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SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ARREST/PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT vs TET RGaI Are Datetine re Dac peasy Report] OFT SPRF | Court CaneF ( isuvente | 05076 1015 ‘orerses 245250 Defendants Fall Name Last First, Mid, Suffix) 0.8. _ | Race| Sex| Height | Weight | Hair | Eye PENDER, DELMARICK KAMAR i2s0i993|B|M.| 600. | 195 | BLK | BRO iio DLNombe [DLStte [SSN4 Paseo | Fatale FSUG mm | FL 6A Address Local Home# | Local Work# | Occupation/Employer/School FSU FOOTBALL PLAYER | Permanent Address ‘Sears, Tattoos, Unique Physical Features T st T - ay T P8404 2A | 6895 | FT \TTERY COMMIT DOMESTIC BATTERY BY rycryed STRANGULATION _— 2 BAS OD 3143 | MF IST OFFICER OBSTRUCT WO VIOLENCE T/{tr|tt ; 2 = If Release is Approved, Defendant Should be Electronically Monitored? NO I YES, Why? ‘Affiant Signature ‘Arresting Officer Name/Id# ‘Arresting Ageney/ORI# HAMBY ‘TALLAHASSEE POLICE DEPARTMENT | HENNI FL0370300 653 (05/07/2016 17:22 SECOND JUDICAL CIRCUIT ARREST/PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT ws ‘Tite undersigned certifies and swears that he/she has just and r 1d docs believe that the above named Defendant on Saturday May 7TH 2016, at approximately 10:04, at lid the following violation of law: PROBABLE CAUSE TEMPLATE - ORIGINAL REPORT TIME OF ARREST (ARRESTEE IN PHYSICAL CUSTODY): 10:15 DEFENDANT NAME: Delmarick Kamar Pender DOB: 12-30-1993 FACTS TO SUPPORT ABOVE CHARGE(S): On 5/7/16 shortly before 9:50 AM, a "911" call was made to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency about a black hitting on a white female, and dragging her by her hair into a house which the caller stated as possibly harkey Street. According to the caller, the male and female were originally arguing in the front yard. The caller stated the involved parties were arguing while walking down the street, and then the male grabbed her by the hair and drug her fifty (50) feet back to the house and drug her inside the residence. According to the caller, this has happened before. Upon my arrival, I heard loud voices coming from|flSharkey Street. I heard a female crying and saying something that I could not understand to a male with a loud, forceful sounding voice. I requested my back up officer to respond to me in emergency mode (lights and sirens.) The verbal altercation continued from inside the house. I went to the front door and due to the exigency of the situation and my belief the female was in distress and/or being harmed, I checked the front door and it pushed open. I observed a muscular black male (later identified as Delmarick Pender) on top of a white female (later identified as FS 114 _ ) straddling her body, with his hands around her neck, I un-holstered my firearm and pointed it at the male, and gave him verbal commands to get off of her and to lie down on the ground. The male stated that they were just wrestling, (Note: The female was extremely disheveled in her appearance, and I could see that she was upset.) The male reluctantly complied with my lawful commands and was handcuffed without incident. As I waited for my back up (Officer Black) to arrive, I left the male, secured in handcuffs, on the floor in the living room. 1 searched him for any contraband and for identification. Under his driver's license, I observed a concealed weapons permit, and I asked him about firearms in the home. He stated that he did have a firearm in the back bedroom. (Note: No firearms were used in this incident.) SECOND JUDICAL CIRCUIT ARREST/PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT ys ‘The female had visible injuries to her face and neck region, She had a scratch to her left temple, bruising to her right eye, and several scratches/ marks to her neck, including a scratch to her upper chest. Once the male was escorted by Officer Black out of the house away from the female victim, she told me the following: She is scared of what will happen to her boyfriend of 10 years, and advised they have a 1.5 year old child together. She stated that they are in the process of ending their relationship, and relationships never end well. Prior to our arrival, they were arguing and he grabbed her by the throat. She stated he did not mean to injure her. She claimed her bruised eye was caused by her child when the child had her phone. She did state the male accidently scratched her temple. I instructed Officer Black the male would be arrested. The male, who we later discovered is a FSU football player, refused to get into Officer Black;s patrol vehicle. Officer Black and I attempted to escort him into the patrol car; Officer Black had one arm, and I attempted to use his wrist region to guide him to the vehicle. He pulled away from me, and we landed on the ground with me on top of his leg. He refused to walk to the vehicle until a supervisor and Jimbo Fisher (FSU football coach) responded to the scene. We contacted TPD Patrol Supervisor Sgt. Hubbard who subsequently responded. Sgt. Hubbard explained to the male he was ‘under arrest and instructed him to comply with our lawful commands to get into the patrol vehicle to be transported to the jail. Ultimately the male complied. During my on scene investigation I spoke with the complainant via a telephone. The complainant wished to remain anonymous but was willing to talk with me about todays incident. The anonymous complainant stated the male and female have argued several times in the past. The complainant indicated todays actions were different prompting the call to law enforcement. The complainant observed the male drag the female approximately 50 feet in the roadway by her hair while he was hitting her at which time the complainant called "911." The complainant also saw the male drag her into the house. (Incident location.) observed the back of the male's shirt was torn and he had a slight cut to his lip. The male made several spontaneous statements while I was on scene, He stated several times, zwe were just wrestling and ¢dongt you and your boyfriend wrestle’, Due to my own observations when I entered the residence and the initial statements from the victim, the male was not questioned. Additionally, the male was uncooperative during our initial contact with him and refused to comply with our instructions and lawful commands. Officer Black transported the male suspect to the Leon County Jail without further incident. The female provided a sworn written statement about this incident however she refused to allow her injuries to be photographed. The males injured lip and torn shirt were both photographed. The female;s injuries were ‘observed by all responding officers on scene. SECOND JUDICAL CIRCUIT ARREST/PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT 4s Affiant Signature Arresting Officer Name/Id#t Arresting Agency HAMBY TALLAHASSEE POLICE DEPARTMENT FL0370300 653 ‘Sworn to and subscribed before me this Saturday of May 7TH 2016 Certifying Officer Detention facility — ‘Arrest Date/Time Leon County Jail 535 Appleyard Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32304 __| 05107116 10:15 Booking Officer | Bond Amount | Aggravating Factors | _ SECOND JUDICAL CIRCUIT VICTIM INFORMATION S/S # FDLE Statue Vietin's Name Vitis Address __Momeh Work T 1784.041 2A = —_ [ A Fst | FSIIY | [2 Ham2 STATE OF FLORIDA 234. 7TH AVENUE, TALLAHASSEE FL (850)891.421 Affiant Signature Arresting Officer Name/ld# Arresting Agency HAMBY ‘TALLAHASSEE POLICE DEPARTMENT HENNI FL0370300 - 653 Agency Report: 0016014603, _ Detention facility ‘Arrest Date/Time Leon County Jail $35 Appleyard Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32304 [08/07/16 10:15 Booking Officer Bond Amount | Aggravating Factors