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All about me

1A Grammar: Present simple


Complete the dialogue with the words from the box. One word does not fit.







dont doesnt

A: Kelly, do you 1
Peter Sanders?
B: No, I 2
. Who is it? Does he 3
to our school?
A: Yes, he
. Hes new here. Hes very nice, too.
A: Kelly, this is Peter. Peter, this is Kelly. She 5
volleyball, just like you!
C: Nice to meet you, Kelly. I
your sunglasses.
B: Nice to meet you, Peter. And thank you! Do you and Tom 7
in our school volleyball team?
C: Yes, we
. Its a lot of fun!

1A Grammar: Present simple wh- questions


Complete the questions with where or what. Then match the questions with the answers.
do you come from, Pete?
kind of music do you like?
do your parents live?
do you want to be in the future?
does Jenna come from?
sports does she play?
does she want to be?
does she live?


a) From Dublin. Shes Irish.

b) I want to be a doctor.
c) Im from a small town in Scotland.
d) She wants to be a doctor.
e) They live in New York, in the USA.
f) She lives in a village near Dublin with her family.
g) I love hip-hop and rap.
h) Football. Shes really good!

1B Grammar: Present continuous

Choose the correct words.

1 A:
you studying for your test?
B: No, Im not. I dont need to.
a) Do
b) Are
c) Is

6 What song
Is it Yesterday by The Beatles?
a) does he
b) is he
c) he is

2 A: Is she doing her homework?

B: Yes, she
a) are
b) does

7 W
cleaning your room?
Your friends arrive in one hour!
a) arent you b) you arent c) not you

c) is

3 Im
a) listening

to an interesting programme
b) listen

4 He is
a) making

a poster for a school project.

b) make
c) makes

c) listens

5 I
watching the TV.
You can turn it off.
a) not
b) arent
c) m not

8 A: Are they still dancing?

B: No, they
. Theyre sitting
at the table.
a) not
b) are
c) arent


All about me

1B Grammar: Present continuous and present simple


Mark the correct forms.

1 Tony usually rides / is riding his bike to school.

2 Please be quiet. The baby sleeps / is sleeping.
3 I never get up / am getting up early at the weekend.
4 Can you help me? I try / am trying to understand this exercise but I cant!
5 T
 heyre on holiday in Hawaii. Right now, they swim / are swimming in the ocean or rest / resting on the beach.
Lucky them!
6 She always walks / is walking the dog in the evening.
7 Do you cook / Are you cooking breakfast for your parents sometimes?
8 Do you chat / Are you chatting to John right now? Say hi to him from me!

1C Grammar: like, love, hate + -ing

Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
1 I





to shopping centres, so he buys everything online.

like getting up early on Saturdays.

5 My best friend loves


like riding the bike in winter.

7 My parents dont like

8 Sorry, I


dancing. She goes to dance classes three times a week!

3 My father hates

6 She


walking my dog! Hes my best friend!

2 My sister

4 I


to me online, so they always call me on the phone.

playing computer games. Can we play cards or watch TV?


Having fun

2A Grammar: How + adjective


Complete the mini dialogues with the right


1 A:
is your brother?
B: Hes only 1 year old.

3 A: How much / many eggs do you want for

B: Only two, Im not very hungry.

5 A:
is this train?
B: It goes at 300 kilometres per hour!

4 A: How much / many milk have we got?

B: Weve got a carton of milk.

6 A: How old is this house?

over 100 years old.

5 A: How much / many cartons of orange juice are

B: There are three cartons of orange juice.

7 A:
is this pier?
B: Its 14 metres long.
8 A: How fast is this ride?
at 100 kilometres per hour.

2B Grammar: Countable nouns

Complete the sentences with a, an or some.

A: Im hungry! Lets make

Mark the correct forms.

2 A: How much / many cheese do we need for the

B: We need just one small piece of cheese.

3 A: How deep is this lake?

56 metres deep.

1 A: How much / many lemonade is there in the

B: Theres one bottle of lemonade.

2 A: How high is this mountain?

B: Its 1,56 metres

4 A: How long is this river?

B: Its 25 kilometres

2B Grammar: How much?/How



6 A: How much / many boxes of eggs do you need?

B: I think I only need one.
7 A: Weve got some pasta left.
B: O
 h, great. How much / many bags of pasta have
we got?
8 A: Oh, look! Weve got some chocolate!
B: Really? How much / many chocolate is there?

