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Client Product Target Audience Background

BHS (British Home Stores) Ethical clothing brand ely this tar It is for you to define precis . get audience using research

s have ere cost-cutting retail brand Within an environment wh vide a distinctive offering is d to succeed, the need to pro struggle ever more important.

to establish ical clothing brand for BHS s indicate ef asks you to develop an eth This bri thing retailer. Current trend d widen the appeal of this clo distinctiveness an sales of clothing were up e an area of growth. Online o 2005. that internet sales will provid trend that has continued int 04, according to the FT – a y to conduct 37% to £644m in 20 t does not contain the abilit y to sell a very basic internet site tha BHS provides for BHS that has the capacit asks you to design a new site la for the store. ecommerce. This brief n a ‘bricks and clicks’ formu brand online. You must desig the new ethical Objective roduction of: To drive sales through the int an ethical brand 1. th ility. That is in sympathy wi a functioning ecommerce fac 2. the brand values of BHS o/ website address/ name eth ical brand

log Mandatory inclusions, Brand Proposition Media

mers an ethically positive ir & Square offers BHS consu ‘Fa thing purchase’ alternative to their usual clo 2 colour full-page ads 1 Posters ad 1 radio advert (20”) for internet site 1 sample page (front page) 06 Deadline - 22/23/24 May 20


look at the environment ical trading means taking a Eth u are affecting it, your company and how yo around has become increasingly beyond making money. It to be more aware of their important for companies t they are having on the surroundings and the affec n of companies is starting vironment, as public opinio en mental standpoint. to drop, due to their environ t the butt of many jokes, bu Ethical initiatives are often the environment, they can beyond being positive for also improve your business. alongside marketing nsider economic objectives If you co d has the chance to grow an objectives, your company successful. become more efficient and

Clothing Market Backgroun d £37 billion (€54.4 billion) clothing market reached The UK r spending up 4.2% on 2003. Consume including sales tax in 2004, ly since 2000 growing by has performed quite robust on apparel ropean all retail sales. In several Eu % compared to 18.8% for 19 ce with ng has struggled to keep pa markets, demand for clothi st has been one of the stronge h in all retail sales, and the UK growt intel, 2005) performers in this respect.(M 2004. had 44.8% of sector sales in e top five clothing retailers Th sectors most concentrated clothing This makes the UK one of the dia turnover are M&S, Next, Arca rope. The leading players by in Eu intel, 2005) Group, Matalan and Bhs. (M BHS Market share Figure 114: Bhs, Share of UK clothing specialists’ sales

Sector Market Share & Ou


Ethical Competition Backgro


clothing “big players” in the ethical There is a limited number of ed are some big brands involv t currently. However, there marke ods and rs spent £25bn on ethical go and “Last year UK consume 03”, while “The market for - a rise of 15 per cent on 20 services 3m last r cent in 12 months to £4 ical clothes rose by 30 pe eth towards This suggests there is a trend year” (Hickman, M., 2005). rs n only increase as consume lly produced goods that ca ethica s. onmental and ethical issue become more aware of envir

Source: Bhs/Mintel S Ltd NB: Figures taken from BH


Ethical Competition n of some of the ethical le opposite gives an indicatio The tab small the UK. They are generally brands that are available in of these th one or two shops. Many independent companies wi d the nature of e-commerce an mpanies can flourish due to co have hieved online, and as such, the exposure that can be ac ing e-shops and consumer cant online presence includ a signifi information. they ethical outfits, it is unlikely spite the numbers of small De ught mediate threat on a range bro would pose a significant im . a huge high street presence rket by BHS, a retailer with to ma the ups with ethical ranges pose More likely, other retail gro with ford Circus has made a deal greatest threat. Topshop Ox two ethical clothing. There are People Tree to sell its line of served from this move. main points that can be ob exposure from being picked People Tree has gained huge 1. a the brand, via Topshop, to be up by Topshop, promoting significant competitor. the brand in their flagship Topshop has only launched 2. ced is skeptical that premium pri store. This suggests Topshop market as a whole. This is a clothes are ready for the UK ethical er to be first to market. opportunity for another retail big

Howies Ecotopia Ethical Threads Footprint Greenfibres Oxfam Traidcraft Natural Collection Seasalt Organic Freedom Clothing http://www.ethicalthreads.c http://www.footprint-clothin / enerationwhy/ http://www.naturalcollectio .uk/


Fair Trade Clothes & Other U.K. Market for Organic & Hickman, M., 12/12/2005, ww.organicconsumers. accessed April 2005, http://w Products Growing Rapidly, org/btc/market121205.cfm l. il 2005, http://reports.minte ng UK 2005, Accessed Apr Mintel, 2005, Clothes Retaili page=0&noaccess_page=0/ sults/show&&type=RCItem& com/sinatra/reports/search_re display/id=114754


