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As a project leader in my former organization I have been able to undertake various

projects where I have actively engaged my fellow colleagues in effective and

creative means of coming up with appropriate solutions for the problems at hand.
Through skill integration and exercise of individual contribution I have been able to
bring out the best in my fellow colleagues.
Among the projects I have been able to undertake include the
Am of the strong opinion that leaders have a significant impact to the success of a
project. This is due to the fact that leaders are equipped with the skill that enables
them to entirely coordinate project activities and tackle the various problems arising
given the ability to easily come up with contingency plans where necessary. Leaders
play both the psychological and emotional role by ensuring the workers are able to
cope up with the day to day stress from the project. This is a vital aspect since it
enables the fellow workers maintain consistency in the quality service delivery of
the project. Leaders also play an important role in the success of the project
whereby they act as the link between the organization and the workers thus they
are able to keenly address the arising issues while at the same time ensuring the
main aim and focus of the project is maintained.
Among the key leadership attributes that may determine an individuals success as
a leader in a given project in an organization include intuition, self-drive, eloquent
communication skills, problem solving skills and a deep understanding of others.
These are essential to both the success of the project and the exploiting of each
members potential. Eloquence in communication is a vital aspect of most of the
project leaders, this enables the leader to effectively administer control over the
project while at the same time building mutually beneficial relations with other
members of the organization undertaking the project. The self-drive aspect ensures
the project leader is able to apply intuition in order to realize the aim of the project
is achieved regardless of the challenges that may arise. Leaders are able to
influence their colleagues to believe and focus on the main aim of the organization.
Self-drive and direction ensures a leader is able to make up rational decisions that
ensure the project becomes a success within the set time frame. Self-directed
leadership is encouraged whilst managing and undertaking of the various projects
so as to ensure each member of the various groups plays their roles effectively.
Given that most of the projects are complex and are highly engaging most of the
members often suffer from psychological stress as a result of active engagement in
the strenuous activities. Leaders are expected to employ various methods inorder to
help their colleaguese cope up with the stress. Lack of stresss management may
prompt the members of the team undertaking the projects engage in alcohol and
drug abuse which often leads to reduction in productivity and inadequacy in the
quality of work being carried out.
The project leaders have various characteristics that determine the successful
leaders in a given organization this include the commanding authority, observing
and project reevaluation skills, listening and questioning capabilities, adherence to
the set communication schedules and ability to enrich and bring up informal
networks within the organization. This enables the leader to easily identify the

various critical issues that may end up affecting the projects being undertaken. The
various leadership characteristic of being able to employ fairness in reaching
various consensus and conflict resolution skills are vital to leadership overseeing the
projects. The project managers should have the keenness required in following up
on the instructions of the stakeholders, this is key din ensuring development of
mutual relations between the organization and the projects thus avoiding instances
of investors withdrawal as a result of mistrust. With each of the projects being
undertaken having their priorities, a good project manager is expected to be able to
effectively have the ability to reassess the various set priorities after a given time
period. This enables the efficient transitioning of the projects through various
phases while at the same time forecasting on the various problems that may arise
with regards to the actions taken. The ability of a project leader to possess quick
shifting abilities while at the same time knowing what to consider and what to
overlook is critical to their success of the project. This enables the leader be able to
quickly note the various problems associated to the project and come up with
contingency plans soon. It is essential for each leader to command authority in their
areas of work this is essential since it enables the employees get the work done
thus the project will be finished in the set time lengths. This quality enables the
organization achieve the maximum benefit out of its employees through the various
leaders. The employees are able to have the insight while approaching the various
projects therefore enhancing the problem solving mechanism in place.
A leader is determined from the leadership style they employ in the running of the
assigned project.
Employee motivation is a key aspect of any organizations success, the company
should be able to encourage the employees through various means such as
encouraging of friendly competition, employees promotion and employee awards.
The provision of employees with a conductive working environment ensures the
employees are able to bring out the maximum ability given that the workplace
environment enhances the nurturing of an individual talent. This enables the
employees to become motivated to come up with innovative solutions which will
enable them to develop the various projects and at the same time improve their
lives. On the other hand this will ensure the organization actively supports and
nurtures new ideas through ensuring the employees get a suitable platform where
they are not under criticism whenever they are trying to explore the new grounds.
The individual empowerment efforts in an organization is a vital employee
motivation feature since it creates a sense of ownership among the individual
Celebration of personal achievements is rated among the most significant employee
motivation methods. This enables the employee gain the required psychological and
emotional know how of the organizations efforts in recognizing his various
undertakings. Rewarding of accomplishments is a sign of regard for the organization
towards the employee since it motivates the employee to partake other greater
challenges. The organization should on the hand play the role of encouraging
individuality within the organization so as to create a diversified and dynamic

culture within the organization. This therefore enhances the working environment
which in turn encourages the learning of new skills.