to go where internal recruiters and human resources people can’t (or won’t) go! There aren’t any conflicts of interest or other traditional impediments to stop me from finding the best people for you. INSIDER TIP 5: CEO CAMPAIGNS (A HIDDEN SECRET THAT COSTS $0.09 A MINUTE!) (Okay, I admit the actual costs to apply this tip depend on your particular phone plan charges! But let’s ignore that detail.) Have you ever received a call from someone at a senior level in your profession – just to talk about YOU? It’s flattering. It sure doesn’t happen every day. And you won’t soon forget it. Can you relate to this little scene?
Marge was wiped out. And it was only Tuesday morning. Whoever said being promoted to Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs would be a great career move didn’t know what they were talking about! In this smaller, so-called “intimate” family-style company, decision making powers were rapidly going the way of the


-9dinosaur. The daily frustrations were quietly reaching near crisis heights. And the micromanagement was beginning to make her feel claustrophobic. “At least it’s Thursday already, I think,” she muttered. Looking back, things had started okay. She had done well in school, and had stayed a loyal employee for seven years now. She did all the right things, and had received several promotions. Everything should be fine. “Then why am I struggling to come here every day?” Marge is wondering. Suddenly the phone rang. “Marge, my name is Pat Walters. I’m Vice President of Acme Clinical Trials. I’m not assuming you’re interested in making a career change, but I’ve been told by a member of my staff that you’re someone we’d like to get to know. Would you consider joining us for a casual breakfast meeting next week?” Marge couldn’t believe her ears. She just read a recent article about this large, onthe-move CRO in last month’s business journal, and had secretly wondered if she was ready for a change. But fantasy gave way to distraction, and she’d forgotten about it. “Um, sure, I’d be delighted,” Marge stammered. Before she knew it, the following week she happily discovered her personality was a GREAT fit with the regulatory staff. The VP had assigned Marge a peer level employee as a liaison contact. That way she could feel comfortable she was speaking with someone “on the inside” who knew what it was like to work there. She was invited to ask any questions she could think of. Several meetings and one month later, Marge eagerly accepted a Senior Regulatory Affairs position for a higher salary then she had been earning in her old position! She hadn’t felt so uplifted in YEARS. Quietly, the CRO was tickled pink because they had originally budgeted more money than was actually necessary to fill the position!

Is this situation so difficult to conceive? It doesn’t have to be your CEO or Vice President who makes the calls. Simply have your most senior level manager within a particular department make FIVE phone calls a month to people your employees know and recommend. Then delegate the follow-up contact to someone who can act as a friendly peer ambassador. This no-pressure approach will build good will, and portray your place of employment as an interesting, in-demand, and creative place to work. Tread lightly. Don’t position yourself as “needy”! WARNING: If you’re not doing these types of activities, guess what? Some of your best people will be getting phone calls from your competitors…And being invited to casual breakfast meetings and get-togethers across town! Think about it. INSIDER TIP 6: WANT TO MAKE GREAT HIRES? AVOID (MOST) JOB BOARDS Did you know there are approximately 10-20 million resumes posted at job sites, at over 30,000 boards? Commercial internet-based “job boards” allow employers to advertise their positions to millions of job seekers. These job hoppers can apply for as many of them as they wish. Without limit.


- 10 Job boards are essentially electronic “Want Ads”. And here lies the problem: While there are some super talented people mixed in there, they are hopelessly lost in a sea of low-quality applicants. Remember, TIME is your most precious resource. And the time required to separate the wheat from the chaff by working with “cheap” job board postings is too costly in your race for the best talent. Now, the big boys of the market, such as Monster.com and Hotjobs.com, aren’t going south any time soon. And job boards can be wonderful ways to attract attention to your company’s opportunities – you’ll certainly collect dump trucks worth of resumes. Do you have the time for that? Just remember, from Insider Tip No. 1 that the easier it is to find interested job candidates, the less likely the chances are that these people will be exceptionally qualified to work for you. This goes back again to the “path of least resistance” mentality. Doesn’t it make sense that the best people in any endeavor must be sought out, much like “diamonds in the rough”? Consider this excerpt from a Wall Street Journal report (Maher, Silverman, January 2002): “…Despite the reach and apparent ease online job searches offer, a surprisingly small proportion of jobs get filled that way. Only 6 percent of hires for management level jobs currently occur through any internet site, compared with 61 percent for networking, according to a recent study by Drake Beam Morin, a New York firm that provides outplacement counseling services to big companies and advises job seekers…” If you insist on receiving resumes by the pound, a much better approach is to use lesser known, niche-based boards that exclusively have been created for a very narrow specialty. Author Michael Foster writes extensively about this in Recruiting on the Web. WARNING: Job board postings are a crutch! I, and my staff at HireWorks, do not use them to conduct our searches. In fact, we generally turn away candidates whom we have learned have submitted their resumes on the big boards, continuously job-hopping. INSIDER TIP 7: THE LITTLE ENGINES THAT COULD (SEARCH) Now, I am not denying the power of the internet. There are tens of millions of web pages. On an average day, there are 2,000,000 searches run on www.google.com alone. You can use search engines to investigate industry specific information. So why not resumes of qualified job seekers? With persistency, you can learn how to find “needles in a cyber haystack”. Here are some basic tips: Symbol in search engine Use “+” to add Use “-” to subtract Use " " to specify Function Only web pages that have ALL terms will come up. Pages will not come up in your search with these terms. Search terms will appear exactly in the order submitted