Target Audience
peal to Department store BHS ap cording to Mintel (2005), Ac s female ugh slightly biased toward both male and female; tho ing men feel comfortable shopp mers. However, in general consu exploit tor that BHS could perhaps in department stores, a fac further. third age ed at 55-64 year old ‘with In the case of usage, it peak BHS. higher propensity’ to use retired groups showing a and appeal to store also holds a strong However, the department , reflecting its strength in rs with children aged 10-15 consume school wear. of 2005, BHS achieved 15% e months prior to April Twelv contrast, clothing for themselves. In consumers who have bought of d the highest percentage tors such as M&S achieve competi akdown strate a more detailed bre %. The graphs (right) illu 42 ple of onomic group based on a sam of gender; age and socio-ec 1,991 adults aged 15+. ical Trade Initiative, which t, BHS is not a member of Eth At presen cording s Debenhams and M&S. Ac s members of its competitor ha rs would by M&S), 78% of consume to a survey (commissioned ere ‘conditions in the factory, wh to know more information on like wever, it at chemicals are used’. Ho clothes come from and wh on Yahoo that the ‘take-up suggested by Datamonitor has been unless is likely to be very gradual’ of organic/ethical clothing ience alone. consumers act on their consc ption of ethical clothing is the perce Another challenge that faces

n attributes (Lock, 2006). clothes, which lack fashio ‘homspun’ treet changing as popular high-s wever, the trend is slowly Ho to release avvy consumers are about stores that target fashion-s Gap’s vintage tee made in n ethical clothing range; their ow es towards th Product RED – 50% go Lethoso in conjunction wi riendly eases in Africa; Oasis’ eco-f fighting Aids and other dis ic cotton ganic; and Top Shop’s organ range called The Future Or se the gested the trend will increa babywear. It could be sug l consumers with an ethica s of successfully targeting chance posed to me more conscious and ex clothing range as they beco ethical initiatives.


line), Available from URL: ailing - UK - July 2005 (On (2006) Clothing Ret Min ow&&type=RCItem&page=0 tra/reports/search_results/sh y 2006] id=114754, [Accessed 1st Ma &noaccess_page=0/display/ ilable from URL:http://web. n Shopping (Online), Ava Lock, K. (2006) Natural Bor lang=en&ut=3325272301, rm?_index=exec_en.html&_ [Accessed 1st May 2006]


05), it t can be found on Mintel (20 a company profile of BHS tha In od value “a nationwide byword for go states that BHS has become thes, ge of own brand value clo ng.” They offer a wide ran clothi ildren’s, d Baby wear, through to Ch ranging from Maternity an produce a range of Men’s and Men’s wear. They also Women’s, range of Wedding dresses. and Women’s shoes, and a you and is probably familiar to has been with us for years BHS A lot of m bought your underwear. as the shop where your mu store as they see the product generation tend to avoid the younger , are t the older, wiser generation ge as “old fashioned”, bu ran te always the clothes produced. Despi more aware of the quality of rs, such as Marks and Spence compared to rival retailers being , although product line in comparison BHS has a relatively small res. n competing department sto prices tend to be lower tha ing that ndon says, “Personally, anyth Gendu, a shopper from Lo y is ll, since the value for mone which I can get in BHS, I wi I like nt and es, they won’t have what I wa outstanding but a fair few tim ler range will serve better.” ere another store with a ful thats wh ( like ethical range of clothes, un moment BHS do not run an At the hind The ently launched a “Look Be Marks and Spencer, who rec ards informing shoppers of campaign, that is aimed tow Label” show that made and sourced. Reports the way their products are called an increasing appetite for soUK consumers are showing ‘fair trade’ products.

rtrade Foundation showed figures released by the Fai Last year, 2004. by more than 50% during es of ethical products grew sal ( sell fair anies that are beginning to There are many other comp stores, as it cuts overhead cts, usually through online trade produ ny of endent traders. However, ma sts and can be run by indep co ’ set of product at a more ‘hardcore these companies aim their mer threat to the type of consu mers, and would not be a consu cts. that would buy BHS produ


line), Available from URL: Retailing - UK - July 2005 (On (2006) Clothing ow&&type=RCItem&page=0 tra/reports/search_results/sh May 2006] id=114754, [Accessed 1st &noaccess_page=0/display/ L: (Online), Available from UR BHS: The ability to surprise (2006) 89/, [Accessed 12th May ffline-shopping-misc/bhs/4277 2006] ge (Online), Available from S set to launch fair trade ran 6] (2006) M& .stm, [Accessed 12th May 200 business/4660410 L: UR


n from 35 core consumer age-group spa According to Mintel, BHS’s ce of of 55-64 years old buying a pie rs onwards; with a proportion yea to April n a twelve month period prior clothing for themselves withi B, C1, and D socio-economic ch consumers fell within the A, 2005. Su of 2:1 ratio. grouping, with a female-bias the an obvious target audience for ld be suggested that there is It cou iences; e of BHS’s current target aud ethical clothing range outsid . rchase ethically made products y are consumers who only pu and the diagram, ent of the Audience spider However, after the developm , types two distinctive, yet conflicting findings suggest that there are of target audience. based on the aforementioned. consideration has been made Careful ers’ for en targeting ‘ethical campaign It could prove challenging wh many of for various reasons; firstly, BHS’s ethical clothing brand ies based are still mass-produced in factor BHS’s other product offering secondly, th the ethical philosophy, and in Turkey, thus conflicting wi group Arcadia, another factor currently owned by fashion BHS is Therefore ists/sweatshops/corporations. frowned upon by anti-capital be BHS’s ience for the campaign should it is evident that our target aud ical campaigners. current consumers and not eth ge uare is fierce with any new ran etition for BHS and Fair & Sq Comp s that the t. It is clear from our finding struggling in a saturated marke to high street retail and nonn will be significantly biased competitio be gest that ethical brands should ical products. This is not to sug eth . Where y are not a significant threat disregarded, but short-term the ges ns is through developing ran ethical brands have made gai some

