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ATCL Speech and Drama





Rebecca Granger



Preparation for a 40 minute acting class, based around the technique of improvisation as well as
highlighting bullying. This acting class will be for 7 children, aged between 8-14. Overall objective of
each child is to get them confident in improvisation, working as a team in ensemble work and working
independently on the final task.

8 Minutes

7 Minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

We will go round the circle and say
names and our favourite pose in a
photo. I will first start with my
name, and our project of
‘Storytelling through improvisation.’ I
will explain the basis of the day that
by the end the aim is to get the
children working on their own
without me. I will ask them to think
of one objective for the day, and
then ask them to click in a target
they would like to reach e.g. Being
part of the creating process,
speaking on your own etc.

objective and aims
To learn the names of the children
in order to build a trusted
respected relationship with them.
Also, to see what they want to get
out of the project, and explanation
for them to fully understand the
outcomes of their project.

We will play a game of yes lets.
This will then lead into all of them
walking round and getting into 2
groups (one three and one 4.)

This will already get them
improvising as well as acting as a
different character, but also
working together.

So now we will play ‘Tableaux.’
This means I will shout a scenario,
and they have 20 seconds to
create a tableaux of that place e.g.
beach, supermarket, the Olympics
and school.

A team building exercise as well as
getting them focused and thinking
about improvising quickly.

Linking with school, I will get the
kids to come and sit around me,
while I hold two photos. They will
each represent a different kind of
bullying. The children will then tell
me what’s happening in them, and
give me three emotions of the

This shows their subject for their
scene, as well as combining the
tableaux’s with improvisation,
main objective. This is where the
independent learning will take
place, and I will see how much of

 Photo (Bullying girl) 2 . the scene they can do without me. giving leeway of the whole lesson by 10 minutes. They will then have 4 minutes to create a scene based around the photo. Stand and go round in a circle to say what their objective was. did they reach it. Make sure I helped them reach their targets as well. and enjoyment of the class was fulfilled. and what they enjoyed about the day. RESOURCES NOTES  Photo (bullying guy) Cool down will have to be quite quick. We will then see both short scenes and ask the other group what they liked about it. Show positivity with their own objectives.cOOL DOWN/DISCUSSI ON 5 minutes ACTIVITY objective and aims photo.