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Science and technology that we have today is a result of the invention of the
developments in a creative and innovating since thousands of years ago
through a number of human civilization. It is an effort to understand human
nature and thus endeavor to improve well-being. After experiencing rapid
change according to the needs of society, the role of science becomes more
complex and sometimes be a negative impact . Hint progress of a country
depends on the development of science and technology. Thus science and
technology education needs to be emphasized to produce individuals as
envisioned by the State in the National Education Philosophy and Vision
The goal of this module is to produce students who are able to think in a
creative, innovative, imaginative and productive. Students will benefit if it
can solve problems and generate ideas with resources, concepts and
principles that have been learned in class . From there, I settled on the idea
of combining the electrical concept and the principle of Archimedes who
studied in science and physics to produce an innovation.
Therefore, this chapter describes the scenarios that affect innovation
including project background , objectives and the costs involved .

1 Project Title ‘FURRADO’ SMART FLOODS ALARM Photo 1 : Picture Innovation Project The project was named ' Furaddo ' as a result of discussions the group of innovation which means flood of Japanese words. It crosses three countries. Syria and Turkey . .1. this name was also chosen because there is a river called ‘Furat’ . namely Iraq. ‘Furat’ is one of the longest rivers in South Asia. In accordance with the objectives of this project are to help communities to deal with the problem of flooding. Moreover.

Most of this process usually takes place in school ages. provided the project is expected to alleviate the suffering of people who are weak and not ready for this . using all the knowledge that exists in the production of innovative projects and the operation of the project itself . The sequence of these three concepts of science . For people who live near rivers that flood plain or in a joint Kuala Lumpur City .1 An Introduction to a Project Background Education is a process and activities aimed at producing the desired changes in a person. Education is very closely linked with the concept of knowledge. one of the effects of climate change in many countries such as Thailand . uncontrolled development and drainage systems that are not monitored and blocked. . basically tool is able to warn nearby residents .2. This tool is able to create a device that is easy and does not require high costs . Finally. Flooding in Thailand caused by heavy rainfall and prolonged . This idea arises after looking at the phenomenon of flooding . this innovative tool is a tool that is required to give advance warning of floods to be hit. There are three concepts of science in education: i) ii) iii) Thinking process as a basic skills. Therefore .2 Background 1. Basic start thinking begins when an idea then attempts to produce. As a result . the outbreak of innovative ideas in order to realize and apply this concept .1. China . Indonesia . people who are weak and unprepared individuals who suffer most from flood . If heavy rains or when water has overflowed beyond the banks of the river . The process of getting the results and findings Proses yang mencapai tahap kepada penggunaan ilmu itu sendiri. including Malaysia .

5.2. Hence when water is abundant and touches on the wire 3.2 Background to A Project Summary The technique is very easy to use tool. Cultivate students' interest in science and technology . Build a model for flood alarm as early security tools . This will connect the motor to drive the circuit and touch the switch that would ring the bell. the red light goes on. 1. buoyancy and thrust in a device so that students more clearly and understand the concepts.3 Objective 1. They can be prepared in the event of a flood. the yellow light will illuminate. 2. To produce students who are able to think creatively and innovatively. 4. 3. principles and facts. it will react when water was abundant. Both 'Furaddo left' and 'right Furaddo' will act simultaneously as the water rose and touched the wire 1. Then. In which case. when the water began to rise at a higher level and be on the wire 2.1. At the same time the mobile phone will dial the number designated to signal to consumers that the water level has surpassed that would cause flood. Build a model flood alarms as teaching aids in Physics . the red light flashes and the buzzer will sound. This marks an increase in the level of water hazards. To expose students to some of the physics concept that incorporates an electric circuit . 'Furrado right work when the water will rise buoys floating and pushed copper that acts as a switch over.

00 RM 9.00 Sedia ada RM 3.70 RM 5.00 RM 3.50 RM 0.1.00 RM 7.50 RM 0.00 RM 3.4 Project Cost MATERIALS TYPE QUANTITY Mineral Bottle Perspek Plastik - 1 1 Wire Transistor Resistor Bulb Buzer Project board Cuprum Batery Batery Batery Solder Pipe Cell Phone Door Bell Spray Paint TOTAL COST Multicore BC 548 220Ω LED 9V 23A 12V AAA 1.00 RM 2.5V PVC - 2m 4 6 3 (3 warna) 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 Table 1 : Project cost PRICE PER UNIT Terpakai RM 0.00 RM 6.90 RM 2.00 RM 6.20 RM 4.00 Terpakai RM 18.50 RM 271.00 RM 2.50 TOTAL RM 150.70 RM 5.00 RM 50.80 RM 4.00 RM 3.90 RM 4.00 RM 2.00 RM 9.00 RM 7.30 .00 Sedia ada RM 3.00 RM 18.