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A. Choose the correct answer!

1. NinO

: Hi, Icha. How do you do today?


1. Nice to meet you, Nina

you and how are you?
2. Pretty well, thanks
1. Buhi

c. I am fine, thank
d. How do you do?

: What are you doing here, Ayu?


1. I do my homework
2. My name is Ayu Wantirah
school bus
1. Seller

c. I helped my
d. Im waiting for the

: Of course. I need an ounce of chillies and a sack of salt.

1. What can I do for you?

2. Do you want to buy anything?
you here

c. Can I help you,

d. Oh, nice to meet

1. Mrs. Anne wants to buy carrots, tomatoes, chillies, and cabbage in the market. So
she must go to the . . . . .
1. drugstore
c. library
2. greengrocer
d. butcher
1. Many people like to keep this animal at home. They keep it as a pet. People like it
because of its soft fur and funny. It likes to eat fish and hunts mice at home. What
is the animal?
a. dog

b. fish

c. cat

1. Mr. Yasin . . . . . math at our school.

a. teacher
d. teaching

b. teach

c. teaches


1. Dirun
: Ok, Vida! You and I must go to the teachers room now. And .
. . have to meet Miss Eva

: Allright. Lets go now.

a. we

b. you

c. they


Rearange the words into a good sentence!

1. many there table books are the on

a. 7-6-3-1-4-2-5
d. 2-5-1-3-6-7-4

b. 7-6-5-4-1-2-5

c. 2-5-1-4-7-6-3

1. Kate always . . . . . sandwiches for her lunch.

a. have
1. A student

b. eat

d. eating

: . . . . . for coming late, Sir.

A teacher

: Why? Did you have trouble on your way to school?

A student

: Yes, Sir. I had a flat tyre.

a. I am sure
I am certain

b. I am sorry

c. I am glad

1. The teacher introduces a new student in front of the class.

A teacher

: This is our new student. She comes from Denpasar, Bali.

She lives at 17 Jangli, Semarang.

. . . . . name is Ni Made Gawarini.
a. My
1. A worker
A friend
about you?

b. His

d. She

: What do you usually do after working?

: As usual I take a rest and . . . . . my wife clean the house and how


A worker

: Sometimes I sleep and watch TV until late at night.

a. help
d. helping

b. to help

c. helped

1. Rearrange these words into a good sentences!

Good father Miras is a lawyer

a. 3-6-4-5-1-2
d. 3-1-2-4-5-6

b. 3-2-4-1-5-6

c. 3-2-4-5-1-6

1. Which of the following word has a different vowel (bunyi yang berbeda)
a. carrot
d. parcel
1. Tony

b. purple

c. marble

: I need a pencil. Do you have some?


: . . . . . some. Which one do you prefer?


: I think I like this one. The colour is nice

a. They are
d. It is

b. There are

c. There is

1. Davigo has . . . . . at 06.00. He usually has rice, fried eggs and a glass of tea.
a. lunch
d. breakfast

b. dinner

c. supper

1. Some people usually place frying pan, stove, knife and plates in the . . . . .
a. living room
d. garage

b. dining room

c. kitchen

1. In a factory, a supervisor leads many workers. The synonym of workers is . . . . .

a. managers

b. employees

c. directors


1. My mother wants to make cakes for my sisters birthday, so she asked me to buy
eggs, butter, sugar, some flour and a little . . . . .

a. pepper
d. maize

b. spice

c. salt

1. There are four mayor . . . . . in Indonesia for Instance Moslem, Christian,

Hinduism, and Budhism.
a. religions

b. customs

c. identity


1. People love animals very much. They like to keep them at home. The animals
kept at home is called the . . . . animals.
a. tame

b. pet

c. wild

1. Which of the following words belong to shopping!

1. clothes, price, vegetables
hide and seek, chess
2. introduce, invite, collect
wages, secretaries


c. dance,
d. salary,

1. Mrs. Maryati works in a bank as a teller. She gets . . . . . about Rp. 900.000,- a
a. a bonus

b. a job

c. money


1. What do you say if you accept an offering (menerima sebuah tawaran)?

a. No, thanks

b. Im sorry
d. Not at all

c. Yes,

1. The childrens bedrooms are upstair. Upstair means . . . . .

a. on a lower floor

c. to the ground floor

b. on an upper floor

d. on the ground floor

1. I dont have . . . . . sugar.

a. some

b. any
d. the

Read the text carefully. Questions 27 to 30 are about Text 2.


