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COURSE : Asst. Engineer (KSEB)

Model Examination No. 1
Venue: Office
DATE : 09-11-2014 FN
Maximum : 100 marks










Time : 1 Hour and 15 minutes

Kirchhoff's laws are valid for

A. linear circuit only.
B. passive time invariant circuits.
C. non-linear circuits only.
D. both linear and non-linear circuits.*
The time constant of an RL circuit is 1 second and its inductor is 8 H, the resistance of the coil
is ..... .
A. 8.*
B. 1/8.
C. 0.25.
D. 1.
In active filter which element is absent?
A. Inductor.*
B. Capacitor.
C. Both of above.
D. Resistor.
A capacitor of 50 microfarad is connected in series with a resistance of 120 . If above circuit
is connected across 240 V, 50 Hz 1 - supply. Find the capacitive reactance?
A. 63.7 .*
B. 0.015
C. 135.86
D. 1.765
If a resistor and a capacitor are connected to form series R - C circuit across a voltage source.
If frequency of voltage source increases
A. the current increases.*
B. the current decreases.
C. the current remain unaltered.
D. the current decreases abruptly.
A wire 1 m long carries a current of 5 A and is at angle of 30 with B = 1.5 wb/m2. Magnitude of
A. 2 N.
B. 2.5 N.
C. 3.75 N.*
D. 5 N.
Between a hollow and solid metal sphere, charge reside
A. On outer surface in hollow and throughout is solid.
B. On outer surface in both.*
C. On outer surface in solid and throughout hollow.
D. None of above.
In case of all flux from the current in coil 1 links with coil 2, the coefficient of coupling will be
A. 2.0.
B. 1.0.*
C. 0.5.
D. Zero.
Both the number of turns and the core length of an inductive coil are doubled. Its self-inductance will be
A. unaffected.
B. doubled.*
C. halved.
D. quadrupled.
The permanent magnets are made from which of following materials ?
A. Soft iron.
B. Ferromagnetic.*
C. Paramagnetic.
D. Diamagnetic.
The major cause of creeping in an energy meter is
A. over compensation for friction.
B. excessive voltage across potential coil.*
C. mechanical vibrations.
D. stray magnetic field.
In a two watt meter method the reading of W1 = 3 kW and W2 = 2 kW. But W2 reading was
taken after reversing the current soil of the wattmeter. The net power in the circuit is .......
A. 2 kW.
B. 1 kW*
C. 3 kW.
D. none of these.
A 0 15 V voltmeter has a resistance of 1000 if it is desired to expand its rang to 0 150 V
a resistance of ........ is connected in series with it.
A. 3 k.
B. 5 k
C. 9 k.*
D. 2 k.

14. Which method is suitable for the measurement of resistivity of good conductors of electricity ?
A. Loss of charge method.
B. Kelvin's double bridge method.*
C. Schering's bridge method.
D. Any of the above.
15. De Sauty's bridge best suited for
A. capacitors with dielectric loss.
B. loss less air capacitors.*
C. high Q.
D. low Q.
16. Time taken for the response to raise from zero to 100 % for very first time is called
A. rise time.*
B. settling time.
C. delay time.
D. peak time.
17. Name test signals used in time response analysis?
A. Unit step.
B. Unit ramp.
C. Impulse.
D. All of the above*
18. For lead compensator pole lies
A. on LHS before zero.* B. on origin.
C. on LHS.
D. on RHS.
19. The amplitude spectrum of a Gaussion pulse is
A. uniform.
B. a sin function.
C. Gaussion.*
D. impulse function.
20. A system of constant voltage and constant frequency is called ....... system.
A. feedback.
B. infinite.*
C. zero.
D. none of the above.
21. A 250 V DC generator in run at rated speed with no excitation. The open circuit voltage will be
A. zero.
B. about 100 V.
C. very small, say about 2 or 3 V.*
D. 250 V.
22. With the increases in field excitation of a DC generator, its generated emf
A. decreases.
B. increases.
C. remains constant.
D. increases upto a limit and then remains almost constant.*
23. The horse power obtained from the motor shaft is called the
A. Usefull output.
C. BHP.*
D. None.
24. In a DC motor if the brushes are given a backward shift then
A. Commutation is improve.
B. Commutation is worsend.
C. Speed increase.
D. Both A and C.*
25. Minimum allowable dielectric strength or break down voltage of power transformer insulating
oil is generally taken as
A. 30 kV.*
B. 40 kV.
C. 50 kV.
D. 60 kV.
26. If supply frequency of a transformer is 50 Hz, its magnetostriction frequency would be
A. 25 Hz.
B. 200 Hz.
C. 50 Hz.
D. 100 Hz.*
27. Noise of transformer mainly due to
A. magnetostriction in iron core.*
B. noise generated by cooling fans.
C. mechanical vibration of different parts of transformer. D. all of above.
28. The ideal shape for the cross section of transformer core is
A. triangle.
B. rectangle.
C. circle.*
D. pentagon.
29. The injected emf in the rotor of induction motor must have
A. A high value for satisfactory speed control.
B. The same frequency as the slip frequency.*
C. The same phase as the rotor emf.
D. The same phase as the rotor emf and a high value for satisfactory speed control.
30. The advantage of the double squrrel cage induction motor over a single cage rotor is that its
A. Slip is higher.
B. Efficiency is higher.
C. Starting current is lower.*
D. Power factor is higher.

