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Chevron Nigeria Limited


November 20; Revision A
11-22-91 CN-2 516-20.05

Specification 20.05


05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 1. utilities. labor. November 20.1 General This specification covers application of concrete coating to line pipe for use offshore off the coast of West Africa. Shear strength enhancement shall be achieved by any of the following techniques: • • • • Application of an intermediate barrier coating between the FBE and concrete.3 Intermediate Barrier Coating For coating application by the impingement method over FBE coated pipe. Forming of a ring of cementitious epoxy on one end of the pipe prior to application of the concrete. 1. Contractor shall make all arrangements and obtain permits required for his performance of work at the coating application site. The required minimum shear strength shall be calculated by Contractor and approved by Company. and all other items required to perform the work. equipment. 1991.0 SCOPE 1. or by Others. Forming of rough bands of epoxy with embedded flint chips on one end of the pipe prior to application of the concrete.05 Page 2 of 15 . 1. raised spiral of epoxy between the FBE and concrete. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. by Company. services. The results of the test shall be submitted to Company for approval of the proposed shear strength enhancement method. and shall be as shown on the data sheet. supervision. Contractor shall furnish all materials. Contractor shall demonstrate the ability of the enhancement technique to meet the required minimum shear strength by means of a full scale push-off test or other experimental method. Contractor shall apply an intermediate barrier coating to protect the FBE from damage.2 Slippage Control for FBE Coated Pipe Contractor shall provide adequate shear strength between the concrete and the fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) corrosion coating to prevent slippage of the concrete during installation.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. whether on property owned or arranged for by Contractor. Forming of a continuous.

Report entries and calculations required by Sections 2. FRC 80 Active Protective Coatings Ltd.2 and 2. 2. 1991.0 COATING CONTROL DATA AND TOLERANCES 2.3 shall be made within 30 minutes after the pipe joint is placed on the curing rack. Contractor may propose other methods of limiting damage to the FBE such as increasing the FBE thickness and using a fine sieved aggregate. the weighing device shall be calibrated just prior to start of coating by an independent agency approved by Company. The average of these measurements shall be reported and used in calculations for coating thickness and concrete density. 1. and shall result in no more than five detected holidays. Checking of the weighing devices shall be done at the beginning of each day's production. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. and shall measure the outside diameter of the concrete either on the scale or as soon as the joint is placed on the curing rack. in the opinion of Company.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. When specified on the data sheet.1 Weighing Devices Weighing devices used to determine the weight of the concrete-coated joints shall be certified in writing to an accuracy of 0.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE Acceptable intermediate barrier coating are: • • FRC Composites Ltd. 2.4 Exceptions Contractor shall obtain written approval of Company for any deviations from the requirements of this specification. The check shall be performed using a joint of pipe with a known weight.05 Page 3 of 15 . and Company shall retain the option to request a check at any time. November 20. The concrete application shall have caused no significant visual damage to the FBE. The outside diameter shall be measured at a minimum of five points evenly spaced along the length of the pipe joint.1. This document is not intended to be all inclusive. Prior to Company approval of such methods. Forton 2000 Alternatively.5%.1 Coating Control Data Contractor shall weigh each concrete-coated pipe joint immediately after coating. and the use of the guidelines set forth does not relieve Contractor of his responsibility to supply a finished product capable of performing its intended service. that weighs within plus or minus 25% of the weight of a concrete-coated pipe joint to be coated. and the FBE reinspected for damage both visually and for holidays according to NACE Recommended Practice RP-0490-90. Contractor shall perform a field trial where the concrete shall be applied and then washed back off.

Density of coating as determined by methods given in Section 2. If the density varies from the specified density by more than the stated tolerance.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 2.2 Density 2.3. ft = Hold back length at each end of joint. lb/ft.2h) x Wc] where: Wp. ft = Average outside diameter of concrete-coated pipe.2.2h 1 0. and Wc = concrete coating weight.3 The "as-applied" density shall be calculated immediately after weighing and measuring diameter for at least every fifth joint coated. November 20.2.00545Dc2 .1 The calculated weight for the pipe joint.2.2. ft2 2. 1991. Contractor shall take corrective measures to obtain specified density. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. and shall immediately inform Company of the deviation and corrective measures.(L x Wp) x L .Ap where: Wp L h Dc Ap = Nominal weight of corrosion protective-coated pipe. in pounds.3. and Section 5.2 for "as-applied" concrete coating on the pipe. by the following calculation: Density in lb per cubic foot = (Weight of joint. L.2 for 24-hour sample cylinders.05 Page 4 of 15 . and h are as stated in Section 2.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. shall be used for control of mix and application during the period of concrete coating. = Cross-section area of protective-coated pipe. lb) . 2.2 Density of "as-applied" concrete coating shall be determined using the weight and dimensions of a concrete-coated joint. lb/ft (without concrete coating) = Length of joint.1 Density of concrete coating shall not vary from the design density by more than plus 10% or minus 5%. shall be: (Joint Weight)calc = (L x Wp) + [(L . Weight of Concrete-Coated Pipe Joint 2.2. in.

05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE The total weight of any single pipe joint shall not vary from the total design joint weights by more than plus 7.4 Concrete Coating for Mechanical Protection Only 2. 4. Calculations for "as-applied" density per Section 2.1 above.4.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. 2. 4.2 Sand Sand shall be clean and graded. alkali.1 Cement Cement shall be Portland cement conforming to ASTM C-150 Type II.4. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. Sand shall be free of injurious amounts of salt.3 shall not be required. Weighing shall not be required. 1991. Sand and aggregate certificates shall be available to Company. 2.0%. The total weight of any 10 consecutive pipe joints shall not vary from the total of design joint weights for those joints by more than plus 7. Suitability of the natural sand for use in concrete shall be determined in accordance with ASTM C-33.05 Page 5 of 15 . November 20.0%.5% and minus 5. STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS Concrete weight-coating shall conform to the latest edition of the standards and specifications listed in Appendix I. deleterious material or organic impurities.2 Concrete Coating Thickness 3. 4.1 Coating Control Data The average outside diameter of each concrete-coated pipe joint shall be determined as described in Section 2. Company reserves the right to reject any material not deemed acceptable by virtue of either source or quality. Clayey and schistose sands shall not be acceptable.5% and minus 0. The grading and purity of sand and aggregate shall be checked at least once a week.0 MATERIALS Materials shall be subject to Company approval.2 and joint weight tolerances per Section 2.0 Coating thickness shall not vary by more than minus 0 or plus 1/4 inch from the nominal thickness specified on the data sheet.

Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. It shall conform in all respects to ASTM C-33. deleterious material or organic impurities. November 20. scale dirt. At the time concrete coating is applied.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. Source of water supply shall be identified. or any other aggregate approved by Company. 4. Water shall not contain more than 250 ppm of chlorides.1. The proportions of mix to be used shall be submitted to Company for review. For concrete other than nominal 140 lb/ft3 density.1 Proportioning 5. Contractor shall determine the density of the proposed mix.2 Other reinforcement may be used if approved by Company in writing. Wire fabric shall conform to ASTM-185 with galvanizing per ASTM A-153. 5. The aggregate shall be clean and free from salt.1 Reinforcement shall be high quality 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inch No. The aggregate shall be well graded from fine to coarse.0 PROPORTIONING AND MIXING OF CONCRETE 5. 1991.5 Admixtures Admixtures shall be limited by the requirements of ASTM C-494 and shall be added only if approved by Company. and an analysis of the water supply shall be furnished when requested by Company.3 Aggregate The aggregate shall be granite. organic matter or other deleterious matter. 4. and submit test method and test results to Company before start of coating. 4. conforming to ASTM A-390.6.1 Contractor shall select the necessary proportioning of materials to produce the required strength and density. oil or other coatings that may reduce the bond with the concrete. 17 American Steel Wire Gage galvanized woven wire mesh. free from oil.4 Water Water shall be clean fresh water.05 Page 6 of 15 .6 Reinforcement 4. 4. hexagon weave with reverse twist.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 4. the wire fabric shall be free from rust.6. iron ore.7 Storage of Materials All materials shall be stored and handled in accordance with the applicable ASTM Specification and the ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. alkali. alkali. 4.

the new mix shall be tested. 3000 psi at 7 days. testing shall be done for all design mixes. shall be presented to Company for approval prior to beginning of coating. If more than one design mix is to be used because of the use of more than one source of any one material for the concrete.05 Page 7 of 15 . 5. The concrete materials shall be accurately proportioned and mixed in a machine that will ensure a thorough intermingling of all materials in the concrete.1.3 Prior to commencement of production coating. 1991. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. 5.2.2. Testing shall be by an independent agency approved by Company and test results shall be submitted to Company.2 Batching and Mixing 5. a description of such method. 5. Test specimens shall be tested after a period of 24 hours and shall have a minimum compressive strength of 1000 psi. and test results accepted by Company before the mix is used. The metering and feed systems shall be initially calibrated by weight before the start of the concrete application. 5.2. No coating shall commence until Company has accepted all design mixes. the use of reclaimed rebound material shall be allowed if placed within 30 minutes. and 4000 psi at 28 days.1 Primary mixed concrete shall be placed within a time-temperature controlled period so that it will produce a homogenous cohesive grout.2 Concrete shall have minimum compressive strengths of 1000 psi at 24 hours.3 For the impingement method of application. The amount of water and the method of its introduction into the mix shall result in a mixture providing the physical properties stipulated in this specification.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20.1.4 Any mixed concrete which has not been placed within 30 minutes after the introduction of the water into the mixture shall be unacceptable and shall be disposed of by Contractor. November 20.2 Should Contractor propose a method other than batching or using sacked and weighed materials. including the measures to be taken to assure a coating conforming to the specification.2. Both freshly mixed material and rebound material shall be placed so that there is no detrimental effect to the final concrete product. 5.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 5. Contractor shall have compressive strength test specimens of the design mix prepared and tested in accordance with ASTM Method C-39 or British Standards Institute Method BS 1881. If the mix is changed for any reason after commencement of coating.

1 Compressive Strength Samples of the mixed concrete shall be taken to determine the compressive strength of the concrete coating mix.3.05 Page 8 of 15 . and one after 28 days. Three samples shall be taken each morning and three samples each afternoon in accordance with ASTM Method C-31.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 5.1 The reinforcement shall be spirally applied simultaneously with the concrete and shall have an overlap of not less than 3/4 inch. If required. mixing. November 20. 5. Accessory equipment includes proper proportioning.1 Equipment Contractor shall provide suitable mechanical equipment in good operable condition. Of the sets of three samples. Testing shall be in accordance with ASTM Method C-39 or British Standards BS 1881. 1991. and handling equipment. In the event of such damage. necessary to apply a concrete coating to the corrosion protective-coated pipe. repairs shall be made to meet Company requirements. 6. Contractor shall demonstrate to Company by field test that his application method. and calculating density based on the measured volume.3. one after 7 days.2 Density Density shall be determined twice daily by weighing the samples for the 24-hour compressive strength test before making the compressive strength test. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20.3. one sample shall be tested after 24 hours. equipment and personnel will produce a concrete coating conforming to this specification without damage to the underlying corrosion protective coating. Maximum bond must be achieved between the corrosion protective coating and the concrete coating. 6.3 All testing shall be at Contractor's expense and as approved by Company. 5.2 Any temporary protection for the corrosion protective coating shall be completely removed.3.0 EQUIPMENT AND APPLICATION 6.3 Placement of Reinforcement 6. 6.3 Testing 5. Test results shall be submitted to Company daily.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20.

05 Page 9 of 15 . Contractor shall provide 2 inch minimum and 3 inch maximum clearance between anode and the reinforcement. Where needed to keep concrete out of the pipe. 6. Coating edge shall be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and the steel reinforcement wire shall not protrude through the concrete coating edge. November 20. 6. 6. Pipe ends shall be cleaned and examined immediately after removal from the coating station to ensure the proper holdback distance and to remove any concrete from the holdback area and the inside of the pipe.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. There shall be a minimum clearance of 1/2 inch between the protective-coated pipe and the reinforcement. whichever provides the greater holdback. with the required reinforcement fabric. The surface shall be trimmed to give a uniform thickness of concrete coating concentric with the pipe.3. An additional wrap of reinforcing shall be applied for concrete coating thickness greater than 2 3/4 inches. or 3 inches short of the end of the previously applied corrosion protective coating. pipe ends shall be capped prior to concrete application.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE One wrap of reinforcing shall be used for concrete thickness up through 2 3/4 inches. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20.5 Application by the Compression Coat Method Concrete mix shall be extruded onto the rotating pipe. The reinforcement shall be placed so as to provide maximum reinforcing properties to the coating. The reinforcement shall not protrude at the concrete coating holdback.6 Holdback and Cleanup Concrete coating shall terminate to provide the holdback distance from the end of the pipe as specified on the data sheet. 1991.2 If cathodic protection anodes are to be installed. Reinforcement may be applied over bonding cable where the concrete coating covers the cable. and shall be simultaneously covered with a plastic sheet outer wrap under suitable tension to give a smooth surface. 6. and a minimum cover of concrete of 1/4 inch over the reinforcement. with a uniform thickness concentric with the pipe.4 Application by the Impingement Method Concrete shall be applied to the rotating pipe by the high velocity impact method so as to form a continuous coating.

The concrete shall not be allowed to dehydrate. 7.0 PERMISSIBLE REPAIRS TO CONCRETE COATING Concrete coating with defects or damage or which does not conform otherwise to this specification shall be promptly repaired to the satisfaction of Company. Sand windrows shall be placed in sufficient number and position to eliminate detrimental deflection in the pipe.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 6.1 The concrete coating shall be cured for a minimum of 4 days at temperatures of not less than 40°F. the concrete coated pipe shall be placed on sand ridge windrows and shall not be stacked.1 Repairs to defective or damaged concrete coating shall be as follows: November 20. During curing. 8.2 Curing for Impingement Method 7.0 CURING 7. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. 1991.7 Temperature Concrete shall not be applied to the pipe when the ambient temperature is less than 40°F unless Contractor has made provisions acceptable to Company to properly protect the newly applied concrete. shall be with a liquid membrane-forming compound conforming to ASTM C-309.3 Curing for Compression Coat Method The plastic sheet outer wrap must be kept in place a minimum of 7 days. 7. 7. if used.3 Other curing procedures shall be subject to Company approval.1 Water curing.2. if used.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. Water spray shall keep the coating continuously moist for no less than 4 days providing temperatures are above 50°F. It shall be applied by mechanical equipment to the coated surface in sufficient quantity to provide complete coverage in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. 7. 8.2. or no less than 7 days if temperatures are below 50°F. shall commence as soon as possible but no later than 2 hours after coating. The pipe shall not be transported until after the minimum 4 days of curing except for the initial transfer of pipe from the coating machine to the curing area.05 Page 10 of 15 . 7. and preferably longer.2. The application of curing compound shall take place immediately after concrete coating is completed and shall be preceded by a fine water spray.2 Membrane curing.

Circumferential cracks exceeding 1/16 inch in width at the surface and extending more than 180 degrees shall be repaired. is not within the tolerances specified on the data sheet. The repaired joint shall be carefully laid in a safe position and moist cured or liquid membrane cured for a minimum of 4 days before further handling. Longitudinal cracks exceeding 1/16 inch in width at the surface and in excess of 12 inches in length shall be repaired. 9.05 Page 11 of 15 . provided the remaining concrete is sound and the reinforcement is not exposed. The coating resulting from the repair shall be equal in strength to the coating originally applied. A stiff mixture of grout or concrete shall be troweled into and through the reinforcement. CAUSES FOR REJECTION Causes for rejection of the concrete coating shall include but not be limited to the following: • • • • Concrete compressive strength less than the specified value. or total of 10 consecutive joints.2 Cracks Hairline cracks less than 1/16 inch in width need not be repaired. November 20. Failure to initiate and maintain the concrete control data and testing procedures. Density of concrete coating does not meet the tolerance specified on the data sheet.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE An area of defect or damage of 1 ft2 or less in any 5-foot run of pipe.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20.0 Crack repairs shall be made by widening the crack to 1 inch for the necessary depth and length and packing the prepared crack with the repair material specified above until level with the existing coating. and built up until the surface is even and smooth with the original coating around the repair. The edges of the removed area shall be undercut to provide a key lock for the repair material. Pipe joints with repaired cracks shall remain undisturbed for a minimum of 36 hours. may be accepted without repair. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. 8. Weight of a concrete-coated pipe joint. for which the depth is 25 percent or less of the total thickness of the coating. 1991. Any damaged reinforcement shall be replaced. Undercut for key lock is not required if original reinforcing mesh remains intact and is exposed or if replacement reinforcing can be securely attached. Defective or damaged areas exceeding 1 ft2 or 25 percent deep shall be repaired by removing the concrete to sound coating material and to expose reinforcement.

