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Yes, ~ut can she coo~? • •• For the answer to this and other questions see paJe 7

Volume 6, NUl!lber 5

Schwubiach Qauend, c;ermaoy

56th Is Combat Rea.dy
All three missile battalions
~ire Pershin; s in t he St at es

. ........


SCBlfilBISCB GlfilE!ID - .&. nritable
,ey11r ot Plr1hing ai11ilt1 h..
erupttd reoentl:, troa the eanda
of the .u'DQ' 1 1 de1olat1 Ge79er
IU.1111• Sit• near Green Rivtr,
The firet three of a seri••
of or•, (Operational T111t, o011duct1d by HQ US.&.RBJR
to tt1t the combat readinHe of
ttM Bripdt 1 1 P1r1hillg 171tea,
h&Ye combined aucoeH with acour11e7.

$urpriH i i the key to the or
proa:r.. •• efftotiven•••• .a. mi••ile battalicn on N.&.1'0 alert i1
auddenly ordered to paok u;> it•
en ,1te 1qui11111ent - u i• - and
acwe the en tire unit to Rhi.121
Main airbue, Oice theN , the
firing ttam i i pr011ptl:, loa4ed
on hUB9 tranaport airoratt ma4
flown dirtotly to the State, .
.Acoom~li1htd with a minimum o!
delq, the mueive movement o!
••n mad machines put1 the mise1111 on the pad 1n Utah betore
the German dU11t hu aettled.
Pint to actually tire tr.11
7ur waa D Battery, 5/84th. ~.
fi:ring tea,n, dl'a1111 from the 111t1cwi14 veteran, of lat and 2nd
platoon•, launobed it• require4
4 mie1ile1 within the pre-determined time frem·, .
'l'tianke to diligent tr&inin8
111d a good maintenance progrmi,
the 84th'• firing& wnt ott with
hardly a hitch.
"The more yon do yOll.l' homework, t l'e more you out the el111ent of l oo'.c ," c01NDented IUJ Ed-

~te-mEJtS of the 3rd/84th load their equiJlllent at Rhine I.fain airbase
in preparation for the flight to the us.
[photo: Richard &nith]
win Nobie,

about his
ful t . .t
before we

oomnander of D Bt17,
temi'• highly iruocee•ahoot.
1111d our maintenanoe
left made the differ-


AIM ...

Equally dietinguiehed,
!!zing aeaaioa conducted by D
Battery, ~th 14l•t, &110 ea• t!M
a1:001H!11l launch of i ta mieaile
1tri11. Deapite the !M>t that
th11 wu the firat fiziJl8 !or
moe t of the 41st pereonnel, the
battery perto:rmed with eingulu
etfioienoy - - getting ite equipment
up and ready to fire
within the brief apan of 24
Jtl.1eile launohinga by Btry .a.,
lat/81at Arty.
s;>ri11B 1eriea of firing te1t1.
'I'be Alat•e exeroiae, whoae firinga ,m~haaized ,trenuoue trainin8 and preve~~ive maintenance,


terminated June ,. The <:Ir tut
11ri11 will begin again in the

Por tht vut majority of
mieeileaen involved in the !il'in&e, moat of whC11 have undergone month.9 c,f 1tat10 work with
~ Pershing
.em, the actual
launch of a mieaile is• unique
and unforrettable ezperienoe.
"Por all I
the thui,ra
11igbt have been filled with •••dust," oom1111nwd SP4 Cl:,41 Wilaon , a power atation o';)erator
with D, ,/a4. But he changed hb
•ind about the ayatem atter two of hie battery'• 10,000
pound 1111111111 roar of! their
launchers toward the Wh1 te 5-nda
Ill.Hile Range, 400 mil•• awq.
"If a127bo~ uke me now, I'll
tell them••• " be enth~ed. "Per•hin8 really workal"




N\-U. Kt.·ur~

"'--'u"'1. L~

SCHW.lEBI:$CH GMUEND --- Flying u
a crn chief of a UB-lD helioopt,r is a nol'll&l, ,ve17dq routine tor Speoialiat 5 Hobert L
Re~oldl ot BBB, 4th Battalion,
4l•t jrtill1:ey.
But hie !light on a recent
Fri~ morning ditt,red tram the
·U8u&l by about 17500.
Seated in hie poeition u
crew ohie! ot the helioopter,
SP5 ~eynolda re-enliatld at tour••......- . thouaand feet. Hia variable reenliataent bonua and re-up for 4
:rnr1 lended him in the big money,.
REYt:OLDS, left; Lee, right. (Fritch)
'nit oath ot enliatm,nt, given b:y ·cPr Robert II Lee, aviation aeotion chief of the battalion, .... repeated over the helioopter'a communioatione eyatem.
Specialist R9ynolda ia a native 0£ Fullerton, California. Be entered the J.rmy in Dec911ber, l96S. other ov,raeaa duty ha.a aeen him
aaaisned to the 134th Helicopter Detaclment in Vietnam.
SP5 Re,nolda r1-enliated tor hie preaent duty aaaignment at the
4th of the