31. Which of the following type of motor is not self starting?

A. DC series motor.
B. Induction motor with high slip.
C. Inductance motor with medium slip.
D. Synchronous motor.*
32. A synchronous motor draws 2000 KVA at a power factor of 90% leading. If the efficiency of the
motor is 95%, the developed power will be
A. 1800 KW.
B. 1710 KW.*
C. 1897.7 KW.
D. 2000 KW.
33. If an alternator, when the load power factor is unity
A. The armature flux will be cross magnetizing.*
B. The armature flux will be demagnetizing.
C. The armature flux will reduce to zone.
D. The armature flux will have square wave form.
34. The advantage of short pitch winding is
A. Reduce eddy current.
B. Reduce noise.
C. Increase inductance.
D. Suppression of harmonics.*
35. If an alternator the armature reaction is mainly influenced by
A. Total current drawn.
B. Speed of the alternator.
C. The power factor of the load*
D. Short circuit ratio.
36. The conduction loss verses device current characteristics of power MOSFET in best
approximately by
A. a parabola.*
B. an exponentially decaying function.
C. a rectangular hyperbola.
D. a straight line.
37. In n type semiconductor elements of which group of periodic table is added as dopant
A. group 5.*
B. group 2.
C. group 3.
D. group 4.
38. The MOSFET switch is on state may be considered equivalent to
A. capacitor.*
B. inductor.
C. resistor.
D. battery .
39. Piezoelectric materials serve as a source of
A. microwaves.
B. musical waves.
C. ultrasonic waves.* D. resonant waves.
40. In an intrinsic semiconductor, the Fermi level
A. lies at the center of forbidden energy gap*
B. is near the conduction band.
C. is near the valence band.
D. may be anywhere in the forbidden energy gap.
41. Which of these sets of logic gates are designated as universal gates?
42. The number of comparators in a parallel conversion type 8-bit analog to digital converter is
A. 8.
B. 16.
C. 255.*
D. 256.
43. Counter is a
A. combinational circuit.
B. sequential circuit.*
C. both.
D. none.
44. Rise time is defined by the interval when
A. gate current rises from 90 % to 100 % of it final value.
B. anode voltage drops from 90 % to 10 % of its initial value.
C. anode current rises 10 % to 90 % of its final value.
D. both B and C.*
45. SCRs are used in series to meet
A. high current demand.
B. low voltage demand.
C. low current demand.
D. high voltage demand.*

46. The main reason for the connecting of a pulse transformer at the output stage of the thyristor
triggering circuit is to
A. amplify the power of the triggering pulse.

B. provide electrical isolation.*

C. reduce the turn on time of thyristor.

D. avoid spurious triggering of the thyristor due to noise.
47. Holding current of a thyristor is
A. greater than latching current.

