April 30, 2010 Statement on SSA-North’s Transformation into Home Guard Force

On April 22, 2010, Maj. Gen Loi Mao, Chairman of Shan State Army-North (SSA-N, cease fire) and some top leaders accepted the proposal of Home Guard Force offered by the Burmese Junta at a meeting with Maj-Gen Aung Than Tut, Commander of the Burmese Army’s Northeastern Region Command at Lashio headquarters. As a result, on April 25, the Commander of Northeastern Region Command formed the HGF units with 105 men at Seng Kiew, HQ, Hsipaw Township and with 120 men at Murng Khur tract, Hsipaw Township. On April 27, the commander of Eastern Region Command formed the HGF units with 290 men to be active in 13 areas of Kali tract, Khung Hing Township and Murng San tract, Murng Hsu Township. These units are under the leadership of 15 Leading Committee members led by Col. Lao Kwan. Only the Brigade No.1 commanded by Maj. Gen Pang Fah is still refusing to transform its troops into HGF as it vows to continue fight for its people’s birthrights and not abandon them. Thus the Brigade No.1 gives us hope. The action of Maj. Gen Loi Mao, the Chairman of SSA-N, that led SSA to accept HGF proposal is wrong. This means he handed the sons of Shan State people over to the enemy. It not only makes Shan State people to suffer more but also pushes our nation to disappear. In fact, after Khun Sa surrendered to Burmese junta, Shan State people put their hope and reliance in the leadership of SSA-N led by Maj. Gen Loi Mao and Maj. Gen Kai Fah. They believe that after Khun Sa had gone, SSA-N would take the role of leadership and lead our people to fight for our birthrights. But it would not happen as the leaders of SSA-N said that it has not been the time to fight yet. When Col. Gang Yawd broke away from Mong Tai Army (MTA), he relied on SSA-N. Also RCSS expects the SSA-N to take the leadership role as well. Therefore when we heard the news of SSA-N’s acceptance of the HGF proposal, we were really shocked and feel sorry for the sake of our Shan State. Whatever political game they play, they will be trapped by the Burmese Junta, which leaves them no way for escape. During the past 20 years of cease fire period, SSA-N could do nothing even without the interference of Burmese Army. This time, if they say that they wait for the time, they will deceive both people and their followers by persuading them to be their personal security force. There is nothing they can do for our people. Therefore, all Shan State people and all fighters should take this event a lesson and be aware of it in the future. Now our Shan State people feel that they are in a hopeless situation. Those who act as the saying “bite the hand that feeds you” will never enjoy happiness. We believe in the truth which is the power, justice and long lasting thing.

Central Executive Committee Headquarters Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS)