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Is Time Running Out?

What would Jesus Eat?

Be Angry, but...


Volume 13 Issue 1

Who art thou?
A discourse unveiling
man’s true and full identity

Volume 13 Issue 1


of mystery. Rather being caught on the wrong side of the fence, many of us
has chosen to refuse to bother our self as to whether it is real or not.
In the next couple of editions, this subject will be our focus, trusting God
by His Holy Spirit to give us illumination. However, in this edition, we attempted
to lay the foundation upon which our subsequent discussion will be based
noting that man is not a creature of chance, long before he appeared on this
planet, a script was waiting for him to act out.
As ever, our core goal is to bring to you truths that will ensure you remain
alive to God, alive to His purpose and principles and alive to your destiny. My
prayer is that in this new season, you will discover your portion and fully lay hold
on it.
As usual, we have a full compliments of nourishment for you-touching on
relationship, leadership and health. We will be glad to receive your feedback in
which ever way it is most convenient for you. When you are within the areas
where any of our event is taking place, we will be glad to have you around. You
surely will be glad you did. Shalom
Yours Serving the King and His great Kingdom
Adedayo Fajimi

This teaching scroll is dedicated to
the unfolding of kingdom mysteries
and the expounding of timeless
It was born out of a strong
conviction that the written word of
God - the BIBLE remains the most
reliable, up to date and final authority
for guidance in all areas of man's life.
It is thus tailored to transmit a
message, tutor the mind, train the
ministers and transform the total man.
We are assured of the Holy Spirit
that as you learn and live by the truths
you find on these few pages, you will
find rest for your soul.
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What is Man?
Though we are well over 6 billion on the planet now, only few men
can confidently answer this all important question. Find out.


Is Time Running Out?


In rich and provoking message foremost evangelist Billy Graham
helps us to see some strange dimension of time. It is awesome!


HEALTHWISE - What would Jesus Eat?
The eating habits prevalent if the days of Jesus and their health
implications is the subject of this rich discourse by Dr Colbert



Be Angry, but...
Olusola Olatoke in his usual style continues his letter to the young man
helping to navigate the season when we have a reason to be angry.



Setting & Scoring Goals
Pastor W. F. Kumuyi with this classic message helped us to understand
goal setting from a whole new perspective.


Discipline - The Path to Potential
& Printed By 16
schematicsgv 08025773900

Leadership expert Dr. John Maxwell shows us the vital issue of Discipline
a factor without which our leadership potential cannot mature .


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thou hast put all things under his feet: Psalm 8: 4 – 6 LORD. that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him? And that thou shouldest visit him every mor ning.4 What is man. that thou makest account of him! Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away. what is man. that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man. and try him ever y moment? Job 7: 17 – 18 4 A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Psalm 144:3 . that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man. 1 . Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands. that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels. 13 NO. and hast crowned him with glory and honour.What is MAN? A D E D AY O F A J I M I What is man.

Hegel saw a half-real fragment of the state. but confessed. 1 DIVERSE VIEWS Many thinkers and artists have sought to answer this question. Victor Hugo saw a passionate individualist undercut by an inimical universe. a discovery of man’s true and full identity is the foundation for man’s discovery of his preordained future and his inner realizable purpose. some called him the messiah. The good emerging as men and women well positioned in the society while the bad appear as base individuals or even as animals. This was the experience of John the Baptist. man just happened . What then? Art thou Elias? And he saith. In this edition. Who art thou? And he confessed. Here is a record of the experience of John the Baptist in this regards.T here is no question more crucial to man than the question: what is man? Whether publicly or privately.” Plato described him as -worldly souls trapped in a bodily prison. Before he could speak. Sigmund Freud spoke of an excrementmoulding pervert itching to rape his mother. But thank God he knew himself. people will suggest who they think you should be. defeated by a “tragic flaw. They have looked at men and then offered a report on man’s nature. the pressure is on for man to define himself.22 When you do not know who you are. When we do not understand a tool. These myriad of notions by man about man and his nature has made the issue for quite a while one of the most contentious. others called him a prophet. Also. Who art thou? .” Thomas Hobbes described man as a mechanistic brute. when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him. and denied not. created this place we call the earth. Science. John Dewey saw a piece of flux run by the expediency of the moment. I am not. Who art thou? that we may give an answer to them that sent us. Other people . It reflected then5 . What sayest thou of thyself? John 1:19 . The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was first published in 1859.billions imagine they are a reincarnation from a previous life. our goal is to blow aside the web of deceit that has clouded man’s understanding since we first walked the earth. This is not a 21st century puzzle but an age long one. The scripture however teaches that man was created by a Supreme Being who ahead of man. religion and society all give us their views of who we are. Shakespeare the great poet dramatized man as an aspiring but foolish mortal. man remains a creature that will never truly and fully rise up to his full potential. in hock to the unknowable. Man from generation to generation has been in search of an answer as to his true and full identity. Art thou that prophet? And he answered. Must I know Who I am? At the foundation of anyone being able to maximise the potential of any tool is a clear understanding of the nature. And they asked him. the mystery of who we are has remained for long a puzzle to most of the human race. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Kant saw man as a blind chunk of unreality. Friedrich Nietzsche saw a demoniacal individualist run by the will to power. purpose and limitations of the tool. A tool not fully understood will never fully deliver its full and true potential. So. Even some others will conclude on your behalf as to who they think you are. And this is the record of John. No. To this group.a chance evolutionary development not different in kind from the millions of species that inhabit our planet. Aristotle defined man as the “rational animal. we certainly will undervalue and most often under deploy the same – so is the case with man. So it is that if man does not fully understand man. 13 NO. I am not the Christ. Then said they unto him.The MAJOR schools Some believed the world in which we live was a product of a big bang and the dwellers therein are a product of a series of on going evolutionary process.