Text 2
Tomato Soup
4 large tomatoes
1 small onion
8 cups water
small clove garlic
teaspoon salt
teaspoon pepper
teaspoon butter
1. Fry tomatoes, onion, and garlic in a pan with butter for five minutes.
2. Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.
3. Heat until the water boils.
4. Turn down the heat and cover the lid.
5. Cook for one hour.
1. What is kind of the text above?
a. narrative

b. recount

c. monoloque


c. 5 cups of water


1. How much water is needed for tomato soup?

a. 1 cup of water
2 cups of water

b. 8 cups of water

1. After frying the ingredients in a pan what is the next step?

a. Turn down the heat.
salt, and pepper.

c. Add water, spices,

b. Heat until the water boils.

d. Cook for one hour.

1. What is the last step when making tomato soup?

a. Cook for one hour.

c. Heat until the water

b. Fry the ingredients in a pan.

d. Put stock into a pan.

B. Answer the questions briefly!

1. Complete the dialogue!
a. Dono

: Hi, Dini! How are you today?


: Oh, Im well and you?


: Pretty well.


: Why do you often come late to school?


: My bicycle is broken. It has had a flat tire.

And you always come to school earlier. How do you go to school?

b. Waitress

: Good afternoon. Can I help you?


: Good afternoon. Yes, Id like fried chicken with fries and a coke, please.


: Would you like a regular or large coke?


: Regular, please.


: Would you like anything else?


: Yes, Id like an ice cream, please.


: ..?


: Chocolate, please.


: OK.

1. Rearrange these words into a good sentence!

1. karina a pair of trousers and wanted to buy shoes

2. books week and swimming he Anto likes reading every

3. new batteries for need radio I some my
4. girl cleaning the tables rooms the are the and
5. grandmother school to visit I every holiday my last
1. Fill in the blank
a. When you have a headache you go to see
b. A makes a shirt for you.
c. Your . gives you homework everyday.
d. A . . . . . delivers mail everyday.
e. Every restaurant has
f. One of the police duties is to
g. . . . . . . . . . . helps a doctor to examine a patient.
h. You go to a . . . . . . . . .to check your teeth.
1. Translate the text below into the Indonesian!
There is a new departement store in out town. It is at the end of the main road. I buy a
newspaper there everyday. This big store is open everyday, even Sunday. It is always
busy on Sunday. A lot or people like to go shopping on Sunday.
They sell milk, eggs, biscuits, tea, sugar, and coffe. You can get aspirin, toothpaste, or a
writing pad there. You can also get other things such as clothes, shoes, and cosmetics.
You can even buy fruits and vegetables.
Although there are many things in the store, you can find the things you need easily. You
can find shoes in the shoe departement and vegetables at the vegetables stalls. You can
use a trolley when you need to carry too many things. It is really a very big store in our
1.Andi : can I borrow your pencil?
Sani : Sure here it is
Andi : Thank you
Sani : ..





