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Literature Review

4.1.1 Floods Literature Review
Flood water inundated the state as the water level rises. Flooding is a
passive disaster that is related to monsoon season and in some cases human
activities. Flooding occurs at moderate speed but has capability to cause
major disaster.
Flooding is a serious problem given that it can cause massive losses of
homes, property damage, disrupted daily activities, and in the extreme case
may cause accidents or death from suffocation due to over-flooding.
Floods can occur in both village and large city areas during heavy rain or
monsoon season. For the population in the urban areas, the flash floods that
frequently happen and can be life-threatening and incur huge financial
losses. To that end, a device that can detect floods before it happen is
extremely helpful. If heavy rains or when water has overflowed beyond the
banks of the river, this device can warn the public about the possible
occurrence of flood. This device is designed to easy-to-use and inexpensive
to manufacture.

Photo 2: Flash flood in the city of Kuala Lumpur Photo 3: Floods in Plaza Low Yat due to heavy rain Photo 4: Heavy flooding in Kota Tinggi. Johor .

In worst cases. cars and household items. 4. cocoa. palm oil and rice plants.1. Among the the high risk plants include rubber. Among those that are effected by floods are: 1. Loss of Government .Flood water that are left stagnant for too long in agricultural areas can cause plants to die. The destruction of Plants . Diseases . These loses can cause severe financial losses to the owners. The floods collects various kind of feces that is then transmitted during the flow of flood water. flooding could cause major effect to human health.4. 3. This feces will be scattered all over the place effect by the flood.2 Effects of Floods Floods leave some detrimental effects on all living things since it can lead to death. Destruction of Property . The destruction of these crops would cause huge financial losses to the farmers.Flooding could sink large residential houses causing destruction to electrical facilities. causing variety of diseases such as cholera and malaria. 2.

The government also has to provide basic needs such as food and beverages.State-level Assessment. iii. Special ‘Casing’ was made on the siren. Using LED lights with brighter color. Phase 1 . buildings. Install 'prototype' innovative projects with more updates. improvements that can be made includes: .School Level Assessment.. Phase 2 .Flooding can also result in loss of life. The wires are arranged in a more systematic way. 3. Death . Some improvements have been made. 4.District Level Assessment.Flood often results to major damage to the public property typically roads. particularly in areas near to the river bank. 4. Phase 3 . telephone and electrical items. All of this will incur huge maintenance cost from the government side to fix the damage which may also include payments for medical equipment. ii.2 Upgrades Performed After going through three phases of assessment. namely: 1. 5. namely: i. 2. pharmaceuticals as well as providing temporary settlements for flood affected victims. If the device is successfully commercialized in the future.

Close the sensitive electronic parts using waterproof 'Casing'. Using a more powerful siren to warn local residents in the event of a flood. 3. 3. In addition. Impact on the school This project proves that ordinary schools also has potentials that can compete in the contests to the state and national levels against highperforming schools. In addition.1. Good cooperation and communication were established between teachers and students during the preparation of this portfolio and product innovation process. This soft skills is useful during the design process of this innovative project. 'Prototype' is built using wood material is changed to a more suitable and durable material namely 'Fiber glass'. the talent and creativity can be developed to generate the best ideas and products. LED lights can be connected to the house and is able to give warning to the occupants of the house.3 Changes / Impact After Running The Innovation Project 1. 4. Impact on society . 4. 2. Impact on Individuals / Students Enhance students understanding of the concepts learned in the class for application of the knowledge of Science. 2. Installing a buoy on the inner side of the circuit board to ensure that the device does not sink when the water overflows / flooding. Technology and Life Skills.