and over the fowl of the air. Though these two words are often assumed to mean the same thing. But as much as the truth of man being a creature that is tripartite (spirit. soul and body) is superior to the evolution theory. but is generally considered as the beginning of the concept of the evolution of mankind. It is a question whose answer will set a limit over the possibilities that is available to us. not animals. So God created man in his own image. every other level of the animal kingdom exhibits this trait in some form though at varying degrees. It is the question whose answer determines the quality of life we will live on this planet. in the image of God created he him. yet man is still asking who art thou? 6 This question is much more than a trillion dollar question. Here is the account. It is a question whose answer will produce either obstacles or miracles on our path to life’s ultimate. it is actually a life’s question. To this school. Also the ability to relate one with another is not peculiar to man. it is actually a life’s question. He is hence on earth God’s representative to the rest of the natural world. And God said. This school which is rooted on certain strong and verifiable parameters believe that man is a member of the animal kingdom though a higher one. and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea. Let us make man in our image. The school defined man as Homo sapiens. It is a question whose answer will set a limit over the possibilities that is available to us. two words that look alike were used at the origin of man. and over the cattle. The creationist on the other hand believe that man is not an animal -as our researches prove there’s a quantum difference between us and our nearest animal “relative”. the bible never so speak as the Hebrew word make is asìah (aw-saw’) while A MORE SURE WORD VOL. So he cannot because of certain physical parallels he shares with animals be put in their category. after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea. and over the fowl of the air. man bears almost exact resemblance with other members of the animal kingdom. destiny is unrealisable. Until we come to a full and true understanding of our identity. God said let us make man but in verse 27 we were told so God created man. the most advanced of the animal kingdom that emerged from Homo erectus and Homo habilis. and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. man essentially is a spirit that has a soul and dwells in a body.28 In verse 26. That man is tripartite is a truth that has been with us for so long. It is the question whose answer determines the quality of life we will live on this planet. they are intrinsically different. the scriptures made it very clear what man will look like . Genesis 1: 26 . the only written detailed account that gave us an insight into what took place at the very beginning.This question is much more than a trillion dollar question. this is not the full picture. And God blessed them. 1 . The components/organs and body parts found in man is found doing similar functions in other animals. Be fruitful. male and female created he them. Before the process of making the first man. 13 NO. This being will appear on earth in the flesh only once and within his mortal body lies an immortal soul which will survive death in some form (or place) or other. and multiply. It asserts that in material make-up. The Truth In Genesis chapter 1. and God said unto them. and replenish the earth. Though these two words are often used interchangeably.God. and over all the earth. and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. current esoteric ideas.

2. Man was both created and made. All of what took place at creation was God dependent. His views were not sought as to what he will be. but his making was in time. and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. The creation of man actually took place in the mind of the most high. man was also created – he emerged. 6. when you read Genesis 2:4 -7. and there was not a man to till the ground. you will note the conclusion of God’s operation in chapter 1 of Genesis and the accounts in chapter 2. But in his journey towards the already decided. God actually put together the soil out of which man was formed the Hebrew word create is bara (baw-raw’) The word make implies to produce or evolve from something whereas the words create means to come forth. But in chapter 2:7 we saw that man actually has the same fundamental component like the animals that also came from the ground. The latter is always used only in relation to God. Chapter 1 essentially is God at work in creation while chapter 2 is God at work making. and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth. Man’s creation was superior to man’s making. 4. If you are a student of the bible. his views and consent are mandatory for them to be realised. Man’s creation was all of Godentirely divine. Man’s Creation was from nothing but his making is from something. the word used to describe the making of man is the word formed. These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created. in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens. and man became a living soul. This means that as much as it is true that man was produce via a process that may not be fully known to us all. 7 . and watered the whole face of the ground. Man’s creation preceded man’s making. But the making of man took place in the region where all things are influenced by time.Man did not just spring forth from the ground like the animals. And God dwells in the realms where there is no time. God actually put together the soil out of which man was formed. 5. At creation. This in the original sense means squeeze into form or beaten to take a shape. you will get a clearer picture of the whole scenario. The truth however is. Genesis 1: 27 concluded that So God created man. but his making was not he has a natural content. In Genesis 2: 7. And every plant of the field before it was in the earth. his maker decided it. 13 NO. the form or shape of man was concluded but at making. Man did not just spring forth from the ground like the animals. but his was with a divine touch. But at the making other factors came into the picture. however. But there went up a mist from the earth. Genesis 1: 27 never mentioned any material thing at the point of man’s creation. And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground. Man’s creation was before time. or emerge from nothing. Genesis 2:4 -7 A MORE SURE WORD VOL. the shape of man began to emerge. came forth from nothing. It simply stated So God created man. This expression was with a note of finality. 1 3. 1.