Im sorry
c. Thank you
Dont mention it
d.Thats Ok
2. Mother : Marisa, did you break the plate?
Marisa : Yes I did, Im sorry Mom
Mother :
Im sorry too
c. You are welcome
Thats all right
d. dont mention it
3. Teacher : Hadi, open the door please !
: .
Dont mention it
c. Ok Sir, thank you
Yes, Sir
d. Im sorry Sir
4. A : Do you like to play sport?
B :
A : What sport do you like?
B : Im very fond of playing football
No, I dont
c. Yes, Im fine
Yes, I like it a lot
d. I cant stand it
5. A : What do you think about my new dress?
B : .Its looks good.
I know
c. I think
Its good
d. I think its a good idea
6. A : Hello
B : Hello, Can I have this magazine. Please
A : Thats 10.000 rupiahs. Please
B : Here you are
A :
Dont mention it
c. Never mind
Thank you
d. Goodbye
Mr. Jackson is an American teacher, but he lives and works in
Denpasar. He teaches English at SMP 8. He is very good teacher. His
students like him.
His wife is an Indonesian. She comes from Medan. They have
one son and one daughter. The children go to a primary school.
Mr. Jacksons house is made of wood. It has five rooms, a
kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and two bedrooms. The Jacksons
have a house maid to help Mrs. Jackson to do the house work. The
maid comes from Bantul.
7. What does the text mostly about?
a. Mr.Jacksons wife
c. Mr. Jacksons work
b. The Jackson family
d. Mr. Jacksons maid
8. What is the purpose of the text?

a. To tell how The Jackson Family is

b. To describe the Jackson Family
c. To explain about Jackson Family
d. To entertain the Jackson Family
9. Where does the Jackson Family stay?
a. in Denpasar
b. in Bantul c. in Medan d. in America
10. She comes from Medan (line 3). The underlined
Word refer to Mr. Jacksons...
a. Teacher b. daughter c. wife d. maid
11. Mr. Jackson house has.
a. a kitchen an a private room
b. a living room and a garage room
c. a living room and a bathroom
d. a bedroom and a prayer room

1. First, cut a piece of pineapple

Then, (12)the pineapple into a blender
(13).a half glass of water into a the blender.
4. (14). spoonful of sugar
5. Put some ice cubes into the blender
6. (15)for several minutes
7. Now, your juice is ready to be served





cut b. put
c. chop d. slice
b. saut
c. pour d. grate
grill b. bake
c. add d. clean
play b. push
c. press d. blend

Where is the notice placed
c. Librari
d. Mosque
Where is the notice placed
c. Mosque
d. School Canteen

Everybody has a hobby. A hobby is something we do for happiness in
our spare time. My hobby is collecting stamps. I like to collect many
kinds from all over the world. Sometimes I must buy a new stamp. I
put my collections in a stamps album.
I have a brother. His name is Andre. He likes to go camping. He always
goes camping on holidays. My sister, Putri, like cooking. She likes
baking cakes but she hates preparing our meals.
My mother and father like gardening. They like to spend their time in
garden. There are many flowers in their garden. There are roses,
jasmines, orchids and hisbicuses. They also plant vegetables. There
are carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce.
18. What is hobby?
a. something we do for fun
b. pleasure in our spare time
c. it is whatever everybody has
d. something we like to collect
19. How many persons are there in the writers family?
a. 3 b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
20. Where does the writer put his stamps collection?
a. in the book
c. in the wallet
b. in the stamp album d. in the cupboard
Which sentences is TRUE according to the text above?
a. the writer is a philatelist
b.Andres hobby is collecting stamps
c. the writer is the only son in the family
d. the writers sister likes to prepare their meal
22. A hobby is something we do for pleasure. (paragraph 1)
The underlined word has the same meaning with.
a. money b. happiness c. interesting d. experiment
23. My mother and father like gardening. They like to spend their time
garden. The underlined word refers to
a. My mother
c. father
b. My mother and father
d. Andre and Putri
Some celery
1 ounce garlic
1 ounce onion
1 kg chicken

