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Alcatel-Lucent Instant

Enhanced Charging
Collection Function
Release 29 

The Alcatel-Lucent Instant Enhanced Charging Collection Function (IECCF) is a key software
component of the end-to-end Alcatel-Lucent Convergent Payment Solution. Deployed in
over 210 service providers and serving an estimated 400 million subscribers worldwide,
the Convergent Payment Solution is proven, industry-leading and highly configurable.

The Alcatel-Lucent Instant Enhanced
Charging Collection Function (IECCF) is an
application that provides a single collection point for offline events and charging
information from various network elements. The Alcatel-Lucent IECCF correlates
events and transfers them to a convergent
billing system using a single interface to
simplify integration. Its reliable mode of
usage-record storage and transmittal to
the billing system eliminates this burden
of multiple interfaces on the billing
system. As a result, the billing system
does not have to negotiate reliability
and failover mechanisms with individual
network elements. The Alcatel-Lucent
IECCF performs this function for the billing
system, addressing service provider
network-transformation requirements.
IECCF can be deployed beneficially both
by incumbent and greenfield carriers for
new LTE and IMS deployments.

• Can correlate CDRs collected from
different network elements to create a
single CDR per session
• Simultaneously supports external
interfaces defined in the 3GPP
specifications, including Rf, , Bx and Ro, to
facilitate full integration in an end-to-end
IMS environment
• Provides IMS offline charging for multiple
services, including Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP) supplementary services,
voice over wireless local area network
(WLAN) and roaming and handover
between IMS and other circuit- and
packet switched networks through
the Rf interface

• Supports a variety of data records,
including Charging Data Records, Usage
Data Records, Flow Data Records and
Internet Protocol Records • Can convert
data format into the specific format
required by the billing system
• Supports a pre-biller function to interface
with online rating and charging systems,
such as the Alcatel-Lucent Instant
Convergent Charging (ICC) or the
Alcatel-Lucent SurePay®
• Extracts additional subscriber information
from the service provider’s Home
Subscriber Server (HSS) to be recorded in
the CDR through the Diameter interface
• Inserts user-equipment local timestamps
— Greenwich mean time (GMT) time zone
offset — that aid in calculating the roaming
charges for subscribers that roam out to a
different time zone

• Simplifies integration of billing systems
and maximizes subscriber revenue by
consolidating CDRs from IMS and non-IMS
network elements by providing a single
interface to the billing system
• Reduces costs by providing a single,
fully integrated offline charging function
to collect charging information from
individual IMS and non-IMS applications
across multiple network domains
• Supports service-provider network
evolution strategies by providing
converged charging functions for both
IMS and non-IMS networks

supporting fixed and mobile networks • Centralized OA&M with one managed node • Alcatel-Lucent Converged Telephony Server – A telephony application server supporting a wide range of telephony and mobility services • Alcatel-Lucent Service Continuity Gateway – provides cellular and Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)-integration for voice calls with telephony services (including hand-over) • Alcatel-Lucent Unified Subscriber Data Management Server – unifies subscriber profile data — Home Location Register (HLR). fully integrated offline charging component that: ¬ Is pre-integrated and fully tested with Alcatel-Lucent IMS core network elements ¬ Can be deployed as a standalone product integrated with a third party IMS core network ¬ Can be deployed as an N+K server cluster or as active-active configuration ¬ Supports both local and geo redundancy and provides99. AVP2. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. • File Transfer Protocol • SN MP • Higher density with Reduced floor space • Incorporate new platform into the LTE and IMS solution offerings • Able to support all LTE field and commercial offers • HP Blade – IMS Only – Supports 3. CGF.. Alcatel-Lucent assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein. .• Integrates into any network environment simultaneously providing a highly configurable.. Authentication. generate statement in human-readable form . video and data with the ability to collect Serviceprovider usage charging data for the entire network infrastructure.600 TPS per app blade capacity per specific traffic parameters • HP Blade Center Technology Up to 2 Chassis per Cabinet 16 slots per Chassis Disk arrays (iSCSI) X86/Linux • 17. The information presented is subject to change without notice. Alcatel-Lucent and the Alcatel-Lucent logo are trademarks of Alcatel-Lucent. All rights Alcatel.alcatel-lucent. scalable. reliable.SW • Diameter load balancing for IECCF on blades Figure 1. Lucent.HW • Disk array support (four enclosures) and 600 GB drives . Home Subscriber Server (HSS). Pre-integrated complementary Products Technical specifications • Operation Support System (OSS)/ Billing Support System (BSS) integration • Alcatel-Lucent Instant Convergent Charging and Alcatel-Lucent SurePay® – real-time rating and charging engine • SOAP/Web services • Alcatel-Lucent IP Session Controller – a component of the call session control (CSC). The Alcatel-Lucent IECCF supports CDRs from multiple network domains IMS-AS ALCATEL-LUCENT IECCF MRFC BGCF MGCF Rf CDF Ga CGF P-CSCF I-CSCF IMS S-CSCF Bx BILLING DOMAIN Billing system (BS)/ Billing Mediation Device (BMD) IT PLATFORM GGSN SGSN IMS-AS MRFC LTE BGCF Diameter Accounting Requests (ACRs) AVP1. Supports 5. integrated CDF/CGF) ¬ Provides a complete convergent collection solution for voice.999 percent reliability ¬ Scales linearly to accommodate subscriber or traffic increases ¬ Supports multiple optimized configuration options to meet service provider requirements (CDF.1 CDRs (binary) and put these into files CDF: Charging Data Function CGF: Charging Gateway Function Rf: Diameter reference interface for Off Line Charging Ga: Reference point for CDR transfer between CDF and CGF Bx: Reference point for CDR transfer between CGF and Billing domain www. Copyright © 2011 Alcatel-Lucent. Authorization and Accounting (AAA) across multiple networks • Alcatel-Lucent Billing and Traffic System – Plexus-based mechanism to integrate accounting information. AVPn • Interpret AVPs via syntax dictionaries • Process AVPs per ‘workflow’ logic • Generate ASN.5”x32” Chassis (10U height) with16 slots • Disk array support (four enclosures) and 600 GB drives . M201110976 (October) • Mediation: Normalize CDRs • Billing system: Rate CDRs with subscription plans.800 TPS per app blade capacity per specific traffic parameters • For LTE/eHRPD-only normal traffic.