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2.1 Problem






Bubble Map 1 : Background Issue

Pulau Pinang / Kg. a tool like this is urgently needed to resolve the issue. this device can provide alerts and reminders about the incident to the local residents . Pulau Pinang.2. 2.2 Interview To acquire analytical problems faced by residents in low-lying areas or near rivers . Our goal is distributing this analysis is to identify problems and get feedback from the respondents are concerned about the needs of the flood alarm . ADDRESS PJJ USM Pulau Pinang/ Kg. Mansor bin Jusoh/Kerani Hong Leong Bank.1 Questionaire Form Our club has distributed the analysis to the teachers . Kuala Krai. Salor. The scope of the questions asked is flooding sudden .For people who live in low-lying areas near rivers that flood plain or in urban areas . Kelantan. This tool is able to create a tool that is easy and does not require high costs . Tanah Merah . Reywathi bt Arumal/Guru di Methodist Boys School. please refer to the analysis of the issue . In addition . When heavy rains or when water has exceeded the bank of the river . Kelantan. Kelantan. Pernah tinggal di Ladang Kerila. 2. Kota Bharu. This is because we are more concerned with commercial value and according to consumer tastes . we have made a number of surveys by interviewing a number of respondents who live in flood risk areas to study the issue. Bachok. Kota Bharu. the effects of flooding . 4 Pn. the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and places at risk of facing a flood or flash flood . 3 Pn. more frequent floods and flood alarm equipment needs as a precaution . To see the questionnaire . Sg. Below is a table listing the respondents who were interviewed : BIL RESPONDENT/OCUPATION 1 Cik Siti Busyra bt Zakaria/Pegawai Eksekutif Perbadanan Ladang Rakyat Kelantan.2 Issue Analysis 2. To see the questionnaire please refer to the appendix . Pulau Pinang. which has been devastated by a flash flood . Dua. 2 En. we also search for information through the internet . parents and the people who live on the East Coast .2. Hasyimah bt Hashim/Guru di SMK Gelugor.

Johor Pn. there was also a flash flood . Table 2 : List of Respondent 2. Kota Tinggi.3 TECHNIQUES AND METHODS IN PROBLEM CHOOSING DISCUSSION: TEACHERSAND CLUB MEMBERS INTERVIEW ST QUE IO REFERENCE: ARTICLE/ INTERNET ETC RE NAI M FOR TECHNIQUES AND METHODS Bubble Map 2 : techniques and methods in problem choosing The project is designed as we felt the problem of flooding is one of the major problems that occur in our country .5 Kelantan selama 5 tahun.3. Johor.1 Interview Our club has conducted interviews with teachers . 2. In some places . We feel compelled to invent a device that is easy and affordable to do to provide early warning to the public in flood -prone areas . parents and the communities that live / have lived on the East Coast as well as places particularly at risk of floods and flash floods to get confirmation from the . Nurul Hanani bt Hussain/Guru di SMK Kota Tinggi.

2 Questionaire Form Our club has distributed questionnaires to teachers .3. 2. The tool is also expected to provide quick and accurate information to people at risk of flooding . the sharing of ideas occurs in overcoming the problems discussed . the selection of these innovations taking into account the global problem solving .4 Reference We have made reference to the print media and the internet . please refer to the analysis of the issue . destruction of property and all related collected.4 Rational in project choosing 1.3. This is because we are more concerned with commercial value and according to the needs of society 2. Our goal is distributing this questionnaire is to identify problems and obtain feedback from respondents on the need for flood alarm . This project is a tool that is able to do and does not require high costs . 3. the tool is also suitable as teaching aids . . In addition. With the ongoing discussions .3 Discussion with club members We had a discussion whenever a meeting in Science and Mathematics Club .user.3. 2. We have also sought the cooperation of other school teachers who are resident / lived in flood risk areas to be interviewed . 2. In addition to public use . flooded areas . The information on the flood . parents and the people who live on the East Coast as well as risk areas facing floods and flash floods . The selection of issues is based on the current issues facing society . to share ideas and make improvements to this innovative project 2. From there . To see the questionnaire .

service .2 Flooding Occurs When Exiting Holidays And No Who Helped Saving Important Documents Sometimes flooding occurs when individuals are not at home either out of business .1 The public face Flooding Without any signal Based on interviews and questionnaires selidk .5 Problem Statement 2. or even a vacation trip village . With these products . This product can help consumers and can be owned by an affordable cost . . people can alert the risk of flooding 2.5. 2. which is connected with a mobile phone . When the water rises fast asleep that the public never got around to save their belongings and important documents . The tool is also a user-friendly tool . then the individual is bolehleh save important documents by asking neighbors or relatives 2. No signal indicating neighborhoods were flooded. With this tool .4. incidents like this occur frequently .5.5.3 Flood Alarm not yet available in the Market Naturally flood alarm is not yet available in the market such as fire alarms .