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Sr. Number________________________

Kathgarh, Indora, Hiimachal Pradesh-176401

Application Form for Obtaining Degree/Diploma

All particulars should be carefully filled in by the candidate in own handwriting. The university will not responsible for any
delay in case when the form is not filled completely.
II. Read Instructions carefully before filling the form.

Personal Detail (Fill information in Capital letters only):

1.Name of the Candidate(in Hindi): As per Matriculation Certificate

Affix a recent duly
attested passport
size photograph

2. Name of the Candidate(in English): As per Matriculation Certificate
3.Date of Birth:________________________________________________________________________________
4.Father’s Name(in Hindi): As per Matriculation Certificate_____________________________________________
5.Father’s Name (in English): As per Matriculation Certificate

6.Mother’s Name(in Hindi):______________________________________________________________________
7.Mother’s Name(in English): As per Matriculation Certificate

Detail of Degree/Diploma Passed from this University
9.Full Name of Degree Passed:_____________________________________________________________________
10. Specialization (if any):________________________________________________________________________
11. Reg. No.___________________________ Session:____________ Date of Admission:_________Batch: _______
12. Marks obtained/Total Marks: _________________________Percentage(upto one decimal place):__________________
13. Division/Class:______________________ with Distinction(Marks>=75%)Yes/No__________________________
14. Name of Department_____________________________School:______________________________________
15. Year of Passing_____________Month of Passing:___________
16. Permanent Address : _________________________________________________________________________
__________________Phone Number________________________________________Pin Code ____________
17. Present/Correspondence Address ______________________________________________________________
_____________Phone Number_________________________________________Pin Code ________________

________________Page No. The candidate has secured_____________ class. Enclosures to the applications (Use √ for mark) without following application is liable to be cancelled a.Attested Xerox copies of the all DMC’s.____________ is dispatched/awarded on _____________Registered/Speed Post No. HOD ________________________ _______________________ Dean/Gazetted Officer ________________________ ________________________ (Signature) (Signature) (Official Seal) (Official Seal) (To be filled by the office of the Controller of Examinations) The Candidate has fulfilled all the academic requirement for the award of ______________________________________ Degree/ Diploma in _________________________________________. The Degree/Diploma Certificate bearing No.Attested Xerox copy of the previous Degree/ Diploma/Certificates : Yes/No Certify that the above particulars are correct in accordance with record/testimonial/certificate produced before me. Exam Branch . _________________Register No.Page 2 of 4 I hereby declare that all the given particulars are correct Signature of Candidate (In English)_____________________Signature of Candidate(in Hindi)___________________ Signature of Father/Guardian__________________________ Place:___________________________Date:________ 18.(if dispatched)______________________________ Name and Signature of dispatched clerk_________________ Date: Checked by Controller of Examinations Verified By Superintendant. The applicant has signed this application form in my presence. Provisional Certificate or any certificate issued by this University: Yes/No b.

Page 3 of 4 Detail of all Certificates/DMCs already issued to Candidate: Filled by candidate Certificate/ DMC Type Certificate/DMC No. Name of Degree/Diplo Specialization Semester ma Signature of the Candidate Date of Issue Batch Year of Passing Attested Xerox copy is attached (Yes/No) Verified (For Office use only) Verified By .

Kathgarh. ARNI University. Candidates are advised to keep a Xerox copy of the filled in Application form for verification. Himachal Pradesh176401. MBA. 4. District Kangra. Indora. 3. 2. 5. in case of any clarification required in future. Provisional Certificate or any certificate issued by this University. . Applicants of post graduate degrees (MCA. M. otherwise the application will be rejected and returned to the candidate. 6. Attested Xerox copies of the all the DMC’s. Application form for Award of Degree/Diploma filled in all respects. Attested Xerox copy of the previous degree Diploma passed from this or from other university/board are also attached with this and should sent to the Controller of Examinations. etc) should enclose Xerox copies of their previous Bachelor Degree certificate. Application not received in the form of prescribed or defective will not be accepted. Controller of Examinations . Candidates are advised to send applications forms filled in all respect by Registered/Speed post.Sc.Page 4 of 4 ARNI UNIVERSITY Instructions to Candidates (To be retained by the Candidate) 1. All candidates should enclose XEROX COPIES OF THEIR HSC AND DEGREE/DIPLOM A PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATES (IF OBTAINED) for name and result verification.