- 11 -

How does this apply to your hiring needs? Suppose we were looking for a CRA in Texas. We might try the following search combination: +Texas+clinical+trials Chances are, this will turn up too many web sites. So we could refine it and try: +Texas+resume+clinical+trials Better. But what about: +Texas+resume+clinical+trials+CRO Now we’re getting somewhere! The “-” symbol will eliminate key words from your searches. So if, for example, we wanted to avoid retrieving web sites that contained certain undesirable elements, you could try: +Texas+resume+clinical+trials+CRO –criminal record –high salary requirement And so on (I trust you see the humor in the above example). To find exact phrases, use quotation marks. So if you wanted to do some research about informed consent documents, you might try: “writing informed consent documents” This will yield only exact text matches to this phrasing. Naturally, entire books, courses and curriculums exist to study search engines in as much depth and detail as you want. A great resource is Danny Sullivan’s web site: www.searchenginewatch.com Yes, you can locate great resumes online. But beware! Success finding resumes this way requires discipline, dedication, and a time commitment. Also, you should understand that once a resume is on the internet, it is often considered public domain. Many job seekers have trouble removing them when they are no longer wanted on-line – which means your “find” may not be so golden, after all. Unfortunately, I hear stories like this all of the time: "...There are unethical people in the recruiting market who will take resumes from public databases and submit them all over without a candidate's permission. Some candidates have told me that their resumes have been duplicated so many times and submitted to so many places that they're having trouble finding work. A few have even been fired because their resumes were submitted without their knowledge to a subsidiary of their employer or company that's merging with their employer." ALWAYS ASK ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY! At HireWorks, we have invested heavily in specialized technology designed to cover ground faster than most internet search engines can by themselves. But our findings and discussions always are ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL and 100% persmission based. This is a very serious matter for all of us.


- 12 -

INSIDER TIP 8: PUT SEARCH AGENTS TO WORK WHILE YOU SLEEP! Another popular internet based tool you may consider using are Automated Search Agents. You can set these up to “find” applicant resumes on-line that meet specific criteria and key words you define. Each morning, you’ll find several possible candidate resumes waiting for you in your electronic in-box when you arrive to work. Just a word to the wise here: Be careful to take the time to specifically define your search criteria so that you won’t be bombarded with non-relevant job leads! For example, “SAS programmer, 5 years experience, relocation, pharmaceutical, CRO, North Carolina” is a better choice of search agent wording than “Programmer, strong IT background, experienced”. There are lots of products or services that will help you do this and leverage your time. AIRS Oxygen (www.airsdirectory.com/oxygen/) has recently introduced Search Agent capabilities to its suite of search products, but there are other tools on the market as well. Again, using the internet to unearth talented people can work wonders. But more often than not the internet is a “shot gun” tool. The key to effective searching and hiring is to base your strategy on hitting defined targets that are specifically defined (and often moving). The internet is a great tool, but networking will always be the fastest and most profitable way to find the right people. It is also the least flashy. But think of the Tortoise and the Hare... Who would likely have less hiring stress? The slow, but steady, Tortoise hiring manager who networks. INSIDER TIP 9: KNOW AND SELL YOUR OWN BACK YARD How important is constantly STUDYING, KNOWING, and SELLING your geographic area? Extremely. And this is often overlooked. Talent is a perceived scarcity because most companies are beating the wrong bushes. With scarcity will come greater out-of-area hiring and relocated staff from across the country. But if are you perceived as a source of reliable information and unbreachable trust, you can put this to your advantage. How? First, you must help paint your candidate’s vision in order for them to cement their emotional rationalization to come to work for you—way before any formal offer is even extended. Average companies overlook touting the benefits of their location. Or maybe they make cursory mention of a few hum-drum statistics found in any Chamber of Commerce brochure. Why even bother? Instead, you should have specific, meaningful information about housing, tax rates, child care, school systems, recreational facilities, and much more. At the very least, most areas publish a “Newcomer Guide” and will be happy to mail you larger quantities periodically (I know – I used to go through a case a month). Think about it. How many companies really take the time to assemble a truly thoughtful “Welcome Package”? Include copies of the local newspapers, discounts and coupons for area restaurants. Referrals to local healthcare providers. Real estate agents. Listen and anticipate their individual needs.