The created man is the man in the mind of God. immortal spirit. Conclusion What is man? A being with a dual existence and a tripartite nature. I have observed with amazement. there was a script written that we were born to act out. Revelations 13:8 The Implication Beyond man being tripartite. before he ever appeared on earth. Thank you because as a man I did not just happen by chance. whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. What ever you see here on earth is the making process of a being that was created long before there was a location called earth. It is only when we live with this mindset that we can truly maximise life. he had been concluded in the mind of God. Thank you because I am not a wanderer on this great planet. I thank you for my life today. 13 NO. Though with one word God proclaimed that man has been created and so it was. A part of him came from the realm invisible but also another part came from the realm visible. His emergence was however a gradual process . Connect me back with the thoughts that you have of me before the foundation of the world. and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. He is not just from heaven. but man’s making was gradual. he has been before birth. Share it . Man is not just a spirit like the angels.sure u to ensure yo As much as he is heavenly so is he earthly. The latter scripture quoted above (Revelations 13:8) noted that before the foundation of the world some activities took place. In Jesus name. Man’s story did not begin at conception but far before conception. he is equally from the earth. stren lling. SPEAK THIS SUREWORD Lord. his birth was not the beginning of his existence. It was not the visible that defined the invisible but the invisible defined the form and shape of the visible. By the light of your word. we are to clear your it is.7. they are quite different. He is superior to both ends and his destiny and final destination is different from that of both. Whatev find rest. To be earthly is normal but to be worldly is evil. man also has a dual existence. but one truth is certain. To be earthly is not synonymous with being worldly. God has concluded who he is meant to be. ESTION? AVE A QU roll. Where there was yet to a world. Earth talks of a location. As to when he occurred to God. I take my place as a blessing to everyone you have destined my life to touch. and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee. Our life did not begin on the day we were born. none of us knows. if you ers in this sc DO YOU H and many oth of insight rds ticle ough this ar willing to offer some wo n your Reading thr we will be t and brighte willing ar ns he tio es ur yo qu here have gthen doubt. that in the spiritual/religious circles. but world talks of a lifestyle. The journey for us all actually began before the foundation of the earth. Amen A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Man’s creation was instant.a process that took time and involved other materials. 1 . It is not wrong to be earthy because this earth remains the one valid territory that God ceded to man and not heaven. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee. It was however not the visible that came first but the invisible. he is not just a bundle of flesh like the animals but a being that has an eternal. before he appeared here on earth. Jeremiah 1: 5 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship er w face. I am a being very important to you and your kingdom. a lamb was slain. Man is not a creature of chance as Darwin would like us to believe. prayers or counse ord@justice. Today I open up my self to you and your Holy Spirit. neither am I a concern to the rest of humanity. Though we use the two interchangeably. man is constantly trying to deny his being of the earth. Long before then. neither is he a fleshly being like the animals. Meaning.

the march of the years. peering about among the relics of the ancient past. What are we doing with it? Are we frittering it away. months. centuries—these are but arbitrary and outward signs. “Don’t be silly. It seems that the whole universe is organized for measuring time. Second. Astronomy studies the clockwork of the heavens. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. sometimes as a fourth dimension added to space. The Bible teaches that time and life are tied together. it can only be redeemed. 13 NO. We sense its passing in our consciousness. At this time of year we speak of Father Time and visualize an old man with a long white beard who is holding a scythe in one hand and an hourglass in the other hand. using it to maximum advantage. Time is a mystery. years. letting it slip through our fingers. But the one thing we cannot do is define it. The Bible says. time has a moral significance and a spiritual meaning. the running of the sand.By Billy Graham IS TIME RUNNING Time in itself is neither good nor bad except as we make it so. But time is a thief. Let us treat time as a trust. the revolutions of the planets. I cannot decide what I 9 . summer and winter. the rotation of the earth marks the passing of day and night. M ore than 75 years ago Henry Luce wanted a name. Ephesians 5:16). He chose the word time. Time cannot be relived. Let us consider time in three ways. traces the footprints of time in the ages gone by. First. day and night. You might reply. The Meaning of Time to Christians To the Christian. filling every minute with 60 seconds’ worth of service to God? The Apostle Paul counsels us to “redeem the time” (Cf. Archaeology. NKJV). the striking of the clock. Nature is like a huge clockmaker’s shop in which thousands of timepieces are ticking. for a weekly newsmagazine that would describe the passing events of the day. You would think I had lost my mind. in just one word.” Modern science attempts to define time. minute by minute. But it becomes a crucial test. “The days of our lives are seventy years” (Psalm 90:10. time is a test. not time itself. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: “What is time? The shadow on the dial. 1 OUT? Geology studies the wrinkles written by time on earth’s brow. the moving on of the months. the measure of time. Pulse beats indicate the fleeting moments. Sometimes it is set forth by abstract mathematical formulas. time is a trust. Suppose I were to ask you what you propose to do at 1 o’clock yesterday. the phases of the moon. squandering it in wanton waste? Or are we treasuring it. We measure its progress with delicately adjusted instruments. sometimes by the analysis of dreams. sifting us through and through. Time steals strength from our muscles and youth from our faces. Time robs us of our health and strips us at last of everything that we have. We mark its flight and read the record it leaves behind.

