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5.1 Limitations and Scope of the Project
5.1.1 Project Scope
Its scope is not limited to the school level but it is a project that can be
commercialized. The best feature of our innovation projects is that the Furrado
device could contacts the user automatically when the water rises to a hazard
level. The scope of this innovation project is aplenty since can be used at school
level as a teaching aid and in the meantime it can be commercialized as an early
flood warning tool to the public.
5.1.2 Limitation Project
Among the problems faced by the group members to carry out this project are:

Limited amount of allocated time given a lot of other constraints
such as sports days, examinations and other needs to be accounted
for. However, after countless sacrifices in terms time and efforts, the


design process of the device did finish in time.
Circuit connection problem and complicate matters when using delicate
and small components. Therefore, we have referred to the technicians


from MOTOROLA Penang to help with circuitry.
Financial constraints limited the alarming capability of the alarm system.
If more advanced siren is used, the device is capable of warning more


In addition to its low cost. the flood detector project can help improve student’s initial understanding of the basic concepts of electricity and nurture creativity of the students from engineering perspective. Build a more structured model iii . The model pipes require more details 2 . FURADDO model has the potential to be developed and accepted by residents or commercialized in the open market. the project will assist the user in the design of flood alarm system to alert the community to make early preparations. The project is also expected to produce an alarm system that can deal with daily life easier. Among the recommendations made are: i . LED model should be structured comprehensively v . some thoughts and suggestions are made for improvements to this model. Enlarge the model size so that the user can see it more clearly iv .3 Future Research By analyzing the results. The product is also expected to provide early flood monitoring that is efficient and able to avoid losses relating to flooding. Develop a model that has a wireless alarm ii . As a product.2 Summary The project fits into practice either as a teaching aid for teachers of Physics by serving as a model for teaching and learning.5. Through a survey that have been conducted. to meet the tastes and needs of the consumers. 5.

4 Conclusion From this study. this device shows the water level through its sound system by sounding out alarms and lights at each pre-specified water level. The sound emitted by the device helps residents to prepare in advance in case of a severe flooding. This device will make a sound as soon as the water touches the ‘sensor’ at the highest hazard level. This device is also suitable for a home owner to use and it can be installed depending on the type of gutter and the riverbank by some modifications to the device. Furaddo is also expected to provide flood alarms in our daily lives and is able to satisfy and be utilised by consumers for an early flood monitoring system which is easier and more efficient. It can alert the community by producing sound and light signals in the event of a flood. Furthermore. 3 . it can be concluded that Furaddo is a device that can detect rising water level that can lead to flooding.5.