ndon st part these are limited to Lo high street chains. For the mo for to BHS. a significant immediate threat stores and again do not pose the an edge is e-commerce. Even the competetion clearly have Where presence or retailer has a slicker online smallest ethical manufacturer e ical brand will have an onlin S currently offer. The new eth than BH sider ure BHS should strongly con sence, however, in the fut pre integrating all their operations. overhauling the entire site and nding the e is to create awareness surrou The communication objectiv e, and to encourage current duction practices of Fair&Squar ethical pro line. The from the range in-store or on BHS consumers to purchase ll focus o-part strategy; one theme wi campaign will consist of a tw me ir&Square, whilst the other the on the ethical production of Fa solely ge, perhaps emphasis on the clothing ran will have a slightly stronger artwork that would appeal to a fashion-photography style adopting plistic and ch advertisement will be sim female consumers of BHS. Ea attention ite images to contrast and draw classic, utilising black and wh ing , they will all carry interlink Fair & Square logo. However to the . themes for continuity purposes that states ns a company profile of BHS The Mintel Report also contai good value e “a nationwide byword for that the company has becom family, ge of clothes, for the whole thing.” They offer a wide ran clo produce a pment they are in. They also no matter what stage of develo a range of Wedding dresses. Men’s and Women’s shoes, and range of y see the tend to avoid the store as the A lot of younger generation n, are but the older, wiser generatio duct range as “old fashioned”, pro always the clothes produced. Despite more aware of the quality of Marks and Spencer’s, BHS pared to rival retailers such as being com prices line in comparison, although has a relatively small product


Summary cont.
ing dep tend to be lower than compet artment stores. her main an ethical range of clothes. Ot At the moment BHS do not run les, an ethical trading. For examp ment stores have already beg depart e Label” ly launched a “Look Behind Th Marks and Spencer, who recent ing shoppers of the way their , that is aimed towards inform campaign sumers are d. Reports show that UK con products are made and source ducts. te for so-called ‘fair trade’ pro showing an increasing appeti sales Fairtrade Foundation showed year, figures released by the Last re than 50% during 2004. (w of ethical products grew by mo nline) Retailing - UK - July 2005 (O (2006) Clothing h_ able from URL:http://reports.m Avail =0/display/ m&page=0&noaccess_page results/show&&type=RCIte y 2006] id=114754 [Accessed 1st Ma ne) S: The ability to surprise (Onli (2006) BH opping/ Available from URL: http:/ 12th May 2006] misc/bhs/427789/, [Accessed (Online) set to launch fair trade range (2006) M&S /4660410. / Available from URL: http:/ ] stm, [Accessed 12th May 2006

y BHS consumers an ethicall ‘Fair & Square offers to their usual clothing positive alternative purchase’


rget Audience Ta


Competition Mood Board

Audience Mood Board

Product Mood Board

Brand Name
ming around words that are name consisted of brainstor nd Trust, The development of the bra Some of the words include: ethical initiatives or nature. wever, it was usually associated with True, Honest and Green. Ho duct nsparent, Fair, Komakino, Naked, Open, Tra t the naturalness of the pro me had to symbolise not jus ents. imperative that the brand na ical production of the garm a strong emphasis on the eth range but also covey thing three names for the ethical clo the group decided on the top was the most After much deliberation, d Fair & Square. The latter rd Brown, Common Sense an brand, which are double-meaning: (1) The wo three because it conveys a ate linkages favourable name out of the mers will automatically cre e ir Trade’, therefore the consu ‘Fair’ derive from ‘Fa eys its true definition; (2) Th tive, but the word also conv tia rvative’, with the ethical clothing ini ve several meanings, ‘conse ntext of personality can ha thing brand it word ‘Square’ in the co ntext of the BHS ethical clo nt and so on. However, in the co ‘traditional’ and ptable working environme rking philosophy (e.g. acce it can increase coveys a ‘by the book’ wo Square’ is commonly used, ore, as the phrase ‘Fair and hours etc). Furtherm embering the brand name. the chance of consumers rem nces: Brown earch amongst its target audie nse; ted by conducting a field res The theory was tes 20% preferred Common Se s considered ‘ambiguous’; ht attributes proved unpopular – it wa re as it conveyed ‘all the rig 80% favouring Fair & Squa though a staggering the field research results, the thing brand’. On the basis of clo and message for an ethical me the range Fair & Square group has decided to na