- 13 You are the A-Team, aren’t you? Then do EVERYTHING possible to assume your candidate is going to accept your offer BEFORE it is on paper. Otherwise, why should they see themselves making any commitment to you? Hmm..Would you, if you were in their position? You should also develop a “Trailing Spouse Assistance Program” to cement your opportunity to everyone involved in the decision. Jeffrey Christian makes mention of this in The Headhunter’s Edge:
“Tell [the spouse] how important their partner is to your company. Surely they have been thinking a lot about the change, the effects it will have on the kids, the family, their own career. The husband or wife may have reluctantly agreed to give up their job for this opportunity. If you can match the [competing] offer plus cancel the stress on the spouse, you may have picked up an ally.”

Do you have a “Welcome & Relocation” program in place? Let us help you. We also can assist spouses in finding new positions! This often cements a new hire. INSIDER TIP 10: MIX IT UP AT PROFESIONAL CONFERENCES (just don’t lose the fight) Time and money are the proverbial “bottom line”. And when budgets are trimmed, it’s often professional conferences and association meetings that get the ax. But what if you sent people to these events to also serve as “Special Recruiting Agents”? The way to do it is to send pairs of people working as a team: One partner should be someone from Human Resources, or maybe a hiring manager. The other partner is more the technician (i.e. a practitioner, clinician, scientist, etc.), who may be more on the “inside” and can speak to technical details and build credibility. Play off of each other’s personality strengths as you chat with other attendees. If you do this right, this is a VERY effective way to meet talented industry peers. These are people who are often “on the fence” at other companies, and who will be very willing to talk with their peers! Remember that the key is how you POSITION yourself and your position openings: Your psychological “posture” must always be that they need you more than you need them. Speaking of conferences, I believe very much that there is more than money involved in business. There must be passion, and an on-going commitment to excellence and learning. That is why it is our policy to reimburse our contract employees $1,000.00 PER YEAR towards professional licensing, classes, conferences, continuing education – anything that legitimately goes towards their professional growth and career education. Yes, that’s right. If we staff people for you on a contract basis, just send the bill to me! Now there is no excuse for your people to not be better and make stronger contributions for you as a result.

Bonus INSIDER TIP 11: LEARN HOW TO THROW A BOOMERANG Okay. Last call for recruiting tips! Yes, I know this report cited ten tips, not eleven. But if you get to know and work with me, you’ll see I make it a habit to do more than I say I will. Besides, you must admit you’re curious about the right way to throw a boomerang?


- 14 Actually, “the boomerang effect” is a relatively new trend of inviting back talented former employees into the fold. Surveys indicate 12% of employers cautiously admit they would re-hire ex-employees (alumni). An additional 21% say they welcome back alumni without hesitation because of the time and dollar savings. In fact, the Gartner Group estimated that in 2003, 60% of midsize to large companies will have routinely hired back former employees. Here are four simple strategies you can adapt to reclaim lost talent swiftly: Keep your alumni on your press release distribution list. Keep them in the loop! Send current and former employees alike a list of your job openings! Invite alumni to company picnics, holiday parties, and other casual, festive events! Keep lines of communication open. At the very least, you want these people might to refer other talented candidates your way. Remember, they’re going to talk either way. Why not help your own cause? Which leads me to ask... Do you truly want to help your own cause? Okay. Like anything else in life, there are no “magic pills”. But if you’ve read this far, you must be serious about meeting the challenges of your hiring needs. That’s good! Because you can do it. I sincerely hope that this report will stimulate ideas that you can immediately apply. But don’t think I’m letting you off the hook quite so easily! After all, if you’ve liked some of my ideas... Why go only half way? At this point you should have a pretty good sense as to what I’m about. A ruthless, conniving, cold-calling, relentless, high-pressure nightmare? No. You will never, ever experience that from me. Let’s be honest: Did you really want to be interrupted with another pressure-filled sales pitch or phone call in your busy day? I didn’t think so. The real question is: What can I really do for you RIGHT NOW? Can I blow away your wildest expectations? Take all of your hiring anxieties off your shoulders tomorrow? Ramp up your revenue 175% in three months? Maybe, maybe not. I wish it were so simple. But the truthful answer is: We won’t know until we talk. I suggest you consider an exploratory, no-risk consultation package. What’s in it for you? Three benefits that could literally turn your recruiting and hiring success around 180 degrees:


- 15 -


Benefit #1: Confidential 60-minute 1-on-1 Diagnosis Call

You can confidentially share your specific hiring challenges, frustrations, and needs. During your call, you will learn how to apply specific ideas,networking techniques, and other suggestions that can be put to use immediately. You’ll get specific feedback and brand new thoughts and ideas!

($100.00 regular price, by appointment only)

Benefit #2: Your own custom, personally prepared Action Steps Report

This custom report is your starting point on what to do right now. It’s based on up to four hours of research and preparation time, and will be personally drafted by me after we talk. It will be tailored to address your exact needs, your specific questions, and your objectives. ($297.00 regular price)

Benefit #3: FREE one-year subscription to “The Hiring Insider”

Do you want to keep abreast of industry trends, strategies, and remain on the inside track – not just among CROs, but also Biotechs, Pharmaceuticals, IRBs, general healthcare and life sciences issues, and more? You’ll read and hear about movers and shakers about topics that are meaningful, relevant, and current. Your newsletter subscription includes six invitation-only optional teleseminars per year with prominent guest speakers you won’t want to miss. ($100.00 regular subscription price per year) HERE’S MY OFFER AND GUARANTEE TO YOU: Fees for the above services are currently only $497.00. Right now, I am offering you a no-risk reduced price of $297.00. But please note: You will not be billed until AFTER you receive your Action Steps Report (Benefit #2 above). If you do not feel you have received superior value from me at that point, we won’t go any further, and you will not be billed for anything. 100% guaranteed. Just for taking me up on this offer today, you will receive a full one-year subscription to our special multi-media newsletter...FREE FOR ONE YEAR! Why else should you take me up on this offer? You drive a hard bargain! Well, I hope you feel you’re already received some valuable tips and information, and that you could benefit from working with me. But, to answer to your question... This is your opportunity to ask what your competitors are doing!. This is your chance to learn about employment trends, and prognostications in 2004 and beyond! This is your soapbox to gripe about things you wish were different! And yes, in case you’re wondering...If you choose HireWorks to solve your recruiting needs, the $297.00 fee will be applicable towards future service fees.


- 16 Here’s what to do next! Getting started is easy. The first step in the process is to complete the attached Enrollment Form. Then someone from my office will contact you to schedule our appointment. Next, you will be sent a “pre-appointment check-up” sheet so that I’ll know what topics are the most important and of interest to you. For example...

• • •

Maybe you’re having problems with employee retention? Maybe you’re having difficulty filling certain scientific or technical positions? Maybe you’re going to have a year and a half long need for programmers and IT professionals? It’s that painless. No purchase orders, no financial commitment, no complicated forms! Have you been burned in the past?

Are you skeptical? That’s fine. When in doubt, of course the easiest thing to do is nothing. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re hiring needs and problems won’t go away by themselves. I’d really like to help you. Maybe there’s something I left out. Maybe you just need to talk to a real human being and verify that this is all REAL. Call me and I’ll be happy to discuss any questions you have. My direct line is (919) 960-3411. Why not find out how much we can help you, on a 100% RISK-FREE basis? It is my contention today that the most successful organizations are lead by the most talented employees, who are represented by the most talented recruiters. Will you be a CRO enjoying real success on the inside...Or left behind, as times and markets change, wondering what happened? Let me wrap this up by asking a few quick, but critically important, questions: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Do you want to significantly improve your time-to-fill for open positions? Are you tired of the frustration and anxiety that comes with losing top talent? Do you have internal recruiters that might benefit from partnering with a third-party? Do you see how your existing recruiting methods may be failing you? Do you accept that your hiring challenges aren’t going to go away by themselves?

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Remember, it’s the first step that’s always the hardest. I know you’re busy. I know everyone wants something from you all of the time. But think back why you requested this information. And don’t forget about the risk-free guarantee you have at your disposal, and free one-year newsletter subscription! Make life easier, not harder! Take five minutes to contact me right now. I truly want to help you. Sincerely,

Lucia Apollo Shaw
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PS: FREE! I will ship a free copy of one of the following top-rated recruiting and business books (your choice) for the first 5 appointments scheduled in the next 10 days! ...First come, first served.

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