But how could they attract the attention of those on the ship? How could they make them aware of their desperate plight? They had a lantern—but only one match. or however great his wealth. However famous a person may be. What will you do with your moment? A MORE SURE WORD VOL. because I’ve already decided that issue. “I may do this. From now on. . or I may do that. He sets the time for love and the time for hate. lit the stub of the candle and quickly closed the door. the men one night saw the light of a passing ship. With a prayer on his lips and with trembling fingers. the time for saving and the time for throwing away. Amid the stormy seas of life and against the background of eternity. the time for kissing and the time for not kissing. To those billions of events we contribute our quotas. But it becomes a crucial test. the young sailor put it through the open door of the lantern. Thus time is an appointment with Christ. What was to be done? They decided to cast lots. he struck the match. After floating for several days. On the liner the lookout man spotted the light and informed the captain. the time for silence and the time for talk. or whatever his contribution to literature or science. A story has been told about a party of men shipwrecked and adrift in a small boat on a stormy sea in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. everything we do can be done with eternity in view. For a moment the flame flickered as though it would go out. Shielding the match with his cupped hands. but time to come lays upon each one of us the possibility of moral and spiritual choices. Time in itself is neither good nor bad except as we make it so. 1 . the time for war and the time for peace. Ecclesiastes 3:1 . then that person has lived in vain. and soon the men were saved. That solitary match was all that stood between them and the liner that was steaming by. the time for mourning and the time for dancing. He sets the time for finding and the time for losing. if he has not come into a vital conversion experience with Jesus Christ. the time for planting and the time for pulling up. the time for tearing and the time for mending. the time for making love and the time for not making love. 13 NO. the time for killing and the time for healing.. or you can choose to use that time to serve God and to lay up treasures for eternity. there are billions of events happening in every moment of historic time. As life goes on. the present moment flickers like the flicker of that lighted match. We can come out of time and enter eternity with Him.” Time past is time over which we have no power. God has given us a moment in which we can come to know His Son Jesus Christ. He sets the time for birth and the time for death. What is the next contribution that you will make? In the next instant you can tell a lie or commit other sins. Time Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. “Now is the accepted time” (2 Corinthians 6:2. and the Bible says.” But suppose I were to ask you. Time has been given to us for the purpose of glorifying God in this life.11 10 How are you reacting to that test? How does it affect you? Are you growing daily in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18)? Do you take advantage of every opportunity to study the Scriptures and to pray? Do you take advantage of every opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ? Third.shall do at 1 o’clock yesterday. “What do you propose to do at 1 o’clock tomorrow?” You might answer. minute by minute. time is an appointment. the time for tearing down and the time for building.. NKJV). sifting us through and through. Time has been given to us to have an encounter with the living God. and the heavy responsibility fell upon the youngest sailor. He has set the right time for everything. Someone in the boat had to accept the responsibility of striking that one match. He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy.

Ibadan Learning to Love May 28 . Lagos Learning to Lead . There will be wars and rumors of wars. The Bible tells us that the end will come but that the end also will be the beginning. But before that hour strikes. but they will not find him (Proverbs 1:28). He will change your dimension of time and put you into eternity with Him. he “got his head out of time into eternity. and that hour is about to strike. You can put your faith. People will betray each other as the deceitfulness of their hearts comes out into the open—crucifying Jesus Christ afresh. Will you keep your appointment with Jesus Christ? The End and the Beginning As the world moves from crisis to crisis. That hour was his existential moment.” That was the hour that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Lagos Prayer & Fast Retreat APRIL 10. his life’s crowning instant. but they will not hear an answer. The hour is late. They will look for God. 2010 FEBRUARY 26 -28. your trust and your confidence in Him. The time is coming when people will call upon God. 13 NO.12. Today you can accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. our world is in for crisis after crisis.Ebenezer Erskine wrote that in the summer of 1708. revolutions and riots everywhere. it will be the end of this world’s system of evil and the beginning of God’s reign throughout the earth.30. Lagos Learning to Love Extraordinaire Billy Graham has preached the Gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history—over 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories. Hundreds of millions more have been reached through the various ministries of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Today is your day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2). When Jesus Christ comes again. 1 SEPTEMBER 10 . a moment will come on God’s clock.

or John Calvin. Feelings. John Edmund Haggai .700 Club 12 A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Their values are reflected in every aspect of their lives. will never lead anyone into error. or Paul. these all fluctuate. you must accept accountability. never changes and when propoerly applied. When we rely on sources other than Scripture for truth. Why? Because when you look at the source of their revelation. and they lost everything.. the theologian of Geneva? Will they be like Nero. or like Han Kyung Chik. By next year at this time. People who were trusted to manage large operations proved untrustworthy. however. What kind of leadership will these millions of people have? Will the leaders of these new citizens of the world be honorable or corrupt? Self-sacrificing or self aggrandizing? Humble or haughty? Will the new leaders be like Adolf Hitler. Charles Swindoll Conquering Through Conflict The Leadership Crisis J ust as eighteenth-century Europe needed leaders. then. 13 NO.. clearly you must take this principle to heart and live it. business. stars. God’s written word. The Apostle Paul made it clear to Timothy that anyone who want to be a leader must continually demonstrate strong character and moral behavior. the gangster of Chicago. And to trust in them is to open ourselves to being seriously deluded and led into error. the dictator of Germany.Source A PLATFORM FOR YOU TO BE HEARD What is your Source? A phrase some believers constantly volley back and forth is “God told me. the Christian statesman of Korea? Will they be like Al Capone. there will be ninety million more people on this planet than there are today. our changing world needs leaders today. 1 . Pat Robertson . and even religion.Lead On The Law of Responsibility A mong the tragedies of the past decade is the large number of scandals involving men in high profile leadership positions. These scandals have rocked all sectors of public life-politics. If you wish to receive the blessings of the kingdom.” Usually the people who use this spiritual sounding phrase don’t like to be quizzed on the details of exactly how God spoke to them. it often lacks either good common sense or biblical justification. circumstance. Who will lead them? Will their leaders develop them or destroy them? Will these leaders improve our world or imperil our global village? India’s annual net increase (birth over deaths) exceeds the total population of Australia. They allowed greed and personal interest to sway their judgement. If you want responsibility. we are casting our lives upon a sea of uncertainty. the apostle? The population explosion is frightening and real and is one cause of the crisis of leadership. the oppressor.

