I n t h e M e d i e v a l T i m e s
For wealthy people, most of their clothing was created by tailors. But most of the population made their own clothing. They favored certain fabrics like burnet, perse, lincoln scarlet, russet, kersey, chalons, damask, and sandal.

People who were shoemakers often wore borealis hats, along with their spouse. They would wear woolen coats that had furtrimmed sleeves. On the inside of the coats was a woolen doublet.

Royalty Clothing/Friars Kings and Queens would wear brightly colored silks and crowns. They wore the most expensive clothing that anyone could buy. Friars wore cloaks with habits and hoods, and a rope belt with wooden beads for counting prayers.

Peasants wore brown jackets and felt hats with stirrups. They would make their own straw hats, linen shirts, leather flasks, pants, and pewter badges. That is what their daily wear consisted of.

Men’s and Woman’s clothing based on their jobs and social ranking.
Depending on your job and social ranking of the people, the types of clothing varied throughout the town. There was a distinguished look of the upper class and middle class. You could tell which person was in what class just by looking at the clothes they wore. Knights wore sleeveless surcoats covered with a coat of arms. Barbarian nomads would wear clothing made of things like fur, wool, and leather. They would wear long trousers and fine leather shoes. People who were more fortunate in society would most likely wear imports like silks and turbans. Clothing for men varied throughout the middle ages. Loose and tight tunics were worn. Undershirts, briefs with sleeveless jackets, stockings, and cloaks all were the main types of clothing that men would wear. Women did not have that big of a variety for clothing. Kirtles(Tunics worn to your ankles) were a popular choice of clothing. But women that were more affluent tended to wear more luxurious clothing. Married women would wear tightfitting caps with nets over their hair. Most unmarried women wore either loose or tightly braided veils.

Medieval foods, Music, & Clothing. B34. Taylor Newton and Erin Sheahan.

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