B. equal to latching current.

C. less than latching current.*

48. Light triggering mainly used in

D. both B and C.

A. low - voltage direct current transmission.

B. medium voltage direct current transmission.

C. high voltage direct current transmission.*

D. all of these.

49. Under over voltage condition impedance offered by the voltage clamping device is
A. high.
B. low.*
C. moderate.
D. infinity.
50. What is used to protect a thyristor from high di / dt conditions?
A. Fuse.
B. Snubber circuit.
C. Inductor.*
D. Voltage clamping device.
51. Air blast circuit breaker is most suitably used in
A. up to 132 kV line.
B. up to 260 kV line.
C. up to 400 kV line.*
52. Mho relay is used for the protection of
A. long transmission lines.*

D. any voltage.
B. short length lines.

C. medium length lines.

D. no length criterion.
53. Absence of skin effect, lower line cost, less corona effect are the features of which of the
transmission system ?
A. EHV AC system.
B. HVDC system.*
C. Both A and B.
D. UHV AC system.
54. Backup protection, frame leakage protection and differential over current protection are the
protection schemes for which element?
A. Transformer.
B. Generator.
C. Bus-bar.*

D. None of these.

55. There are how many types of power consumers?

A. 7.*
B. 5.
C. 6.

D. 4.

56. What are the tests performed for oil-filled and gas-filled cables ?
A. Load cycle tests.
B. Thermal stability test.
C. Impulse tests.
D. All of these.*
57. A power station's plant load factor is defined as the ratio of
A. Minimum load to peak load.
C. Average load to peak load.*

B. Minimum load to average load.

D. The energy generated to that maximum energy that could have been generated.
58. Demand factor on a power system is
A. Always lesser than unity.*
C. Normally lesser than unity.

B. Always greater than unity.

D. Normally greater than unity.

59. The power which must be avalable ever under emergency conditions is known as
A. Hot reverse.
C. Firm reverse.*

B. Cold reverse.
D. Spining reverse.

60. Two port tariff is charged on the basis of

A. Unit consumed.
C. Maximum demand.

B. Connected load.
D. Both A and B.*

61. Energy meter, for connection has ..... terminals

A. 2
B. 4*
C. 5
D. 6
62. Minimum distance of UG cable from the foundation of building should be
A. 5 cm
B. 10 cm*
C. 100 cm
D. 50 cm
63. Resistivity of earth increases sharply when moisture falls below
A. 10 %
B. 20% *
C. 30%

D. 40%

64. As per recommendation of ISI, the maximum load that can be connected in one sub circuit is
.... watts
A. 800 *
B. 1000
C. 1500
D. 3000
65. Maximum permissible span with wooden poles is
A. 20 m

B. 30 m

C. 50 m*

D. 80 m

66. Which of the following is the major consideration to evolve a good design ?
(a) Cost
(b) Durability
(c) Compliance with performance criteria as laid down in specifications
(d) All of the above *
67. If an insulating material is operated beyond the maximum allowable temperature, its life is
(a) drastically increased
(b) drastically reduced*
(c) unaffected
(d) none of the above
68. The design of mechanical parts is particularly important in case of ....... speed machines.
(a) low
(b) medium
(c) high*
(d) any of the above
69. In induction motors, the length of air gap in kept as small as mechanically possible is order to
(a) low power factor

(b) high power factor*

(c) high over load capacity

(d) any of the above
70. In ........ machines, the size of the shaft is decided by the critical speed which depends on the
deflection of the shaft.
(a) small

(b) medium

(c) large*
71. An example of secondary battery cell is
A. Edison Alkali cell.*
C. Lachanche cell.

(d) any of the above

B. Daniel cell.
D. Bunsen cell.

72. What will be the total flux emitted by a source of 60 candle power?
A. 754.2 lumens.*
B. 0.001326 lumens.
C. 60 lumens.