Wishes are humanly generated words.such as is found on the lips of soothsayers. which comes from my mouth. so that he will not swell up with pride and be condemned. he must be able to teach. he must be able to manage his own family well and make his children obey him with all respect. We’ve tossed and turned all night. so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the Devil's trap. to do. It will accomplish whatever I want and achieve whatever I send it to do. They hence cannot bring forth the joy and pleasantness you really long for or bear you over and across the Jordan that is swelling before your very eyes. he must not be a drunkard or a violent man. God’s word however is His commitment. you can do something different. and orderly. he must have only one wife. until I make thine enemies thy foot stool” Psalm 110:1 Kenneth Copeland . A brief of His heart that will enjoy the full weight of His arms. We’ve paced the floor worrying about some seemingly insurmountable problem. He has said to us: “Sit thou at my right hand.Believers Voice of Victory The Rule T his is a true saying: If a man is eager to be a church leader. he desires an excellent work. as the Devil was. He should be a man who is respected by the people outside the church. His oath.Watch it .” Isaiah 55: 11 A t the opening of every new year we hear many exciting words from different people. You can simply sit down. that is exactly what God instructed us. Something that will actually do some good. If you’ll pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. trying to find the solution. We’ve run in circles until we’re exhausted. Broadly these words falls into two categories .A wish or His word “My word. But these words has neither a womb nor a wing. His bond. You can do something scriptural. appealing and often soothing. be sober. The next time problems arise and trouble threatens to overwhelm you. self-controlled. he must not love money.wishes and His word. but gentle and peaceful. For if a man does not know how to manage his own family. how can he take care of the church of God? He must be mature in the faith. Some are religious leaders while others are political gladiators. we’ve all done it. 13 NO.8 A MORE SURE WORD VOL. 1 13 . desirable. A church leader must be without fault. Amazing as it might seem. Adedayo Fajimi . They are expressions of good fortunes . as born-again believers. He issued us an invitation that will enable us to triumph over every test and trial the devil sends our way. you’ll never have to do those things again. It will not come back to me without results. 1Timothy 3:1 . wondering what we’re going to do.A More Sure Word Simply Sit Down A t one time or another. he must welcome strangers in his home. is like the rain and snow.

Soup would usually constitute the entire meal and contained beans. Instead of iceberg lettuce. and enjoying life—but always start by blessing the food. peaceful atmosphere. avoiding foods that have been processed or refined. Salads are commonly consumed in Israel as well as other Mediterranean countries. Rather than making dining a pleasant experience. make your salads with rich. As you go through the rest of the day. I highly recommend that you never skip breakfast. choosing food that are in their natural. To create a robust. YOU ARE LIVING your life in the fast lane and rarely taking time to relax. Appetizers can help you wind down before you eat. wind down and enjoy a meal. in a relaxed. it is important that you start each day with a healthy breakfast. conversing. dark-green salad leaves and bright. since it takes about twenty minutes for this to occur. Soup and Salads Soups were a vital part of the foods that were eaten during the days of Jesus. chicken and lamb. 1 . eliminating much of the stress of your daily lifestyle. since your body needs the food to keep your metabolic rate up. nutrient-dense foods. Don Colbert I F YOU EAT LIKE MOST PEOPLE. garlic and onions. when grains and beans are combined. which helps to prevent obesity. However. laughing. Instead of eating in a rushed. This is not only biblical. supplying all of the essential amino acids. tangy flavor. Salad dressing in Jesus’ day was made of extra virgin olive oil mixed with flavorful vinegars like balsamic. They help take the edge off hunger. salt and other herbs. garlic.What Would Jesus Eat? by Dr. People often ate bread with their soup. apple cider or red wine vinegar. ask yourself. I have been telling my patients for years to eat breakfast like a king. lentils. stressed and pressured manner. vegetables. so you often have overeaten before your body has been able to signal you that you are full. colorful vegetables. contrasting. it also helps to relax our minds and bodies in preparation for receiving food. First of all. legumes. The protein sources consumed primarily during the days of Jesus were fish. they then become a complete protein. try eating the way Jesus ate. 13 NO. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Most people eat a full meal in ten minutes. lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. add lemon juice. you may wolf your food down as you drive or as you sit in front of the TV. fresh state. 14 Appetizers Appetizers should be served before the meal or as a light snack throughout the day. Grains and beans are incomplete proteins by themselves. which has a very low nutrient value and is void of fiber. surrounded with friends. What Would Jesus Eat? Are you willing to make a commitment to follow Jesus’ example and eat the way He ate? The eating habits that were the foundation of Jesus’ diet were: choosing untampered.

sugar. Rather than continue our mindless. per meal. apple pie or some other form of cake. And the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's meat. Remember. organic produce. key lime pie. give us this day our daily bread. One thing that people discover when they begin to eat the way Jesus ate is that they enjoy the taste of fresh food as never before. 8 .. I suggest that you eat locally grown. that Jesus would probably only have eaten small portions of meat—about two to four ounces per serving. When you choose pasta select whole grain pasta and brown rice. Limit your meat to only 3 to 6 oz. ice cream. If you can’t say no to red meat. Cooked meat should not be left outside the refrigerator for longer than two hours. People would grill. In choosing bread today it is critically important that you choose whole grain breads instead of refined white bread. and they added fresh herbs. Jesus taught us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer.Bread. During the process to make white flour. that at the end thereof they might stand before the king. Meat Fish was the most common protein source for Jesus. I strongly recommend that you eat fewer portions of red meat per month. occasionally some nuts and possibly a little honey. But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat. hydrogenated fats and begin enjoying whole. It is best to choose fresh. The two most common grains used in the Bible were whole grain wheat and barley. Fruit was a main staple in the diet of Jesus. approximately 80 percent of the nutrients are removed. It is time to move away from foods that are laden with salt. such as weddings and celebrations—and only in small amounts. If organic is not available. Fruit and Other Sweet Treats Many people choose to opt for desserts like chocolate cake. Whole grains can even improve the digestion process. store the meat in the coldest part of the refrigerator and use it within two to five days of purchase. we need to be intentional and rational about what we choose to put into our bodies. Each of us must take a new look at why we choose to eat what we eat. onions and garlic to impart a robust flavor. Ground beef and sausage should be thrown out after two days. nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. Daniel 1: 5. additives. An HEALTHY RESOLVE Vegetables Whenever possible. pie or cookie. organic fruits. In fact. choose extra lean and range-fed meats. though. Desserts would consist primarily of fruit. unconscious habits. fresh foods. bake or stew meat instead of frying it. and of the wine which he drank: so nourishing them three years. make sure the meat has been trimmed of fat. People in biblical times would eat sweet desserts only at times of feasts. Jesus is our perfect example for every area of our life—choose to eat like Jesus. Rice and Pasta Bread was a staple food during the days of Jesus. simply scrub fruit gently with a mild detergent.

