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Commercial & Industrial Chillers from Hitachi
The Hitachi Commercial Chillers comes in 3 different types and they are Water Cooled, Air Cooled and Heat Reclaim. The chillers
come with sophisticated technology that offers efficient service at a very affordable price. It has a tube heat exchanger that can offer
cooling very quickly and that too without making in a lot of noise. It is not very heavy and does not consume a lot of space. Since the
oil feeding system of the chillers does not require any kind of electrical mechanism, the life of the compressor is increased.
There is a continuous capacity control which maintains the temperature level in the Hitachi Industrial Chillers. The vibration
produced from the chillers is not very loud and offers high reliability and satisfying the needs of its users. The overall structure of the
Commercial Chillers is very simple and is very energy efficient as well. It is easy to maintain and with the built in cyclone oil
separator, the overall heat transfer is minimized. One can perform the operation easily on the Hitachi Industrial Chillers as it is
equipped with the best and standard safety devices.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Industrial Chillers by Hitachi are equipped with Semi Hermatic Screw Compressors - a technology pioneered by HHLI
– to ensure a stable and continuous supply of cooled water for powerful cooling. These chillers are equipped with powerful
microprocessor-based control mechanism.....
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Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Hitachi’s range of Air Cooled Industrial Chillers help deliver an excellent cooling performance even at extremely high ambient
temperatures. These chillers are highly useful for multiple commercial applications as well as for industrial Air Conditioning

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Centrifugal Chiller

Centrifugal by Hitachi use a very powerful 2-stage compression cycle for creating a comprehensive cooling mechanism – that is
designed to function efficiently in a variety of spacious areas such workplaces, auditoriums, theatres, airports and the like. These
ACs operate with minimal nois.....

(Voltas) Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning &
Refrigeration (HVAC&R)
Chillers & Condensing Units

Voltas with its enriched Industrial experience and a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art manufacturer of HVAC
equipment offers wide range of Chillers and Condensing units, with Water cooled and Air cooled options with variety of
(Low/Medium) temperature range upto - 70 deg C.
We provide varied range and makes of Screw Compressors with single and twin screw arrangements and with required
The test facility for water chilling packages at Dadra manufacturing Plant is also in accordance with AHRI Standard.


Water Cooled Screw

Air cooled Screw

Water Cooled VFD Screw


cooled Reciprocating

Water cooled Twin
Reciprocating Chillers

Air & Water cooled
Condensing Units


Air Cooled
Scroll Chiller

Water Cooled
Scroll Chiller

Air & Water cooled Scroll
Condensing Units