A: And in the fridge? Theres 4


butter and

B: Only one? Look, there are 6

tomato, too.
Oh, and
bottle ofmilk!

eggs and

A: OK, lets make scrambled eggs!


B: OK, sure. Whats in the cupboard? Theres

bread and 3

Past times

3A Grammar: Past simple: to be


Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple

forms of the verb to be.

A: 1

an English

Maria Skodowska-Curie and her
husband scientists?

B: Yes, they 5
A: Our grandparents 6
their life 7

comedians but
. But it 9


3A Grammar: Past simple: whquestions


Alfred Hitchcock an American actor?

B: No, he 2
. He 3
film director and producer.

B: No, it 8

3B Grammar: Past simple: regular


Complete the questions with what, who,

where or when.

1 A: 
was Maria Skodowska-Curie
B: She was from Poland.
2 A:
was her husband?
B: He was a French physicist.
3 A:
was his name?
B: It was Pierre Curie.

Complete the sentences with the Past

Simple forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 Jason, I 1
answer me.

(ask) you a question. Please

2 I 2
and then I 3
They 4

(watch) a cookery show yesterday

(cook) dinner for my
(like) it, too!

3 W
(stay) at home last night and
watched a film on TV. We 6
(hate) it,
it was really bad.

4 I 7

(visit) my friend yesterday and

(help) her with her problem.

3B Grammar: Past simple: regular


Put the words in the correct order.

1 A: Sue, 1 watch/you/did/the news

last night?

B: No, I didnt. Did 2 show/they/interesting/


A: Yes, they did. They 3 showed/on Mars/a video/


2 A: What 4 did/in Rome/you/visit

, Luke?

4 A:
was she born?
B: She was born in 1867.

B: I 5 visit/anything/didnt
. I was sick!

5 A:
was your grandmas job?
B: She was a doctor.

A: Oh, no! Did 6 in the hotel/stay/you

the whole time?
Poor you!

6 A:
was Alfred Hitchcock born?
B: He was born in 1899.
7 A:
was he from?
B: H
 e was from England but later he lived in the USA.
8 A:
was he?
B: He was a film director and producer.


Past times

3C Grammar: Past simple: irregular verbs


Complete the sentences with the Past Simple forms of the verbs from the boxes.
One verb in each box does not fit.

1 100 years ago women

long dresses and skirts.
2 Jeans
popular in the 1960s.
3 My mum
4 I

her first car 1 year ago.

my bike every day last summer.

5 Yesterday, my brother
6 Dont you remember? We

6 sandwiches for breakfast.

this film together on Valentines Day!

7 Neil Armstrong
8 Mum! Jenny

to the Moon in 1969.

my sweater without asking! Again!

3C Grammar: Past simple: irregular verbs


Choose the correct words.

1 When did Steven Spielberg

a) make

his first film?

b) made

2 A: Did she buy this dress online?

B: Yes, she
a) bought
b) did
3 What
200 years ago?
a) ate people
b) did people eat
to university.
b) went

5 What
last weekend?
a) did you
b) did you do
6 Where
a) did you go

for your last holiday?

b) went you

7 A: Did you see the talent show on TV last night?

B: No, I
a) didnt
b) didnt see
8 My sister went to a cool party last night but she didnt
a) took
b) take

me with her.


4 My grandma didnt
a) go

Its a musical world

4A Grammar: Past simple: regular

and irregular verbs

Complete the sentences with the Past

Simple forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 T
 he band Queen

Grammar: Present perfect with

ever / never

Complete the dialogue with the words from

the box.

(sell) millions of


have never havent

listened Ive

2 J amie
(want) to talk to me about
something yesterday.

A: Have you ever 1


3 My sister
last year.

B: No, I 2

(get) a guitar for Christmas

4 My parents
(give) me an album by my
favourite band for my birthday.
5 My mum
(change) her last name
when she married my dad.
6 My dad
at university.
7 My parents

(start) a band when he was

(meet) at a concert.

8 M
 y little brother
(win) a music
contest in his school last month!


to the band One

. Are they good?

A: Theyre great! I want to go to their concert but

Idont want to go alone. I havent 3
aconcert before. Have you?
B: Yes, I 4

. Concerts are a lot of fun.

been to only two but my brother has
twenty or thirty concerts! He loves

A: Wow, lucky him! Have you 7
aconcert with him?

been to

B: Yes. Ive 8
been to a concert alone.
Listen, I think I can go with you. I just need to ask
my parents.
A: That would be great!

Mark the correct forms.