Don’t give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life Be Angry. it is staying angry and what one does during anger that is the issue. I’m just simply asking you to get over it. However. 16 A MORE SURE WORD VOL. I was not particularly pleased to hear the anger in your voice towards Ada when we spoke on the phone last week. Another wise man said: Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit. Thanks again for keeping me up to date with all the preparations towards your forthcoming wedding. 1 . for anger resides in the lap of fools.. And don’t stay angry. isn’t it? At the risk of appearing to be preaching to you (well actually. but. Sometimes it’s just incredible how we allow issues which we will hardly remember in a year’s time to soil our relationships today. Getting angry is not a problem. Rufus. I’m glad to hear your mother has also come around to agree with your future in-laws over the matter of the venue. but never act in anger · Don’t stay angry. Listen to another one of my wisdom nuggets as you call them (Ephesians 4:26-27): Go ahead and be angry. are useful but they also have the possibility of opening our lives up to forces we’d rather do Without. You do well to be angry—but don’t use your anger as fuel for revenge. The real person anger hurts is you so get over things quickly. This point is particularly apt at this time in your life as you prepare to start a family. So it is with acting in anger.Dear Nephew. Don’t go to bed angry. But one must be prepared to live with the new shape when the metal cools. Olatoke olusola Those words were written by the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians. I am not saying you do not have a reason to be angry with your fiancée. anger included. If you have ever watched a blacksmith at work you will realise that it is easier to strike and change the shape of metal when it is hot. Don’t get me wrong. if you strike whilst you’re hot. I am preaching aren’t I) I will sum up Paul’s words of caution as: · Be angry. 13 NO.. you have to live with the consequences afterwards. How long ago did you find out she had spent the money? Over a month ago! And you’re still seething with anger – a month later? Surely that’s a bit excessive. · All human passions.

One of my favourite passages of the bible is Proverbs 31. 13 NO. So if I can’t see her next month. so that he has no lack of [honest] gain or need of [dishonest] spoil. the fact you’re still annoyed tells me you’re not trying to understand why Ada acted as she did and what it says about what is important to her. I’m looking forwards to seeing many members of the family again when we come in March. It talks about the qualities of an unforgettable woman. So. know now that few things affect the dynamic of a relationship in the way that money does. the author wrote these words (Proverbs 31:11): The heart of her husband trusts in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely. ‘Dele A MORE SURE WORD Partnership VOL. let’s wait till when Amina and I come in March for your wedding. What lessons has that incident thought you about the differences in the attitudes and values both of you have in relation to money. 1 . My experience has been that the more you affirm your belief in the abilities of a charge (whether employee.: 134-1770001260 Your Uncle. son. you would want it to say: ‘she makes her husband rely on and believe in her securely…’ But notice it is him who chooses to trust… confidently. You will be glad you did! PRAY PAY PAVE PREACH All cheques and cash to be made payable to: Account Name: A More Sure Word Bank: Skye Bank Plc Account No.If you don’t already realise this. rely on and believe securely. Step aNew REALM into There is a place higher than where you are now. Step into it as you partner with us in serving God and His great people. Becoming angry doesn’t solve anything. If anything. Ok? Tell your mother I’d be in Abuja next month on a business trip. child or spouse) the more likely you are to see them perform to their potential. Sometime ago I realised that almost all the qualities mentioned relate to the management of financial resources. If you’re like me. don’t get angry. I agree that such confidence is the end result of a woman proving herself prudent but it is also the starting point for such prudence. I was about to start judging my wife against these qualities when it struck me that before listing the virtues of this unforgettable woman. I find business is picking up gradually here in the Netherlands but the events of the last year have shown me I need to start building a client base back home in Nigeria too. I’ve got a couple of meetings next month but I’m only staying for two nights. get coaching. So. Please send my love to Ada. you’re both in my payers. As always. You’d do well to read this passage.

1 . goals indirectly infuse the workforce with the drive for better performances. aggregate productivity invariably improves. your staff and the public would be itching to know the direction you’re heading in. think hard. size up the future to design goals that will help ensure realisation of the bottom line and fulfilment of the organisation’s mission. Their change efforts are bent towards accomplishing them. For. * Drive: Goals help the workforce know what the organisation is aiming at. and if this knowledge is coupled with appropriate motivation. Where no goals exist. Goals make leadership tick. Kumuyi L EADERS ARE FAMILIAR WITH GOALS. F.Setting & Scoring your Goals Pastor W. The overarching purpose of leadership is to influence and maintain progressive change. Goals are stated ambitions. Your leadership too is rated and characterised according to the goals you accomplish. no challenge and nothing to aim at. Simply. with neither goals nor vision. personnel. Consequently. probably. and all leaders know they must set them and follow them up till they are accomplished. * Diversity: Goals can introduce diversity into an organisation’s fossilised work culture. It’s your goals that tell them the way. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Your organisation’s social architecture is partly defined and described by the goals you set and pursue. The pursuit of new goals necessarily demands change in programmes and work-style. Thus. there will be no sense of direction. Colour and variety are marks of an organisation in sincere pursuit of specific goals. goals help provide direction for an organisation. Thus. your leadership and organisation are essentially without identity. workers become glued to norm and the organisation stagnates. materials. and the introduction of new production process. *Definition: Goals help define an organisation’s mission and concretise its vision drive. people know your organisation’s mission and rate what you’re doing at the helm by the visions (goals) you pursue. The benefits of goal setting are numerous. But change is an endproduct of realised goals in a particular direction. Thus. machines and. They are driven by them. programmes. Periodically. 18 * Direction: As products of visioning. 13 NO. failure to set goals reduces leadership to management by chance and hunches – a sure recipe for corporate disaster. if you say you’re moving your organisation up. but I will outline a few here. leaders sit down. Leaders looking for an elixir to cure pervasive sloth at the workplace should try goal setting and chasing.

