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Perfect Strangers (album)

3 Personnel

Perfect Strangers is the eleventh studio album by Deep

Purple, released in October 1984. It represents the rst
album recorded by the reformed (as well as the most successful and popular), 'Mark II' line-up.[1]

Ritchie Blackmore guitar

Jon Lord organ, keyboards

It was the rst Deep Purple studio album in nine years,

and the rst with the Mk II line-up for eleven years, the
last being Who Do We Think We Are in 1973. Ritchie
Blackmore and Roger Glover arrived from Rainbow, Ian
Gillan from Black Sabbath, Jon Lord from Whitesnake,
and Ian Paice from Gary Moore's backing band.

Ian Paice drums

Ian Gillan vocals
Roger Glover bass, synthesizer

The CD and cassette versions of the album contained the

extra track Not Responsible (one of few Deep Purple
songs with profane lyrics, as the word "fucking" can be
heard in the song). The album was remastered and reissued on 22 June 1999 with the bonus instrumental track
Son of Alerik. The latter had previously been available
as a B-side on Perfect Strangers in 1984.

4 Production notes
Recorded at Horizons, Stowe, Vermont with Le
Mobile Studio, 1984
Mixed at Tennessee Tonstudio, Hamburg, Germany

The tour was so successful that the band had to add many
additional dates to the US arena tour, as tickets sold out
very quickly. Their US tour in 1985 out-grossed every
artist that year except Bruce Springsteen.[2]

Engineered by Nick Blagona

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New
Produced by Roger Glover and Deep Purple

Critical reception

5 Charts

Deborah Frost of Rolling Stone gave it a review of two 6 Sales accomplishments

out of ve stars, remarking that the material consists
of hastily knocked-o jams". The review also stated
that Blackmores Strat has such a great roar that you're 7 Accolades
willing to just let it reverberate in your eardrums for a
bit. And its nice to hear Jon Lords synthesized organ (*) designates unordered lists.
squalls, Ian Paices electrifying drumming, Ian Gillans
howls and whispers and Roger Glovers solid bass lines
once again.[6]

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Track listing

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All songs by Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan and Roger

Glover except where noted. Not Responsible was originally cassette and CD only, not on vinyl LP. Son of
Alerik was not on original cassette, vinyl or CD release;
used as an edited 7 B-side, or full version on the 12 of
the Perfect Strangers single.

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