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Vacancy Announcement

Environment and Public Health Organization
Established in 1990, ENPHO is a service-oriented, scientific, national non-governmental
organization that envisages contributing to sustainable community development by combining
research and action through integrated programs in the fields of environment and public
health. ENPHO runs a government accredited laboratory and promotes eco-friendly
technologies with the aim of establishing eco-societies. ENPHO develops and promotes
integrated community based approaches for safe water, sustainable sanitation, solid waste
management, hygiene behavior and improving indoor air quality monitoring to create healthy
societies. Furthermore, knowledge-based education and advocacy campaigns help on achieving
ENPHO’s mission.

ENPHO Mission and Strategy
ENPHO’smission is to develop and promote appropriate technologies to enable societies
become eco-friendly. We
 conduct research and develop appropriate technologies that are acceptable to local
 demonstrate eco-friendly technologies and practices;
 develop and implement effective strategies to promote eco-friendly technologies;
 network with partners for coordination and advocacy;
 enhance organizational capacity; and
 Develop local capacities.

ENPHO is a membership based organization. ENPHO's General Assembly, which is its apex body
comprising of108 members, meets at least once a year to review activities of the past year,
provide strategic direction and approve annual budgets and programs. The General Assembly
elects an ExecutiveBoard once every three years. The Board meets at least once every two
months to review the activities of the organization and provide strategic guidance. The day to
dayoperation of ENPHO is managed by Divisional Directors led by the Executive Director.
ENPHO is calling for applications from potential candidates with necessary qualifications and
background for the following positions. ENPHO is an equal opportunity employer. We
encourage candidates of diverse background, women and differently abled to apply.
A. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
B. Assistant PME Officer
C. Assistant WASH Training Officer

2073) by 5:30 Please clearly mark “Job Application for----------. . 2. New Baneshwor G.Submission Procedure for Application The application for the above mentioned positions need to submit the following: 1.P.” on the envelope and in the subject line of email. Updated Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding 5 pages) with names and contact details of 3 referees.O Box 4102. Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) 110/25 Adarsha Marg. The application should be sent to the following address no later than 13May. Kathmandu. Nepal Job applications may be emailed to: vacancy@enpho. 2016 (31stBaishak. Cover letter (not exceeding one page).

 Actively participate in routine project reviews and planning workshops.  Suggest strategies and recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ENPHO projects and activities. Job description:  Develop and implement a monitoring framework for routine monitoring and evaluation of projects at ENPHO.  Provide monthly. Planning.  Strengthen monitoring and evaluation capability at both project and institutional levels.A. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer UNIT: PME Minimum qualification: Bachelor degree in any discipline with training on monitoring and evaluation. Expected background: A minimum of 3 years of post-degree experience in programme/project monitoring and evaluation in the NGO sector required. quarterly and annual summary reports to the Directorate.  Orient and supervise enumerators and data assistants on reporting and case-study preparation.  Ensure regular monitoring and risk assessment of projects.  Ensure proper updating and utilization of project monitoring and evaluation data base and organizational M&E guidelines and framework. assist project officials in preparing reports. expenditures and progress towards achieving project outputs as suggested by the M&E guideline and framework. .

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be responsible for assisting in planning.B. . factsheets on sustainability of the project. trainings and other events. Collect and analyze data and/or orient enumerators in collecting data and preparing case studies. Expected background: A minimum of 1years of post-degree experience in programme/project monitoring and evaluation in the NGO sector required. Regularly monitor project activities and outputs. Assist in developing. monitoring and evaluation of projects and ensuring that the expected project results are achieved as per the planned activities. Assist in conducting regular assessment of M & E system within organization. Under the guidance and direct supervision of Planning. Assist PME Officer in preparing monthly. updating and implementing M & E framework and strategy. Job Description:                Assist in designing and implementing M & E activities at both project and institutional level. Assist in organizing meetings. Assistant Planning. Prepare and maintain database Regularly provide data and information to project team and resource centre unit for necessary publications. Participate in project planning and review meetings and assist PME officer in preparing the reports. Coordinate with all units and projects of the organization for effective implementation of M&E system. Assist in developing. Monitor the sustainability of the outputs of projects and assist in preparing publications such as reports. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Unit: PME Minimum qualification: Bachelor degree in any discipline with training on monitoring and evaluation. Assistant Planning. quarterly and annual M&E and other relevant reports at both project and institutional level. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Provide regular feedback and recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness of project strategies and activities. strengthening and maintaining M & E system within organization. Assist in developing M & E indicators.

Social Science or Communication Expected background: minimum 1 years of post‐degree experience in delivering trainings at areputed institution related to WASH. IEC and BCC materials. upgrade and finalize training curriculums. communication andpresentations. annual progress report and other reporting requirements.  Co-deliver high quality trainings within the unit and other divisions and projects as per need.C. demonstrated skills on compiling and reviewing reports.  Plan logistics to organize trainings.  Work together with EPD officer to pre‐test.  Update unit manager and EPD officer with any development.  Perform any other duties assigned by the unit manager and KM director. writing reports. news articles. Job description:  Support training centre manager in implementation of unit’s operational plans. which canbe of help to improve quality.  Work closely with EPD officer and RC unit in developing and updating training tools. . Assistant WASH Training Officer Division: Knowledge Management Number of position: 2 Minimum qualification: Bachelor in Science.  Prepare training reports including training evaluations and based on the feedbacks ensure improvements in training organization and deliver. internal or external. provide better trainings services and effectiveness andefficiency.documents and reference materials.  Maintain database of training participants and regularly communicate with trained participants to identify the need for additional technical and capacity building support.  Assist unit manager to prepare quarterly progress report.