Compass Learning Tutorial

How to Create a Class
1. Click on Compass Icon in Novell Apps Launcher 2. Log in using your name and “x” as password 3. At this screen click on Compass button and then click run.


4. From this Compass Learning management screen choose File then “new”.

5. Choose “class” then click OK.

6. Type each student’s name: first name, space, last name then hit ENTER. (repeat until all students’ names are entered. Kelly Parsons always added a few non- students by typing your name with a “z” in front of it. i.e. Karen Zdailey then Karen ZZdailey, etc. so they’d be at bottom of your list and you could go in and change the name easily when new students came in)

7. After all the students’ names have been entered go to File then Save. Be sure to include your name when naming the class. Click “Save” again.

Karen R. Dailey, TIS Cabell County Schools

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Compass Learning Tutorial
How to Add Columns
1. With your class list open at the Compass Learning gray management screen choose Class on drop down menu click on add column.



Choose public to get drop down menu then choose assignments then click OK.


Scroll down the list of sequences and choose the one you want. Ex: reading1.s, math5.s, ila1-2sbm.s. Click OK.


The new column will appear and be ready to add assignments.

Karen R. Dailey, TIS Cabell County Schools

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Compass Learning Tutorial
How to Make Assignments
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Open Compass Learning Put in your user name and “x” as Click on File, then open for a pop-up Click on Private Click on Class Choose the file with your class name Click on Open


password screen.

Highlight the column and / or student(s) that need assignments. 9. Click on File, then Open to get pop-up screen 10.From here Click on Public 11.Click on Sequence 12.Choose the file name that is titled like your column (example: Class column labeled math5.s:ASN must have assignments from the public file sequence named math5.s) 13.Click on Open

14.After the public sequence comes up Click on Window 15.Click on Tile to get a split screen.

16.Find the unit you want to assign, highlight the folder then click and drag it over to the highlighted student’s column. 17. OR if you just want one of the lessons in that unit double click on the folder to open it then highlight, click and drag the lesson you want to add to the student(s) column. (Notice the example: Karen Zdailey and Karen Zzdailey have same Unit 1 assignment but Karen Zzzdailey is advanced and only needs Unit2Lesson3. 18.If more assignments need to be made click and drag them over or add a comma and type in the assignment keeping the text just right. 19.Just remember: You’ll need to add more columns for each sequence you want them to work on. 20.When you finish making your assignments click on the “X” to close 21.On the pop-up box click on Save and finish closing Compass.

Karen R. Dailey, TIS Cabell County Schools

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