g into the design after placin BHS logo was incorporated n The logo, and from a brainstorming sessio rt design next to the BHS The Logo development came d the design on an adve an hip between of the chosen name “Fair looked more like a partners where all the connotations a was establishing that it rather than the table. The initial ide ‘Fair and Square’ and ‘BHS’ Square” were laid down on company. To square with being part of the same literally to have a coloured o was kept it, however, combat this, the BHS log ir and square’ written in ‘fa the blank ment ideas, unaltered, but placed inside after some mock-up develop re’ logo. s was not far square of the ‘Fair and Squa it became obvious that thi the ‘Orange’ enough removed from colours that not portray The colours we chose were mobile phone logo, and did with the ‘Orange’ we immediately associated right sort of message, as the rs that can t people do ethical scene, and are colou is a huge conglomerate, tha out the ‘Fair l trading, and be found on items through not associate with ethica and Square’ range. be associated therefore we did not want to with that brand in any way. ng a square We kept on the idea of usi , but this time logo, to tie in with the name are had to be not just one big block, the squ rds on the idea of making the wo broken up. We finalised up g the t of the design, and havin form a square at the top lef g m right of the design, lookin original square on the botto like one big square logo.

listic Picture Ho

Ethical Trail
ced using Ethical procedures All of our products are produ Cotton. ever possible, and Organic Growing sively a farm in Turkey, that exclu r organic cotton is grown on Ou th organic y; Topkapi Iplik, in Israel, wi supplies our spinning factor and growing cotton for decades n. This family farm has been cotto lly means and Izmir. Farming organica is located between Istanbul wn and harvested in a way ground and the crops are gro that the nable ment, making it more sustai t is beneficial to the environ tha d, in could. No chemicals are use than other farming methods es the eiv lly-grown cotton, which rec comparison to conventiona de. Creating ls of any crop worldwi highest level of agro-chemica ment. Being a small, family mage to the global environ major da d work to workers safety, health an rm, a lot of attention is paid fi ppy and nt for everybody to be ha conditions. As it is importa um efficiency levels. working well to reach maxim . Spinning ul. It now s established 1972 in Istanb The Topkapi Iplik Factory wa 00 factory operates on a 220,0 ys around 450 people. The emplo of green90,000 square meter area square meter area, with a 0 surrounded by over 15,00 sed for conservation and land clo health or that does not harm human trees. They work in a way energy nefit of the factory is its low the environment. A main be doesn’t o r for the environment and als consumption, which is bette level as other, rming on such a large add to the affect of global wa , where

. less energy efficient factories ment human health and environ e importance they attach to Th ich is KS certificate in 1999, wh was awarded the OEKOTE of hieve excellence in the field ed to firms in Turkey that ac award rking practice. environmentally friendly wo the main factor of long i Iplik factory has identified The Topkap g ties have been developing stron m as human resources and, ter ars. with their employees for ye ployees nt that believes all the em Topkapi is an establishme nities without taking into ve equal rights and opportu should ha y other language, ethnicity or an nsideration their gender, co personal attributes. rk by age of 18, and workers wo employ nobody under the They cording to never be forced to work. Ac their own consent and can d social the TEKSIF union, wages an the points of the contract of with the employees in accordance rights are implemented for month. contract at the end of each es urs weekly. If anyone requir rmal working week is 45 ho A no d out on sive demands, it is carrie overtime, due to the inten our representatives’ consent. n that the employees and lab conditio ekly at least one day vacation we e employees of Topkapi have Th nts. rdance with legal arrangeme and wages are paid in acco cordance ed for employees daily, in ac Four kinds of meal are provid al transportation service is h regulations. And an annu with healt tors. provided by outside contrac m largest spinning factories. Fro api Iplik is one of Istanbul’s Topk d then to Haifa in northern Israel, an there the yarn is shipped to Beit Jala in Palestine. (www

Ethical Trail
n Knitting the yarn into cotto factory a family-run, medium-sized The Arja Textile Company is rs ey employ around 60 worke ed in 1971 in Bethlehem. Th found joy good h the garments. They also en who knit, cut, sew, and finis mill, is based in Beit Jala , conditions and unions. The working duce ed equipment needed to pro d houses the latest specializ an ) cts . ( the premium quality produ Printing ndly, ethical, environmentally frie e have negotiated with an W T-Shirts the UK to print T-shirts – family-owned print shop in and duces high quality printed Sons.“T Shirt and Sons pro and of high clothing for a broad range embroidered promotional Bath, South West England in ents. Originally founded in profile cli and an and Andrew Lunt, T Shirt late 1980’s by brothers Jonath the ptionally n business offering an exce Sons is still today a family-ru tory The T Shirt and Sons’ fac level of customer service. high provide ry, Wiltshire, and our team is now situated in Westbu nt from concept, design, ensive project manageme compreh ough and distribution logistics, thr work, proofing, packaging art ms of manufacture of bespoke ite to garment sourcing and the motional clothing. workwear, uniforms and pro sive range of printing and and Sons can offer an exten T Shirt winning for over a decade have been embroidery techniques, and ecially for ards for innovation, and esp European screenprinting aw pact inks reduce the negative im use of water based inks. These the Shirt and ls on the environment. T of traditional print chemica

d fabrics, in a wide range of styles an Sons can source garments ttons, for organic and fair trade co t are fast becoming known bu k.) ng.” ( and ethically sourced clothi