1 Who put / did put the advert on the school

2 Where put he / did he put the advert?
3 What kind of music played they / did they play ?
4 Who played / did play the drums for Queen?

4B Grammar: Prepositions with

means of transport
Complete the dialogue with at, by, on or to.
A: How do you get 1
B: I normally go 2
Igo 3

school, Andy?
foot but sometimes
bike. What about you?

A: I live far from school so I usually

go 4
bus. Sometimes, if its warm
and sunny, I cycle 5

5 Who went / did go to the concert last night?

B: You never go 6

6 Where went you / did you go last night?

A: No, never, the bus is quicker.

7 W
 hy wanted you / did you want to play
the trumpet?
8 Who wanted / did want to play the trumpet?



4A Grammar: Past simple: questions;

Wh- questions

Things I like

5A Grammar: Comparative and

superlative of short adjectives

Complete the sentences with the correct

forms of the adjectives in brackets.

* 1 T
 he River Thames is
Severn. (short)
2 Ireland is
3 The North Sea is
* 4 The Vistula is
5 London is the
Kingdom. (big)

than the River

than Greenland. (small)
than the Baltic Sea.

river in Poland. (long)

city in the United

* 6 Scotland is
than Wales, but England
country in the UK. (large)
7 Mount Kilimanjaro is
than Mont
Blanc, but Mount Everest is
in the world. (high)
8 Vietnam is
than Hungary, but Libya
of the three countries. (hot)

5B Grammar: Comparative and

superlative; Long adjectives;
Irregular adjectives

Complete the sentences with the words from

the box.

more the than

better worse


1 Dogs are
intelligent than hamsters.
2 Are parrots more friendly
3 Fish are the
pets because its so easy
to keep them.
4 Reality shows are the
TV programmes
because I think theyre really stupid.
5 I think beaches in Portugal are
beautiful in the world.
6 Is sky-diving the
dangerous sport?
7 Cats are
pets than dogs because you
dont need to walk them.
8 Mountain climbing is my favourite sport, so to me
holidays by the lakes are
mountain holidays.

5C Grammar: Infinitive of purpose


Choose the correct phrases.

1 I need a tracksuit
a) to wear in PE lessons.
c) to put my things in.

b) to see at night.

2 I wear a tracksuit
a) to find my way.
c) to keep dry in the rain.

b) to feel comfortable.

3 Were taking a tent

a) to wear on the beach.
c) to sleep in at night.

b) to eat in the mountains.

4 We need a map
a) to keep warm at night.
c) to see at night.

b) to find our way.

5 I want a waterproof jacket

a) to keep dry in the rain.
c) to put my things in.

b) to wear on the beach.

6 Im taking some money

a) to keep warm at night.
c) to buy food for us.

b) to feel comfortable.

5C Grammar: Object pronoun: one/ones


Mark the correct words.

1 A: Which tent do you want?

B: I think I want the blue one / ones.
2 A: I like the brown hiking boots.
B: I think the grey one / ones are prettier.
3 A: And here are our waterproof jackets.
B: Ooh, I really like these blue one / ones.
4 A: I need some trainers, too.
B: Have a look, these one / ones are cool.
5 A: Which GPS watch do you like?
B: This one / ones looks great!
6 A: The tracksuits are over there.
B: OK, thank you. Im looking for a black one / ones.
7 The red glasses are cheaper than the green one / ones.
8 A: Which sleeping bag do you like - the black one
or the blue one?
B: I like the black one / ones.


Day by day

6A Grammar: adjective + enough, too + adjective


Complete the sentences with too or enough.

1 This sweatshirt is 1

baggy. Wear something less casual, please.

2 Im sorry but your clothes arent smart 2

3 Im not old 3

for this occasion.

to wear a suit and a hat.

4 The shorts are 4

casual. Wear long trousers.

5 This jumper isnt big 5

for you. Cant you see its 6

6 Her dress isnt stylish 7


for this party.

7 This skirt is 8

tight for you. Get a bigger one.

6B Grammar: have to positive, negative, yes/no questions

Complete the dialogues with the correct forms of have to. Use the symbols to make affirmative (+)
or negative (-) sentences. When the symbol is missing, make a question or a short answer.

1 I 1

(+) walk my dog three times a day. No one else can do it for me.

2 You 2

(-) feed the cat three times a day. You can do it twice a day.
you 4

3 A: 3

B: No, I

she 7

4 A: 6

clean your house at the weekends?

. A cleaning lady does it for us.

B: Yes, she 8

go to university?
, because she wants to be a doctor.