The flood alarm system will give initial monitoring easier and more efficient and reduces the feeling of fear to users.4 The originality of ideas The idea was developed from a modified concept of the fire alarm to the alarm clock as the flood waters are not well-known and less attention among the public. Muhammad Aizat bin Abas (R & D Engineer Motorola) with technicians help make the study of "printed circuit board (PCB)" behind the cell phone keypad before soldering the wires to it.5 Value Commercial Rated schools. system sounds (bells) and the addition of the old generation mobile phone is used as the unique tech features. The project was able to assist communities in flood-prone areas to provide early warning.This tool can assist users in designing any potential for flooding and thus can perform the initial setup. the individual will receive a telephone call indicating signal flood. 4. If occupants of the house are outside but in the meantime his home was flooded. 4. Later. Teachers and students work together to contribute ideas to complete this innovation projects that best results can be achieved. the parties can make early preparations to face the floods. Combined use of 'buzzer'. This project will also involve external agencies. Where. With this. Surrounding communities also benefit if the project is successfully realized innovation. En. namely Telecommunications Company Motorola. some teachers and 4 students 5 USM has been appointed as executive committee members. . This tool is also extremely user friendly and easy to use.

Suitable for people with disabilities (PWD ) vii Warning lights for the deaf and the warning sound for the blind. Only uses a 9. Do not pollute the environment. no worry of an electric shock accident. . vi.volt battery . The project also received praise from the judges during the contest at the state of Pulau Pinang and has the potential to be commercialized. Therefore .6 The Application and a market potential Environmentally friendly aspects Special Feature User-Friendly i. Security Features Portability v.he helped "soldering" electronic materials are sensitive on cell phones that require the tools and techniques in detail. 4. iv. Its operation is easy to understand. Using recycled materials ii Low cost and affordable when compared to its benefits to consumers iii. Do not use a power source from the wall socket.

business premises.viii A telephone warning to people who are away 1 .FURADDO project is suitable for us to use as an aid to combat rapid flooding problems particularly an unexpected flooding that will occur and flash floods which are common in big cities 2 As a product . private companies.The project also expected FURADDO to deal with daily life . . to meet the disires and needs of consumers and is expected to provide an early flood monitoring system which is easier and more efficient and reduces the fear of flood to users 4 .FURADDO has a great potential to be marketed and commercialised due to its advantages. banks. The target market are the government buildings. housing estates and any home owners or residents. the project will help the user in designing the possibility of flood and thus it can help to perform the initial setup 3 .

The project also won praise from Universiti Sains Malaysia lecturer Dr. 3.8 Data Validation 4. Pulau Pinang where the school collaborate with the university. .Please tick (/) in the appropriate spaces. Project 'FURRADO ". 5.7 Recognition 1. Muhammad Aizat bin Abas.Intelligent Flood alerts have gained recognition and praise from the school principal. the project has also received recognition from the Dean of Engineering Campus Transkrian. Mrs Jawi.8. where the project was runner up in the Innovation Competition 2014 organized by PPD South District. This innovative project has also received recognition at the Seberang Perai Selatan. 2. In addition. The innovation project has also gained recognition in the State of Andhra Pradesh. 4. where the project is being champion in the competition Innovation 2015 organized by the Penang State JPN Penang.4.1 Data Verification Form . Item Function/Not Function Remark . 4.Please write your feedback in the 'Notes' Bil. Lecturer Faculty of Engineering Mathematics USM Transkrian branch. Hajjah Fathiyyah bt Abu Bakar.

3. 2.43 8.1.7 Week 3 / Volt 1. Alarm and Phone Calls .20 7. Each level of this water can be changed to suit the user.5 Week 4 / Volt 1. and danger level .00 Week 10 / Volt 1. Alat L.40 8. Testing on a laboratory scale FURADDO system has a good security feature.00 11.73 11.2 Data Analysis 1.8. Water Level Water height Signal By Save 15 cm Green LED Ready 30cm Red LED Danger 45cm Blinking LED .70 2. 4.E. ready level.42 8.80 10.28 8.35 8.65 11. This system can alert the water level at a safe level.10 11.73 11.05 Week 5 / Volt 1.D Lamp Lit Buzzer sounds Long distance alarm Cell Phone automatically dial 4. Battery Durability Type of battery AAA 9 V 12 V 13A Week 1 / Volt 1.8 Week 2 / Volt 1. Buzzer .

50 45 40 35 30 25 45 20 15 10 5 30 15 0 Save Ready Danger Graph of Flood stage versus Water Level 1 .