URL: www.topkapiCan (Online) Available from (2006) Do the Best You Topkap May 2006] [Accessed 3RD erience. (Online) : The Ultimate Clothing Exp (2006) Arja Textile Co. Arja-textil May 2006] [Accessed 3rd Available from URL: www.a le from URL: www. irt and Sons (online) Availab (2006) About T-sh Tshirtands sed 3rd May 2006] [Acces

Responsible ies nt to customers that compan coming increasingly importa It is be ious, and are environmentally consc are able to show that they that reduce environmental g and implementing plans are makin ies are be reassured that compan mage. They also need to da genetic chemical treatments and using technologies such as modification, responsibly. Packaging they are protection for products when Packaging acts as a form of ing from getting ruined and be nsit. It can prevent products in tra tructions time carrying important ins wasted, whilst at the same helping the product look ation on ingredients and and inform . Our also leads to a lot of waste ractive on the shelf, but it att led. that can be re-used or recyc intention is to use packaging Sustainable sourcing this is terials is sustainability, and important aspect of raw ma An ment of ul and considerate manage only possible through caref based val of the materials. Fossil farming, mining and retrie the shing, so ply and are quickly dimini materials have a limited sup ng sustainable products over ention should be paid to usi more att using hibited at all times when sil fuels. Care should be ex fos human ials that may cause harm to particularly hazardous mater health or the environment.

Transport vital that ps would not function. It is Without transportation sho , ps in order to purchase items mers are able to get to the sho consu es and nsfer stock between themselv and that shops are able to tra to transport a lot of stock, or even other shops. In order suppliers, ry bad at the moment these are ve vehicles must be used, but big ich are ve high CO2 emissions wh for the environment and ha ck committed to transporting sto g to O-Zone gasses. We are addin ernative looking into methods of alt as efficiently as possible, public, or d encouraging staff to use sustainable fuel sources, an ort. alternative methods of transp Energy, water and waste the office/warehouse can and water consumption in Energy use perly the environment if not pro ve a detrimental affect on ha disposal e same can be said about the managed and controlled. Th ve ls and gasses used to preser ste products. The chemica of wa maging refrigerated vans, can be da products and foods, and in about the ain, our company is excited toward the environment. Ag ular d energy sources, and the reg spects of alternative fuels an pro suring it use of Energy and Water, en monitoring and audit of the is being sufficiently used.


M Environmental Policy – 21st ay 2006

environmental issues. ise their make an attempt to maxim Suppliers are expected to 1.6 materials, nimise consumption of raw ciency levels, in order to mi effi and energy levels. 2. Operations

distribution mainly concerned with the Efficient use of transport is een us and our the delivery processes betw 1. Suppliers fleets that are used during rns of our ed with the transport patte metal, plastic, chemical suppliers. They are also concern types of Fabric, c transport services. Raw materials are the many s of our staff and customers and the availability of publi g the manufacturing proces ble fossil fuels, or d durin ity, Most methods of transport available today use valua substances etc that are use raw materials is sustainabil ect of these ment. products. An important asp rate management cause some kind of harm to the environ through careful and conside and this is only possible s. Fossil based vehicles that deliver d retrieval of the material more 2.1 Encourage Suppliers and distributors to select of the farming, mining an are quickly diminishing, so hnologies. ply and combination of fuel and tec materials have a limited sup products over fossil fuels. and environmentally efficient use more using sustainable courage staff members to attention should be paid to particularly hazardous 2.2 Create a staff incentive to en travelling to all times when using thods of transportation when Care should be exhibited at ment. environmentally friendly me human health or the environ rm to materials that may cause ha work, and in everyday life. ate themselves on there 2.3 Provide customers with the opportunity to educ known sources, if terials from transport. Where possible, use raw ma and alternative methods of 1.1 sustainable energy sources environmental impact. the is the possibility of lessening alternative sustainable can have d develop innovative and tion in the office/warehouse Support an 1.2 ergy use and water consump and En terial. nt if not properly managed sources of fuel and raw ma control the use of a detrimental affect on the environme that carefully ste products. Set performance standards said about the disposal of wa 1.3 controlled. The same can be d substances. foods, and in cals an d to preserve products and potentially hazardous chemi The chemicals and gasses use the environment. of combining refrigerated vans, can be damaging toward ction of a product by the use Manufacturing is the produ ials, but also track the use s will use not only raw mater ntal management system to raw materials. Such a proces cess will inevitably produce 2.4 Introduce an environme se the risks of wer. This pro ervene in order to minimali energy, water, and man po damaging products and int and of with outstanding legislation waste by-products. Also to ensure compliance pollution. our any new legislation introduced. performance standards for l Developing environmenta 1.4 already recognised h standards and practices on pliers, and basing suc sup ies. t in place by other compan environmental practices pu mental pliers to create an environ We will encourage our sup 1.5 how their nitor t system, in order to mo performance measuremen er suppliers regarding mparison to our oth company is performing in co