the organisation has something to flaunt and the leader has a reason to cheer. chutzpah is necessary but active faith in effective leadership isn’t a blind jump. Your goal must lend itself to incremental measuring after it has been accomplished. Development is the cumulative effects of goals set and realised. There must be a time frame for accomplishing all set goals. You would need to fire many shots and plough through many tracks in a futile attempt to hit that target. Fourth. Pastor Kumuyi’s ministry is currently impacting the African continent on a wide scale through the Africa -wide crusade. success is neither celebrated nor appreciated because it’s neither sought nor paid for. Of course.* Discovery: Goal setting can help reveal the limits of your organisation and your own leadership. But where goals are set and their impact measured. M-measurable. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. Third. Your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses come to the fore when you attempt to swim against the tide of norm towards a goal that takes your net-worth to a new height. Pitfalls of goal setting Not all goals are “scored”. Both corporate and political leaders are familiar with painful misses. R-realistic. His church is reputed to be the 3rd largest church congregation in the world. goal setting isn’t a game of ideals. In establishments where things happen effortlessly. Yes. a goal should be specific. too multi-faceted to be realised. Leaders fail to reach their goals because the goals aren’t SMART. Kumuyi is the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry with headquarters in Lagos. review and pursue them have a realistic rating of their organisation’s capabilities and their own competencies. You’re engaged in self-delusion if you pursue vaulting ambitions that your competencies and organisation’s resources can’t secure and hold. goals set without a timeframe fade away and are jettisoned by and by. Pastor W. Otherwise. expressed in clear unequivocal terms. T-time-bound. goals must be time-bound. There’s no other way to know that the attainment of a goal has impacted the organisation positively but by measuring the quality and quantity of the resultant change. * Description: Goals help describe an organisation’s successes. corporate commitment and fidelity to the objectives of the goals will be lacking. Thus. Fifth. Aachievable. goals have to be realistic or they will end up as wishful thinking. 13 NO. There won’t be any sense of urgency needed to galvanise the workforce and move them to bend their backs in service in order to realise the goal(s). they should be measurable. Leaders of successful world-class organisations are goaloriented. Facts are needed to conceive and birth ambitions. First. F. Authentic leadership doesn’t cloud goal setting by embarking on a wild goose chase. It should be limited to one-shot one-track target(s). Those who don’t set goals work with a distorted view of whom and what they and their organisations are! * Development: Your organisation cannot develop without your setting goals and realising them. He is an outstanding Christian Leader. Bible Teacher and Pastor. Leaders who periodically set goals. when goals end in mirage. Nigeria. 1 Second. The elephant may not know it has no wings until it attempts to fly. a goal such as “education for all by year 2050” is too general. 19 . That means they aren’t: S-specific. For example. Africa is acquainted with rain clouds of development plans that simply dissolve in the tempestuous wind of transitory governance. the goals should be achievable.

By the age of 19 he had been called up to play for the New York Yankees. I hurt my knees through the years. runs scored. but I wouldn’t do it. and had been named MVP of the American League three times. God gave me a great body to play with. experts believe Mickey Mantle never reached his potential. Looking back from this vantage point. He was clocked rounding the bases in an incredible 13 seconds. Yet. Mantle had played more games as a Yankee than any other player. and I didn’t take care of it. But injuries weren’t the root of the problem. I’d be out drinking. It’s been said there were home run hitters. Yet. Mickey Mantle never disciplined himself off the field. Despite his great natural talent. Most blame Mantle’s chronic knee injuries for preventing him from doing more. you have to cultivate a life of discipline. and I should have. By the time he retired. he assessed his career: I never fulfilled what my dad had wanted [to be the greatest player who ever lived]. His liver was ruined from a life of alcoholism. Maxwell Discipline: The Path to Potential H E MAY HAVE BEEN THE MOST naturally gifted baseball player of all time.. and then there was this man . Mantle checked into the Betty Ford Clinic and started the long road to sobriety. Everybody tries to make the excuse that injuries shortened my career. Four Truths about Discipline What were you born to do? What is your dream? To become the person you have the potential to be. Everything has always come natural to me. Consider these truths concerning discipline: A MORE SURE WORD VOL. He won a World Series his rookie year. in spite of his impressive accomplishments. and runs batted a league of his own. 20 At age 62. He still holds the all-time World Series records for home runs. his speed was nothing compared to the power of his hitting. The Guinness Book of World Records credits him with hitting the longest home run ever measured. I didn’t work hard at it. at 643 feet. 13 NO. with his health and family life a mess. Truth is.. and he died at age 64 from inoperable cancer. and his teams would capture seven championships over the course of his career. 1 . And I blame a lot of it on alcohol. and I just thought they’d naturally come back. after I’d had a knee operation the doctors would give me rehab work to do. it was too late.By John C. The player I’m describing is the great Mickey Mantle. What most people didn’t know was that Mantle was a raging alcoholic. By the time Mantle was ready to change.