kg carrot
kg tomato

1 pack salt

24. What kind of text is it?

a. a food label
c. a short message
b. a shopping list
d. an advertisement
25. How much garlic does the writer want to buy?
a. one ounce
c. three ounce
b. two ounce
d. four ounce
26. Which store will the writer not go to?
a. a greengrocers
c. a grocers
b. the butchers
d. a bakery
27. From the text above we know that the writer probably wants to cook
a. fruit salad
c. chicken soup
b. black forest
d. chicken curry
28. Shop assistant :..?
: Yes, I need two kg of orange
a. Can I help you?
c. Do you help me?
b. Can you help me?
d. What can I do for you?
29. We buy flower at..
a. book store
c. florist
b. fruit seller
d. greengrocer
30. We buy medicine at.
a. drugstore
c. grocery store
b. fruit seller
d. greengrocer
31. Arrange these jumbled sentence into the right paragraph.
a. Add a spoonful of sugar
b. then, put a teaspoon of coffee into a cup
c. First, boil some water in the kettle
d. Next, stir the mixture for a few moment
e. Fill in the cup with boiling water
f. Finally the coffee is ready to be served
a. a-b-c-d-e-f
c. c-b-a-d-f-e
b. b-c-e-f-a-d
d. c-b-a-e-d-f
a. cry
b. crying c. cried
d. cries
33. We buy birthday cake at.
a. fruit seller
b. drugstore
c. bakery
d. florist
Dear Anita
Congratulation on your success in the poetry reading competition. You
are the best. I am proud of you.

34. What kind of text is it?
a. a greeting card
c. a short message
b. a birthday card
d. a condolence card
35. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to tell how to congratulation on success
b. to explain anitas success
c. to congratulate on anitas success
d. to describe anitas success
36. Who send the card?
a. Anita
c. Poetry competition
b. Harun
d. Anita and Harun
37. Who won the poetry reading competition?
a. Anita
c. Poetry competition
b. Harun
d. Anita and Harun
38. Arrange the sentences into the correct steps how to make fried
a. then, fry in very hot oil
b. first, peel the banana
c. fried banana is ready to be served
d. next, roll the banana in flour
e. wait until it turn brown
f. slice the banana into thin slices
a. b-f-d-a-e-c
c. b-f-a-e-d-c
b. b-f-e-a-c-d
d. b-f-d-e-a-c
39. A : What do you think of our new teacher ?
B : Well,..She is a nice person
a. Really
c. Do you like
b. I think
d. I dont think so
40. A :Do you think lady gaga will come to Indonesia?
B:because the police doesnt give permittion
a. Really
c. Do you like
b. I think
d. I dont think so
Tahun Pelajaran 2011 /2012
Mata pelajaran
Hari / tanggal

: Bahasa Inggris.
: VII ( tujuh )
: Selasa, 5 Juni 2012


: 90 menit

Tuliskan terlebih dahulu nama, kelas, dan nomor Anda pada lembar jawaban !
Bacalah tiap-tiap soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda menjawab.
Laporkan kepada pengawas bila terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas atau lembaran yang rusak.
Dahulukan menjwab soal-soal yang anda anggap mudah !
Periksakan kembali pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.

The text for question 1 - 4

Lions, tigers, bears and wolves are wild animals. Most of them belong to a
prairie community. The basic life of prairie consists of the grasses. The grassland extend
across central Africa. The grass and other plants support large population of animals.
Many kinds of antelope, zebras, giraffes and other creatures graze on the grass. Preying
on them are lions and leopards.
Lions and tigers prey on antelope, zebras and giraffes. Wolves and mountain
lions prey the deer. When deer are very numerous, their enemies become numerous too,
because there is so much to feed upon.
Wild animal are found on a prairie, in the polar areas, in the forest and
grasslands, and in the desert.
In some countries there is a law against hunting wild animals. If someone
breaks the law, he or she will surely be fined or punished.
1. The suitable title of the text above is..
a. Prairie Community
c. Population of Animals
b. Wild Animals
d. African Animals
2. Which statement is not true according to the text ?
a. Lions and tigers prey on antelope.
b. Some countries have a law against hunting.
c. Wild Animal do not live in the forests.
d. Most of the wild animals belong to prairie community
3. Wild animals can found in many places. except ..
a. prairie
b. zoo
c. forest
d. beach
4. These animals do not depend on grass for their food , except
a. lions
b. antelope
c. wolves
d. tigers
5. Weni : Do you go jogging ? Its good for your health, you know
Puti : I know, but I dont have a friend to go jogging with.
Weni : Why dont you join me tomorrow ?
Does Puti go jogging ?
a. Yes, she does
c. No, she doesnt
b. She usually does
d. She certainly does
6. Anita
Mrs. Selly