nt of recycling ipate in the developme 3.4 Promote and partic networks. rtant to a level of trust that it is impo ication with customers leads Commun portant from out certain issues is also im to uphold. Re-assurance ab sustainable arise involving the use of e to time. Such issues may duct is ging tim ditionally, the way the pro of reusable transport packa terials and recycling etc. Ad a range raw ma e a huge affect on the 2.5 Employ and implement rd or plastic products used, stored, cared for and disposed of can hav ste, and recycle and cardboa on the correct systems to reduce wa nt for people to be educated environment, so it is importa that cannot be re-used. to do these things. d way used wherever practical an terials are on relating to the 2.6 Ensure that recycled ma y and potentially 3.5 Provide easily understood and useful informati s must be used efficientl possible, other resource sal of products. purchase, care of, and dispo substances reduced. hazardous customers on the and Water, ensuring 3.6 Develop initiatives aimed towards educating and audit the use of Energy negative effect 2.7 Regularly monitor products that minimises the disposal of packaging and it is being sufficiently used. on the environment. schemes throughout offices and re-use d concerns of 2.8 By operating recycling waste can be t represent the interests an 3.7 Work with groups tha ging and store equipment, and warehouses for packa customers. reduced. unicate with l goals in the way we comm 3.8 Reflect our environmenta 3. Customers our customers. during ucing damage to products y of red Packaging is an effective wa of damaged goods. d affectively reducing waste rage and transit an sto ation to unicating important inform used as a means for comm It is also the consumers. ssible used in practical and po sure recycled materials are 3.1 En al and efficient. of other materials is minim circumstances and the use and the use tially hazardous materials, Reduce our usage of poten 3.2 of non-sustainable fuels. etition of ing by customers by the rep Promote the use of recycl 3.3 ls. recycling logos and symbo

Recyclable and ethical mat erials used in store
terials, int of sale promotional ma Recycled Card board – Po clothes tags etc use paper, promotional Paper – Till rolls, general Recycled leaflets etc in of plastic bags to put items cled paper bags – instead Recy d with per bags can be used, printe after purchase, recycled pa y. by an ethical print compan the “fair and square logo”, replace from recycled plastics can Hangers – Hangers made throughout the whole store. conventional plastic hangers

Fair & Square
lines begin to roll out the initial er the next 6 months, as we Ov d to run o the BHS stores, we inten of ‘Fair and Square’ stock int to aign that will not only help ndation parallel to the camp a fou ness of aign, but also raise aware raise awareness of the camp a of ethical clothing, and ral principles behind the ide the gene r. educate people on the matte re an educated consumer is mo will be beneficial to us, as This m, but is beneficial, not only for the likely to understand why it rchase a piece of ethically the suppliers, when they pu also for produced clothing. Fair g from investing 5% of the Foundation will gain fundin The ach: initially have a 3 prong appro and Square profits, and will 1. 2. 3. liers To educate the Staff of Supp mselves To educate the Suppliers the To educate the Consumer

ceed with their work at a ision, they are able to pro less superv ctivity. rease efficiency and produ re consistent rate, and inc mo t will be y from funding such a projec The Benefits to our compan r of our products and a highe ase in the time of production a decre mer. then be passed to the consu level of quality, which can t legislation in their area of By educating suppliers abou 2. y are more anges may affect them, the the world, and how any ch are ether or not their practices of their legal rights and wh aware that they me aware of procedures legal. Also, they may beco now allowed to, but were do not practice, but they are currently pliers a in legislation. By giving sup t not aware of the changes jus re aware policy, they will become mo copy of our environmental ards, goals we are working tow r company ideals and the of ou policy of t already have one, create a and hopefully, if they do no s sustaining the environment. their own that will go toward t important, as a consumer tha Education of consumers is 3. cts is du ying ethically produced pro is aware of the benefits of bu otional bond d also if they feel an em more likely to buy them, an y. By producing a booklet it will encourage them to bu with us, of our ntal policy, informing them tlining our basic environme ou g, and nciples behind ethical tradin goals and outlining the pri an society, we create, not only it is so important to today’s why d Square” g, but also of the “Fair an awareness of ethical tradin ss will boost sales. brand. High brand awarene d out as and printing will be carrie All booklet manufacture materials and ethical printing lly as possible, using recycled ethica methods.

up literacy programs for e intend to fund and set W 1. ng the pliers, as part of educati ployees of our major sup em r goals a better understanding of ou workforce and giving them gain racy training, the staff would ideology. Alongside the lite and t why uired it, and educated abou numeracy training if they req e benefits of training staff are production is important. Th ethical eone is er a feeling of worth if som such; it gives the staff memb increases ucating them, which in turn spending time and money ed d and efficiency. An educate of motivation, production levels requires d instructions, and therefore member of staff is able to rea



s MEDIA: A couple of example PRESS Fashion Title: Hello om URL: www.hellomagazine.c Frequency: Weekly journalism of aristocrats Profile: Renowned for photo Editorial ctical a series of regular and pra d celebrities, balanced with an features. Readers are ABC1 Target Readership: 61% of Title: OK! Magazine m URL: Frequency: Weekly led yle magazine. Celebrity rial Profile: Celebrity Lifest Edito ty, travel, p, cookery, fashion, beau featuring interviews, gossi health and fitness men aged 24-44 Target Readership: ABC1, wo Ethical Title: Daily Mail – Tabloid URL: www.dailymailadvert y Frequency: Monday-Saturda Circulation: 19,000 readers per copy) Readership: 5,634,543 (2.4 for each campaign execution .