3 In contrast. It demands a continual investment of time. Were toiling upward in the night. They focus on the external or the internal. 2 Discipline Turns Talent to Greatness When you read about someone like Mickey Mantle. Every year Dr Maxwell speaks to diverse audiences from Fortune 500 companies to international government leaders. their discipline level changes like the wind. and commitment at the expense of momentary pleasure and ease. If you want to reach your potential.” If you do what you should only when you really feel like it. Discipline means paying hours of practice to win the prize of skill. people approach daily discipline in one of two ways. But they. Supertalented individuals can coast on sheer ability and neglect building the daily habits of success that will sustain them. Choose discipline as the path to your potential. and author who has sold over 16 million books. What you promise today must be renewed and redecided tomorrow and each day that stretches out before you. day after day. Not Conditions In general. You cannot control circumstances. attach a strong work ethic to your talent. you stay disciplined. Because conditions are transitory. His organizations have trained more than 2 million leaders worldwide. Discipline Does Not Bow Down to Feelings As Arthur Gordon said. In this time and season when everyone is jostling to partake in the action. energy. then you won’t build disciplined habits. By focusing on your choices. If you refuse to give into your lesser impulses. Choose to make wise decisions repeatedly. people with internal discipline focus on choices. Here is light needed to stay on track and in tune. Discipline means pressing on to excellence long after everyone else has settled for average. then you’ll go far. and making the right ones regularly. Nothing is harder than living them. Discipline Focuses on Choices. Summary Discipline is a matter of taking total responsibility for your future. 21 . you realize that too much talent can actually work against someone. Choose to go beyond your natural talent. This book will help you to see the fundamentals of service with great clarity.1 Discipline Comes with a Price Tag Discipline is costly. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow shared much insight when he wrote: The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert. nor can you control others. “Nothing is easier than saying words. 4 Move Up THE NATURE OF KINGDOM SERVICE John C. Discipline means giving up shortterm benefits for the hope of future gain. you have to act contrary to emotions. At times. while their companions slept. no matter how great they will make you feel in the moment. Those who focus externally allow conditions to dictate whether or not they remain disciplined. Choose not to blame circumstances for the outcome of your life. speaker.

simplify our decisions. but oh. betrayal and shame. and how to overcome rejection. focus our energy. the Holy Spirit. 334pages T he purpose driven life is a groundbreaking manifesto on the meaning of life. Paperback. Oyedepo Dominion Publishing House. David o. marriage. EXPERIENCING GOD’S POWER By Derek Prince Whitaker House. A MORE SURE WORD VOL. The book helps us understand why we are alive and God’s amazing plan for us . discipleship. including how to impact world events. it challenges the conventional definitions of worship. The purpose driven Life is a blueprint for Christian Living in the 21st century . yet what we are facing isn’t new. Discover how to touch the heart of God through effective fasting and prayer-prayer that will change the world! THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE By Rick Warren Zodervan. what great lessons I learnt.200 scriptural quotes and references. ministry and evangelism. fasting. fellowship. give meaning to our life and most important prepare us for eternity. This is very vital to us because Man. prayer. In the tradition of Oswald Chambers.Books In Brief SHAPING HISTORY THROUGH PRAYER & FASTING UNDERSTANDING DIVINE DIRECTION By Derek Prince Whitaker House. finances. many others. Here is a unique and valuable guide for helping you achieve powerful results in your spiritual quest.a lifestyle based on God’s eternal purposes. Rick Warren offers distilled wisdom on the essence of what life is all about. and the benefits that total obedience to His guidance always brings. 192pages By Dr. how to know God’s will for you life. 22 T he times we are living in are scary. 528ages I n this highly anointed and refreshing collection of several of his best selling books. I finished it in about two hours. you will discover answers to some of life’s toughest issues. spiritual warfare. Paperback. Paperback. 1 . By utilising the scriptural principles outlined in this book. even at his best mental state is incapable of making reliable and durable decisions. Paperback R emember the last time you were at crossroads in your life? Times when you had to make crucial decisions and you just did not know what to do? Decision times could be critical times. Bishop Oyedepo writes in a style that makes for easy concentration and reading. Using over 1. And what did people do about them? The only thing they could do-they prayed! Best-selling author Derek Prince reveals how your prayers can make a real difference right now and into the future. 13 NO. to say the least. I found it richly spiced up with faith-building testimonies of ways in which God has directed His children. especially when a wrong move could produce effects that would reverberate for life. this rich exposition of the purpose of God in constantly teaching His people in the way they ought to go. History is replete with violent episodes of unimaginable carnage and terror. What on earth am I here for? Knowing God’s purpose for creating us will reduce our stress. It’s a rather short read. Rick Warren guides us through a personal 40 day spiritual journey that will transform our answer to life’s most important question. how to use God’s powerful weapons to fight evil. Derek Prince shows how to receive God’s promises regarding healing.both here and now and for eternity. not cultural values.

church and nation Date: Fri 26th . Topo Road. as we Discover our portion with God Take delivery of our portion And Samuel said unto the cook. of which I said unto thee.Raise Your VOICE Receive Your PORTION Join us in this special prayer & fast Please indicate if single(M/F) or couple. Send “My Portion” to 08033338810 or 08023130868 Email: sureword@justice. 1Samuel 9:23 Secure our portion against any scavenger Stand in the gap for our family. Badagry . friends. This all expense paid prayer retreat requires prior registration for all participants. This can be either via SMS or Email. Bring the portion which I gave thee.Lagos.00noon The Tide will Turn in Favour of Your Tommorrow Powered By: A MORE SURE WORD PARTNERS & FRIENDS . Set it by thee.Sun 28th February 2010 Venue: Lagos State VIP Guest House Opposite Nigerian Army Golf Course. Time: 12.

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