: Excuse me, Mrs. Selly

: Where is the Biology book, please.

: It over there
Mrs. Selly
a. Its Okay
c. thats right
b. Never mind
d. Youre welcome

Danger !
Wild Dog

7. According the announcement means ..

a. Do not look at the dog
b. Do not feed the dog
c. Do not disturb the dog
d. Take another road, so that you wont meet the dog

8. Shanti : Would you like to buy some sugar for me, please?
Santo : .......................... I can't. I'm in a hurry.
Shanti : It is O.K then. I will buy it myself.
a. Of course
c. I'm sure
b. I'm really sorry
d. I don't know
9. What do they like ?
a. They like playing football
b. They like play football

c. They like plays football

d. They like played football

10. The following are expressing to ask for opinion, except .

a. Do I look good in this ?
c. What do you mean by this
b. What do you think about this ?
d. Does this suit me
11. What would you like to drink belong to
a. offering something
c. asking for something
b. asking for help
d. offering help
12. It's a big animal with a very thick skin and one or two horns on its nose. What animal is
it ?
a. Elephant
b. llama

c. rhinoceros
d. dolphin

The text for number 13 17

My Brother, Jake.
My brother jake is such a slob !
He always gets up at about ten oclock. Sometimes he does not shower in the morning.
He eats breakfast in the living room in front of the TV. At about twelve oclock, he gets
dressed, although sometimes when I come home at quarter past three, he is still sitting
there in there in his pajamas. And when he does get dressed, he usually wears the same
clothes for a whole week! He never has any money because he does not work.
Oh, and another thing. He never remember my birthday.

13. What does Jake do at ten oclock ?

a. He gets up
b. He showers

c. He goes to work
d. He goes to school

14. The following statement are true about Jake, except ..

a. He is poor
c. He gets up late
b. Perhaps is very diligent
d. He is very diligent
15. Who is the writer ?
a. Jake
b. Jakas sister

c. Jakas friend
d. Jakas mother

16. Slob in the first sentence might mean .

a. poor
c. pathetic
b. untidy
d. diligent
17. What is the purpose of the text ?
a. To inform someone
b. To tell about someone
c. To describe someones habitual behavior
d. To talk about someones brother
18. The instruction for this picture means
a. Dont show your teeth
b. Dont bite your finger
c. Dont keep your smile
d. Dont open your mouth
Read the back to school shopping list to answer the questions 19 20
Name of thing





19. What is the function of the list above?

a. To pay things that we want to buy.

b. To write things that we want to buy.
c. To remind things that we want to buy.
d. To memorize things that we want to buy.
20. How many books does the writer want to buy?
a. 21

b. 22

c. 23

d. 24

21. Teacher
: Come here Rendi. Wheres your homework?
: , Sir. I left it at home.
: Promise to submit it tomorrow, okay?
: Yes, Sir. Ill do.
a. Im sorry
c. Thats a good idea
b. Its too bad
d. Excuse me
Read the text to answer questions 22 to 24
Hello! My name is Rob Fellow. I come from Dundee. A town on the east coast of Scotland, but
Im a student at Durham University, in the north of England. Im studying French and German,
and I can speak the languages quite well. I also know little Spanish, so I can speak four
languages. Im enjoying the course a lot, but its very hard work!
I live in Durham Castle, because the Castle is part of the University, with about thirty other
students. The course started two years ago, and Im in my third year. After the course Im
going to work in France, but I dont know where yet.