(Scotland) Title: Daily Record - Tabloid URL: y Frequency: Monday-Saturda Circulation: 450,302 readers readership 1,233,567 (2.7 Readership: All adults Total per copy) y 2006; tions within the Top 10 in Ma A list of some of the publica ic mer age and socio-econom n down into BHS’s core consu broke groups. 34-44 Hello! • OK! • Sky The Magazine • Take A Break • What’s On TV • 45-54 Good Housekeeping • Radio Times • Readers Digest • Take A Break • What’s On TV • 55-64 Radio Times • Readers Digest • Saga • Sky The Magazine • Take A Break •

65+ Radio Times • Reader’s Digest • Saga • Take a Break • What’s On TV • A Radio Times • Saga • National Geographic • Hello! • Private Eye • B FHM • Good Housekeeping • National Geographic • Radio Times • Saga • C1 FHM • OK! • Radio Times • Saga • Take a Break • D FHM • OK! • What’s On TV • Women’s Own •

RADIO Station: Heart 106.2 London URL: on, Home countries Broadcast area: Greater Lond Broadcast Time: 24 hours Mhz Broadcast frequency: 106.2 twice per contemporary music, news Programming profile: Adult hour s olds, with a slight female bia Target audience: 25-44 year Station: MFM 103.4 .com URL: http://mfm.musicradio Chester and Deeside Broadcast area: Wrexham, Broadcast Time: 24 hours MHz Broadcast frequency: 103.4 tional d current hits, local and na gramming profile: Classic an Pro news Page: 1261 OUTDOOR Core Areas: London • North West • ations l outdoor campaign, in loc wever, it will be a nationa Ho of a BHS store. within a 1 to 5 mile radius Source: (May Guide to Advertising Media Brad (2005) Brad: Monthly on 2006), UK: Emap Informati

48 Sheet Poster

48 Sheet Poster

Tabloid Full Page

Magazine Full Page

Radio 20’
Transcript g wage and a decent workin “Giving someone the right l; it’s common sense.” environment isn’t just ethica nge by BHS made uare is the new clothing ra “Fair & Sq Visit your nearest BHS store with 100% organic cotton. or buy online at” sti “Fair & Square… We don’t tch up our workforce.”

Web Site

ated marketing campaign takes an integr The BHS Fair & Square cutions ion to the above-the-line exe unications approach. In addit tegy comm perative to take a holistic stra Radio and Outdoor, it is im of Press, ns. The latter is tside of its communicatio by considering factors ou such as ments within its production mplified by considering ele , the exe conditions in the factories rics used, printing, working the fab ble sourcing, l issues (Packaging, Sustaina workforce, and environmenta basis of the y, Water & Waste). On the Transportation, and Energ for BHS ed an Environmental Policy entioned, we even develop aforem er parts of its organisation. to implement throughout oth dered its duction stage, we also consi t only did we look at the pro ment No attention to the retail environ of distribution, paying closer method ng recycled Such attributes include utilisi where Fair&Square is sold in. paper bags plays, swing tags, hangers, jects for its Point Of Sale dis whole ob listic approach so that the on. We have adopted a ho and so ical from start to finish. Fair&Square initiative is eth hold the l an integrated story. They advertisements together tel All the ical practices ssages of Fair & Square’s eth same theme of conveying me of adopting a ual clothing range. Instead from production to the act audiences focus is to educate the target e ock-tactic’ strategy, our main ‘sh its clothing range. The creativ Fair & Square initiative and about the as the cotton lism by using images such artwork incorporates symbo is reinforced ‘clothing production’; which reel and scissors to signify by powerful straplines.

ount average), which limits the am time is very quick (9 seconds viewing a 48-sheet billboard. of copy that can be placed rstanding campaign came from unde concept behind the outdoor te us The d also having to differentia at ethical production is, an exactly wh le are able to s in a short message that peop from some of our competitor nufacture ving past at speed. Ethical ma d and understand whilst mo rea respect rk place and loyalty, and around fairness in the wo is based many different th this in mind we listed towards staff members. Wi “We don’t stitch this up, and decided upon quick sayings that can sum workers has relevance to treating r workers…” as it not only s up ou use of the word ‘stitch’ ha o a double-entendre, as the fairly, but als ustry. We chose clothing manufacturing ind particular relevance to the ple and did and needle, as it was sim image of a cotton thread and the ing, but backed it up. Black attention away from the say not draw g. In contrast image a subtly serious feelin white photography gave the that we had t was written in the colours the black and white, the tex o is to thing. Finally, the colour log y associated with ethical clo previousl ng a passer by nd corner so it is the last thi placed in the bottom right ha their mind. sees, and the brand stays in