D. None of these.

73. Which braking is not possible in series motor?

A. Regenerative braking.*

B. Dynamic braking.

C. Counter current braking.

D. Rheostat braking.

74. On which factors does the severity of electric shock depends ?

A. Only on pathway through the body.

B. Only on the type of supply ac/dc.

C. Only on magnitude of voltage.

D. All of above.*

75. The capacitance of a capacitor is not affected by

A. distance between plates.

B. area of plates.

C. thickness of plate.*

D. all of them.

76. Property of pure inductor is

A. only stores energy.

B. do not dissipate energy and do not store also.

C. dissipated energy and also stores it.

D. do not dissipate energy but only stores it.*

77. If the length of a wire of resistance R is uniformly stretched to n times its original value, what
will be its new resistance
A. n2R.*

C. n2 / R.

B. R / n2.

D. nR .

78. Given a unit step function u(t), its time-derivative is:

A. a unit impulse.*

B. another step function.

C. a unit ramp function.

D. a sine function.

79. z-transform converts convolution of time-signals to

A. addition.

B. subtraction.

C. multiplication.*

D. division

80. In induction heating .......... is abnormally high.

A. phase angle

B. frequency*

C. current

D. voltage

81. The first womens bank in India was started at

A. Delhi

B. Mumbai*

C. Kolkata

D. Chennai

82. Which of the following is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela ?

A. Freedom in Exile

B. A long walk to Freedom*

C. Tunnel of Time

D. Prison Notes

83. Which tree is found in the logo of Reserve Bank of India ?

A. Palm*

B. Olive

C. Pine

D. Oak

84. Among the following who introduce Sitar and Kawali in India
A. Miya Tansen

B. Chandra gupta II

C. Samundra Gupta

D. Amir Khusru*

85. Which of the following country does not have a National day or Independence Day ?
A. China

B. Great Britain*

C. France

D. U.S.A

86. Where is the native state of Anna Hazare

A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Gujarat
D. Maharashtra*
87. Which of the following was handed over by India to Bangladesh on humanitarian grounds ?
A. Ten Begha corridor*
B. Sunderban Delta
C. Pygmalion point
D. Gondovana rocks
88. Nandan kanan wild life sanctuary is at
A. Assam
B. Gujarat
C. Karnataka
D. Orissa*
89. The Poona Pact was signed between Gandhiji and Ambedkar in the year
A. 1930
B. 1931
C. 1932 *
D. 1933
90. The River which originated from the Gaymukh cave of Himalaya
A. Ganga*
B. Brahmaputhra
C. Sindhu
D. Tapti
91. Krishnagiri stadium is at
A. bangalore
B. Mysore
C. Kozhikode
D. Wayanad*
92. The head quarters of Kerala Folklore Academy is
A. Thrissur*
B. Thiruvanathapuram
C. Kannur
D. Kozhikode
93. The novel based on the Revolt of 1857 Amritam Thedi was written by
A. Sardar K.M. Panikar
B. K.P. Kesava Menon
C. O.V. Vijayan
D. Malayattor Ramakrishnan*
94. Hindu Pulaya Samaj was founded by
A. Kurumban Daivatha*
B. Ayyankali
C. Sahodaran Ayyappan
D. Velukkutty Arayan
95. Bala Bhattaraka Temple is associated with which of the following reformers
A. Vagbhadananda
B. Vaikunda Swamikal
C. Chattampi Swamikal*
D. Subhananda Guru
96. The kerala Cashewnut Research Station of kerala is existed in
A. Panniyur
B. Vellanikkara
C. Anakkayam*
D. Pattambi
97. Ashtamudi kayal existed in the district of
A. Kottayam
B. Ernakulam
C. Alappuzha
D. Kollam*
98. The District with least coastal plains
A. Ernakulam
B. Kollam*
C. Kannur
D. Kasaragode
99. The town Cheruthuruthy situated on the river bank of
A. Kadalundi
B. Bharathapuzha*
C. Periyar
D. Challiyar
100. Name the agitation started in Kerala as a protest against the constitutional reforms of 1932
A. Channar revolt
B. Kayyur riot
C. Punnapra vayalar agitation
D. Naivarthana agitation*