Concrete coating does not fully adhere to the corrosion protective coating. e. f. d. AND STORAGE OF PIPE a. November 20. Coating application on a joint interrupted for more than 30 minutes. CARE. HANDLING. The holiday detector voltage shall be appropriate for the protective coating..05 Page 12 of 15 . etc. etc. shall be used. Padded forks.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE • • • • • • 10. Contractor shall repair all defects in protective coating using a method approved by the Company. Any pipe which cannot be repaired shall be scrapped. Concrete-coated pipe joints needing cleaning or repairs shall not be stock piled until such time as cleaning and repairs have been completed. materials or workmanship which in the judgment of Company would render the coated pipe unsuitable for the conditions and purposes stipulated in this specification. g. using a holiday detector approved by Company. Pipe and protective coating damaged while in the possession of Contractor shall be repaired to Company's satisfaction at Contractor's expense. but no higher than 80% of the voltage used at the plant where the protective coating was applied. canvas slings/belts. 1991. If pipe was wrapped with kraft paper or similar wrapping. Contractor shall inspect the corrosion protective coating on inspection racks prior to concrete coating. Reasonable care shall be exercised while handling pipe to prevent damage to coating. beveled ends. the paper shall be completely removed before inspection and concrete coating. b. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20.0 Coating in which the reinforcement is improperly placed. Concrete-coated pipe shall be handled and stored by Contractor so as to minimize cracking or other injury to the concrete. c. Any failure of the materials employed to conform to the specifications. Coating that is defective or damaged to such an extent that Company considers satisfactory repair is impossible. Any defective condition of equipment. The loading of pipe shall be approved by Company. Protective-coated pipe shall be racked in rows and tiers in a manner that will prevent damage to pipe and protective coating.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. Pipe lots of each coating thickness and weight shall remain segregated and shall be shipped separately. and/or relatively soft plastic or rubber-lined hook ends. pipe.

Date coating applied November 20.1 The pipe mill shall paint a pipe joint number in 3-inch high letters on the inside at each end of each pipe joint. 12. The gap between the anode bracelet and the concrete coating shall be filled with a stiff grout to provide an even surface between the anode and the adjacent concrete coating.0 SPECIAL WORK 11.0 IDENTIFICATION OF PIPE JOINTS AND REPORTS 12. an ohmmeter check shall be made to prove electrical continuity between the pipe and the anode. Coating Joint Number (if different) 3. on the outside at each end of each weight-coated joint along with the pipe size. Bonding cables shall be welded to the pipe and tested for electrical continuity prior to concrete application. or his own number. Calculated weight of pipe joint with corrosion protective coating before weight coating 6. Contractor shall indelibly paint this number. they shall be insulated from the corrosion protective coating.2 The following information shall be recorded for each pipe joint and furnished at least weekly to Company: 1. Pipe Joint Number 2. If the anode rings are welded. Concrete shall be smoothly formed at a 1:4 taper to match the anode thickness when there are differences between anode and weight-coating thicknesses. This identification shall be located between 1 foot and 5 feet of both pipe ends.1 Anode Bracelet Attachment Anodes shall be attached to the pipe lengths after concrete coating application. Date and time of receipt 4. Grout shall not be placed until the anode is installed and protective coating repairs are approved by Company. After completing grouting. 1991. Installation shall comply with Section 7 of this specification. wall thickness.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 11. 12. NACE Standard MR-06-75 "Control of Corrosion on Offshore Steel Pipelines". Steel reinforcing mesh shall not be within 2 inches of the anode. Defects at receipt 5.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20.05 Page 13 of 15 . Company Technical Requirements. All welded areas shall be recoated with corrosion protective coating. and nominal weight-coating thickness. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. and manufacturer's instructions.

Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20. Average weight-coating thickness 11. Measured average outside diameter of concrete-coated pipe 10.05 Page 14 of 15 . Number and nature of concrete coating defects/repairs 12. plus or (minus) 9. Weight of pipe after weight coating 8. 1991.05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE 7. Date and time of shipment 13. Coating and/or pipe defects at shipment November 20. Percent deviation in weight from calculated weight.

05 CONCRETE COATING OF LINE PIPE APPENDIX I STANDARDS AND CODES 1. INDUSTRY STANDARDS American Concrete Institute Manual of Concrete Practice American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A-153 Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware A-185 Standard Specification for Welded Steel Wire Fabric for Concrete Reinforcement A-390 Specification for Zinc-coated (Galvanized) Steel Poultry Netting (Hexagonal and Straight Line) and Woven Steel Poultry Fencing C-31 Standard Method of Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field C-33 Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates C-39 Standard Method of Test for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens C-150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement C-309 Standard Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete C-494 Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete British Standards Institute BS 1881 Methods of Testing Concrete (British Standards Institute) November 20. Revision A 11-22-91 CN-2 516-20.05 Page 15 of 15 . 1991.Chevron Nigeria Limited Specification 20.