22. Rob can speak these languages below except..

a. German
b. English

c. Spanish
d. Dutch

23. Whats Rob going to do after course?

a. To get a job in France.
c. To enjoy in Germany.

b. To study in England.

d. To learn in Spanish.

24. Rob Fellow is student at Durham University.

a. a lazy
c. a diligent
b. a dull
d. a discipline

From no. 25 to no. 31 complete the sentences and change the verbs in the brackets into
the correct forms!
Hello! My name (25)_________________ (be) Teresa and I (26)____________
(collect) posters. My brother Andy (27)___________(make) model aeroplanes and
(28)__________ (fly) them in the garden. They often (29)________________(crash). The
walls of my room (30)___________ ( be ) full of posters and the garden (31)
___________ (be) full of broken aeroplanes !

a. is


a. collects


a. make


a. fly
b. flies
a. crash
b. crashes

c. are
d. be
c. collect
d. collected
c. made
d. makes
c. flying
d. flied
c. crashed
d. crashing


a. am
b. is

c. are
d. be


a. is
b. am

c. be
d. are

32. Say the right time!

Its ten to six oclock
Its five past fifty minutes
Its ten to five oclock
Its four past ten minutes


Mrs. Haris

From no. 33 to 35 complete the dialogue below!

Mrs. Haris
: Excuse _______(33).
: Sure. What can I do for you?
: I forget to return the book today.
: OK, dont ________(34)
to return it tomorrow.
Mrs. Haris
: Sure I promise.
: Its okay.
Mrs. Haris
: _________(35) very much.
33. a. me
b. I

c. you
d. We

34. a. forgetting
b. forgot

c. forget
d. forgetful

35. a. Ok
c. thank you
b. Thank
d. all right
36. Santi
: Hi Tasya. Hows life?
: Very well, thanks. Who is with You, Santi?
: Meet my new friend. Shes Nisa. She is my classmate
: Hello Nisa. Glad to see you
: Glad to see you too, Tasya.
What is the dialogue about?
a. Telling someone
c. Greeting someone
b. Describing someone
d. Introducing someone
To : Yulia.
Its really a wonderful and happy news.You deserve it.
Youre really the winner.Were proud of you.
Yossie and friends
Text for no 37 38

37. What is the main purpose of the text?

a. To invite someone.
b. To tell wonderful news.
c. To find a happy winner
d. To congratulate someone
38. What makes Yossie proud of ?
a. Yulia has won the competition.

b. Yulia has wonderful news.

c. Yulia wants to get the first winner
d. Yulia is happy to play a game
Text for no. 39 - 40
Giraffe as the tallest animal, I saw in Kinantan zoo. It is male. It about six meter tall.
It has big brown eyes. It has brown spots on its skin. It has also two short horns on its
head. Its tail is long with thick hair on the top of the tail. It likes eating grass and leaves
of tree.
39. The purpose of the text above is ....
a. to describe about giraffe
b. to tell about tall animal
c. to describe Kinantan zoo
d. To tell about tall animal
40. Its tail is long with thick hair... The antonym of the underlined word is ....
a. beauty
c. heavy
d. thin

II. Complete the e-mail by using words in the box below.

enjoy contact

: 'Laurent' <>
: All Staf
: 'Lucile' <>
Subject: Welcome to our Team!

Dear Lucy,
Welcome to our team !
It is a(1)to welcome you to the staff of
We are excited to have you join our team, and we hope that you will (2)
. working on our website.
On the first Saturday of each month we ..(3).
a special staff lunch to welcome any new voluntary worker

Please be sure to come next week to meet all of our senior staff.
Brigitte will e-mail you with further details.
If you have any questions during your training period
please do not hesitate to (4) me.
You can reach me at my email box.

III. Essay
Write three fact about these animals
1. Giraffe

2. Tiger

3. Weasel

4. Kangaroo :

5. Rhinoceros :