be t it enables Fair&Square to tage of this medium is tha The advan the campaign le. The disadvantage is that communicated on a mass sca which could various outdoor messages, mpetes with a multitude of t the co Another disadvantage is tha lly weaken the campaign. potentia

the most the three mediums, Press is uld be suggested that out of It co dience g directly with our target au platform for communicatin effective example, the the right publications. For through carefully selecting se its target erted in OK magazine becau hion advertisement will be ins estyle Fas rial profile of ‘Celebrity Lif ip of 24-44 years and edito readersh rrelates with travel, health and fitness’ co magazine… fashion, beauty, the BHS target audience. ign, on from the outdoor campa e concept for this design led The creativ and inform re on our ethical work ideals but we wanted to expand mo this advert se. We used more copy on reader a little more about the d it, the will have more time to rea outdoor advert, as people than the We picked out to flood the page with text. although we did not want triptych listing r manufacturing process, as three separate benefits of ou

rs; safe working listing things in twos or fou is easier to remember than are trying no forced labour. Again, we itions, no child labour, and ater cond to the reader. The use of a gre tle, and not trying to preach to be sub reader a little the opportunity to give the amount of copy also gave us purchase ducts, and where they can re information about the pro of the mo ssors is tied in with the use The image of a pair of sci them. jects used in the advert, as they are both ob cotton reel in the outdoor “we don’t cut d it also relates to the text; manufacture of clothes, an ntinuity sign used, there should be co rs…” With the colours and de corne meant to leave or adverts. All in all, this is between the press and outdo urage them to age of our brand, and enco readers with a positive im our ethical range a chance. open their minds and give


first, visually was designed to be practical The Fair & Square website complex ll not use websites that are aling second. Consumers wi nt for appe t to use Flash or similar conte lt to use. It was decided no or difficu iting content for is always an issue when wr two reasons. Compatibility ewhere. ess your site they will go els web, if customers cannot acc ng. the irritating and time consumi , many consumers find flash Secondly usability. dramatically for little gain in Load times tend to increase me along ple design with one main fra Fair & Square site uses a sim The page. These left hand side and top of the with navigation bars on the ies, shopping clothing range, search facilit provide access to the entire Content will ation about Fair & Square. t, contact details and inform t to car yed in the main frame subjec in a SQL database and displa be stored the users specifications. the entire increase traffic consistently y in order for the BHS site to Clearl . However for lised with a consistent theme site would need to be revita ced on the BHS nent banner has been pla the initial launch a promi . rties to the Fair & Square site page directing interested pa home


towards t is to generate awareness jective of the 20” radio spo The ob traffic towards thing range, as well as drive the Fair&Square ethical clo and Outdoor egrates copy from the Press the online site. The script int linkages eners to create immediate paigns in order for the list ad cam between the campaigns. conveys the yet assertive female voice e use of a softly spoken Th deliver rthermore, it manages to ness’ of Fair & Square. Fu ‘sensitive er ethical radio nding ‘preachy’ unlike oth ethical points without sou straight to the point. spots. It is informative and ional stations ll be executed national via reg The Fair&Square radio spot wi include Heart nces as BHS. Such stations that have similar target audie rexham, untries) and MFM 103.4 (W (Greater London, Home co 106.2 and reach. is to ensure effective targeting Chester and Deeside). This

Gu Brad (2005) Brad: Monthly Information ide to Advertising Media (M ay 2006), UK: Emap r Trade Clothes . Market for Organic & Fai kman, M., 12/12/2005, U.K Hic 5, http://www. Rapidly, accessed April 200 Other Products Growing & arket121205.cfm le from URL: Shopping (Online), Availab k, K. (2006) Natural Born Loc exe c_e n.h tm l&_ exe cu tiv e/f orm ?_i nd ex= p:/ /w eb .le xis -ne xis .co m/ htt [Accessed 1st May 2006] lang=en&ut=3325272301, (Online), Available Retailing - UK - July 2005 (2006) Clothing Mi h_results/show&&t m URL: http://reports.min fro [Accessed 1st s_page=0/display/id=114754, =RCItem&page=0&noacces ype May 2006]

line), Available S: The ability to surprise (On (2006) BH ww -misc/bhs/427789/, m URL: fro [Accessed 12th May 2006]

BHS Limited, BHS Homepag e,, viewed

March 2006

report, http://fame. 5, BHS Limited company Bureau van Dijk FAME, 200 6, viewed April 200 6, viewed April 200 Ecotopia, http://www.ecoto d April 2006, viewe Ethical Threads, http://www d April 2006, , viewe Freedom Clothing, http://freed April 2006, viewed Footprint, http://www.footpr 2006, viewed April Greenfibres, http://www.gre 2006, http://www. Display Advertising Rates Hello! Limited, 2006, ril 2006 /media2006.pdf, viewed Ap Howies, http://www.howie Natural Collection, http://w k/, viewed April 2006 ril 2006 viewed Ap,

Online References

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