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This is the user documentation for the GASP system.
GASP stands for Globe Academy Schools Plus. This will
cover the basics of using the system.

by Dawid

How to set the system up properly for the first time?
The following section will describe how to set up everything that is used by the
Firstly, you will need to decide what cloud software to use. Have that software
installed on all of the machines that will use this. Also, everyone will need to be
logged onto the same account for that cloud software. This is because the
system imitates sending messages by saving them to a cloud drive.
Locate the cloud folder. It is usually in C:\Users\Username.
When you start it up for the
first time, you will be greeted
fig 1. Here it will ask you for a
save path. This is so that it
knows where to look when it is
fetching data. To locate the
correct path, find the folder. Fig 2
Fig 1

Double click on the path to make it highlight in blue like
so (As shown in fig 2):
Right click, press copy and paste it into the message box that appeared when
you run the system for the first time.
If the path has been inputted correctly, the login screen will appear. (Picture
located on the next page as fig 6.)

But if the login screen
does not appear, then
fig 3 will appear. If fig
3 appears, then just
start the system again
and input the path
correctly. If fig 3 still
Fig 3 appears, then locate
the path.txt file in
c:\GASP\ and delete it as shown in fig 4 and fig 5. After you deleted path.txt, start
the system again.

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6 is the first screen that
you will see if the save path
has been correctly inputted. If
the program is run for the first
time, or if there any files
missing that the program uses
to operate, it will set all of the
names, usernames and
passwords to default ones.

Fig 6

The default usernames and passwords are:
For the Administrator:


For the staf:


The way that this system works is that the ‘HeadOfStaf’ is the head of the
organisation, ‘Staf1’ is the team leader and everyone else is treated as regular

The head of staf will also need to input the staf pictures into the system. To do
so, go into the cloud folder, go into the Admin folder and go into the StafImages
folder. If that folder does not exist, then create
it (by right clicking in the admin folder,
selecting new, then folder as shown in fig 7
and naming the folder as ‘StafImages’). If you
want to use a picture for staf 1, then rename
it ‘Staf1’ and place it into the StafImages
folder. If you do not do this, the default image
will be displayed.

Fig 7

This section is for the head of staff.
Head of staff splash screen.
After you have logged on as the head of
staf, you will be faced with this screen.
From here you will be able to open other
forms by using the buttons in the middle
of fig 8.
The first thing that is recommended to
do is to input the names of all of your
staf. This will make recognising who is
who easer when you are sending
messages or reading reports. To do this,
press the ‘Manage Accounts’ button on
fig 8.

Fig 8

After the button is pressed, you will be faced with
this screen. Here you are able to change
everyone’s usernames, password and the name
that appears throughout the system. If their name
is long, it is recommended to input a short version
as a long name can mess up the visuals of the
After you are happy with the inputted username,
password and name, click ‘save’ to keep the
changes. If you are not happy and want to revert
back to the previous username, password and
name, then click on a diferent staf on the top of
the screen. After you have clicked ‘save’ the name
should update on the buttons on the top of the
form. If this does not happen, then the save path
has not been inputted correctly. To fix this please
fallow the guide at the beginning of the document.

Fig 9

Send Message
When sending a
message, you will be
faced with this screen. If
you have not inputted
the names of your staf,
it is recommended that
you do so before you
continue reading this

Fig 10

If you have inputted the names of the staf, the check boxes will be renamed to
the names of your staf. This is so that it is easier for you to distinguish who is
Because this form uses check boxes, you are able to send the same message to
multiple staf.
When the ‘Send Message’ button is pressed, the message is saved. Each
participant will be able to read that message when they are logged on.
The clear button will clear all the text that is in the input box.
The back button will close this form and open the Head of staf splash screen.


When you firstly open the diary, you will be
faced with fig 11. Here when you select a
date, a message box will appear (fig 12)
where you can input a reminder where you
will be able to see it and so will your staf.
When you click the save button, the
reminder will then save.

Fig 11

Fig 12

Report reader.

Fig 13

When the ‘view report’ button is pressed, you will be faced with fig 13. This
screen is where you will be able to view reports about all of the diferent staf
working for you. By using the radio buttons on the left side of the screen (red
circle) you are able to change whose report you want to read. Also by clicking on
a diferent date on the calendar in the middle (blue circle) you are able to change
which dates report you want to read.
The report will appear on the right side when one of the two inputs have

This section is for the staff.
The splash screen.
Once you have logged on you will be faced
with fig 14. If after logging on, your name
does not appear in the text line “Logged in
as: Staf#” where staf# should be replaced
by your name, contact the admin and tell
them to input your name into the system.

The buttons will open respective forms. The
View Message button will open the view
message form, the Send Message will open
the send message form, the View Diary
button will open the diary and the Write
Report will open the report writer.

Fig 14

The logof button will close this form (fig 14) and open the Login form (fig 6).
From there you will be able to login again.

Send message
When the send message is pressed, a message box will appear where you are
able to send a direct message to your head of staf. When the ok button is
pressed, the message will send. If cancel is pressed, it will not send.

Fig 15

Report writer.
Here you are able to write reports on other staf members, if you are staf1. If
you are not staf1 then you will only be able to report on staf1.
There are 4drop down boxes which have up to 5 inputs. The one below ‘Were
they late today?’ only has 4 inputs which are ‘Not late, 0-5 min late, 6-10 min
late, 11+ min late.’ The two drop down boxes in the middle have inputs that are
numbers from 1 to 5. The last input box only has ‘yes, no’ as available input.
The text box on the bottom is for any concerns or any additional information that
is relevant to the report. The picture will also change when the next button is
pressed. The report will only save when the save button is pressed.

Dropdown box.

Fig 16

Read dairy.
Here you are able to
read what the head of
staf has written in the
dairy, to do so, simply
select the date by using
the calendar on the left,
and the text will appear
in the text box on the
right. The back button
will take you to the staf
splash screen.
Fig 17

This is for both the staff and the head of
Read message.
Here you are able to read
your messages. Simply
select a date from the
calendar on the left and the
message will appear on the
right. The back button will
close this form and open the
previous form depending on
who is accessing it (if
HeadOfStaf has opened this
form, then fig 8 will open. If
Fig 18
any other staf has opened this, then fig 14 will open).