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How can pro-lifers justify making abortion illegal in the cases of rape and ince

st? This is my answer:

We want abortion to be illegal because it takes the life of an innocent child an
d it doesn't matter what circumstances that child was conceived in, it wasn't th
eir fault that their father was a rapist, why should they be punished?
Furthermore, all the stats show that abortion harms women in so many ways, what
harm does carrying the baby of the man who raped you cause you? Nobody is deba
ting whether or not rape is a horrible thing and that it's beyond uncomfortable
to carry that child, but the question we should be asking is, is murder any more
comfortable for that woman?
Because that's what abortion is, and it's wrong, just like it'd be wrong for a
woman who was raped to wait for her rapist to get out of jail and then track hi
m down and kill him. Nobody's saying the rapist shouldn't be punished as harshl
y as possible, but murder is wrong no matter who the person being murdered is.
In this case it's an innocent child. Liberals are against the death penalty eve
n for the criminals who've committed the most heinous crimes, and defend their r
ight to life. Yet they refuse to do the same for an innocent unborn child who h
asn't harmed anyone and deserves nothing but life.
Why are you pro-life in one case but not the other? Just because one life is i
n the womb of a woman doesn't mean she owns it, it's still an individual life wi
th it's own rights, the most basic of which is life. That's why the founding fa
thers said every human being was given by God the rights to life, liberty, and t
he pursuit of happiness. We can't pick and choose who gets those and who doesn'
t just for the sake of convenience or political correctness. Abortion denies ev
ery one of those rights to the baby, and that's not for us to decide because we
aren't God.
Only God can decide who should live or die because He's the creator of all life
. That's why I'm against the death penalty too, because even for the worst crim
inals only God can decide if they deserve to die, we can't play God in that situ
ation or with an unborn baby. My position is consistent, Im pro-life in all cas
es, yours isn't because you're only pro-life when it suits you, when it doesn't
involve a woman's body which you then proceed to use to disguise the true reason
you're pro-abortion.
That reason is that many liberals don't have the morality and values that are
required to make moral judgments and to say something is wrong even when it's no
t convenient and when it's not politically correct. No person of faith who prac
tices any kind of religion is or even could be pro-abortion for this very reason
, because they know that abortion is murder, plain and simple, and murdering an
innocent being is always a grave wrong, regardless of who else is involved in th
e situation.
Liberals, and even some conservatives who are only fiscally conservative, simpl
y can't make this moral judgment because they're uncomfortable doing so, even th
ough deep down when nobody's around they would admit to themselves that abortion
is wrong and never helps women, and that adoption is always available so there'
s no excuse not to go down that route instead. So they refraim the argument as
one of "choice", when the only choice involved for 99% of the women in this deba
te was the one to have sex in the first place. If you don't want a child, don't
have sex, it's that simple. For that 1% of women who are raped and don't have
that choice, they have the choice to give the child up for adoption and give the
m a chance to have a happy and successful life.
If liberals really were pro-abortion because it was about choice they would alw
ays be talking about adoption, but you never hear that word come out of their mo

uths. That proves it isn't about choice for them. It's about convenience, they
don't want women to have to suffer the consequences of a promiscuous lifestyle,
or even just making one bad decision, because once again that involves morality
and making judgments, and they don't wanna live in a country where that's the n
orm. The main difference here and the one liberals have always avoided is that
this is an issue of morality, not choice, but I won't let them get away with it
any longer.
Conservatives believe in God and with that belief necessarily comes the belief i
n absolute truth, and thus right and wrong. Without belief in God and the value
s and principles that come from that belief, you simply can't make moral judgmen
ts on things like abortion, and that's why liberals will find any excuse in the
book to justify such a heinous action, even though in their gut they know it's w
rong, and if they actually researched it (almost none of them do) they'd be conv
inced it's wrong, even if they'd still be uncomfortable saying it in public. Th
at's why the tide is turning and now a majority of americans are pro-life, and a
lso why more women are becoming pro-life who were pro-choice, particularly those
women who worked in abortion clinics or who had abortions themselves.
Once you see the horrible evil of methodically dismembering a living unborn baby
, you can no longer deny that it's justifiable because it gives the mother a con
venient option to escape the mistake she made. This doesn't put all the blame o
n women, as liberals would have you believe, it places just as much blame on the
doctors who commit this murder, as well as the boyfriends/partners who pressure
women to get it done. Sure, there are women who are scared, who have no family
and friends to help them, and are poor, and that's why we should increase our f
unding for programs and organizations that provide housing, counseling, and adop
tion services to these women.
Instead, you see planned parenthood set up shop with their abortion mills in im
poverished minority communities across this country, preying on these very women
for nothing but their own profit. As the countless stories of women who've had
abortions at these godless and heartless places will show you, they treat the w
omen like animals, get them through the abortion, collect their money, and then
run them out once it's too late for them to change their mind and realize the ho
rrible decision they've made.
They could care less about all the scars abortion leaves on women, but the pro-l
ife movement does. That's why we're here to offer them an alternative, and it's
shameful of the pro-abortion movement to deny them that option while claiming t
hey care about "women's rights" while we don't. Nothing could be further from t
he truth.
If you don't believe me, do research on all the mental and physical scars abort
ions leaves on women, both during and after the procedure, including death in a
significant number of cases. The pro-life movement offers these women hope, the
pro-abortion movement offers them death, misery, and life-long scars that never
heal. I'm confident in making the claim that there probably hasn't been one wo
man who's gone into an abortion clinic and come out happy or relieved, or was pl
eased with the kind of service and treatment she got there.
There hasn't been one story of an abortion clinic worker being happy or satisfie
d with his or her job. This is the sad truth about abortion that's been hidden
for so long, but it's time for us to reveal it. If liberals really cared about
women, they would want them to have the full truth about one of the most importa
nt decisions in their life, so they could make the best decision possible.
But because this is mostly political for them, they hide the truth in order to
win the political debates. That's not being pro-woman, that's just being pro-po
litics. You wanna see the real war on women? Go to any abortion clinic and tak

e a look at the faces of the women there, and the ones of those who come out aft
er getting an abortion, and read the stories of the victims of this heinous proc
edure. Those are the trenches of this war on women, and women will always be th
e victims until we make abortion illegal once and for all, as is the case for ev
ery other form of murder.
Two wrongs don't make a right, and by encouraging a woman to have an abortion y
ou're just compounding her suffering because in the case of rape victims, on top
of the rape she now has to deal with the guilt of destroying an innocent life,
in addition to the increased rate of cancer, mental illness, suicide, and many o
ther physical problems that result from abortion.
There are adults alive today who are the product of rapes. Are you gonna tell
them they don't deserve to live and should've been aborted just because you have
n't informed your conscience enough to know that destroying an unborn baby is mo
rally wrong? Because it is wrong, whether you believe it is or not is irreleva
nt. If you really believe that it isn't wrong, then you as a liberal should ha
ve the guts to tell that to their faces.
As a conservative who is passionately and unreservedly pro-life, I can proudly s
ay I'm on the side of the mother and her unborn child. Liberals are on the side
of the feminist movement, big gov't, planned parenthood, and the Kermit Gosnell
s of the world. In the end history will show that they were on the losing side
of this war, because good will always triumph over evil, and make no mistake abo
ut it, abortion is evil.