.SCJli.AEBISCH GKl'END-Major General WilliDI E Shedd III, Tisited HHB
56th Artillery Brigade on May 19.
MG Shedd is the nev Deputy Qlief of Staff for USAREUR Ope rat ions.
F.8 vas briefed by BHgadier Gener!il Patrick W Powers, Ccnr.andi~
General of the 56th Bri.gad,, on the Pershing mission and operations.
The General also Ti!ited the 1/8:lat field site at, before returning to USAREUR headquarters in Heildelberg.



1"'111 "'- .._,

Visits 3/84
L Cope land,
Sargeant Major of the Arrq, 00111- ·
plimented the men and equip1111nt
ot the Jd Battalion, 84th Artillery, on• recent vi1it to the
unit 1a ltlaincartach Field Sita.
Oil 1neral occaaiou during
hil f'iva-hour stopoHr, he referred to the UDit' • •high quality personnel" arid oJM>e, jolcinglf, aalted, "Hov can I get
tr111111farr1d to this place?•
The Anlly'a top-ruad aDliat- ·
ad ID8D wa1 guided through tbe
billet, an4 pad tacilitiH at
Kleingartach by CClllll&Dd Serge.u?t
Major Ben lll.111e7 of' the Jd Battalion, Blith Artillery, and B
' Battery Pirat Sergeant Juper .
Ryan, vae OD a veek-long
reTieving tour of Arr/I inatallaticma throughout West


Sergeant Major Cope lad . .._
aumd the position of Sergeant
Major ot tba Arrq iD October,
1970, This viait wu hie second
trip to tba 56th .Artillery Brigadt-hia f'iret
hia el.,.ation last :r•ar,
Throughout hia field
tour, the Sergeant Major continuouely aaked que1tiozia concerning the ve ltare of the t roopa.
P.e spoke with men in the barracu I post exchange, 11M1 &1ball,
a:nd in qu1rter1 at the firing
pad • He polr:ed iD and out ot latrines, looked into wall lockers

SCIIIAIBISCH GKUDH>•Doetor Joaaph D Douglau, director ot Overaeaa
.Defalllle Re11arch 111d advanced re11arch project, tor the Department
·oJ' Defense , and Doctor W Scott Payne of thl Institute of Detenae
Allalf1i1 v11ited the S6th Brigade He-adquartere at Biuarck !Caeerne.
Then they were flown to a field location tor a briefing with a
demonetration aJld lil'llllated mieaile countdovn by the Mn of Charlie
Battery, 4th ~attalion, 41st Artillery.



N'ECXARSUJ.M-Three members ot the Jd Battalion, 84th Artillery were
recentlf awarded t:i. ~ COIIIDlendation Medal tor 111111rit.oric:us se"ice
· as Pershing miaaile crewmen. The aedalll wen presented by Bat.talion
CCllllllUlde r LTC John E Donohue •
Cited were SP/5 Walter L Havard Jr , and SP/4 Harold Eikleberry of
A Battery and sar Jesus C, Garcia of Battery c.


SCHWAEBISCH GMtJEl'ID -- According to the Stuttgart ero office, depend. enta are now authorized to work in a aelected group of ti:oop clining
halh. 'nle Food Service Worker position pa.ya Sl.60 per hour for a 40
to 45 hour work week. Overtime •ill be paid for all houra over 40.
Applicanta m111t be US ci tizen1 and at leut lfl :reara old. A ph,yaioal ezmin&tion 1a ranuir8d • .Appl.v at your local CPO office.

SGM Copelcnd. (Photo: Murphy)
and inspeoted work ar1a1.
ehoolr: hands with each enlisted
lll8ll he met mid
greeted all o~r- ·
icar1, including Major JaM11 A
Gibba and Captain !enneth Ca re_,, .,,.,u, ,.,- llrayo Bat.tiff •
Arter lunch, the put.y .,...ed
to the launch pad area where
Sergeant Major
Copeland waa
given a , OOIIIIIZld briefing bJ DCO
Colonel Willi• L Depew I and LTC
Officer ot the 84th, aZld a count
dOVJ:1 de1110nstration.
I.ter in the day, briefing•
•J:¥1 tours 00111pleted, the Sergeant Major departed Tia h1 licopt1r on the next lag of hi1
tour, concluding a Tiait
marked b:y a sort-spoken, yet
pereiatlnt I inquiry into the
needa of Perahiug anliated 11en.