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Circulo Mercantil Industrial Sports Center /

Manuel Quijano Vallejo

17:00 - 12 June, 2015


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Javier Orive

Manuel Quijano Vallejo

Avenida Presidente Adolfo Suarez, 3, 41011 Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain

2141.0 sqm

Project Year

Javier Orive


Technical Architect
Alejandro Pallares Manrique

Calculation Structure

Rafael Maguillo Gago

Works Director

Manuel Quijano Vallejo

Execution Director
Alejandro Pallares Manrique

Project Management
Estudio GAAS. (Francisco Gamboa Antiolo- Javier Gmez Ramallo)

UTE Circulo Mercantil Eiffage-Inabensa
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Javier Orive
From the architect. This Project is the outcome of many works, asked by Sevillas Circulo
Mercantil Industrial, being carried out on its sports area. These installations, which were
inaugurated back to 1970, had hardly had any improvements through all these years. Therefore,
the managing board agreed to scheme a plan to modernize this essential area within the club.
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Javier Orive
The project includes not only a new planning for the north parcel but also a multipurpose
building construction. Previously, this north parcel was occupied by both a wasteland area and
various unrelated and obsolete buildings which were located away from the river. This new
project seeks to establish a building parallel to the river which creates a space looking out onto
the river.
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Ground Floor Plan

Due to its different requirements (i.e. new Club access, administration area, multipurpose rooms,
sports and social areas), the building cannot be constrained by any recognized architectural
typology. The final design is the consequence of dealing with parcels conditions, location and
scheme for development.
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Javier Orive
It is designed as a rationalist architectural project avoiding any superfluous embellishment and
prevailing simple geometric forms which convey practicality and functionality.
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Javier Orive
Its location, between the Guadalquivir banks and facing Maria-Luisa Park, is an essential factor
to the approach of this new design. Therefore, the new edifice is completely open towards the
river thanks to an impressive glass faade.
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Javier Orive
On the first floor of the north faade, above parcels enclosure height and emulating Andalusia
architecture with the typical cierro construction, an outstanding oriel is designed with views
towards the unique Sevilles city Centre.
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Javier Orive
The transition between the new building and the current social one, has been worked out by
placing the highest area close to the north median and stepping down through different
decreasing enclosures until they reach the existing construction. This action would allow us to
take advantage of the numerous terraces featured along the building connected through external
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Javier Orive
One of the main projects aims is to be environmentally friendly with an outstanding energy
conservation. The building is covered with components which enable the construction to provide
an excellent thermal isolation. The vast glass surfaces are located on the north and south, except
for the east faade. Solar protections are designed according to regulations.
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Longitudinal Section
A special design is incorporated concerning the air-conditioning installation and hot water
production provides the building with a highly efficient energy conservation. Geothermal is used
in the air conditioning through two wells, extraction and injection, reaching out phreatic level.
This facility will permit us to not use any machinery on the floor, leaving all space available for
the club members enjoyment.
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Javier Orive
The new entrance to the club is designed as a unique piece conveying a powerful image easily
recognizable from Presidente Adolfo Suarez Avenue. In order to fulfill this idea, a stunning
porch is built with a horizontal plane flying over the faade line and leaning on one corner of the
Management Edifice while the other is folding itself to seek ground support. This entire block is
covered with dark grey composite panel which is further echoed in other building areas.
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Javier Orive
Concerning the faade implementation towards the river, the new building is integrated by
providing a modern architectural image, not only because of its correct scale within the
environment but also with both its simple forms and light colors, almost white, all over the
placated facade.