The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Saturday 30 April 1921, page 13




bust-1 a Alex. Hay, prominent Guyra who has taken an active Interest in the effort to elucidate the mysterious happento n "Herald" In a statement ings at Guyra, tho opinion that the representativo, expressed quite insolution of the affair was supposed not He said adequate. the local police were who of the same as Hardy, Constable mind had to headquarters that the action reported accomplices, of the girl, with the aid of some and stone explained the origin of the knocking, he said, quite a numthrowing. There were, ber of incidents that be attributed could not directly to this origin. said Mr. Hay, "I am to learn," surprised has been nble to fur"that Constable Hardy rea satisfactory explanation and nish such of Police, but it is port to the Superintendent to those affected by thesp of no material value and Is most discredithappenings, mysterious ing to the vigilants aud officials of the Guyra night aftpr night public, whq spent police and for three weeks in the vicinity of the Bowen'a of known method trying house, by every was responstrategy to find the culprit who with sible. Hardy's report, as pub-j Dealing llshed, read solved a similar we that he had In the Guyra district 15 years ago. mystery I have a received hero n telegram just read from O'Nell, few Police-sergeant days ago district, who was then In charge of the Guyra never heard .that any such stating that he had occurred in the last 15 years, and that mystery in Guyra for residing a much he had been this. The on longer period than report goes that the majority of Guyra residents beto say were that lieved the manifestations superbo natural. however, This statement must, the least discrc'lited* who has by any person of the methods adopted by the police knowledge hore. Fifty good healthy coun and watchers and together with men farmers, trv business lay out at night and the police, do not go trees logs, behind stones, or In concealment of trying to find a spook.' tor the purpose tho as regards actions (t the little "Now, girl (Minnie that stntes Tho repurt Bowen). the house stones at found throwing she was Incor-1 This report Is absolutely one night. rect. The facts are of the case ns follows: at whilst tho housp outside Minnie Bowen, three or «mall stones picked up two midday, roof them threw on ho and the iron where clotheB. Her washing sister knew, sister was it who that have must been Minnie at once for these particular stones, nnd, but threw waB farmer the fact that a neighbouring pns would Minnie simply the moment, sfng at for trying have received a severe reprimand


for was the mysterious responsible room night knocklngs ns hu sat in the samo Bevernl occasions whilst the knockher on ns a matter of fact, one As on. night went Ing inside with the whole famthe sergeant was Constable Taythe girl, whilst Hy, including a' within two civilians ent trusted and lor Not»all the on outside. of the few yards these seven vory precautions withstanding In quick succeson came the wall loud rape first was tho soon ns knoc.c As sion. turned on a powerful spot-light was heard distance of 30 yards. Thus h the walls from of light whilst a blaze m the outside wall was When the knockthe knocking W..B going on. his two and Taylor ing had ceased Ccnstable carne insisted that the knocks uompunionB fell on stones inside, and that no the from the outside. -Sergeant Ridge the ground on that the knocking did had insisted, however, Inside, tho as he was closely from como not I might every person in the room. watching we another duringa which case, nlso quote with their' standing posted six trusted men, wall room, of a 12-foot to the outside backs we placed the girl In the insido which after with a good light burning, and of the room,, includby three men, bolng closoly watchod Notwithstanding Taylor. Constable ing loud two very this well-organised guard, As usual, the the wall. on came knocks Insisted^ that the knocks the oUUido men on the watchers inside, while the from caine from outside. that believed they came inside that tho nix men like to mention I would wcro picked for positions on the outside wall Minnie

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were selected from^at least 40, and Constable Taylor, suspicion. lutely above inmyself wore of our olde.t Ja P., and one I girl. could quote many the side watching ttfo, where every similar to thCBe other cases family has been under of the Bowen member went, the whilst knocking strict observation on


after two buBlnpf-s, thp first whole "The a of being Joke, nights, lost all semblance respectable or man-larrikin any and had whilst stones throwing caught citiüon-been It requires little on were duty the watchers to know part the reader's Imagination on have had ntl what sort of n time ho would men. The CO determined of 50 or hands the hit two stones OB is still unsolved, mystery Mr. night with terrille force. house last the fired and his out with gun rushed Bowen In the direction darkness three shots in the come, to Btones appeared which the from I hove too, To-night, result. but without ono 9 o'clock) gunshot and (at Just heard shots being fired from rifle or revolver four one child has been house. There Bowen's of thcBO happenings, n direct rosult shot as consequently it is hnrrtly reasonable to believe u lunatic would of short person that any practices.'* persist In such mad



and there the matter Strange to say, throughhas wholp ever the stone hit out opisode no lins always been roof, iron directed the but aim at cither or the windows with unerring walls. Consequently, this little girl's the not assist In any way stupid playful act does As the the mytery regards in solving on the walls, which Constable Inside knocking so credited to Minnie, has conveniently Hardy is a small this also matter, and did not haplind been other going rappingB until the pen girl's own The nights. version for many on walked is that she the matter Into the, of and which had room picked up a piece of wood, Bash; for bpen use propping up the window this she two the wall tnps on gave with observed doing so, howevpr, and sava She was fact. well of the aware that she was Apart It be this must hard Indeed for from very that to leam his deRidge Police Sergeant to credence the belief that gave partment for was the mysterious Minnie responsible to

frighten have would





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