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Qur’an for Young Adults

Day 4
Surah Luqman: Who is a Wise Person? (continued)

[And Luqman said], "O my son, indeed if wrong should be the weight of a mustard seed and
should be within a rock or [anywhere] in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth.
Indeed, Allah is Subtle and Acquainted. (Sahih International)
 ‫ لطيف‬is a name of Allah that means He is always watching in a subtle, unnoticeable way
 ‫ خبير‬reminds us that He knows everything, even though He observes discreetly

“Oh my dear son, establish prayer, speak out against what is wrong and evil and be patient
over what befalls you. Indeed that is of the strength of things/matters."
enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong, and be patient over what befalls you. Indeed, [all]
that is of the matters [requiring] determination. (Sahih International)
Establish Prayer ‫اقم الصلوة‬
 In Salah, you’re almost in a trance and can’t break it or let things distract you.
 Everyone in Salah looks the same, especially at Hajj with everyone win Ihram; it’s a
reminder of the way we will gather on the Day of Judgment

Social Activism ‫وامر بالمرعوف وانه عن المنكر‬
 After prayer, the next most important focus point Luqman (aS) highlights is social
justice. We have to stand up to any injustice we see. We must be courageous
and speak out against any wrong we see.
o Ex. In school if you see some guys harassing someone else, then speak out and tell
them to stop!
Patience ‫واصرب‬
 Remain patient…
1. Patience is when something bad happens and you stay strong through it.
2. Patience is to have the power to do something wrong, yet holding yourself back.
3. Patience is to stick with something Allah (swt) tells you to do, like praying Salah
always on time every day forever!
 We need to stop being people who allow ourselves to be attacked and rather to
question the things that other people do! Ask people why they celebrate Halloween, or
why it’s okay to watch filthy movies!
 We need to stop whining, stop complaining that we are disliked, that we are a minority
that we are made fun of. There will always be people that don’t like you! The Prophet
(S) was the most likeable man in history, and even he was disliked!

“Don’t turn your cheek (make a face) away from people and don’t walk on the Earth as if you
have accomplished something. No doubt about it, Allah does not like any single person who is
obsessed with their image and proud."

Here Luqman (aS) will talk about how to keep one’s confidence under control and
prevent it from becoming arrogance

The reference to turning one’s cheek away encompasses any kind of condescending,
mean, or negative look that one would give to anyone else! Don’t make a face when

your parents talk to you, don’t roll your eyes or glare or make someone feel bad by how
you look at them.

Allah first talks about humility in the last ayah (prayer to Him), then to be confident and
denounce badness but here He reminds us again to stay humble, to avoid arrogance
that comes out in our face and also in our walk! To give advice but remember to be
humble, to be willing to take advice and criticism in return (‫)توصي بال حق‬

The word ‫ مختال‬means someone who has a really high opinion of themselves, someone
who is being on their image and impressing others with their presence.

We are part of a society that is obsessed with self-image, always concerned with
how we look, and how we appear before others (cool, funny, worthy of the

The word ‫ فخور‬means someone who is really prideful, and these people are often the
ones around us who are obsessed with their image, who can keep their egos up by
hurting other people

We have to ask ourselves, how can we stay ourselves? How can we not get caught up in
trying to impress others, to be part of the crowd?

“so make your walk an average pace and lower your voice

How can we stay humble, and stop ourselves from being arrogant in ways we shouldn’t?
We walk in a normal, average way. We don’t try to stomp on the Earth or intimidate
others in the way we speak.
In addition, as young people, especially guys, one thing we tend to do as we get
excited or make fun of others is to raise our voice, to start yelling and show that we feel

These are lessons in decency and calmness to a young generation, a father doing ‫تواصي‬

‫ بالحق‬to his son.
Question: is raising your voice haram? We need to understand the difference between
morals and laws. Stealing is haram. Morals are things that are actually personal, and

only we can check ourselves. For example: kindness to parents is a moral, not a law. It’s
not explicitly stated, and it’s different in every family, in every group of people. The
things we’re mentioning here are not laws, they are morals, they are values we need to
follow! Things don’t have to be haram for them to be wrong. We have to have a sense
of the law but also a sense of morality!
 In Islam, morality came first! And it’s been same for all Prophets (aS). Islam’s laws
have changed in the past, but Islam’s morals have ALWAYS been timeless.
Surah Fussilat: The Most Fortunate People

“No doubt about it those who said Allah is our Lord then they lived up to them angels are sent
upon them saying don’t be afraid and don’t be sad, and to give them the good news of Janna,
the one that you were promised."

This section essentially sums up a person who has lived by the 4 qualities of Surah Asr
The person who has lived by the word will have angels come to them, surrounding them
right before they die and be given Jannah before they die! They’ll be ecstatic right
before they die, even as the people around them are sad.

“We have been your protective friends in this world and in the afterlife. And you all will have
in it [Jannah] whatever you want for yourself and whatever you request.”

What we get in Jannah in the Qur’an:
 Allah (swt) often promises beautiful women to men but nothing explicitly for
women; that’s because men unequivocally, almost always want one thing past a
certain age. However, for women, there’s a lot of discussion and uncertainty
about what they want. Allah knows us better than we know ourselves.
 There’s a place in Surah al-‘Imran that talks about what men want, and there’s no
place that talks about what women want. Why? When He created men, there was
a simple, programmed code in how they think and operate. But for women, He
made their desires and motivations significantly more sophisticated, intricate and
varied. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, but there are only few exceptions.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that we are going to get in Jannah whatever
we ask for. This is beautiful because there are desire we have right now, but when we
get to Jannah we’ll see new and amazing things, and then we’ll want those things, and
we can have those too!

“And if they (parents) strive to make you take partners with me/be ungrateful to Me with
what you have no knowledge, don’t obey them but stay in their company in a good way.”

“A ‫ نزل‬from the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful”
The word ‫ نزل‬refers to the very beginning, the first part of something, like an appetizer.
So Allah (swt) is saying that everything seen so far, everything that’s been described,
that we could ever want and that we currently want (aka most things described by the
Qur’an in Jannah) are just appetizers!

“and who could be better in speech that the one who calls people to Allah and acts righteously
and says certainly, most definitely I am from among the Muslims.”

These kind of people are not the ones who’s words and actions contradict each other…
rather they are the ones who call people to Allah and also act in a good way!

The final statement, “certainly I am from among the Muslims!” is amazing because it’s a
statement of confidence and humility. Why?

The person who declares this is not shy or embarrassed about their Islam, they
don’t hide it. They’re confident enough to declare it and to call others to it!

This is a humble call because this person is not boasting about themselves or
placing themselves above anyone else; all they are saying is that they are among
the Muslims, kind of like saying “I’m just another Muslim.”