5 My little brother Timmy 9

we 11

6 A: 10

B: Yes, we


B: No, she

clean all the windows today?


your sister 14

7 A: 13

(+) make his bed every day.


lay the table every day?

. Sometimes I do it.


Out and about

7A Grammar: Present continuous for

future arrangements positive,
negative, questions

Complete the sentences with the Past

Simple forms of the verbs in brackets.
When the verb in brackets is missing,
make a short answer.

A: Hi, Jenna, 1
(you/do) anything on
Friday evening?
B: Yes, 2
. My best friend 3
(come) over to my house for a sleepover.
A: Oh, OK. 4
(she/stay) with you for
thewhole weekend?
B: No, 5
. Just for one night.
A: Oh, I see. What about Saturday evening?
(you/go) out anywhere?
B: No,
. I dont have any plans.
Why are you asking?
A: Well, my cousins 8
(visit) me for the
weekend. They are really cool and I want to throw
asmall party for them. Do you think you could
B: Oh, sure! Thanks for the invitation!

7C Grammar: must/mustnt/can

Complete the dialogue with must, mustn't

or can.

A: You 1
use a mobile phone in the library.
B: But Im only sending an SMS!
A: Well, OK, you 2
send an SMS, because
its quiet, but you
talk on the phone.
B: Yes, I know, its the library so I
quiet. Oh, my phone is ringing!
A: Please dont talk on the phone in here. You
go outside to answer it. But you
dont have to take your bag and books with you,
you 6
leave them here, its OK.

7B Grammar: can for requests


Complete the dialogues. Make requests with

can / could and a verb from the box. One verb
in each box does not fit.



A: Sam, I think I have the flu. 1

(you) my dog
over the weekend, please?
B: Of course, no problem. Do you need anything else?
A: Yes, 2
(you) the shopping for me, too?
Thank you!



A: Mum, Ive got a headache and a sore throat.

(you) me a pill?
B: Yes, here you are.
A: Thank you. Is Tom at home? 4
to my bedroom? Im bored.
B: OK, I can tell him that.



A: Dad, I think Ive got a temperature. 5

it for me?
B: Of course. Ah, yes, you are ill! You need to stay
at home today.
A: OK. 6
(Sue and Tom) me?


7B Grammar: can/cant for


Complete the dialogue with the correct

phrases from the box.
Can I play Can I e-mail Can I go can
cant do cant you cant Can I invite

A: 1
B: No, you 2
A: 3
B: No, Jimmy, 4
A: 5
B: Yes, you 6
A: 7
B: No, you 8

to Peters house?
! Youve got the flu.
him to our house?
. Youre ill.
. No problem.
a game on the computer as well?
that. You need to rest.


Happy holidays

8A Grammar: going to for future


Fill each gap with one word.

1 We are going 1

watch a film on TV.

2 They arent 2
to come to our party.
Im worried about them.
3 A: Are 3
B: Yes, they 4

going to win?
. Im so proud!

4 What 5
she going to do here
all summer? Its so boring here.
5 Im going 6
Im excited.
6 A: Are you 7
B: No, we 8

learn how to scuba dive!

to fly to Greece?
. Were going to drive there.

Grammar: will for predictions,

decisions & offers

Choose the correct answer.

Mark the correct words.

1 A: Are these whose / your swimming trunks?

B: Yes, theyre my / mine.
2 A: Is this our / ours suitcase?
B: No, its Jim / Jims suitcase.
3 A: Whose / Her beach mat is this?
B: Its her / hers beach mat.
4 A: Are these my / mine flip-flops?
B: No, theyre her / hers.
5 A: Whose / My sunglasses are these?
B: Cant you see? Theyre your / yours!
6 A: Whose / Your sunscreen is this?
B: Its their / theirs.
7 A: Is this their / theirs guidebook?
B: No, its our / ours.
8 A: Is this my / mine sunhat?
B: No, its her / hers.

1 A: My bag is very heavy.

a) I help
b) Ill help
2 I think my suitcase
a) will
b) be

8B Grammar: Possessive adjectives

and pronouns

c) will help
the heaviest of all!
c) will be

3 Its cold, so I think

to the beach
a) we dont go
b) we wont go
c) we wont
to pick you up at 4 p.m.
b) will
c) come

my ticket for me?
a) Will you hold b) You will hold

c) Hold you

6 M
 y sister says she
her camera with her.
a) take
b) ll take
c) will
7 Im sure the museum
a) wont be
b) wont

open yet its

c) not


4 My dad
a) ll come